tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarbarian in Cattle Country

Barbarian in Cattle Country


I was in my mid 20's and had finished my second mercenary contract for the government. I needed some time off to relax and recoup after 6 months in the middle east and I decided to visit a contracting buddy of mine. He just bought a small flop house just outside the University of Oklahoma while he used his GI Bill to study political science. It was football game day and the home team owned the visiting teams ass. The entire city was celebrating. On the edge of campus you could hear the frat parties and coeds living it up. Must be nice having mommy and daddys money so you could live with no responsibilities.

My flight was late arriving so as I was arriving in the cab from the airport he and a couple other contracting buddies were leaving to hit up the bar and scare up some girls. I told them I would shower, grab a power nap and meet up with them in an hour or two. I was still dressed as if I had been overseas, cargo pants, t-shirt, combat boots, whole nine yards. They are well out of sight and just as I am loading the last of my bags into the house from the porch when I have to blink hard and rub my eyes.

My eyes must be playing tricks on me. Stumbling down the road is a coed dressed in cowboy boots, red pleated cheer skirt and overlapping halter top. It was obvious she had drank one too many drinks. I just had to get her attention.

As she sauntered by, sashaying her perfect child bearing hips, I realize what a perfect specimen she is. Long dark hair, perfectly styled. Dark eyes, tan, thick legs (probably from cheerleading and gymnastics her entire pampered life) and C cups tits that are being confined by a sports bra under her uniform top. I say "Hi" and ask is she could use some water. She sizes me up and must trust and like what she sees because she says yes. I invite her inside the house.

I can hear her boots on the original hardwood floors as we walk through the houses. We walk past the pool table smack dab in the living room and find the cleanest dirty glass to pour her a glass of water. While we stand at the sink in the kitchen she starts sipping the water and I notice her perfect lips wrap around the glass cheap glass. She has the same shade of red lipstick as the color of her skirt, and her I notice her sorority issued pearl necklace. She never takes her eyes off me.

I find out her name is Shelby, she is a sophomore and barely old enough to drink. Her daddy made his fortune in the cattle trade and it's his money that pays for her lifestyle. Apartment off campus, expense import luxury sports car, the list goes on. After cheering at the game she had an alumni function she had to go "smile and wave" at as a pep rally and fund raiser. The alumni kept handing her drinks and she lost count of how many she had. In the meantime she lost her designer purse with her top of the line smart phone. She comments about how she likes my beard and even runs her fingers across it.

She finished up her glass of water and said thank you, she needed that to regain her bearings.

As she puts her glass down I ask, "Can I get a thank you kiss?"

"I Suppose", as if she is doing me a favor.

I kiss her. She has her lips locked and has made a puckering motion. My kiss is strong and aggressive. I put a strong grip on her perfect hips. Its not until this moment I realize how I tower over her. Im 6'3" 250 lbs and she is downright tiny compared to me. She grants my tongue access to her mouth and her tongue soon starts dancing with mine. I taste liquor and weed on her breath. I slowly keep walking us back to the pool table. I can hear her boots scuffling backwards across the floor. She almost certainly has to feel my hard cock dying for escape from my pants, pressing against her tone belly.

We reach the pool table and her perfect ass is wedged between me and the pool table. I decide to push this as far as it can go. I start nibbling her earlobe and neck. My right hand gripping and squeezing her ass through her red skirt. I can feel the outline of her bloomers and possibly a thong under those. My left starts squeezing her perfect tits through her white top.

"Whoa big boy, lets slow down... That was fun but I think I should go now." She says in almost a southern belle drawl.

"Whats the rush? Lets enjoy each others bodies for a while." I pull my shirt over my head with my left hand, never releasing her ass from my grip. Her eyes grow big as she notices my chiseled chess and either consciously or subconsciously starts running her perfectly manicured nails across my body. I take that as a sign to move forward.

My left hand finds not only the perfect mound of her tit, but the tit itself. I start squeezing and pinching it through the material. I can feel it harden, even through two pieces of material. I keep slowly advancing my body forward. Soon she is half sitting on the pool table. My right hand leaves her ass and finds the inside of her perfect, smooth thigh. I start at the knee slowly tracing forward.

As it reaches the hem of her red skirt she smacks my hand away, "Whoa, I didnt plan on having sex tonight." I ignore her and a few moments later I start tracing again, this time it gets just under her skirt. She opens her legs but also swats my hand "Whoa, I dont fuck just anybody". I ignore her once again. And once again, a few moments later my hand continues its journey and reaches her red bloomers. I can feel the warmth of her pussy and I start rubbing and tracing her slit. Soon I can feel her moisture through her bloomers and her slit is becoming more and more defined.

She is moaning into my mouth as I keep kissing her. My finger expertly navigates their way around her bloomers, past her thong and I slip a finger into her. I start the "come hither" motion inside her, hitting her G spot. Like a snake charmer hypnotizing a cobra she is coming under my spell. She is moaning into my mouth and her hips are meeting my fingers motions. With my left hand I unbuckle my pants and free my cock from its prison. I shove my pants down enough to give me room to operate.

The sound of a zipper and belt buckle must have snapped her out of a trance because she starts to scoot back on the pool table, "No, really, we just met." But as she says that Im tucking my fingers into the edge of her bloomers and thong combo. and pulling them off her hips. She raises her ass to help and soon they have traveled down her tone, shapely legs. She is opening her legs and I am guiding my member to her soaking wet slit. I rub the pre cum covered tip of my cock against her moist clit. It's the first out of many times our fluids mix tonight. Just as I nestle the head into her tight opening she leans he head back "I dont know you. We really should use a condom".

"Ill pull out (I lie)" I let her adjust to the fact she has a strangers naked cock at her most guarded personal place. As the thought registers I push. She is so incredibly tight Im barely past her lips. She must NOT fuck just anyone. I pull almost all the way out, and push again. I do it a second, third and fourth time. Soon I am all the way inside her. Now I am working up my rhythm. Pushing slowly all the way in and almost all the way out slowly. In fact, the mushroom head of my cock is being held by her lips. And I push. Over and over again. Her body is now controlled by my cock. Her body is my amusement park.

Her pussy is like a hot, wet vice. It's so tight it's almost painful. I Can feel my balls start to tighten up and my seed it starting to boil. I can cum at any moment but I need to make this little coed cum. I can tell she is close. I pick up my pace. Soon the sound of my balls smacking off her perfect ass is resonating around the room. Her breathing is tattered and she is close.

Each thrust I can feel her cervix. The head of my cock is slowly pushing its way into her inner most sanctum. Her nails are digging into my ass pulling me towards her as she coaxes me on "Go baby! Go baby!" She finally cums in a loud, pep rally inspired yell as she kicks her head back.

When her endorphins and hormones start crashing down she comes back to reality. She is on her back, getting fucked in a pool table and a stranger is about to cum in her unprotected womb, "Pull out, PLEASE pull out." she begs. But her body is saying other wise. She has a leg wrapped around my waist and I can feel her boots digging into my back. Her hips keep meeting mine. One last push, My cock is deep in her womb as, what feels like a gallon, of molten hot seed erupts through my cock and plants inside her.

My cock is throbbing as she yells "OH GOD!" She came again, and she came to the realization I didnt pull out. She collapses on the pool table.

As I step down, I admire my conquest. I see her bloomers and thong still dangling from one boot. I tuck the designer thong in my pocket and toss the bloomers on the floor. She might not remember this fuck fest and she will with wonder what happened to them if that the case.

Between her tiny stature, the height of the pool table and her lack of equilibrium she gingerly climbs off the table and inadvertently aims her ass at me in the process. I had only planned to wipe my cock on on her skirt which is now wrinkled. But as I grab her hips and pull her ass against me I get another bright idea.

I raise her skirt and start see-sawing my now hard cock through the crack of her ass. I had only planned on taking her from behind, bending her over in more domination, but I just had to own her asshole. I nestle the head of my cock at her opening which is traditionally exit only. I know her eyes are as wide as dinner plates and she gasps on first contact.

She is so wet from our first encounter and my cock is dripping in fluids I have no problem pushing home and owning the second hole of hers. In that instance she collapses forward. She was bracing herself against the pool table, like a criminal about to be frisked by a cop. Not anymore though, as I surge forward I knock the wind and esteem out of her. She was moving her hips to fight the intruder in her but now the fight is gone. She is laying flat on it, tits mashed on an old pool table that has ticket residue from mixed drinks and dust from long spent cigarettes on it. And she is face to face with it.

Anal isnt my thing, this is purely domination. I keep working up a pace until I am about to cum. I was holding her hips but now I have a hand on the back of her head holding it in place, in case she moves when she feels my next maneuver.

I pull out and at first she thinks her domination and humiliation is over. Instead I kind it up with her still recovering pussy. I push it home and knock the breath out of her. My cock and her pussy remember the relationship they forged moments earlier and they work in unison. Soon it is home in her holy depths again and I am pumping a second wave of semen into her womb. She shudders as the first splash of this wave hits as she has another orgasim. I wait until I am almsot limp and pull back.

With that she is thoroughly exhausted and collapses on the floor. I stand over her admiring my conquest. Her perfectly styled hair now has the perfect freshly fucked look. She looks up at me and I remember those perfect lips, now with smeared lipstick. She is looking up at me, trying to save face by staring at me with daggers in her eyes and trying to find her bloomers and thong. She gropes blindly at the floor and finally finds her bloomers. She has a quizzical look on her face when she can't find her thong.

"Ive got it, Im keeping it."

She is nervous "You said you were going to pullout. Ive never gone raw before. Ive certainly never done anal."

"Arent you sorority girls on the pill?"

"No, messes with my hormones too much, I use condoms. I had some in my purse. Where is my purse? I need to call and get a ride."

She completely forgot she lost it well before we met. She is now on her knees, in inadvertently, looking up at me and my now rock hard cock.

"How about a kiss?"

"I already gave you a kiss. Look at how that worked out for me."

"Not like this one..."I grab the back of her head and guide her mouth to my cock. As if of reflex or left over hormones from three orgasms, she wraps her mouth around it. "Thats right, clean yourself off me."

She looks up at me and rolls her eyes. She pulls me out of her mouth long enough to give me an order "I don't swallow, you can cum on my tits but not the top, it's dry clean only."

I pat myself on the back once again, all three holes of hers are mine now and I know exactly how I'm going to finish this. Im stroking her hair as she looks up at me and sorority girl instinct takes over. She keeps rolling her tongue over my head as she strokes the shaft. This isn't her first blowjob and she is trying to end this as fast as possible.

I reach down between her bra and reach her perfect tit as I tweak and pinch it. She lets go of my cock long enough to unbutton the uniform top and prepare a target for my cum.

This isn't her first rodeo and she can tell Im close and soon I she is pulling her head back as if to keep me from cumming in her mouth. I start to cum, first on her chest, over her pearl necklace, then on her top, over the red OU symbol and tits. I am still throbbing so I grip the back of her head and pull it towards me. I spurt on her face and the OU face paint on her cheek. I finally guide my spasming cock to her mouth and force her to swallow the lost couple spurts of my cum. Soon as I know I am empty I pull out.

Looking up at me in defeat she slumps back on her ass. She failed in her initial attempt to put on her bloomers on so I use them to clean up my cock. She is trying to wipe the jiz off her face and tits with her hands so I toss her the bloomers. I can tell she is tired in every sense of the word. She sullenly wipes her self as clean as she can and puts them on. Im almost certain she put them on backwards. My cum dripping out of her well used cunt.

She is laying on the floor in drunken exhaustion, humiliation and sexual bliss (she did cum a couple of times). I deiced to shower. While I am in the shower I hear her boots on the wood floor and the door open and close. When I come out she is gone. Just a few drips of fluid on the floor and what looks like someone spilled part of a beer on the pool table. If not for the thong in my pocket I would say it was all a fantasy.

A couple months later I was watching a OU game and say her on the sidelines. She looked like she gained some weight. I looked up on the internet a little while after that and saw she had dropped out of school thanks to an unexpected pregnancy...mission accomplished.

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