tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarbarian Halloween Party

Barbarian Halloween Party


I had made plans to visit a contracting buddy of mine. It was fall in the southeast, almost Halloween actually. The air was crisp and cool, at night it was downright cold. I had planned on meeting at my buddies place. We would formulate a game plan on bar hoping and go from there. Since it was chilly I was dressed in black boots, jeans with belt and buckle, t-shirt and what had become my signature leather coat. As I walk up the driveway I notice several dozen people congregating at the house. There are people in almost every major room in the house, music is blaring and people have red plastic cups in their hands.

I let myself in and find my buddy in the kitchen. He greets me with a handshake and hug (the last time I saw him we were overseas together).

"What the fuck is this?!" I ask as I point around the room at the stereotypical Halloween party with mummies, vampires, and what not. "I thought we were going out for drinks?"

"We are." My buddy reassures me. "My roommate and his hipster friends are having a Halloween party."

"You don't say..." I respond sarcastically.

"Let's have a few drinks, pregame if you will, and then we will be on our way. The bar district is within walking distance."

"Deal. Why a roommate? You make enough money overseas you dont need the help with living expenses."

"He pretty much takes care of the place while I'm gone. This is a real estate investment."


We stand sipping our highball glasses of whiskey and survey the room. People watching at its finest. I notice a girl dressed as, what I thought at the time as Little Boo Peep, leaning against a wall by herself. Holding her drink closely staring intently at her phone. She has long blonde hair, thick legs, and C cup tits. She is built for fucking. She very vaguely reminds me of a fit version of that chick comedian named Amy something. I want to be the next to fuck her insanely.

"What's up with Little Boo Peep over there?"

"Not sure." My buddy says casually as he pours another drink. "I think her boyfriend just broke up with her or something."

I kick my drink back for the last swig before it's all ice and decide to wander over. "I'll be back..." My buddy shakes his head and gets comfortable to enjoy the show.

I casually walk up to Little Boo Peep. "What's the matter? Lose one of your sheep?"

"Huh?" she looks up at me from her phone.

"You are Little Boo Peep aren't you? Why so down? Did you lose one of your sheep? See I'm trying to break the ice by talking about your costume and how great it is."

"Oh, um no. I'm Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz." I look her up and down. "See the ruby red slippers?" She clicks her heels as if on cue. Only then I notice, she is Dorothy. A slightly slutty Dorothy, but Dorothy just the same. Homemade ruby red slippers, knee high white socks, and blue frilly dress that barely reaches her knee and accentuates her perfect tear drop shaped tits.

"Oh. I'm sorry. You nailed it though."

"Thanks. You nailed yours also." She must have seen the quizzical look on my face. "You are supposed to be Wolverine, right? Except his beard isn't as thick."

"Haha no, this is just my style. Hey, my drink is empty. Can I get you one as well?'"

"Sure. Just a vodka and cranberry juice." She is starting to perk up and I've broken the ice.

I wander back to my buddy still in the kitchen. I give him a situation report and tell him to hit the bar ahead of me. I'll meet up with him soon. He gives me the keys to his room and informs me its locked and unoccupied.

I head back with my drink topped off and her topped off with a triple. She proceeds to tell me her name is Maggie and works in the banking industry. She also tells me her boyfriend stood her up via text. She thinks he is cheating on her. Her drink is empty so I I top it off with another triple.

We keep up conversation and I found out she went to the University of Kansas and graduated last spring. She also tells me her favorite hobby is horse back riding (that explains her amazing hips, legs and ass) as she finishes that drink its getting more and more crowded in the room. I'm having to stand extra close to her and practically talk into each others ear so we can hear each other. My chiseled body causally rubs against her as the crowd begins to file into the room more. Fate is on my side. I can tell from her long stares into my eyes she is getting tipsy. I suggest we go find somewhere quiet.

"Ok... but I'm not going to fuck you. We are just going to talk."

"OK, deal."

I take her by the hand and lead her upstairs. There is a bedroom that is dark and I can see coats on the bed, there is a bathroom and then a room with a closed door. By process of elimination I figure out thats my buddies room. I open the door for Maggie and let her in. I shut the door, lock it and turn off the lights so no one will bother us.

She is sitting on the edge of the bed, finishing off her drink. "Why are the lights off?"

"So no one will bother us. Where were we?"

I sit on the bed next to her. We are chatting lightly and I take her empty drink from her hand, sit it on the night stand and kiss her. She is reluctant at first but soon starts to kiss back passionately. As our kisses become more passionate and her fingers lightly brush my bearded cheeks.

I notice her once tightly closed knees are slightly opening. I don't know if she is getting more comfortable or getting hornier. I place my hand on her knee. Just placing it there to test the waters. She doesn't object so I slowly start running my hand up her thigh. She subconsciously opens her knees more but swats my hand away when it reaches the hem of her dress. "I wasnt planning on having sex tonight. I have a boyfriend, remember?"

I ignore her and keep kissing her. I take my hand and place it on her breast. She holds my wrist but doesnt protest. As this continues I start squeezing her mound. She is squeezing my wrist in return but is moaning into my mouth as we kiss. I remove my hand. She almost whines when I take it away. I place it on her thigh again.

I start tracing her thigh, I make it under her skirt before she swats again. I stop it where it makes it under her skirt and settle for tiny figure 8's. Each figure 8 is slightly higher up her thigh until it reaches the edge of her soaked cotton panties.

She sighs into my mouth, "We really do need to stop." I respond by tracing her wet cunt lips through her panties. I guide her hand to my hard cock. She grips it through my jeans. It's as if she is stroking a soda can in my pants.

"No, really, I have a boyfriend." She practically begs as I navigate around her panties and slip a finger in her.

I respond with my free hand by freeing my hard cock and introduce her tiny hand to my massive cock. She responds by laying on her back and opening her legs more.

I take my leather coat off, pull my shirt off, pull my jeans down further. "No, I have a boyfriend. I'm not a cheater and I don't sleep with just anyone." She pleads if trying to convince herself that she doesn't want to feel me inside her.

I don't say a word. I just run my hands up past her knee high socks, under her skirt, hook the waist line of her panties and start pulling them down. She lifts her ass and helps them past the curve of her round ass. Soon they travel down her tone legs and calves and past her red slippers.

Now I'm crawling up the bed to her like a tiger about to claim his prey and kneel between her open legs. As I am lining up my cock to her prime, wet, ready for action pussy. "No, I have a boyfriend."

"You obviously want this, not to mention you think he is off having his cake. It's time you have some fun." I let her register that thought as I rub the tip of my cock over her clit. I nestle the head in, and push. Two or three more shoves and I am deep inside her. Soon our bodies are working in unison. Her hips meet my thrusts.

I start rubbing and mauling her perfect tits through her costume top. I can feel her tits harden from the attention. Our bodies working in unison, the bed starts to creek, she is panting and breathing heavy. It's obvious the other party goers can hear us. And that is perfectly fine with me.

She is frustrated the lack of serious attention her tits are receiving from the protection of her costume. I must have unlocked her inner cock whore because she pushes on my chest and I know she wants to be on top.

I roll us. I hold her hips and squeeze her ass to steady her as she frees her tits from the confines of a mid-west, turn of the century, whorish costume. And when she does, I love my reward. Two perfectly shaped C cup tits. One day this Midwest beauty with perfect tits and hips will be living in a trailer park with saggy tits and a fat ass but right now her build is perfect. Her tits are magnificent and I'm enjoying them 100%.

I start rubbing, pinching, squeezing her tits, then sucking, and biting them. If my cock wasn't enjoying being nestled deep inside her love canal I would almost want to fuck these things and cum on her innocent face. But I don't want to waste a load. I'm seriously enjoying having her as a slave to my cock.

The entire time she is rocking her hips and mine are thrusting up to meet her hips. Soon she pushes me back.

"Do you feel that?"

If feels so fucking good all I can do is groan. My cock is rubbing against her cervix and with each roll of her hips my mushroom is massaging her wall.

Now she is riding me like a thoroughbred. Holding my chest for balance. I see her eyes roll back in her head and I know she is in a dream like state. Years of riding horses she knows how to use her thighs and hips for balance and she is ridding me. First it was a steady rhythm, now it is a frantic pace. She is close to cumming. When she finally does she releases with a yell of "oh God!" and her head flying back as her hand runs through her hair to get strands out of her eyes.

She collapses on me in exhaustion but I'm not done yet. I roll us again and she holds onto my back as I push. At first her channel was like a hot, wet vice. Now its loosening up but it is still squeezing me. My cock and her pussy are old friends now. A friendship forged through a solid fucking. I hold her hands over her head and make her stay in place and ride the wave that is about to wash through her.

"Pull out! Pull out!"

"No fucking way. You aren't in Kansas anymore." I say as a tidal wave of molten semen is bursting into her. Her brain and mouth wanted me to pull out but her breeding instinct took over. She locked her slipper clad feet around me and her pussy milked my cock dry.

Now I am spent and I collapse on her. When I am sure I don't have any more cum left to give I roll off her. She is laying in sexual bliss, drunken happiness and drowning in guilt. I can see the regret of cheating on her boyfriend in her eyes and she is also probably counting the days since her last period and contemplating pregnancy.

I get dressed and tell her I am going to pee. "I'll be right back." I say as I squeeze her fun milk bag tits one last time and kiss her on the cheek as if to reassure her. Instead of stopping at the bathroom I keep walking to the bar my buddy is at. As I leave, some party goers were gawking at me and talking about the loud fuck session that just transpired.

I can only imagine that she left looking like a freshly fucked whore. Skirt in shambles. Cum dripping down her leg. Hair a mess. Drunk, depressed walk of shame since the party heard her getting railed.

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