tagChain StoriesBard's Tales: Othello

Bard's Tales: Othello


Welcome to Lit's own "Globe Theater." On our stage, you will witness (through a bit of artistic license on each author's part) various erotic scenes that we feel may have been "omitted" from Shakespeare's original plays. We hope you enjoy!


Iago felt the thick hard cock slip into his anus, even as her hands wrapped around his shaft and began stroking. They matched, as if she were pulling Othello, through him, perfect synchronicity, and mind shattering sensations of pleasure and pain. Never would he have thought of this as a possibility, of this scenario of sex, when he dreamt of Desdemona, he never dreamt of it like this.

He watched her, waiting and wanting. He plotted their downfall, wanting to take her away from that black devil he hated so deeply. Getting close, gaining their trust only to break them apart and have her love for his own, he was a genius and master of seduction. How did he become their guest, caught between them in a tangle of bodies? The answer eluded him as he felt her hand squeeze his balls and roll them back and forth.

He thought he had won. As he came to their house he grinned and chuckled, seeing Desdemona on her knees, pleasuring him as Othello would come in. What great stinging hurt it would cause him to see his lieutenant claiming his wife. When she opened the door wearing a very short tight black dress he knew he had won. All through dinner and the wine afterwards, he kept staring at her, undressing her with his eyes, and seeing Othello's face to see his devoted wife cheating on him. Iago's wicked smile nearly made his cheeks hurt, it held so tightly to his face.

"Iago, there is something I want you to do for me." She stood up and slid her hands over her body. "Something that Othello can't do for me."

"Name it, I'd do anything for you."

"Put this blindfold on." She handed him the black strip of fabric that Iago quickly wrapped over his eyes and shut out the light.

"Let me undress you." She purred, and kissed him, as each new area of skin was revealed, till he stood, naked, hard and ready for what was to come. Her hair sent shivers through his body as he felt her kneeling, her mouth so near his cock. The sound of her moaning, that guttural animalistic sound made his cock twitch even before she put her lips there. Small kisses first then licks, swirling her tongue around the tip. Then suddenly she was gulping him down, mouth open and diving deep along his shaft. Hard long hungry sucks over and over as she greedily took more and more of him.

Iago pulled the blindfold off, to look down at her and see the slutty need in her eyes. The large black man he hated so deeply was behind her, naked and fucking her like a wild animal even as she slurped harder on Iago. The surprise and her talent made him erupt unexpectedly. "What the fuck? What's he doing here?" Staggering back with drips of cum falling from his tip.

"I said I wanted something he can't give me. I want two men, to fill me, to flood me with lust and want." She licked her lips and caught the drop of white fluid that escaped them. "I want you and him together."

Iago looked from her to him and back. The contrast was so striking it was almost mind-boggling. He was tall, muscular, dark, large and angular. She was petite, lithe, curved, light and almost fragile. They just stood there, naked, waiting for his response, and slowly reached to hold hands.

It was watching them hold hands, seeing his large dark fingers entwine with her small pale ones that broke him. They were together, and unmistakably so. The only way to have her was to have him with her, he was part of her and she was part of him. Perhaps it was Iago's unbridled lust for Desdemona, or something deeper, something more at his core that formed the word "yes". Even as he said it, he knew he had crossed into a new way of living.

Her eyes lit up, and Othello's smile nearly matched hers, as they moved together to the bed. He lay on his back and she eagerly hopped up, though had to ease down onto his shaft with care and gentleness. Iago watched as her pussy enveloped that cock, stretching around him as she descended, and she shivered a bit as it went further and further inside.

Soon she was settled, straddling his hips and she looked over her shoulder at their new lover "Come on, don't be shy, you know what to do." She leaned forward, lifting up to make her ass more inviting.

He picked up the jar of oil that sat on the bedside table. Part of him just wanted to ram into her, make her scream and cry for springing this surprise on him, robbing him of his theft of her love. But more so he did want her, crave her, and so wanted to please her. He spread the slick gel around her ring and coated his shaft equally well before slipping in and embracing her from behind.

Desdemona was sexy to be sure, but here, now, crushed between two men, begging to be fucked and moaning like a whore, Iago felt all the more aroused. That his angel, the girl of his dreams, could plumb the depths of his depravity and then drag him even further down was insanity in its seduction. He thrust harder, deeper, and with each push he cold feel the thick hot shaft of Othello's cock through her.

Holding her ass, pounding away for all he was worth, he kept focusing on that other shaft. Each stroke was another reminder that they were body and soul as one. He was not fucking her he was fucking them. Her and him... his hatred battled with is lust and soon he felt her muscles shuddering and squeezing and he was lost to his climax. He filled her and felt Othello flex and twitch as he did as well. Iago could look over her shoulder and see his face, washed with the relaxation and satisfaction that only great sex provides.

Iago pulled back, slipped out of her as he went soft and hurried to the bathroom. He was washing his cock, scrubbing it and cleaning it as he wrestled with his emotions of shame and anger, want and desire. He could hear them talking, imagining the pillow talk that he was not to share. He was satisfied that he was clean and was about to leave when Desdemona caught him at the door.

"Iago... you were fantastic... you really took me to a new level." She placed her hand on his chest and look into his eyes with even deeper hunger. "I can never repay you for what you did for us.... Which makes this even harder to ask."

Damn her. Damn her beauty and the way she could get to him, the way she could make him do anything. "What's that, just ask".

"I ... I want to take you in my mouth.... While... Othello...." She trailed off and looked away. It was almost as if baring herself this obscenely embarrassed her.

"Say it... if you can say I'll do it."

"I want to suck you while Othello fucks your ass." Even as she said the word she blushed from head to toe and held her body tightly. He was stunned and yet he knew it was coming. She knew it was pushing his limits, testing his desire for her to its very limit. What would he endure to be with her? Now he knew just how deeply she touched him and so did she.

"Yeah we can do that...... lets do that"

They walked together back to where Othello sat in the chair. The bed linens were tousled from earlier and the scent of sex still hung in the air. The large man lounged, waiting, knowing they would return. There was a distance as they walked, very different from the nearness when Othello and Desdemona stood together. "So... how do you want to....?" The hard art of starting, especially something so new was the hardest part.

Desdemona sank to her knees, tossed her hair back and began caressing and teasing Iago's cock. Her fingers danced lightly over his sack and she coaxed the shaft to swollen stiffness again. For a moment in his mind, it was just them, just her and him and no one else. He wanted to feel her connected to him, part of him the way he must feel her, move with her, be with her. Here now that moment was almost real until he felt those large rough hands on his ass cheeks.

Othello was gentle. As much as Iago hated this man, he was at least grateful that he was being kind, and appreciated the way Othello applied more than enough lubricant. Hatred, love, envy, lust, gratitude, all the emotions began to swirl and then he felt nothing at all. His emotions went cold and dead even as he felt the sensation of being pierced and mounted. He understood why it felt so good now, the stimulation of the nerves and the sense of being the center of attention. Being the keystone of sexual experience would normally be overwhelming but tonight there was nothing. She was no longer pleasuring him, it was Othello. His mouth was on his cock. His cock was pounding his ass. Desdemona was gone, and all that remained for Iago was his growing seething hatred of Othello. There was a shudder, and an explosion inside of him and Iago's own orgasm was no comfort or refuge. Othello came shortly afterwards, and as soon as he did, Iago got off and went to bathe.

They let him leave alone. He turned as he walked away, seeing them, huddled together like the perfect couple. He went straight away to Cassio's and stole his kerchief, knowing tomorrow he could plant it on Desdemona, and with it strike Othello where he would feel the pain the most.

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