tagSci-Fi & FantasyBard's Tale 02 - First Outing

Bard's Tale 02 - First Outing


Bardic Cycle

Date: March 22, 2095, evening

Location: City of the Suns, Duchy of Biyandi

Note: This story contains magic and sometimes psionics (mental powers). It's about Reison Whisper Wind, a young half-elf who wants to become a bard, and his three newlywed human wives - the high priestess Tia, the warrior monk Tahna, and the bard Mindal. All three women are much older than he is, and are quite powerful; they have purchased expensive magic to restore their bodies to that of twenty-year-old women.

Reading the first story will help with background, but it's not necessary.

In this second adventure, their first outing since getting married is rudely interrupted.

Still just me writing. No reader nor editor, so I get all the blame. Slainté!


Tia Whisper Wind woke up on the edge of the large bed, her bladder full. Quietly getting up, the priestess padded naked out of the room. Using the night-lights, she navigated across the apartment to their private bathroom. A wave of her hand over the light globe on the wall by the door and light flickered on, illuminating the room by one-third normal. Sitting down on the toilet, she sighed as she let go.

Yesterday had been a good day. She and her two sisters, Tahna and Mindal, were now married to the young half-elf Reison Whisper Wind. With Tia's magic to help him recover faster, he'd made love twice to her, once to Tahna, and twice to Mindal - all before dinner time. Dinner itself had been a leisurely, relaxed meal. Then, to Tia's delight, he was attentive to each of them. Tahna was still too sore to actually make love - and refused any healing magic to enable her to do so - but Reison then made love Mindal, then to Tia, and then again to Mindal before they retired for the night. To their delight, each time he waited for his partner to reach her pleasure before allowing himself to climax.

Reison is definitely a keeper, she thought.

After wiping herself clean, she stood up and went to the sink to wash her hands. At one-hundred-seventy centimeters and fifty nine kilograms, she had a nice figure. Smooth, bronze-brown skin with full, C-cup breasts, a generally flat belly, a woman's hips, and a thatch of curly black hair that hid her lower lips. Her dark brown eyes were tired but settled; a nice change after years of growing unease. Tia looked at her mid-length black hair, though, and frowned. The ribbons put into her hair the day before hung loose, and a couple were missing. On top of that, she had a definite case of bed head.

Then she caught herself scratching at her crotch. Tia grinned in amusement. Her husband's dried semen was everywhere. She found herself surprisingly pleased by that discovery.

A lot of people wouldn't understand her willingness to share her new husband with her two sisters. But they had grown up in a multiple-spouse household, and had seen their parents successfully work cooperatively for the betterment of their family. Their father had five wives, each of whom loved him intensely and each other probably as much. He, in turn, was devoted to each of his wives. Thus far, all of their other children were happy in monogamous relationships, but the notion that one could successfully have more than one partner in a loving relationship was, for them, a fact.

For Tia, it had been pretty much love at first sight. Reison had looked at her and she had melted inside, wanting him, and the surprise had caused her to dash away. Even now, thinking of his blue eyes and how he seemed to see everything inside her made her melt inside. And there was the way he'd looked at her while they made love. Thinking about how much she loved him, and the pleasure they had shared together? Five times they had been intimate since yesterday afternoon. She was a little sore, but it didn't stop her lower regions from tingling at the notion of him moving inside her again, from wanting to meld her body against his in loving union.

Mindal, too, had quickly fallen for him. Both seemed to share a lot of similar likes, and even personality traits. The clincher for the youngest sister was their shared love of music and his desire to become a bard like her. Not just to sing, but to craft magic through sound and voice.

Tia thought that Mindal had not only found a good man to love, but probably her soul mate. The knowledge didn't make her love her sister any less, nor did it alter her own feelings for her new husband. When he took her into his arms, Tia knew he was focused on her.

Tahna had taken longer to persuade, but she now seemed - well, if not happy, at least content. Her sister's reticence toward their new husband had thawed considerably since her first impressions of him. He had spent considerable time attending to the monk's pleasure, and he was adamant about his willingness to wait for Tahna, until she was not just accepting of him, but rather wanted him before completing their marriage ceremony. And she seemed to take to heart his compliments to her, especially when he used beautiful as her nickname. It helped, too, that the goddess Herself had given Tahna the ability to determine the truth of his words, and that when he'd called her beautiful, he'd sincerely meant it. Poignant, too, was the fact that after decades of abstinence, Tahna's hymen had regrown.

Tia and her sisters had spent more than forty years together, more on than off, content with their shared company as they adventured and traveled together. As Tia often remarked, they weren't just sisters, they three were the family they each had chosen to remain with as adults. Even as the sisters loved each other, in the past couple of years they had begun to be disatisfied with their semi-nomadic lifestyle. Worse, Tahna and Mindal had begun taking out their discontent on each other.

Reison Whisper Wind had changed all that.

Separate spouses for each of the sisters would have meant a natural separation into different homes, and a growing apart. Sharing Reison meant compromising on intimate, personal time with him, yet it also meant the three sisters would remain living together. As important, each of the sisters found what they wanted and needed in their new husband.

Rubbing her lower belly, Tia smiled. The fertility spell should have worked. Full elves carried for two years before delivering. With him being half-elf, she expected she would carry for more than the usual nine months. Sometime early next year, she and her sister Mindal would give birth and grow their family. It pleased Tia to know that she would share that life-altering experience with her little sister.

No, she corrected herself. Not just my sisters. My sister-wives. Connected by birth, and now by marriage to Reison.

Thinking of him now, and how hot he had looked - naked and his eyes full of desire for her. His hard cock pointed at her, and his virile balls full of thick, creamy, potent sperm that he used so wonderfully to flood her womb. Tia's lower region loosened as she reminisced. Despite her tenderness, if he were right there, she would eagerly show her new husband just how much she loved him.

The image reflected in the mirror caught - no, demanded her attention. Her hair. Argh! What a frightful mess! There was a world of difference between I-just-woke-up-beside-you and the horror now on top of her head. Besides, warm water would ease the achiness between her legs. She could have used a light curative spell to banish the discomfort. But, as Tahna pointed out, getting used to his penetration without magic was better. Using the magic prevented their bodies from adapting on their own, and only delayed the issue. Besides, getting clean would also feel good.

Tia removed the remaining ribbons and braids. Once that was done, she turned on the faucet, letting the rush of hot water fill the large tub.

Then she saw him peek around the corner. His brown hair nearly as unkempt as her own. But it didn't matter because he was her husband, the man she loved, and disarray often translated as adorably cute. Then her eyes connected with his and her heart did tumble.

Seeing his half-erect penis caused her body to respond. Even as she became wet, she knew that men got half-hard when their bladders were full, too. That didn't stop her sincere appreciation for his man bits.

Heart pounding, she turned around. "Come on in, my love."

Smiled to herself at his shyness.

"I gotta go," he said, not looking up.

"If I or my sisters need some alone-time, we'll tell you. We're married, Reison. If you need to go and the toilet is free, regardless if anyone else is in here, come in and do what you gotta do."

Scooting into the room, he sat down and did his business. Passing a bit of wind, his face turned bright pink. "Sorry," he muttered.

Trying not to laugh, Tia took a match and lit a couple of the scented candles. The sulfur immediately mitigated the smell, and then the candles muted the sulfur.

"That's what these are for. People fart. While socially not considered socially polite, and eternally the fodder of jokes for little children, it happens. Did I wake you up?"

"No. Too much apple beer at dinner I think. I'd been awake for a while, trying to figure out how to extricate myself from between Tahna and Mindal."

That Mindal had snuggled up to him while she slept had been expected. That Tahna had also done so had been a surprise.

She caught him staring at her. Then his blue eyes met hers again. Tia's heart did another little tumble. Followed by another rush of moisture within her loins.

Reison's face was pleasant. Perhaps a bit more handsome than average. There were prettier men, and Tia herself knew several. But whenever he looked at her with his lovely blues, it was over. The longer he looked at her, the wetter she got. Heat grew between her legs, merging with the growing lubrication.

Just like now.

As he sat there, his eyes roved over her body.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

Tia was delighted by his attention. Yet she was also surprised by how much she enjoyed displaying her nakedness for his visual enjoyment. She slowly turned around, encouraging him to look at her naked body, then stood with her arms akimbo. Deliberately pushed her shoulders back ever so slightly to emphasize her breasts.

"You are a beautiful woman, Tia. I'm a lucky man." He fussed with the magical toilet-paper dispenser. When he was done, he stood up. "Lid up or down?"

"Down," she answered. "It's safe to put your hands inside, and most objects will remain intact, but the lid down keeps anything from accidentally falling in. Housekeeping will be by to empty the bin tomorrow."

The magical toilet converted biological waste to odorless, dried powder. A turned knob dropped the powder into a waiting bin affixed below it. The inn staff emptied the removable bins every few days, and a local entrepreneur sold it to local farmers as fertilizer. As part owners, Tia and her sisters had purchased all the magical toilets used by the inn, just as they had paid for the running water and magical pipes to heat and clean the water. The temples where Tia's served used the same type of setup, and she'd been able to get the devices at a good discount. The expenses had been worth it. No smelly chamber pots permeating the air with their stink, especially in the hotter months, and the magical conveniences attracted wealthier clientele.

"You're going to take a bath?" He washed his hands in the sink.

Leaning over, her hand twirled in the water, testing the temperature. She looked back at him, her smile wide.

"Ah, of course you are. Why else run the water? I'm an idiot."

"You could join me, husband," she offered. "I'd love to wash your back for you."

He nodded with a grin. "I'd like that."

"I didn't think to get you any soap of your own. I don't even know what you like. You might prefer Tahna's. Hers is scented with pine oil. The ones Mindal and I use smell like flowers."

He closed the distance, putting his hands around her hips, drawing her to him. "Elven men aren't so fussy about that sort of thing. They don't consider flower scents to be exclusively feminine." He leaned down.

How quickly his shyness around us fades, she thought. Approving of his growing confidence, she lifted her face, her heart beating quicker.

A couple of short, quick kisses. Then a deepening as their mouths opened. Tia made a noise of pleasure. Delighted in feeling his fit, naked young body next to hers. A hum of approval at his growing arousal nudging against her own heat.

Noticing the tub was close to overflowing, she suddenly pushed him away and bent over to turn off the tap. A mistake in the order meant an older style tub had been installed while she and her sisters were away. The drain was there, but capped.

When his hand boldly caressed her round butt cheek, she shivered. Then held her breath while his fingers moved lower, over her sensitive inner thigh and closer to her fur-covered nether lips. She remained bent over, biting her lower lip while his fingers explored. He had her complete attention.

He surprised her by kissing both cheeks, then moved in and flicked out his tongue along her flower-like folds, tasting the moisture already beading at her puffy lips.

Tia gasped, arched her back, then moved her legs wider apart to give him greater access. Looking down, she saw his cock stiffen. "I could stay right here, Reison, and you could take me."

"I've hardly touched you. Are you wet enough?"

Following up his own question, he gently pulled apart her lower lips and touched her slick heat. Tia gasped again, louder. Emboldened, his finger traced the edge of her sensitive lip all the way down to her still hidden clit. Then the finger slid into the pink groove, delving toward the entrance leading to her womb. No longer constrained by her nether lips, liquid heat spilled out, soaking the soft curly hair, the scent of her arousal filling the air. Moving a second finger inside her tunnel's entrance, he probed around, smearing her wetness around and making her groan in pleasure.

"You're so wet. Why is that?" Withdrawing his fingers, he rose up, moving his hands from her flank, up her back, savoring the softness of her skin.

"I can't help it," she admitted. Seeing him lick his fingers clean made her pussy clench. "I love you, Reison. All you have to do is look directly at me, and I want you inside me. And, I was already thinking of you, and about our making love earlier."

He seemed to notice the tattoos on her right shoulder blade. His hand traced some of the lines, sending a shiver through her. "I saw these same markings on some of the others in the temple. What's the significance of them?"

"The tattoo is part of our final vows upon entering the priesthood. It's the First Psalm."

"Tell it to me."

"The ultimate basis and foundation of all life is love; without it, we are as hollowed-out shells."

He paused before continuing. "I like that. But that's not elven or Celtic."

"It's Ba'lorian, or more formally, the language of dalendan bannon lorrie, the sacred earth mother."

"We're already speaking high elven, and all three of you speak Irish Celtic. I should learn Ba'lorian. Are you going to stand up?"

"I could," she husked. "But I'd rather you gave me your hard cock, Reison."

In answer, he knelt behind her again, this time exploring her wetness with his tongue. Tia inhaled before moaning in delight. Gripping the tub's edge, she gasped and sighed as he licked and drank from her pussy.

When he stopped, Tia braced her arms on the frame of the tub. Moaned when she felt his fat knob at her entrance. Bit her lower lip while he ran his crown along her swollen, sensitive flesh, lubricating himself on her juices. Tensed with anticipation as he placed hands onto her hips. Held her breath as he slowly pushed inside with his hard cock. Exhaled blissfully as her body fully engulfed his hot, thick member. Lowering her head and whimpering as he kept descending, deeper, and deeper, until at last she felt his balls caress the apex of her mound, and his hairy groin brushing against her inner thighs.

Another moan while they both paused, savoring the sensation of his hard shaft fully embedded within her hot, slick, welcoming pussy.

Normally, she liked having her breasts and clit played to get some attention, but her body was still under the effects of the fertility spell, and she was fully primed. A quickie would be perfect. Any longer and she'd become too sore to continue.

The friction of his shaft moving in and out of her core, the heat of his hard bar of flesh penetrating her own felt delicious.

Reison pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only his crown remained inside her. He slowly thrust back into her, spreading and stretching her around his hard shaft, coating his length with her wetness. His grip on her hips became firmer as he began solidly stroking within her tight, yielding sheath.

Gasping, Tia pushed back against him, meeting him stroke for stroke, urging him on. Feeling the tightness with her loins grow. "Mmm, oh, yes," she murmured.

Working together, they increased the pace. Tia's clit came out of hiding. With each pounding thrust, he speared into her center, and his balls slapped against her hard nubbin. Her juices dripped down, coating her thighs and his groin. Gritting her teeth and grunting, she tried to keep from yelling out so as to not wake her sisters.

Tension within their bodies rose with each thunderous plunge he made into her pussy and culminating at the entrance to her womb. His hard cock driving into her depths, rubbing along her sensitive inner walls. Again and again his shaft spread her, filled her, followed by the emptiness of his withdrawal. With each hard thrust of his hips, she pushed back as her muscular channel enveloped him, caressed him, loved him all the way into her inner sanctum. Her center began to tighten, drawing up with each heated stroke he gave her.

Looking down, Reison watched his slickened cock plunge deep into his wife's sweet folds, the roll of her butt cheeks as he rammed into her. Tension in his balls increased. "Oh, Tia! You feel so good!"

The sweet friction of his hard, long shaft pistoning within her tight, velvet tunnel, led them both toward onward. They moved together as one, eager for the ecstatic release.

Then he was there! Reison grabbed her shoulders, grunting as he rammed into her a final time, pressing himself balls deep as he ground within her body. His shaft thickened before spewing out hot ribbons of thick, sticky semen against her inner sanctum, filling her core with his essence.

Feeling his hot gooey sperm coating her womb magnified her pleasure. Tia joyfully pushed back against him, eagerly taking him as deep within her body as she could manage. Somewhere in between his second and third pulse, she exploded. She cried out, her body shaking as waves of ecstacy detonated outward from her spasming pussy. He grunted again, still ejaculating. Her sex undulated around him, milking his length, urging him to give her every single last drop.

While their bodies shook, they maintained the rippling joy of their union, savoring the intimate contact. All too soon, breathing and heartbeats eased while ripples of pleasure faded.

"I am so happy right now," she husked. "I love you so much, Reison. You are my husband and my dear love."

Leaning down, he kissed her between her shoulder blades, then stroked his hands along her back. She sighed, then shivered as another wave of pleasure washed through her frame.

"I love you, too, Tia. Being inside you is amazing. Next time I'll see if I can stay hard inside you longer."

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