tagFirst TimeBarbarian Recounts High School Lust

Barbarian Recounts High School Lust


It's amazing what thoughts go through your mind when you think you are going to die. I'm sure other guys on the helicopter that day thought about loved ones or maybe their lives passed before their eyes. Me? The thought of the sweetest pussy I ever had went through my mind.

Fall in the mid west is something you have to experience to fully appreciate. I was 18. Thanks to being bounced from faster home and state home I was only a junior in high school. I was working at a local grain and seed store. Essentially just doing grueling, manual labor. That job was the inoculation for my adult hood. Its what started putting major back, shoulder, and arm muscles on me.

After a particularly long day around the shop I was closing up. It was late on Friday night and the football team played that night. I was just getting ready to close the store up and call my on again, off again girlfriend when Becky comes driving up in her little sports car. The football game must be over.

Becky was the quintessential mid west girl. Homecoming queen, captain of the cheerleading squad, local beauty pageant winner and a virgin. Everyone in town knew it because she would constantly announce it. She headed up the virginity pledge bullshit and was always in the front row of church. Even though she was a world class bitch. Practically a proud cock tease. Scuttlebutt had it that she occasionally let guys in her bra and she had given the occasional hand job but that was it. She was also 18 and a senior. She would never be caught with the likes of me. She is too good by every means.

She threw her car in park and came storming up to the store front. She was beautiful. She was wearing the school cheerleading uniform. Purple pleated skirt, tight purple top. White shoes and white ankle socks. B/C cup tits, long brown hair, child bearing hips. The stereotypical mid western girl build. "Wheres my daddy?"

(Her dad owns the store and is what a hundred years earlier would be considered a cattle baron)

"I don't know..." (He left hours ago)

"FUCK!!" She yells and turns back to her car. As she gets ready to get in she stops and is crying.

As I said earlier, she is too good for me. Everyone thinks she is the greatest thing to hit this town and one hell of a trophy. In reality she is a total bitch so why I ask, Ill never know. "Whats wrong?'


"No, tell me..." I'm standing close to her now. Had anyone seen moment in time we would look like a Normal Rockwell painting. Her in her cheerleading, uniform. Me in my flannel shirt, jeans, and mesh baseball cap.

"Brad (her long time boyfriend, quarterback, Mr popular, the whole 9) cheated on me."

I don't blame the guy, she was an ice queen and everyone knew that she never put out. But not only was he Mr. popular he was a world class prick.

Before long she is crying into my shoulder and I'm hearing how Brad broke her heart because he fucked some cheap slut. She was here looking for her dad because she is a daddy's girl. The reason she yelled "fuck" was because she locked her keys in her car.

The gears start turning and I suggest I drive her home so she can cry to her dad. I open up the passenger door to my 1984 Ford F-150 and she sits sheepishly on the leather bench seat. I fire up the truck and we are on our way.

As if on cue she starts getting teary eyed again. So I find a quiet clearing.

"Here." I hand her a handkerchief.

"Thanks." As she wipes the tears out of her eyes. "Where are we?" As she looks around, not recognizing the location we are now parked in.

"A quiet place. I figured we could get to know each other." Little did she know this is where I take all the cheap girls I've fucked.

"Thanks, but just take me home please."

"Hey now, want to get even with Brad. Maybe make him jealous?"


"Lets make out for 20 minutes. Then I'll take you home."

I can see the gears turning in her mind and when the thought of Brad getting red hot angry she lights up "OK". She is pretty sure I know she is a virgin. Little does she know i plan on changing that.

Things start pretty simple. I kiss her beautiful lips. Soon our tongues are getting to know each other and are dancing in each others mouths. My right arm is around her shoulders and out of instinct my left hand goes to her much admired tits. Her hand goes to my wrist but doesn't pull it away, just holds it. I am pawing at and squeezing her tits through her cheer top. I am doing everything I can to get her tits hard and heighten her arousal. My rough hands contrast against her pure cheer top.

Deep in the recesses of her brain a switch is flipping. She is moaning into my mouth now and her legs are squirming. I keep up my assault on her tits. Now I notice her hands are running across my chest and arms. Her hand slowly drifts south and inadvertently grazes my cock straining in my jeans.

I don't know if she did it consciously or subconsciously but she starts stroking my 8 inch cock through my jeans. I release her tits for a moment and open my fly releasing my cock. I place her hand on my member. I hear her quietly sigh "wow" as she wraps her tiny fingers around my cock and she slowly starts stroking it. Inwardly I smile knowing I am receiving one of Becky's rare hand jobs. Before I go back to mauling her tits I take my shirt off. She doesn't bother to hide the shock and surprise of my physical stature.

"My turn..." and she nods. She takes her cheer top off and throws it on the dashboard. I admire her designer champagne colored bra. Looking back I'm surprised it didn't match the color of her thong. But it would be a few more minutes until I learned that color.

"My bra stays on" she tells me.

"OK" She thinks she is saving face or staying safe from losing control if her tits stay covered up. I begin my assault on her breasts by squeezing and rubbing the tit through the thing fabric of her designer bra. Soon I dip my hand into the cup and start a skin on skin attention. I can see her eyes roll back in her head. Part of my plan was to make her want more while being uncomfortable. She has been laying at an awkward angle against the door frame.

So when I whisper "Come here." and raise up she will automatically be more comfortable in my suggested position. I motion and coax her into straddling me. She does as suggested but she sits with her ass closer to my knees and away from my cock. She is kissing me and running her hands across my body. I am kissing her neck and shoulders before I lower a bra strap. Soon a nipple is playing peek-a-boo. Soon as it is free of the bra cup and I am putting it in my mouth.

Her head kicks back and I take this time to grab her ass and pull her closer to me. My diversion worked perfectly my granite hard cock is now pushing against her slit. The only thing between us is the polyester bloomers and panties. I run my hands under her skirt and now grab her ass through her bloomers (and as I suspected, a thong underneath). I can feel the heat from her reproductive channel at my cock, beckoning me.

The feeling of my hard cock pressed against her valley is electric. I squeeze and pull her into me and start a slow, dry humping motion. Either instinct or lust took over but Becky has gotten the hint and she is grinding her pussy against my raging, hard cock. The only thing between me and the most sought after virgin in school is her coveted bloomers. I can actually feel her moister building. My pre-cum and her moisture mix in her bloomers.

My hands are kneading, and squeezing her luscious ass. My mouth is on her tits. Both nipples are peaking free of the bra and from my attention and the cool, late September nights air have both of them hard.

"Can you feel me?" I hiss in her ear.

She just nods.

"Want to cum?'

She just nods again.

"Ever cum before?"

"Are you kidding? I've never fooled around like this before. Brad usually cums during a hand job."

"I need you to trust me."

She just nods.

I pull her purple, moist bloomers and thong to the side and slip my cock into them. Becky's eyes light up. For the first time in her life she feels a massive cock pressed against her virgin lips.

"Be careful. I've never fooled around like this before." She says through tattered breath.

This time I just nod. I hold her hips and ass. My fingers have reached under her bloomers and thong and my strong, calloused fingers get to know her smooth, round ass. The same ass that hypnotizes students, parents and teachers alike. I run my hands up and down her soft thighs as she humps her slit against my member. Her fluids and my fluids are meeting in a natural setting (her body, not her clothing) for the first time.

She is moaning, sighing, and her breath is getting more ragged. I need to be inside of her before she cums and comes down from her sexual high. I'm proud that I am slowly turning this cock tease into a cock whore.

Just when I am sure she is about to cum I roll her onto her back.

Her eyes get wide, "I was so close." She complains, but doesn't realize I have run my hands up the outside of her thighs, hook her bloomers and thong with my thumbs and pull them down. She lifts her ass to help. The waist of her bloomers are tucked under the waist of her skirt so it takes extra tugging and the waist of her skirt gets unsettled.

First I admire the view of her purple bloomers and pink thong appear from under her skirt and travel down her shapely, tan legs. Past her white socks and shoes and out of play. Then I admire the view of the most desired virgin in the town on her back, pleated skirt raised enough to see a hint of her pussy, hair a mess, and tits playing pee-a-boo over top of her bra cups.

"What are you doing? I'm a virgin. I'm saving myself" She reminds me as I run the mushroom head up and down the much sought after slit of the most celebrated virgin in school. The same slit that would tease everyone with its outline when Becky would kick her leg above her head in during a cheer.

"Shhh... I'm helping you cum."

She leans back to enjoy the sensation but doesn't fully trust me.

Soon I am running the head over her clit and she digs her nails into my back. I'm coating my dick with her fluids. Her mind wanders and she almost forgets that her heart doesn't want this even though her body practically demands it.

I watch as the bulbous head disappears into her, spreading her tight lips. I lay between her legs. I watch her mouth open in pain, extacy and disbelief as my cock spreads her pussy open wider and I slide deeper in her.

Her fluids have made it easy for me to nestle the head between her lips and get seated inside her channel. My massive frame pins her down. I let her mind register what is happening as I slide forward. I feel her virgin wall and that shakes her lust to reality. "NO, really, I don't want to have sex. I'm saving myself." She says as she pushes at my chest.

"This will be our secret."

"No, I'll cry rape."

"No you won't. You won't risk letting everyone know you were in a car with me, let alone fooling around with me. Someone needs to teach a cock tease a lesson."


I pull pack only to violently thrust forward. She screams in pain and anger. I pull back. Only the head of my cock is held in place by her tight lips. Then I plunge forward again. I do that two or three more times until I am hitting her cervix. I can see the thought register in her mind again.

"Yes. that is my cock against your wall. I'm going to keep pushing until I am in your womb."

"NO PLEASE!! I could get pregnant."

"Oh well." I reply through heavy breathing. Her heart and mouth may not want to get fucked but her body is betraying her. Her legs are wrapped around me, her hips are raising to meet my thrusts and her pussy is spasming around me.

Her pussy feels like a hot, electric, wet, vise. Better than I ever imagined. Had I known this would be the best pussy I'll ever feel I would have drawn out her slow fucking longer than I did. I slowly draw back. Only to plunge forward strong and steadily. I keep that rhythm up until I listen closer to what is happening below me. Then I pick up the pace and fury.

Her "No's" have to turned to "Ohs". The same high pitched sirens call that sporting event spectators hear on the sidelines of football and basketball games cheering on teams are now cheering me on to her first orgasm. The smell of sex and the sound of my balls bouncing off her mid west ass fills the truck cab. A classic late 90's song is on the radio, but is drowned out by her "OH FUCK!!"

She cums as my cock continues to ravage her tight hole. I hold her child bearing hips tight "My turn."

Another "Oh fuck" fills the cab as my molten hot seed floods her fertile womb. Her virgin womb is flooded with my fluid. Only when I am confident that her pussy has fulfilled its natural mission to drain my balls dry do I pull out. I wipe her fluids, my cum and her blood on her bloomers.

I hand them to her but separate them from her thong. I hang the thong on the rear view mirror. "I'm keeping these. Don't worry, I wont brag to any one. Our secret is safe."

"You're an asshole. Just drive me home you piece of shit." She says as she modestly gets dressed. There is something sexy about a girl getting dressed after a solid fuck session. I can imagine her getting dressed in her room, staring in her mirror, admiring her beauty before she goes to school to tempt and tease everyone she will come in contact with through the day. Well she wont be admiring her virginity anymore.

As she tries to discreetly get dressed with some humility she pulls her bloomers back on. Quietly raising her hips and sliding the bloomers up her thighs and over her ass then tucking the waist band under the skirt waist and adjusts the skirt. I see my cum pooling on the bench seat and collecting in her bloomers. The sight of her pulling her bloomers on in the reverse direction than I pulled them is almost as sexy as when they came off.

I drive her home without anything else said. I can see the regret, shame, anger and fear in her eyes. I saw her on Monday morning and it was business as usual. Meaning she acted like she didn't know I was alive. That's ok, because I knew I won. I also had her thong on my rear view long after and no one knew the secret. Brad didn't recognize them since he never got past a hand job. Soon her attitude changed and she was stopping by the store late at night to check in on me...

All this ran through my mind as our helicopter crashed. When it hit the ground it didn't explode like I anticipated. It was a rough landing just the same though. We all managed to escape and are lucky to be alive...

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