tagGroup SexBarbra & Marie

Barbra & Marie


Older or Younger; which one is better?

Barbra was sitting on the edge of her bed thinking about Bobby. She has missed him so very much since he has left for college. She will not go until next year. Her scholarship was late in coming, now she must wait, but she will still get to go. To her that is all that counts. Now as she rubs herself; she thinks of when Bobby was with her the last time, and how they made love. Barbra thinks of how he would take and place his hands on her thighs and then run his tongue up and down between her pussy lips knowing full well how she would squirm, wiggle, and moan. This is what keeps her going, every morning when she gets up to face a new day without him.

She got up, headed for the shower and hoped today Bobby would call, to let her know when he will be coming home from school. Barbra is a blonde haired beauty, about 5'2", 38-22-36 122lbs. She is a green eyed lovely who always turns men's heads no matter where she goes. Those 38D's are the envy of most women, most men just want to get their hands on them. Barbra being only eighteen; gravity hasn't had a chance to work on them yet. Those silver dollar size areola and finger size nipples, make a man want to breast feed. You can't fully enjoy the beauty of those breasts unless you see them unveiled. The dark pink of those nipples and areola are just so tasty, they make one's mouth water with desire. This is Bobby's loss for now...........


Bobby has been away at college for six months and has had the favors of several young woman. Bobby a young man who is 6 feet 185lbs. He had the benefit of an early oral sex education. Bobby has done especially well with several black females who crave oral sex. That happens to make one young white man very popular with the black young ladies. Bobby thinks to himself that these young ladies may keep him very busy until next summer. Bobby is a good looking young man with raven hair and blue eyes, that do keep the ladies interested. Along with his brite winning smile, he could charm the pants of a nun.

Professor "Joyce Collins" has Freshman English 101 and Bobby is one of her students. This is his 2nd semester, he has not been doing that well. She asks Bobby, if he would stop back this afternoon to discuss his grades.

"Joyce is 48yrs.old and divorced," she never had any children but she does love her sex. She is a voluptuous woman with blonde hair brown eyes and 42dd's and a very nice ass for an older broad. She has heard from some of the female students, talk about his ability's with his tongue. Joyce intends to find out. She does enjoy oral sex both ways, male and female.

Bobby comes in and asks, "What do you want Ms. Collins?"

"Joyce tells him," he needs extra credit to make up his grade to pass the course.

"Bobby asks," what do I need to do. He has this little grin on his face.

"Joyce" has on a black skirt and white blouse, the skirt has a split all the way up to her crotch and you can she her black thong when she uncrosses her legs. Her nipples are now hard and show through the blouse.

"Bobby picks up on the Clue and he says to Joyce, when would you like to take care of this."

"Joyce says," right now Bobby, we can go to my place.

"Bobby agrees," saying his first class tomorrow morning is at 830am.

"Joyce said great," now lets enjoy the lesson we have for tonight shall we.

~ ~ ~

Barbra has her hormones ragging and she is in pure lust. As she lays on her bed trying to satisfy her hunger she hers noises coming from her mothers bed room. Barbra did not her any body come in and assumed that she was alone in the house. Barbra was not sure what the noises were but her mother's door was slightly ajar, she peeked in and saw her mother naked, laying between a man's legs and could not believe what she was doing.

She wanted to run away but couldn't; she was stuck to the floor, her feet would not move. Barbra's heart was pounding and she was sure her mother could hear her. She watched as her mother gave every stroke, every lick and every kiss, Barbra watched her mother dive down on his man hood and swallow him. She watch as the man was jerking around all over the bed. His moans and groans became louder, he grabbed Marie by the hair, and his legs jerked and then he relaxed. Barbra knew he just shot his load.

Mom crawled up on the bed with her lover and began kissing him. He rolled mom over onto her back and slid between her legs. He started kissing his way down her body; now he pulled and sucked on her nipples. He sucked those tits, but that was not where he was wanting to be.

He wasted little time and headed south and toward a large patch of blonde hair that was neatly trimmed.

Marie did not shave but she did not let it grow wild either. Now her lover had his hands feeling her monds and rubbing her neither lips to feel the wetness she had worked up while administering to her lover.

Barbra did not realize it, but she had her own fingers rubbing her cunt. She is now lost in her own orgasmic ecstasy. She can not believe her mother is getting such attention from this man; and she looks again and its her "UNCLE." Barbra can't believe it and she is almost floored. Mother is fucking and sucking her own brother.

And now he is bringing Marie to the apex of her needs, you can hear her moan and wail, as she reaches her orgasm.

Now finally Barbra is able to brake way, and go back to her room. She closes her door she hears her mother again start to orgasm, and Barbra lays on her bed and must finish what she started for her own sanity.......

Barbra comes down stairs some two hours later and Marie is sitting there in her house coat drinking a cup of tea. Marie asks Barbra if she would like to have some. "Barbra says yes thank you."

Marie has blonde hair, brown eyes, nice body, not bad for a woman who is in her late 40's. She still has lovely facial features and an ass that some men would like to bounce on. Barbra does not quite understand that her mother still enjoys sex.

"Marie looks at Barbra and asks her," did you enjoy the show?

"Barbra says," what do you mean.

"Marie looks at her," and says the one you watched for twenty minutes out side my bedroom door. We are all adults in this house and what we do and who we do it with is our own business.

Barbra says, "Mother!" "Uncle Matt how could you."

"Marie said very easy sweetheart," someday you'll understand. How's Bobby by the way, he hasn't been home has he.

"Barbra looks at her," and says no he hasn't.

"Have you been taking care of him when he has been home, Marie asks her."

"Barbra tells her," No we want to wait till we move in together.

Barbra, "Marie says," do you think those girls at school are waiting for him to move in? I don't think so. Are you so naive that you want them to have him instead of you. Marie gets up, and says listen I have something for you and if you listen to me it will make a world of difference.

"Marie" leaves and comes back with a 10"latex phallus, and tells Barbra to practice on it every night until she can swallow the whole thing. When Bobby comes home make good use of what you've learned, then he will be yours.

"Barbra" looks at her Mother, and says I don't know about this.

"Marie says," did you see your Uncle Matt. Was he willing to do anything I wanted. Did you notice how he exploded when he came?

Barbra starts that night and thinks of Bobby as she plays with the phallus, and herself. She is not sure how to start but she remembers her mother and Matt as they laid on the bed. And she starts the same way and slowly try's to take as much as possible.........

It has been four weeks now, Barbra seems to be like her mother a natural, she is able to take the 10" phallus her mother has given her almost all the way down into her throat.

Barbra has not even tried the phallus anywhere else. Now that she is able to take it all. Her plan will be to get Bobby in her room when he comes home and he will go back to school so weak it my take the entire semester for him to recover.

"Marie asks," Barbra how are you doing.

"Barbara tells her I can take the whole thing balls and all."

When is Bobby coming home, "Barbra says very soon," and I'll be ready.

"Marie says to her daughter," I think you will, and he had better eat hardy.

~ ~ ~

Bobby had to make a second trip to Professor Joyce Collins' apartment to adjust his grade to a 3.0 which she gladly did, with a smile on her face.

"Bobby called Barbra," and Marie answered, telling him Barbra was at the pool.

"Bobby said," Ok, let her know that I'll be home next Friday.

"Marie asked," how was school.

"Bobby said alright so far."

"Marie asked him are the girls taking good care of you."

"Bobby says Marie," that is not a question you should be asking a young man.

"Marie said oh," I was interested in how my star pupil was doing. I know the ladies just love him.

"Marie you are a bad girl," Bobby says to her.

"Marie answers back," wait until I'm your mother in law, then breaks out in laughter.

"Bobby says," how do you know you will be?

"Marie replies;" that Barbra has been practicing for you.

"Bobby asks, what do you mean."

"Marie says," you'll see and has this big smile on her face.........

The Home Coming

Barbra has on a dark blue floor length dress, that is tied at the neck and shows her beautiful breasts. They spill out over the side instead of seeing her deep cleavage. Her nipples stick right thru the material and her ass eats the back of the dress. She is simply stunning.

This was the first thing that greeted Bobby as he came in the front door. Bobby looks at her and becomes instantly aroused and says to Barbra, I guess we're going to diner.

"Barbra says," unless you don't want to be seen with me. Uncle Matt will take me out, Barbra said to him with a little grin on her face! Bobby knew Matt's reputation with the women; and even those in his own family. "Bobby wasn't letting anybody near Barbra."

Bobby told her give him twenty minutes and they would be on their way. Bobby came and kissed Barbra very deeply, and you could feel the fire burn between them.

When Bobby left, Marie came in and "asked Barbra how it went."

"Barbra said as soon as I mentioned Matt's name he was willing to do anything."

"Marie says," see what a little word in the right place can do for you. "Marie tells her she looks beautiful and take full advantage of it." If you play your cards right you can have him begging you to marry him in the morning. Please, I do want to be his mother in law, Marie smiles and giggles like a school girl.

"Barbra says, Mother you leave him alone." They both are now laughing as Bobby comes back into the room in a pair of Dark slacks, black loafers, light blue Polo sports shirt, and a wonderful smelling cologne.

"Marie said," have a good time kids. Then went up stairs,... Uncle Matt was waiting...

The restaurant was crowded and as they were seated, it seemed like every head in the place turned to look at Barbra.

"Bobby" could see just how lucky he was to have the most beautiful woman in the place, she was sitting with him. God, he finally realized she is really that beautiful. The waiter comes over and asks what they will have, Bobby is in another world, so lost in thought he doesn't even know where he is.

Luckily; Barbra is of sound mind, and orders for them both. She can't believe she is having this kind of affect on him. They have dinner and then dance a couple of slow dances.

"Barbra says," she must go to the lady's room and Bobby watches as she walks away.

Then as he sees her walk back to the table, it strikes him, my god she is naked under her dress, you can see everything.

She sits down and says to Bobby, are you ready to go?

"Bobby says, Barbra you are naked." What has gotten in to you.

"Barbra looks at him and says, nothing that's the problem."

They leave the restaurant and he is still in a fog but they head home....

Bobby and Barbra enter her bedroom, he looks at her and says, what will your mother think. "Mother is to busy with Uncle Matt right now to care about us." Come here she tells him and she grabs his shirt and pulls it over his head, then unbuckles his belt and drops his pants. She puts her arms around his neck and then reaches up and starts kissing his left ear and down his neck and around under his chin, then his right ear. Barbra plants little butterfly kisses on his forehead and eyes, nose then cheeks. Barbra then kisses him very passionately on his lips, letting his and her tongues both explore the depths of each others passion.

Barbra tells Bobby to untie her dress and the garment falls to the floor exposing her beautiful body. Bobby looks and tells her over and over just how beautiful she is. That is something no woman ever gets tired of hearing especially from the man she loves.

"Barbra tells Bobby," lay down on the bed and when he does she pulls off his fruit of the looms and now crawls between his legs and starts kissing his nipples. She is sucking and running her tongue in little circles around them as they are now harder than hers.

"Why Bobby, are you that excited to see me sweetheart Barbra says to him." She begins running her tongue in small circles down into his belly button and now down to his pubic area.

Barbra now has him, as he is squirming like a cat on a hot tin roof. She runs her tongue all over him like she practiced, and works on him every way she can.

She has him in the right position and forces his big dick down her throat. Barbra was able to take him balls and all. Plus she would still run her tongue over the sphincter muscle of his asshole. She thought Mother would be proud, even she hasn't master that yet.

"Bobby has exploded," he can not believe it is Barbra who is draining him like this, even Marie isn't this good. What Bobby doesn't know is this is only the beginning. He has the rest of tonight and the rest of his two weeks vacation. When he goes back to school, he may need that to rest up if he survives these two weeks.

"Barbra" looks at him and tells him, "I've been practicing just for you, I hope I didn't disappoint you."

She kisses him and strokes him as his half flaccid member is ready to start a new round and a much longer one this time and Barbra now smiles and pushes Bobby back down on the bed and says let us start again my love, as Barbra inhales him, you can hear him say "oh my God."

Barbra starts putting little kisses on the under side of Bobby's cock, then dragging her tongue back and forth along the length of it. Now it gets that angry look back and is almost ready for action.

Bobby can feel the welling in his loins as Barbra gives him one of the best blow jobs he has ever had. Barbra has taken him to the summit three times now, has keep him from going over the top. This is her time she will now put to use what she has learned and practiced.

Barbra sucks on the head of his cock, running her tongue around the rim and under the edge. She sucks with such pressure that he feels like the inside of his balls are being sucked out. This is something totally new to Bobby, he loves it.

Barbra runs her tongue across the under side of his cock, swiping up and down. All the while she is squeezing his balls gently, keeping her mouth on his cock, not letting it out of her mouth.

She loves the feel of that head with the rim much wider than the rest of his cock. She can feel how good that will be in her pussy and ass, but now for things at hand. Barbra knows Bobby will not last to much longer and she has a surprise for him. Barbra gets in between his legs and on her knees she proceeds to take his cock into her mouth and down her throat and not even gag. Bobby is amazed at this. She has never been able to do this before.

Barbra now starts to suck with her throat muscles. Bobby can feel the pressure on his cock from them, as she now takes him all the way to her lips. He feels her nose and chin on his pubic area, as she is pushing down, to get more of him into her and she is loving it. Barbra loves the taste of his cock and cum.

Suddenly Bobby explodes with out warning; "he begins to pump wave after wave of cum down Barbra's throat." The muscles in her throat were unfucking believable. The contractions you would not think possible. Barbra's mother is a great blow job, but Marie is no where near anything like this.

Barbra was having one of her strongest orgasms ever, at the same time as her man was filling her throat and mouth with his cum. She wasn't even touching herself and yet she felt like she had just peed herself. She could not believe how hard she came.

This was even one of the biggest loads, Bobby can ever remember shooting. It seemed like it would last forever, but alas, it was over too soon. Barbra did not spill a single drop of his tasty cum, she swallowed all of it.

Barbra and Bobby both lay next to each other looking very sated. They kissed softly and looked into each others eyes and did profess their undying love to one and another.

Barbra looked at Bobby and said, "god how I did miss you sweetheart."

"Bobby smiled," said to her kiddingly I would have never guessed.

Barbra smacked him on the arm and said meanie, they both laughed and kissed each other again.

Barbra knew that Bobby was about to go off to dream land for the night, but she was not finished with him yet, and was going to make sure he remembered his first night home. She let her hand slowly slide down to his flaccid member and started to rub it gently. Bobby said to her that it probably won't come back up. But sure enough Barbra had it ready for action in no time and then it was like a vacuum cleaner.

Barbra went at it again, swallowing that entire cock which is not that small to begin with. That head comes out to 3 ½ inches and on a 7 inch pole that is a very formidable weapon. It is also not to hard for her to swallow.

Barbra does drain him, and she lets him drift off to sleep and so will she, licking her lips and loving the taste of him........

Bobby is up and taking his shower when Marie walks in. She asks if he needs any help and he replies no thank you.

Marie drops her towel, opens the shower door to enter, at the same time a voice comes from behind her saying, "What are you doing mother."

"Marie says busted."

Barbra was right behind her, Marie was so intent on watching Bobby that she did not notice Barbra standing there naked.

Barbra grabbed her mothers tit, squeezed her nipple, and told her, "she can not fuck her man." I know you have fucked him when he was younger "Mother," and you taught him how to please older women, but he is mine now so stay away.

Bobby grabbed the bath towel and soap and said, listen ladies I will wash both of you and then we will have breakfast. Then you can take me shopping for some new clothes, "OK." They both answered yes, at the same time and all three started laughing and soon would be ready to dry each other off.

After a good breakfast of hot cakes and bacon they cleaned up and we're ready for the mall. Once there they decided to get Bobby up to date and send him back to school in style.

Making the rounds of several stores and checking out several sales clerks and a few smacks from Barbra although nothing serious. They had lunch before taking their packages and heading home.

Bobby bought several shirts and slacks to wear around campus. The girls bought panties and bras and that was fine with him he was in the store when other women would come out and ask him what he thought of their choices.

"Marie and Barbra both decided to show them off for Bobby," so he was about to get a free pussy show and who knows what else. But he had to remember that this was his wife to be and his future mother in law. Sometimes it does not pay to fuck both at the same time. This time he would just enjoyed the show.

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