tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarbarians at the Gate

Barbarians at the Gate


- That's very good, Captain. Have your men stationed on the ridge at the crack of dawn. God willing this war will be over soon.

The Captain saluted and with a smart click of his heels retired from the tent, leaving General Talin alone with his thoughts. For a while he gazed upon the maps strewn over his desk. Detailing enemy and allied positions alike the map clearly demonstrated the tactical advantage his army had. They had won a great battle today and there was much to celebrate, nevertheless the General raised his goblet to his lips soberly: he was aware that the war was not over and that the retreating army could easily reassemble and counter-attack. Yet he could not help but let a smile escape his pursed lips. He had obtained from today's battle much more than the decimation of his rival's forces... At that moment his thoughts were interrupted by one of his squires entering the tent.

- Sir, your tent has been put up.

- Good. Have you followed my orders to the letter.

The squire, who had only recently been enlisted to the service of the general, blushed.

- Yes, sir.

- That will be all then.

The squire, believing discretion the better part of valour, withdrew, leaving to the General to find his own way to his tent. The squire's hasty departure was not noted by the general as he picked up a few essential possessions and exited the tent as well.

Passing through the camp fires his men has lit up, he was greeted warmly by his men. The General firmly believed that if you wanted to be respected by your troops you had to be tough but fair; he was not aghast at sentencing a soldier who had broken protocol to the lash, but there had to be a reason behind it. Arbitrary decisions were foolish decisions, and he was perfectly willing to duel with any gentleman that argued against him on the point. His soldiers were some of the best disciplined and best organised in the land, and, he couldn't help but think as he looked around at his men, that it was down to his force and commanding presence as a disciplinarian. He brooked no disobedience.

Coming at last to his tent, the General parted the heavy-set curtain and entered his private abode. Voluptuous would best describe the scene that laid before the General's eyes. Already considerably larger than any other tent within the camp it was adorned with tapestries and silks from far-off, exotic kingdoms. Chest's gilded with gold bulged at the jaws with the spoils of war, laid next to all the luxuries that a prince, let alone a general, could desire. The General had not wished to travel in such conspicuous, not to mention, impractical lavishness, but had been obliged to follow suite in lieu of the other Generals in the campaign, or else lose face if, for whatever reason, it was necessary to entertain them. A king-sized four poster bed nestled at the rear of the tent, but it was to a nearby divan that the General collapsed into. From this position Talin had an excellent view of the object that had made him hasten back to his tent.

- And how are you tonight, my dear?

His query was met with silence by the girl opposite him. The girl in question was bound securely to a tent pole that reached up to the apex of the ceiling. It was firmly entrenched and she had tired herself already to discover this fact. She wore little. A few scraps of cloth protected her modesty. In her efforts to resist being tied to the pole she had torn her garments, but if she felt vulnerable she hid it well, for her eyes glared at the General defiantly. He returned her gaze languidly; not having expected a response from the girl, her mouth was gagged with a strip of clothing, he took advantage of the silence to savour the satisfaction of having captured such a prize. For this was no common slave or villager conscripted into his army against her will, this was the legendary barbarian known as Davina. A hero among her people, she had led the vanguard, and though personally fighting with the strength of ten men, she, and her army, had succumbed to his forces in the end. He was told that even after being disarmed she had fought like a wildcat, biting and tearing at the men ordered to capture her alive. Talin had hoped she would not be killed in the fighting. He had heard stories of her great beauty and now that he saw her in the flesh he knew those stories hadn't been exaggerated.

He approached her cautiously as one would a caged animal. She was tied standing to the pole by means of three ropes, the first above her knees, the second her waist and the third snugly beneath her breasts. For additional precaution her hands were tied behind her back. Gravitating closer the General drank her in with his eyes. She was a dark-skinned creature, with raven black hair and cat eyes. Her body was taught and lithe. Years of fighting had roughened the edges, but there was still a sleek, feminine curvature to her frame. Her breasts were prominent and as he gazed upon them the girl intensified her struggles to escape.

The General saw that the lust in his eyes was aggravating his prisoner, and he stepped closer. One of his hands brushed away a strand of hair that had fallen across her face. She tossed her head angrily, purposely dislodging more strands. The General smiled and traced his finger down her face and neck. Davina stiffened as his hand slid down to her breast. He cupped the breast as if he were weighing meat; hefting it higher, Talin squeezed, and was rewarded for his efforts by the girl moaning gently through her gag. When she saw that the noise excited him, she clamped her teeth shut and once again glared daggers at the General through the shroud of her hair. As he ran his hands over her body, appraising it, delighting in it's sinewy contours, Talin spoke to her:

- Now... Davina, I've gone to a lot of trouble to get you here, you understand? And I'd like us to be on friendly terms, for I have every intention of keeping you on my staff for quite a while. You will serve me on your hands and knees. You will be at my beck and call, ready to satisfy my every need...

He gripped her jaw and turned her face to his.

- My every need!

Talin roughly lowered her head.

- You will keep your eyes on the ground unless told otherwise. You will clean up after me and attend me at my meals. In other words you will be the perfect maid and when I wish it the perfect mistress. Nod if you understand.

Davina understood exactly what he wanted of her and refused to nod.

- No? Gabrielle!

His shout was quickly picked up on and a young girl, barely out of her teens, rushed into the tent. She wore nothing but translucent harem pants and a gold collar. When she arrived at her master's feet she stood at attention, her eyes on the floor.

- This is what you are going to become.

He pointed at the young girl.

- An obedient slave, who will not only perform my every command, but who will enjoy performing it... no matter how degrading it might be.

He briskly smacked the slave girl on the ass and gestured for her to leave. She did as she was instructed and left as promptly as she had arrived.

- What do you say to that?

As he spoke he reached around Davina's head and untied her gag. She spat in his face and watched her saliva trickle down his face. He slowly wiped it away and once it was completely gone gave Davina's cheek a ringing slap

- I can see that you are not going to find it easy to accustom yourself to your new life. Fair enough, I expected no less from you. But be prepared to be whipped into shape.

Moving quickly out of her sight he returned wheeling a wooden stock. Fastening it to the ground he approached Davina who looked at it with apprehension.

- What do you think you are doing? This is no honourable way to deal with prisoners of war. I demand that you let me go. Don't think that you're putting me in that contraption.

Taking out a knife Talin cut her bonds. Davina attempted to make a run for it, but tripped over the ropes around her ankles. Jumping on top of her Talin grappled with Davina's supple body enjoyed the feel of her limbs entangled with his as they wrestled in the sand. Talin struggled with her for a good while, finally pulling the knife out again and holding it to her throat; in such a manner he was able to coerce his new possession into the stocks, which he slammed over her hands and head and locked with a resounding turn of the screw.

Davina found herself in a uncomfortable position. With her arms and head protruding from the stock she could no longer see Talin only hear his movements. Getting his breath back Talin watched his captive test her new restraints. They did not budge. This was not the first girl he had trained and he knew it made things much simpler if the girls lost hope of escaping from the start. Davina still had a lot of fight in her and she was still able to move her lower body though, and to show it she kicked futility backwards, hoping to catch him a glancing blow. Talin had predicted this and had positioned himself accordingly. When she tired, he moved in; swift as a panther he chained her legs to a metal pole, which forced them apart and prevented her from kicking out again.

- You son of a goatherd! bastard! you bastard! May you rot at the bottom of Dis!

He ignored her curses, as his hand furtively crept forward, finally resting on her bottom. He stroked it tenderly. Then, without warning, he ripped the scrap of cloth that had been covering her ass. She cried out as she felt his hand return, prying open her ass cheeks; running his finger down, he paused at her asshole, tentatively circling it with his finger, feeling it pucker, before moving down to her pussy. His inquisitive finger played along the edges of her vagina and she trembled awaiting the penetration she knew was coming. Like all the female warriors in her caste she was a virgin, but she had grown up around men and their boisterous talk so she knew, or thought she did, a great deal about sex.

Instead though Talin withdrew his hand and briefly Davina breathed a sigh of relief only for it to turn into a yelp as his hand came crashing down on her upturned bottom. It stung, but she had endured far greater pain in battle, so she clenched her teeth together and tried to rid her mind of the ignobleness of being spanked. For that was what was happening to her, of that she could have no doubt, as Talin's hand struck her ass over and over again. She tried to evade his hand, but the little movement that she could make only seemed to intensify the spanking. In reality, Talin's erection began to grow as he saw his slave's ass bounce up and down and wiggle provocatively. Soon her ass was a fetching shade of red and he stopped spanking her to rest his hand on it and to feel the heat emanating from it.

Davina had quieted down by now. She had not been spanked so rigorously since her initiation to her regiment. An experience she had found more trying than some, as because of her beauty, the men had lined up far more patiently in order to get her over their knee, and once over it they had taken their time in welcoming her to the regiment.

Out of breath, she watched him out of the corner of her eye, as he moved into her field of vision. Squatting down in front of her he casually ripped the remains of her brassiere off, revealing her breasts to the light. Davina closed her eyes in frustration. The wrong move to make as it happened. For Talin, seeing the first signs of resignation, launched himself forward and locked his lips with hers. His tongue invaded her mouth and in the first few moments of shock she let it, only weakly fending it off with her tongue, which to Talin felt like encouragement. When she bit down on his lip he withdrew exclaiming, the blood dripping from his mouth:

- You bitch! Right, clearly more drastic measures need to be taken.

He disappeared out of sight, returning shortly with a long bamboo cane, which he cut the air savagely with. Davina, against her better nature, mouthed no and managed to struggle out a few actual words.

- Please don't. My people will ransom me if I am returned unharmed.

- Girl, you still don't understand, do you?

General Talin shook his head wearily.

- You are mine now. And I will do with you as I please, whether it's caning you or something more.... more mutually pleasurable for the both of us.

With those word said he took measure of her and concluded his speech:

- But I will spare you the cane this time, on a condition. Gabrielle!

His young slave ran in, bright-eyed and ready to please.

- Take this cane, Gabrielle, and stand behind the new girl. If she steps out of line or refuses to comply with my wishes strike her with all your might, understood?

The young girl looked at the defenceless body of Davina and a very slight smile, almost vixen-like, flicked briefly on her face. She nodded. Davina heard her take up her position. She even had the temerity of laying the cane squarely across her ass in preparation. Davina now looked up to see what her captor's next move would be. Talin stared down at his new slave's imploring eyes and without looking away from them, unbuttoned his trousers and took out his cock. She knew then what he wanted from her. He took a step closer.

- Now, my feisty little pet, you are going to suck on this like a good girl. If you bite, if you even think of using your teeth in any way, you will get a caning that will strip the skin off your bones.

She looked at his cock. It was now fully erect, glistening with pre-cum. She gulped apprehensively. It was not a small cock and she had never had a man in her mouth before. Davina unconsciously licked her lips that had suddenly gone dry. Talin took another step towards her. She could smell his cock. It had a musty odour, a mixture of sweat and something she couldn't quite place. The thought of taking it in her mouth revolted her, but she knew she couldn't take another beating. She thought to herself that if she pleased him now, made him cum, then he'd tire for the night and she could have time to plan her escape...

The cane came crying through the air making her jump and leaving a sizeable welt on Davina's backside.

- I don't have all night!

Propelled by his words she darted her tongue out. It touched the tip of his cock, lingered for a second and then withdrew. Talin nudged his cock closer to her mouth. Davina slowly opened her mouth and took him in. As he drove his cock down the back of her throat, she quickly adapted to the situation; breathing through her nose, she sucked him off, as he made appreciate groans and petted her hair. A rhythm built up and eventually she started swirling her tongue around his cock; anything, she told herself, to make him cum quicker. It had the desired effect, for with a prodigious groan, he ejaculated in her mouth. The wooden stocks coupled with his hands behind her head gave her no choice but to swallow his load. It tasted salty as it went down, but she was privately pleased that it didn't taste any worse. He removed his cock from her mouth and wiped it off on her face.

- You did will, my pet. Now what do you say to your master?

Davina, her face smeared with sperm, looked back at him confused.

- I... What do I...

It was the wrong answer. The cane came down on her again, and to her embarrassment she squealed at the pain. What had become of her.

- What should I say?

The cane came down again, this time harder. Gabrielle was getting into the swing of things and she was making sure every stroke counted.

- What do you say to your master when he makes you the gift of his cock?

- Thank you?

The cane whistled through the air.

- Thank you, what?

- Thank you, master?

- Now say it with some conviction.

Davina was canned repeatedly until she managed to pronounce the words correctly. At the end Gabrielle's face was flushed and when Talin told her to desist she did so with disappointment. Davina's bottom was on fire, and if let go at that moment she was unsure if she'd be able to stand let alone escape. Talin realized this and ordering Gabrielle out of the tent and undid the stocks. Pressing his body up against Davina, his cock nestled between her butt cheeks, he manipulated the largely unresisting girl's arms, and tied them together behind her back. Drawing back, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and threw her onto the nearby bed.

- Now I make you mine. Don't worry the first time is always difficult. In time you might even learn to enjoy our little tumbles. Where are you going?

As Talin drew closer to the bed, Davina still dazed from the caning, instinctively clamoured away. Her efforts were pointless as it only took her to the centre of the bed, where, with one bound, Talin joined her. With the last reserves of her strength she kicked out, but he fended her off easily, catching her leg and running his hand down it with admiration.

- My, no wonder Gaby took such pleasure in chastising you, clearly she saw her replacement in you and was not pleased. If you behave, you know, there's no reason why you couldn't be head of my little harem someday. I'm sure you'd like to get back at Gaby for what she did to you tonight.

The caning she had received only seconds ago was now far from Davina's mind. At some point Talin's clothing had been removed and she was painfully aware that she was naked and tied up on a strange man's bed.

Talin struggled with Davina and with relative ease got between her legs. He lined up his cock and was about to thrust it savagely in, but paused at the last moment, deciding instead to gently ease his cock up her. Davina tried to wriggle away as she felt it sliding between her legs, but to no avail. She felt a stab of pain as he broke her hymen. Once fully inside her he rested for a moment, looking down upon his prize, feeling his cock pulsate within her. Propping himself up with one hand, he allowed himself to slowly grind backwards and forwards. He moved his head down and began to gently bite at her neck; he couldn't tell from the noises she was making whether she liked it or not, but as fulfilling her wishes had not been very high on his prioritises this night, he kept on going. He began to fuck her harder and in response she began to groan louder. Their bodies rubbing up against each other. With her hands tied behind her Davina found her back naturally arching, her breasts straining towards Talin's chest. Not passing up the opportunity he dove his head into her bosom and began licking her nipples. Davina cried out.

Talin withdrew suddenly and flipped her on to her front, her face now on the pillow, her legs flailing apart. He re-entered her, this time more brutally, and she kicked out, hitting his ass with her feet and spurring him on. His face was in her hair and he breathed in her scent as he took her virginity. Davina pushed her ass backwards. He grabbed it with both hands and ploughed into her, gyrating his body against hers, making a woman out of her. She gasped, her breathing already rushed.

- Oh gods...

She moaned. Now not sure whether she was being raped or being made love to. She felt him stiffen and with a cry he came. She could feel his sperm inside her and as he withdrew she felt it trickle down the side of her leg. She rolled over, panting, and Talin did the same. With one hand cradling the back of her neck, his other reached for a lacquer box on the bedside counter. From within it he took a golden collar. He drew Davina closer to him and she didn't resist. She was not sure if she was just exhausted or whether now that he had fucked her there really was some sort of sacred, inviolable bond between them. Either way he took up her hair and fastened the collar around her neck. It fit snugly, but Davina did not find it uncomfortable. Talin leaned in and kissed Davina lightly on the lips.

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