Barbie Doll


Pete turned her over, sat her up, and slid on her bustier. He buckled it tight with a bright shiny buckle that rested just under her tits. Then lying her back down he placed the funnel he used on the dolls into her mouth. Becka just stared up at him, she could feel the syrup cloying the walls of her ass and vagina.

"Open wide now."

She opened her mouth into a round hole, and felt the syrup wrap around her tongue. It was sweet with an unmistakable scent. She watched him tipping up the bottle right before her eyes, and the feeling of the fluid oozing around her teeth and gums, filling the voids in her cheeks. Some of it slipped down her throat, but she kept herself as open as she could. Her mouth was full of the syrup as he pulled the bottle away and smiled at her.

"Now just a finishing touch."

He pulled out a ring gag and pressed it firmly into her mouth behind her teeth. There was a metal lip that pressed her tongue down into the floor of her mouth. As he pulled away and stared down at her he smiled and said,

"That's much better." She now had a perfectly round doll mouth with no teeth and no tongue, just another hole ready to be fucked.

He shifted her to her side so that all the syrup wouldn't slide down her throat. He wanted to keep her mouth full. She was staring straight into the face of the doll, lying there next to her, dressed in exactly the same clothes, with a large round gaping mouth full of cum, just like hers. He pulled her arms round behind her, and locked them with a pair of handcuffs.

"One last detail."

Pete pulled out a small penis gag. He fitted it to the mouth of the doll, where it stoppered the hole that was its mouth. He had put it on the wrong way round though. The penis, instead of penetrating into the dolls mouth, faced outwards. He then pulled the doll towards Becka and aligned the penis so that it entered her mouth through the ring of her gag. He then bound the doll to Becka, tying it around the back of her neck. She was being fucked by the doll, and her mouth was full of it's cum.

The door slammed, and Becka's ordeal had begun. And there it was, her story. It seemed so incredible. She could not recognise herself. How had she allowed this to happen? She was an intelligent girl with a career. She had a future and here she was willing it away, to become not even a girlfriend, but a doll. Something that could be packed away when not needed. Yet even as that thought sunk in, she felt the jolting tingle growing in her pussy. She should break free from this, she should get out of this relationship, it's what her friends would tell her to do. But she would never be free of the appetite that had steadily been growing inside her. Wherever she went, she would never be free of the drawstrings of her desire to become a doll, they were now so firmly embedded in her, a part of her. She longed for Pete to return home and fuck her and then discard her, slithering forgotten to the floor, sperm oozing out of her crack.

The first thing Pete noticed as he walked in, was the clock flashing. Immediately his mind streaked like lightening through the implications. There must have been a power cut during the day, and therefore the PC would have gone down. This meant the conditioning cycle would have ceased to run as Becka had lain on the bed. Pete felt the lurch in the pit of his stomach. Would Becka have noticed? In all the hours, had she worked out what had been happening? Was she about to erupt in anger, threatening to sue him once he freed her from the doll? Cautiously Pete approached the bedroom and saw her there still lying in the doll clothes, like a pair of twins kissing. He noticed the large damp stains to front and back of her tight hot pants, and the heady scent of arousal hung heavily in the room. He approached cautiously, straining to pick up any hint as to how she was.

Leaning over the bed, he kissed her. He was testing her reaction, but she did not seem to be violent or struggle, so he undid her hands and pulled the dildo from her mouth. Becka rolled onto her back staring up at him. He was smiling at her, but his stomach churned in uncertainty.

"That was sooooo hot!"

Pete felt the exhalation of relief. It was ok. He had better go reboot his PC.

"You liked that? Becoming one of my dolls, dressed up the same and locked together. You get turned on as you lay there all day?" He was still testing, seeking reassurance, but she just smiled radiantly.

"It made me so horny. I want you to fuck me right now just like one of your dolls." She pulled him down on her, and her mouth opened to swallow his tongue.

"I just need to boot up my PC."

"Not now!" She held on to him and she pressed her belly against his crotch. He felt her dampness reaching up through the material of his pants. She was soaked. Pete reckoned she must have been without conditioning for some hours, but she was clearly still overheated from the desire to become one of his dolls. He was amazed at how quickly she had assimilated his desires into her own, and he sank his cock deep into her cunt as she splayed her arms and legs wide as a fuck doll. It seemed there was no need for any further conditioning, Pete felt confident she would go all the way now.

The next morning was weekend and Pete was at home. Becka felt excited simply because they were together. She knew it was silly to think like that, but she couldn't help it. This was how she was now.

"You know I was thinking about all the things that we've done since I met you." she called out. Pete was in the bathroom shaving, but he froze when he heard those words. Trying to keep his voice steady, he responded,

"How you mean?"

"What we've done, what's happened to me. It's just incredible. You have opened my eyes to so much, and I love it all."

Once again Pete could breathe again. He needed to finish this, in case she started to feel differently about what had happened to her.

"Well that is not the most incredible part."


"Well it's a rather strange story," he began. "It's about the dolls and where they came from."

Becka had never thought about that question, and she used to be so inquisitive. Well he'd have to tell her now, she wasn't going to let him off.

"When I was out working in the Middle East, I came across this shop down one of those back lanes in town. It was brim full of potions and things, you know how superstitious people are out there. Well my curiosity was piqued, and I wondered what sort of things you could get potions for. I started chatting to the owner and he asked me what sort of things I liked. Well naturally I started telling him about my dolls, and he gave me this bottle of clear liquid. You can find it in the top drawer by the bed."

Becka just lay there listening, wondering where all this was leading. She wasn't interested in getting up to root around inside a drawer for anything. So she just let him carry on.

"Of course I didn't believe in his story at the time, that's why the first was an accident." He spoke so matter of factly, but suddenly Becka's mind was in a whirl. What had he just said?

"What you mean the first was an accident?"

"The first girl that got turned into a doll. I didn't mean it to happen, but it worked just like he had said it would. The liquid in the bottle reacts with the skin and turns it into some kind of plastic. I mean how credible is that?"

Becka's heart started thumping in her chest, and the noise filled her ears. Firstly the enormity of what he had just said, a girl being turned into a doll, followed closely by the excitement that it might be possible. Becka shot out of bed and searched through the drawer. There it was. It was just a small bottle of clear glass, but ornately ribbed and patterned with a beautiful pointed glass stopper. The liquid inside was also clear, like water. She shook it to make sure.

"You mean..." she began.

"Yes I know, it sounds incredible and when Danny laughed at the idea, I bet with her to try it out. She didn't hesitate a moment. She rubbed it all over her skin and lay back gloating. But it didn't last long before she started to change. It was incredible watching her transform. I stood there open mouthed as she shouted to me to do something to stop it. I told her I couldn't. In just a few moments she started bucking and orgasming uncontrollably until she had become a sex doll, with latex openings ripe for fucking."

Becka was squirming on the bed, rubbing her thighs together. Her greatest ever fantasy, one that she had believed impossible to ever achieve, was being described to her. She peed in the bed, she couldn't control the intensity of her excitement.

"I didn't fuck her at first. I thought it would wear off, and I was afraid she'd kill me if I did anything while she was like that. But when it seemed like it wasn't going to wear off, I tried her out. That's how the whole sex doll thing started."

Becka's breaths were coming in little gasps as she digested the incredible, unbelievable story Pete was telling her. The calm way he told her, as if there was nothing special, just a curious thing, yet it was life changing. Becka felt her world slipping sideways as she stared in awe at the bottle in her hand.

"Well after that, of course, I had to try it again. See whether it really did work like he said, and not just some freak accident. Her name was Liz. So the next time we were having sex, I suggested she rub this oil over her body. It would be sexy. She willingly did it, and I told her to make sure she covered every inch of her skin. When she was naked and lying there on the bed, all covered in the oil, I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to leap on her and fuck her brains out. But the guy in the shop told me I had to wait 15 minutes for the oil to be absorbed, otherwise I would be affected too. So I made out that I had to go use the bathroom and then I went off and called out if she wanted a drink. Anything to use up that quarter of an hour. It seemed to take ages, and the clocks hardly moved. Naturally Liz was getting impatient. She was all hot for me having oiled herself up and everything, and it had been incredibly sexy watching her do it, wondering if it would work a second time, and making sure she didn't miss any parts. I was rock hard all the time, and had to fight with myself not to pull on my cock and spurt all my juices over the kitchen floor."

Becka was pulling hard on her clit as she listened. She was loving this story, and the sneaky way Pete had not told Liz what the effect of the oil would be. Pete walked in at that point, still drying himself off. When he saw her with the bottle in her hand, rubbing at her clit feverishly, he said,

"Hey watch out. Better put that bottle down."

In a daze Becka left the bottle on the table by the bed. He climbed on top of her, staring into her lust crazed eyes. She reached down and dragged his cock out from his pants and slipped it into her mouth, while he continued. Her tongue flicked over the tip of his cock head, and she could feel its warmth and wetness in her mouth.

"You find this exciting don't you?"

Becka's response was in her eyes, she was still rubbing herself as he continued.

"Well she looked perfectly normal when I returned to the bedroom. I could see a sheen on her flesh from the oil, but nothing else had happened. I felt a sigh of relief, because although it was incredibly sexy thinking of her becoming a latex doll while I was out the room, the consequences and guilt I'd have felt would have been too much. So I shook my head and jumped on Liz and we had fantastic sex. It was so incredibly hot, and she seemed to cum so easily and so often. I just had to touch her, and she would shudder and get wet.

It was only after I had finished and climbed off her that I realised she had turned into a latex doll. She had these seams running along her sides, and around her waist. Her tits were circled by more seams and her nipples were bright pink. I know she is still in there, but I don't understand how. I can sense her and the pleasure she feels every time I fuck her. Didn't you?"

Becka was bobbing her head up and down on Pete's shaft as she listened. She was getting so horny by his story. She knew it was just a story he was making up, like all the other fantasies, but she longed for it to be true. She too had sensed that same pleasure emanating from the dolls as they played together. But this couldn't happen, not for real. As Becka pumped Pete's cock, her juices streamed out across the sheets, just as he had taught her. The thought of actually being able to turn into a latex doll, her mouth opening wide in a large oval, her teeth and tongue melting into plastic, her vagina opening out into a latex slit that would be wet just by the touch of her owner. All this was stoking her fires. She longed to feel the pleasure she imagined the doll had felt as they fucked it, and she imagined her ass opening up into a large round oval too, another hole inviting penetration, dripping juices in anticipation, willing its lover to fuck her there too. Becka was panting now as she sucked hard. Before Pete came in her mouth he pulled her head back and kissed her.

"I have to go to the bathroom for a while," he said, and with that got up and left. Becka was disappointed. Was she boring him? She lay back on the bed and continued stroking her clit. She was very excited by the story. As she felt her pulse quicken she turned her head and looked at the small Middle Eastern bottle full of clear liquid by the side of the bed. Her heart raced. She couldn't could she? She wanted to so much. She didn't know it was the same oil, she didn't really believe in that fairy story. But what if....? What if she could feel that sexy and be just a doll, to be picked up and left wherever and fucked whenever, and always being ready, always excited. She was pulling hard on her clit as she reached for the bottle. She told herself it couldn't really be true, she understood how much she hoped it was, and emptied some of the oil into her palm. A voice from downstairs called out:

"You want a drink darling?"

"I'm ok thanks," she called back as her hand slapped the oil over her chest. She could not contain her excitement. How would it feel as she transformed herself into Pete's love doll?

Pete pounded his cock into Becka as she stared up at him. She could see the love in his eyes and the heat in his cock. He had fucked her three times already, but on returning to the bedroom and finding her all lubed up had made his cock spring into such a severe erection he had found it painful. He bent over her and kissed her yet again. Her tongue swirled around his and she closed her eyes dreaming of being his doll. As Pete withdrew his tongue he looked at her,

"I think you are now passing the point of no return."

There it was, a simple statement. Becka didn't feel any different, but she was now his in a way that would allow him to store her with the rest of his collection. She felt her cunt jump at those words, and a gush of her juices seeped out onto the sheets and around her master's cock. She lay there staring up at him, his words seeping into her mind, not willing to break the fantasy.

Then she started to feel the tingling all over her legs and body. It was as if a thousand fingers were writhing sensuously over her. Her heart rate quickened and she felt her arousal leap. Instinctively her legs separated out and straightened into a perfect V shape. She could feel her skin twitch and become so incredibly sensitive. Pete leaned back sitting on his ankles, his cock rigid and drooling precum into the space between her legs.

"It has started." He smiled reassuringly at Becka. She lifted herself to stare down at her tingling body. It felt as if her flesh was orgasming all over. She saw the skin of her torso and legs had become incredibly smooth. She was becoming flawless. She felt excited, becoming perfect for her master. All those little skin defects melting away into a silky warm sheen. Her body looked as if it had the afterglow of sex. Then it hit her pussy. Becka's cunt was starting to convulse and erupted. She was orgasming so much now she didn't notice it but she was moaning and squealing with the pleasurable sensations sweeping through her. The sensations in her pussy were far more intense than being fucked by a huge dick. She felt as if her whole vagina was being forced and contorted but not feeling the pressure from something inside it. It was an experience she had never imagined a girl could ever feel, but it was mind changing.

At the same time, a rumble started in her belly and rippled along her intestines towards her anus. She felt it, like a snake undulating through her from within. It moved at phenomenal speed through her and upon reaching her opening, she felt her anus stretch and convulse; distorting into something inhuman. She was being pulled apart form inside and the pleasure was unbearable. She couldn't stand the stimulation it was too much. She stared down at her body writhing on the bed. What she saw made her gasp loudly.

The first thing she noticed were the long perfectly straight lines appearing down the length of her legs. Where had they come from, they had been perfect just now? The sheen was glossy and artificial in colour, a light pink/buff colour that did not look like her legs, but some kind of latex stockings encasing them. Becka felt her heart lurch as her mind kept repeating to itself that these were no stockings, but her actual legs. She felt the tension as one part of her mind wrestled with the other unbelieving part, wearing down its refusal to accept the enormity of what was happening to her. Yet just as her legs were accepting their new perfectly tapering form, so her mind caved in, and she shuddered with excitement. Then she saw her vagina. It had a big bright pink centre, and her slit stretched into a long electric pink line. She had lost all muscles to hold together the lips that had shrivelled into a crinkled darker outline, and they hung slightly apart to reveal the bright pink core ready for fucking. Staring at herself with a mixture of being appalled and dribbling with arousal, Becka noted that the position of her vagina had shifted. It was more forward, on top of her mound rather than hidden in the folds between her thighs. Her vagina was on display, the only feature on her smooth plastic belly, the seams radiating out from the pink glossy hole in her front.

Then Becka felt her anus twist and shift, as if an internal hand was rearranging her body. She bucked her hips and noticed how light they were already, as hugely pleasurable waves consumed her and distorted her. The internal eruptions in her body were remoulding her permanently, and the more her body was contorted, the greater the pleasure until she begged for it never to stop.

Slowly faint traces of lines snaked around her waist and climbed up her chest. She watched them growing across her skin transforming it into this same compliant sheen. She could feel she had lost all control over her legs which felt light and insubstantial. She couldn't move them, and she certainly couldn't stand up. She was now trapped to lie there and slowly lose control of more and more of her body. Then her tits began to swell into huge mammoth balloons. They formed into perfect hemispheres, at least half as big again as her breasts had been. They too had no weight, she felt no pull on her chest as they grew.

Pete leaned down and flicked her left globe with his finger. It rocked up and down like a balloon tied at the back. She could not stop it oscillating, she could only watch it with wide staring eyes, a voyeur to her own transformation. As her new breasts filled out and stretched her tan skin smooth and tight, her areoles and nipples bulged outwards. They turned bright electric pink too. She reached out idly with her fingers and pinched on the nipple. It was hard, like a small rubber bung stuck on top of her globe. That was when Becka noticed the rewiring that was also proceeding inside her. For as she pinched on her nipple, the pleasure coursing through her was electrifying. It felt such an unnaturally strong response, and her chest instinctively lifted towards her fingers for more. She had never ever felt such a reaction before.

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