tagErotic CouplingsBarbarian at the Baseball Game

Barbarian at the Baseball Game


Ever notice how slutty some chicks look at sporting events? I couldn't help but notice that as I took my seat at a major league baseball game this summer. The seats were excellent scores for my buddy. Just a couple rows back from the third base line. About the third inning I stand up to make a beer run. Earlier in the game noticed a long haired brunette wearing a denim skirt, flip flops and a baseball jersey only partially buttoned up. We have been exchanging glances since.

As I walk past her row I hear, "Hey red hat! Where you going? I like your beard!"

I realize she is talking to me since I have cargo shorts, a t-shirt and RED HAT on. "Don't worry, I'm just going to grab a beer. Wanna come with?"

I see her hurriedly down her beer and tell her friend she will be right back. She joins up with me and we walk to the beer garden. She introduces herself as Macy. To say Macy looks like the spokeswoman for AT&T is an understatement. Dead ringer is more like it. We strike up conversation and make fast friends. Walking back from the beer garden I can't help but admire the slightest panty line through her denim skirt. Her and her friend have two empty seats near them so my buddy and I join them the rest of the game.

After the game we all decide to hit up a local dive bar. The four of us pile into Macy's Honda and off we go. During our time at the bar we play darts and make small talk. I find out she is an oncology nurse. Her boyfriend and her had a big fight and she needed a night out. During the dart game I take it upon myself to cozy up to Macy more and more. Running my hand down her back, big a hand into her back pocket and squeeze her luscious ass, kissing her neck. After we finish our second pitcher I kiss her. I can see the guilt creeping in her eyes.

When we all decide to call it a night Macy stops at her friends place first, my buddy and her friend climb out and they head upstairs. Soon as they are out of sight my hands are all over Macy's body and my mouth is all over hers. Our tongues mingle and my nice guy routine is out the window. My right hand slips under her jersey and I start rubbing and squeezing her tits. Squeezing so hard she yelps.

"Lets go back to your place." She suggests.

"My place is my Buddy's. He has the key. He is inside your friend right now."

"We can't go back to my place. My boyfriend is home."

"Well either I take you here in this car or we use your friends couch."

I can see her mind weighing its options as my hand is squeezing her tit harder. My hand leaves her mound and reaches for some skin on her thigh. She willingly opens her thigh and quickly my fingers are reaching her wet panties. Soon I am finger fucking her in her car.

"OK, OK, I know where she keeps the spare key."

I reluctantly retreat my hand from her loins. We walk up to the friends apartment. She tries to straighten herself out and look sober although its obvious to her stagger she is intoxicated.

We walk up to the front door of the friends apartment and after about 3 seconds of searching the planter on the porch she is digging a key out and opening the door.

We walk into the living room and I can hear my buddy destroying her friends pussy in the back bedroom. Instantly we collide. I take my shirt off and hurriedly unbutton her jersey. Its not completely unbuttoned before I playfully, but forcefully push her back on the couch.

She is taking the initiative and is hiking her skirt up and pulling her panties down her thick legs. No sooner is her black brief cut panties hitting the floor than I lay between her legs and nestle my cock at her opening.

"Condom please?"

I pretend I don't hear her and rub my pre-cum head over her clit. She tries to grab my member before it possess her canal. I grab her hands and hold them above her head as I jam all 8 inches of my cock into her thick, mid-western body.

She responds by wrapping her legs around me and locking them behind my back. I use her wide hips and thick ass for leverage as I work my way in and out of her. Soon her hips are raising to meet mine.

"God damn... You seemed so innocent at the ballgame." I hiss in her ear. Eluding to how slutty she has become.

"I know. I didn't plan on fucking you but you are so fucking cool. I just need this. My boyfriend sucks at life."

"Want to ride me?"

"Yes, but let me cum first. I'm close."

My hands leave her hips and go to her tits. This pushes her over the edge. To my disappointment she doesn't scream. Just a loud moan.

I pull back and she knows her place. She mounts me and I enjoy the ride. I pull her jersey down and pull her bra up over her head. I enjoy her borderline D cup tits. Her eyes roll back in her head and she leans her head back as I assault and maul her innocent looking tits. First pinching, and rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. Then sucking. Finally biting.

She is panting and struggles to say, "Oh fuck. Keep it up. I. Never. Cum. On. Top." Then she lets out a scream that I think will wake the entire apartment building. OH FUCK YES!!" Then I run my hands up her smooth thighs, under her skirt. I squeeze her ass.

She is still riding me but lets out a warning as she catches her breath.

"Warn me before you cum."

I nod in agreement. I can feel my balls boil over and erupt through the head of my cock. In that split second I grab her hips and hold her down on top of me.

"OH FUCK!!" She screams as she kicks her head back then collapses on me. She is still slow riding me as I slowly raise my hips up to meet hers. Our pace slows down as my cock goes limp. She crawls off me and lays down on the couch. She is panting and catching her breath, "That was fucking fantastic."

I subtly get dressed as she makes small talk. My phone soon lights up and it's my buddy. He could hear us fucking and asks if I am ready to make my exit. Macy gets dressed also. Well sort of. She doesn't bother to put her bra back on before she puts her jersey on. Instead she just carries it in her hand. Her panties, they are in my pocket.

Soon my buddy steps out and Macy gives us a ride back to my buddies place. It was a long quiet ride for Macy on the drive of shame. I noticed my cum dripping down her leg after it escapes her sperm bank of a womb. I never saw or heard from Macy every again.

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