tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBarbie Jo Adventures Ch. 01

Barbie Jo Adventures Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Barbie Jo Gets Her Cherry Popped

This story is a fantasy story, and with all fantasies we can imagine that no evil exists. That means no disease, so with no disease to transfer to someone else, no need for protection. Remember it is a fantasy world, in the real world evil and disease exists. Protect yourself.

Halloween night

It was agreed by all three of us that we would dress up as women and Wanda as a guy. So when I arrived by taxi and went into the house I was wild that I was the only one dressed up. I stood there, my face as bright red as the lipstick I had on while Peter, John and Wanda whistled and gave catcalls laughing their asses off. My outfit included a long blond wig, eye shadow with mascara on my eye lashes, the above mentioned red lipstick and big dangly earrings. I had a white sweater with a nice plunging neckline, a short black leather jacket and very short pleated black skirt just long enough to cover the tops of my nude stockings held up by a black lace garter belt with black 4 inch pumps. I also had nice red glue-on nails and generous silicone breastforms glued on under a white lacey bra and black thong panties.

Once Peter and John finally stopped laughing they explained they couldn't find any women's clothes that fit at a reasonable price, that's why they didn't get dressed up. They wondered how much I paid to look so hot, they rightly figured that at 5ft 5in and 120lb, sizes were easy for me. I lied that I got everything at a used clothing store for only $30.

Let me give a brief history of myself, at Halloween everyone knows it's a time to live out your fantasies. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity when John suggested we dress up as sexy woman to go bar hopping for Halloween. I've been a closet cross dresser ever since I was about 14 years old and no I didn't get my clothes at the used clothing store, I paid big money over time to get these and others. I sort of told the truth that I had the 4 inch pumps on all day, the fib part was that I was practicing walking in them, because I can expertly walk in them all day long. I have never had sex with a guy but while dressed up I have fantasized what it would be like to get fucked as a girl by a guy.

John said he would make it up to me by splaying out some big coke lines and Wanda went to get me a drink, she said that I couldn't have any beer, or rum and coke because they were man's drinks, a couple more snickers followed that line. As I was snorting up the coke she set my drink on the table, a Singapore Sling, "that's a girly drink," she said with a wink.

"What the hell, liquor's liquor," I said as I chugged it down, then in the most seductive girly voice I said to Peter, "would you be a dear and get me another one? And John, I'd love another line of coke." If I'm dressed the part, I might as well play the part. I realized it was useless to go back home to change, so I might as well enjoy my fantasy and started the procedure to get a good buzz going.

Things were moving along, the drinks were going down and the coke was going up when there was a knock on the door. Wanda said it was probably her brother Dave, he was coming over to get a buzz before he went to a party, he didn't know anything about our plans to dress up. Peter said not to tell him anything and see how long it took him to recognize me, the plan was I worked with Wanda. Dave put his beer in the fridge and came in the living room. I introduced myself as Barbie Jo as I gave him a hug and my perfume wafted over him. He stuttered out a hello and clumsily sat down practically drooling on himself. I realized that when I sat on the sofa my skirt rode up past the tops of my stockings, exposing my garter straps and I had to remember to keep my legs closed or crossed so as to not show off my panties. Dave pulls out a film container and asks if anyone would like to do a line. I purred, "I would love to do some," and came over and kneeled on the carpet next to him.

I just started doing coke 3 months ago when I first met John through Peter. John is a dealer that sells to Peter and Dave and on special occasions to myself, I was planning on buying some tonight but so far as long as it was being offered to me I might as well keep my money in my purse. After doing a few more lines and a couple more drinks we were all getting pretty high.

Peter suggested we play some pool, John said he didn't want to so Peter suggested doubles, him and Wanda and me and Dave. I was a good pool player but faked being a novice so to throw Dave off. John was busy cutting up some coke so was not paying attention. Dave took this as an opportunity to put the moves on me. He said he would show me the right way to hit the cue ball. He came up behind me, put his arms around me and positioned the cue stick in my hands, all the time he was rubbing his cock against my bum and I could feel it getting hard. I was surprised to find that I was getting a little hot about this because I was turning him on and without even realizing what I was doing, I started to wiggle my bum back up against him.

This got John's attention and I think he got jealous because he got up an came over and kind of butted right in between me and Dave and put his arm around me and asked, "how you doing babe?" I told him I was doing fine, bent over the table and made my shot, dropped the six ball in the far corner. John stepped back and said, "babe, you sure do have some fine legs and a perky little bum!"

Dave spoke up and said, "you got that right." I was really starting to feel horny now so as I walked away from them around to the other side of the table I lifted up the back of my skirt and flashed my bum at them, not fully realizing I gave them a good look at my black thong panties and garter belt straps and tops of my stockings. Well I got some applause and cheering from them and as I got to the other side of the table I gave them the sexiest smile and winked at them. This just melted the both of them.

Peter yelled out, "what did I miss?"

Wanda said, "carefull Barbie Jo, you know what happens when you have too much to drink."

"I'll behave," I said.

"You remember what happened at the office Christmas party last year, you ended up doing a striptease," Wanda said, playing along.

"I'd like to see that," Dave said.

"I do even naughtier things when I get too stoned," I giggled. With that John quickly splayed out some more coke and handed me a $20 rolled up bill with a big grin. I think he was forgetting who I really was and was starting to get interested in Barbie Jo. We did some more coke and it was getting time to go out to the bars.

Now so far it was fun being Barbie Jo at Peter and Wanda's place with just the five of us but this was going to get serious. Dave said he was going to a party and wouldn't be coming with us. He asked me if I'd like to go with him, I said I couldn't because I promised Wanda I would go out with her tonight. He gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, "can I call you sometime?"

I grinned and said, "we'll see." After Dave left John said it was time to leave for the bars. I started to have second thoughts about going out in public as Barbie Jo. Wanda assured me I would have no trouble passing and Peter said that I certainly fooled Dave, and he knew me. John and Peter took me by the arm and led me out to John's car, a huge Cadillac. I got in the front seat and Wanda and Peter got in back and off we went. On the way John told us how Dave asked him if he was going to make a play on Barbie Jo, John said he asked him why and he said that he thought she was real hot and was going to ask her out.

John said, "I told him he better get in line," nobody said anything, the silence was uncomfortable.

We parked in a dimly lit parking lot about a quarter mile from the bar downtown. There was a lineup to get in. While we were standing there Wanda asked me how I was doing with the shoes. I lied to her that my feet were sore but that I would manage. I've had so much practice I could stand in these all day. Wanda seemed a little suspicious as she said, "I don't know how you could do it, I have never been able to stand in heels that high for that long, I think you've had more practice than just today."

To try and change the subject I said that the only problem was that my bum was getting cold with this short skirt on. John said, "I'll warm you up," and started to rub my bum to everyone's laughter. I must admit it felt pretty good. We finally got inside and looked for a table, we found one against the wall in a busy area where people walked by, soon Peter arrived with the drinks. The tables were bar top high with no chairs. I opted to stand on the outside so people couldn't see my face. That turned out to be a bad idea because every guy that walked by grabbed my bum, stroked his hand across it or lifted my skirt up. I never realized that men were such pigs, but it was turning me on. I swapped places with John and now had my back to the wall and could see everything. Every guy that walked by seemed to be undressing me, some guys that walked by with their woman and looked either got a look or a slap from their woman. I couldn't believe it, guys were giving me, 'fuck me' eyes and women were giving me, 'bitch' eyes.

Finally it was that time, the moment of truth, I needed to go to the bathroom. Wanda said I had to go to the women's and grabbed me by the hand and led me there. Once inside I went into the stall, pulled my panties down and sat down to pee. When I was done I went to the sink to freshen up and Wanda said I had to make a decision, John or Dave as they were both infatuated with Barbie Jo. I couldn't believe what she was saying but I knew she was right. She said that if I didn't want Dave, that would be easy, I could just make Barbie Jo disappear, but John was a little trickier as he knew who Barbie Jo really was. I told her she was crazy and walked out. Back at the table John leaned over and asked if I'd like to do some coke, I said sure and he took my hand and led me out the door saying, "we'll be back soon," and up to the car we went.

In the car as John was splaying out some coke he started to say how hot I looked, that I was incredibly sexy as Barbie Jo, and he was serious. I giggled nervously, this kind of talk was making me uncomfortable and yet very hot. As I snorted up a line he asked me point blank if I ever did it with a guy before. I was speechless; I just sat there with my mouth open. He said, "your silence must mean you did," I stuttered out that I didn't, it's just that his question caught me by surprise.

"Why do you ask?" I said.

As he handed me another line to do he said, "you know I've been in prison before, and while there I never gave head or let anyone fuck me, but I did have a bitch to keep me satisfied, if you know what I mean." I nearly blew the coke back out my nose, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but then I couldn't believe what I saw.

John had his pants undone and had his cock out stroking it. Again he said I was looking some fucking hot and asked if I wanted to stroke his cock! Now coke makes most people pretty horny and I was quite stoned and drunk, living out my fantasy to be dressed as Barbie Jo out in public turning guys on, so I was feeling pretty fucking horny and before I realized what I was doing I had his cock in my hand stroking it. He leaned back and moaned and I was starting to get really into it holding another guys cock for the first time, it felt so soft and warm yet very hard. Before long he was moaning louder and started to say that he was gonna cum. He kept repeating, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, what can I do with my cum, I don't want to make a mess of me or my car, uuunnhh!"

I didn't think, I just did it, I bent over and engulfed his big hard cock in my mouth, I wrapped my red lips around his cock head and sucked. A split second later the first spurt hit the back of my mouth, I swallowed it, then another and another. I was having some trouble keeping it all in my mouth but I kept swallowing and managed to not spill a drop. After he was done shooting cum I kept sucking on it for a little bit longer then sat back up smacking my lips. We both sat back quite satisfied, him just finishing an orgasm and me just having swallowed another guys load of cum. We did another line and John said we should get back to the bar, "besides," he said, "you probably want to get rid of that cock breath taste." I told him that I've tasted my own cum before and it's not that bad, but Peter and Wanda might start wondering what we're doing so long and I made him promise not to say anything about this to anyone. He said he wouldn't tell a soul if I promise to do it again. I just smiled at him as I got out of the car.

On the way back to the bar John put his arm around me as if we were boyfriend/girlfriend and as I walked I noticed I had a nice little wiggle in my hips, I felt more like a woman than I have ever felt before. Once inside I stood on the outside of the table so guys could cop a feel of my bum, I felt soo slutty. Wanda asked where we were so long, she said, "were you guys out doing the nasty in the car?" with a sly grin.

"NO," I lied indignantly, "we were just doing some coke and talking."

John came over with drinks, "shooters," he said, "Lumberjacks for the guys and Sperm Cocktails for the Ladies!" We clinked our glasses and shot them back.

I blurted out, "doesn't taste like sperm," without thinking.

Wanda laughed, "how do you know what sperm tastes like?" We all just laughed.

The night wore on. I had my bum felt up, grabbed and my skirt lifted up so many times. Guys would come over and ask me to dance, I had a couple dances at first but the guys were practically fucking me on the dance floor, grabbing me and fondling me. This was getting John pissed and he came up and told some guys off about it, he was very protective. Soon it was time to leave but Peter and Wanda just ordered another drink so John said we were going out to the car to do another line or two and for those guys to take their time, he whispered something to Wanda and she grinned.

We walked up to the car arm in arm and went to the back of the car against the building because John wanted to smoke a coke joint and didn't want the smell in the car. After we smoked it we stood there with our arms around each other making out. John just came right out and asked if he could fuck me. I told him I would rather suck his cock again. He said I already gave him a blowjob tonight and now he wanted to fuck my sweet little bum. How could I say no to his big puppy dog eyes, besides he had already shared a lot of coke with me tonight and I felt that I owed him.

I reached down, undid his belt, unzipped and pulled his pants down to his knees, squatted down and took his beautiful hard cock into my mouth. I lathered it up good with my spit, stood back up, whispered, "be gentle, it's my first time," and turned around and bent over the trunk of the car and lifted up my skirt. John slid my panties over to the side and pressed his cock against my bum, very carefully and slowly he eased his cock into my bum. It hurt at first but then once my muscle started to relax it felt wonderful. He started pumping it in and out slowly at first but started increasing the tempo, after awhile he was really slamming it into me bouncing his balls off of me.

He said, "does it feel good?"

"Unnnhhuuhh," was all I could say.

Suddenly a bunch of people walked into the parking lot in front of us, I started freaking but John held me down and just kept fucking me. "Don't worry," he said, "they'll leave in a minute."

They saw us and started cat calling, saying things like, "fuck her good buddy."

"Give her one for me."

Some girl yelled, "does he have a big cock?" They were all laughing. They stood there for a minute watching.

Finally John yelled, "piss off, let us have some privacy."

A girl yelled, "your fucking in a parking lot, not a very private place to fuck, you know," more laughter but they left. I felt like such a slut, my first time getting fucked and I'm doing it in a parking lot, bent over the back of a car with a spectator gallery. Soon John said he was cumming and with a few more strokes he buried it deep and I could feel his hot cum flooding my bum.

He laid there on top of me for a minute and even though I didn't want to move, I just wanted to feel his cock get flaccid and slide out of me. I said, "we should get in the car before Peter and Wanda come and see us like this."

We got in the car and did another line of coke, while I was doing mine John started to rub my big clitty through my panties, it felt soo good I didn't want him to stop, even if Peter and Wanda did show up. It didn't take too long before I started to cum, I shot my load right into my panties just as They walked up to the car. There I sat with a flushed face, a big load of cum in the front of my panties and another load up my bum dripping out onto the back of my panties. I know I could smell the aroma of sex in the car and I was sure everyone else could smell cum too. I rolled the window down saying I was a little hot, I was quite warm from everything that just happened anyway. Nobody said anything the whole way home.

When we got back to Peter's, Wanda said she was going to bed and told Peter to come with her, you could tell she was horny and wanted to get fucked. John said he was too high to drive, like that stopped him driving from the bar and was going to crash on the sofa. I decided to stay as well since I'd never get a cab, at least that was my excuse, I wasn't finished with John just yet.

As soon as they went upstairs to bed I moved over to the sofa and snuggled up to John, we started necking for a few minutes and then John said, "you can give me that blowjob you wanted to give me now," and gently pushed my head down into his lap.

I undid his pants and slid them right off and got down on my knees between his legs and slid his wonderful cock into my mouth. I started to make love to it sucking it in as deep as I could, then sucking on just the head, licking up and down it and suckling on his big balls. This went on for a long time, I wanted to enjoy this, I didn't want him to cum just yet. Every time I could sense he was getting close I would change technique, just lick his balls or something.

All of a sudden I heard someone clearing their throat behind me, shocked I quickly turned around to see Peter standing there naked with a big hardon grinning at me kneeling on the floor between John's naked legs holding onto his hard cock in front of my face. The cat's out of the bag now and judging by the size of Peter's cock, I think he wants a piece of me as well. He said, "I suspected this was what you two were up to tonight and I wanted a piece of Barbie Jo myself, so I faked falling asleep on Wanda and waited till she fell asleep. Fuck your one hot little bitch Barbie Jo, I want to fuck your sweet beautiful ass." He strutted over, his big cock swaying from side to side, stood right next to me a big grin on his face, his cock bobbing up and down right in my face. I looked right into his eyes as seductively as I could and took his cock into my mouth. John just sat there not saying anything, his mouth wide open. There was nothing he could say, he knew I wasn't his and I could do anybody I wanted to.

I sucked Peter for a little bit getting super horny myself at this point because I knew now what I was. I stopped sucking for a second, took Peter's cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my lips and across my face and looked at John and said, "are you going to join in?"

With that John stood up and Peter picked me up, carried me over to the pool table and laid me down on it. Peter moved around to my bum and John moved up and shoved his cock into my mouth to finish where I left off earlier. Peter gently pushed his cock into my bum and began rhythmically fucking me but John, still a little pissed off that he had to share me started to really fuck my face hard. I started to gag as he was shoving all his cock into my mouth, his balls were slapping my cheek.

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