He watched as the rider came down the path on horseback, there were flashes of light off the shield and the hilt of the sword. Smirking lightly, he took in the small frame of the youth. He let out a snort thinking that the youth could hardly lift them for his small frame. As the rider got closer, he got ready to leap onto the horse. He could easily take out such a small man.

As she neared the cliffs a movement on the top of an outcrop ahead caught her keen eyesight. She smiles with a glint in her eyes as she felt the rush of energy through her that she always felt just before a battle. She watches as the stupid Barbarian looks like he is going to try to ambush her. "No finesse. Well you are in for a surprise my friend." She thinks.

Just as she neared the outcrop she spurred her horse into a gallop, she let the rains go and drew her bow, notching an arrow nearly as quick.

He felt a moment of shock as he saw the youth charge and draw a bow. He leaped up, ran with a surprising speed and threw his weight upon the rider, knocking him from his horse with a loud battle cry.

She saw him leap and her arrow strike his shoulder, but she was not ready for his speed and the strength, nor for him to launch him self at her in such a quick and bold move. As his weight slammed into her there was no time to draw her sword. She didn't even have time to whisper a prayer before all went black.

Her eyes opened slowly, as she became aware she felt sore all over. She tried to bring her hand to her aching head but it didn't work, she panicked a moment before she realized that she was tied to a tree. Through her helm, she saw the Barbarian by a fire, his shoulder was bandaged. Nothing else covered his body. She blinked at his lack of clothing. She had seen a man before, been with lovers, but she felt herself blushing. His body was well muscled and lean from years of living by the sword. She could see where various scars crossed over his body. He looked up at her just then and she hopped he couldn't tell she was awake. He said something in a language she did not understand and he walked over. He had a very large dagger in his hand. Stopping in front of her he started to look over her helm, finally finding the latch he removed it.

He was a bit shocked to see the Elf under the helm. He had heard of them but had never seen one. For a boy he was very fair of face, he thought. The youths black hair shining in the sun, tumbling out in a long braid. The pointed ears are fascinating and he keeps him self from fingering his own. He reached out to the elves' ear and pulled on it a bit, laughing as the youth cried out and struggled. He laughed harder, for the boy had the voice of a woman to match is womanly looks. He thought about cutting off the ear to pay the youth back for the arrow in the shoulder. But the armor is very nice and he wanted it to sell after he killed the whelp. He ignored the youth as he kept yelling at him in a language he didn't understand.

Slowly he knelt down and pulled off the boots, they were just as nice as the armor, to bad they were so small, he would have liked them for him self. From this angle he could get a good look at the youths legs, they were so thin. How could one so slight have such strength? He saw the way the boy guided the horse and used the bow. That took leg strength to fight atop a war horse. He stood back up and began to unbuckle the armor plating, removing it a piece at a time. As he lifted the chest plate off, he was looking at the workmen ship of it when he saw a small foot kick at his manhood. He twisted out of the way just in time, he continued the turn and slammed his weight into the youth, pinning him to the tree. It was at that moment he felt the shape under him.

His eyes widened in shock and he moved back to look at the woman. The thin leather tunic hiding her shape still, he grabbed it and ripped it down the center. Looking at her openly now. The firm breasts, her flat abdomen and slender waist, rounded hips to strong muscled legs. He is at first shocked that a woman would have been sent out to stop his raids on the merchants. He looked her over with a different perspective, seeing the fire in her eyes, the way she fought to get free. Such spirit. He felt a stirring in his manhood at the thought of this woman warming his furs at night. He reached out a hand and cupped a breast with a slight smile. She would keep any man warm through the long winter nights.

She saw his smile and she tried to pull away from him. She cursed at him and screamed as he cupped her breast. He doesn't seem to hear her at all as he roughly fondled her breasts, pinching the nipples and smiling as they hardened under his rough fingers. She tried to kick out at him again, but he pressed his hips into her and she could feel his arousal. She froze a moment in shock. He took that moment to slide his hands down her sides and over her hips, then lower to slide a hand between her thighs. She screamed out and crossed her legs, locking her heals. This seemed to amuse him as he chuckled at her efforts. He lowered his head to a breast and begins to lick and suck on the nipple, and then he moved to the other one.

When the woman fought him, he thought it was wonderful. He wanted her to fight back. He would take her by force in a heated passion that would burn wild ad hot for them both. She was a warrior, like him and she would be his equal in battle and in his bed. Her body was already responding to his touch, the nipples hardening and he could feel her heart thudding in her chest.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out as his mouth teased and aroused her. She could feel tingles of excitement racing down her spine at each bite and tug on her nipples. His hand was once again sliding between her thighs and this time she didn't have the will to stop him. She heard a soft sound from him as he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. She cried out in shock and pleasure mixed, her body responding by lifting into his hand.

He drew his fingers back and waited. She couldn't stop her body from pressing forward onto his fingers. He turned his hand so his thumb could stroke in circles over her clit and he smiled at her cry of pleasure. He held his hand still and let out a soft growl as she began to lift her hips slowly, pressing his fingers into her and then sliding back. He sucked on her nipples harder as she moved against his hand, pleasuring herself.

She could feel a heat begin to build and she knew she should not be doing this. Her mind warring with her body as she moved against his fingers, the pleasure so intense she couldn't think. She let out a soft cry as he pulled his hand away. He lifts his fingers wet with her juices and sucked on them, the hot look of lust in his eyes exciting her even more. He was the one, no man had ever aroused her as he was doing. She had had lovers because it was expected, her family wanted her married, but no man had ever inflamed her. This man was and though he was who she was hired to kill, she wanted him with her whole heart.

He reached down and looped his arms under her knees, lifting them up and to the side. He stepped in and thrust into her with his hard cock. She cried out half in pain half in pleasure as he stretched her. He held himself in her, making what sounded like cooing noises as he bit and nuzzled her neck and ears. He slowly drew out a bit and slid back in, becoming gentle with her, to give her time to adjust to his large size.

She felt herself being stretched and she delighted in the tight feel of him filling her. As her breath panted out with soft little cries of pleasure, he began to move faster, his strength pinning her to the tree as he held her up. She could feel her self nearing her release and she cried out. He started to thrust into her faster and harder beginning to lose control himself, his large cock gliding in and out.

She let out a final cry as her body tensed and her muscles begin to spasm around him, her mind in a fog of pleasure as she watches him through half closed eyes.

He let out a cry himself and he felt her muscles clenching him and pushing him over that final edge, his cock swelled a bit and pulsed as he found his release as well. His thrusts began to slow and he looked into her face with lust still in his eyes. He wanted her again, her cries and the way she responded to him driving him mad with desire and lust for more.

He took the dagger and cut her bonds, then taking her hand and pulled her to the fire. He turned her around and guided her to her knees, he pushed on her back to lower her head down and with his cock still wet from their mixed cum he guided himself into her ass taking pleasure at her cry of joy. He thrust in and set a quick pounding pace. Claiming her with each thrust, making her his. He is even more pleased when she started to press back into him. Becoming like a wild creature as she pressed into him. He pulled on her hips and sat back on his feet so she is now impaled on his lap. He slid his hands up to her breasts as his mouth found her pointed ear. When she let out a primal cry as he licked and sucked her ear, he knows he has found the one place where he can trigger her passion at any time.

When he began to bite and suck on her sensitive ears she felt a primal beast with in her come awake. She started to lift her self up and down on his hard cock. Taking him in the way he just took her. His large cock sliding in and out of her ass. She cried out again as he tipped her head to take her other ear. She felt her release building and she rode him faster. When she heard him start to grunt and his breath pick up she arched her back more. His hand glided down and he slipped two fingers into her pussy, instantly she screamed out, and came hard.

As he felt her cum he held himself back for just a moment, then he was cuming with her, using his other hand to keep her moving up and down, his fingers slipping in and out, drawing out her release. He felt her shuddering in his arms and he smiled. She was his now. He tipped back his head and let out a war yell of victory as he pushed up into her a few more times, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders.

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