tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 01

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 01

byMy Erotic Tale©

Chapter 01: Canyon Curves

"I got a job, I got a Job," was all I was thinking. That and rather I could do the job. Sitting in a bungalow at Canyon Curves Nudist colony. A subsidiary of Bare Bottom Resorts, my new employers.

My new job was to come here and observe, audit and give an evaluation of the Colony in a final 'Report.'

I had never been to a nudist colony so I wasn't sure if I could ...? I'm not shy, my manhood's above average. My concern was rather I could keep 'Wad-zilla' from blowing his wad.

But I didn't have much choice, I needed a job and they were hiring any one willing to travel, all expenses paid. To live like a king or queen for three days in a Bare Bottom Resort, around the world, and give reports.

Well, I was smiling.

(Day One) I arrived at Canyon Curves Resort (Nudists Only) at 1 PM and checked in immediately with no problems the staff seemed friendly. I liked the bow tie uniform that all the employees wore. Of course that's all they wore.

I arrived in my room shortly after checking in and took a nap, the peaceful canyon atmosphere is marvelous. I didn't instruct the management that I was there to audit. Not just yet, I wanted to see how things operated before I tipped my hand to who I was.

My first outing was to the diner the resort offers. My first observation is that there was not a lot of people around, perhaps seasonal or maybe reservations were down a notch. I can only advise to advertise and drum up more business.

The food was pleasant the grounds are kept nice. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a large newspaper by the pool, which seem to be the main lounging arena for most of the nudists.


(I have never seen so many naked people in my whole life. Shaved, not shaved, dicks that hung to knees or seem to and cocks to small to see, as if they were cut off or something. But tits and ass as far as the eye could see which wasn't very far. Then I saw her.)

A vision of beauty with or with out clothes. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She looked at me, up and down. I did the same. She smiled, as did I. Her perfect breasts were screaming my name for attention, or that's what I thought I heard.

She found a lounge chair just down from mine still giving me soft, sharp glances. Or maybe it was 'wad-zilla' who knows, but I thought I felt the magnetism between us so I ushered the pools wait-staff and asked to buy what ever the ladies drinking.

Call it timing or what but about the time her drink arrived, so did her husband. She waved, he smiled and nod. I just felt plain naked and odd.

(Day Two) I found that the Resorts main attraction was the Canyon. A shear cliff to the sky on both sides of a lazy rolling river. My hats off to who ever developed this location, the seclusion it offers was perfect for first time Nudists to feel comfortable. The river rides and curves and bends in the river were where small groups of nudist were spending the day outing.

A free floating bar made small trips up and down the river selling cocktails, beer and even snacks to those hanging on the rivers playful shores. Canyon Curves Resort customers only had to sign their name. I was in fear of getting writers cramp. Of course there weren't any pockets for money so that was a good idea.

Several sandy beach locations were obviously favorites for the clients as well as the locals. Bare Bottoms were every where. Sun tan beauties bouncing aimlessly on soft sandy patches. Rumps that make your mouth water and your hunger thirst.

The boats and rides worked very efficient, the staff seemed very professional. I was catered to very well indeed. My compliments to the Management.

I found a peaceful location to sun bath along the river. A smaller version of the grand canyon. Where most of the single women seem to mingle. Laying in the warm noon sun, my eyes closed and drifting on a cloud of thought, when ...


I opened my eyes and there stood my vision of beauty from the pool the day before.

"Well, hello!" I replied. I am sure the signs of how pleased I was to see her showed on my smile as well as the immediate swelling in my groin area.

"Nice muscle," she said giggling.

"Oh Thanks," I raised my arms up and flexed for her. "They are rock hard from my home fitness center," I gleamed.

"I meant your other muscle," she snickered and darted an obvious glance at 'Wad-zilla.' I hadn't blushed like that in a very long time. "Can I buy you a drink?" she asked.

"Sure," what else was I going to say. Her eyes looked right through me as though I was standing before her naked. Well, okay sitting but 'Wad-zilla' was rising to the occasion.

After about a half dozen frozen fruit drinks that kicked my ass, I was walking sideways but 'Wad' was keeping it straight. I was just thankfull that one of my heads was still thinking.

I learned that this little vixen was a swinger. Her and her husband traveled extensively from these Bare Bottom Resorts year round. Their business was self-sustaining and they frolicked in many corners of the globe.

Well I don't remember getting there but back in my bungalow she rode me, well okay 'Wad-zilla' like a cowboy rides a fast paced pony. I gripped her breasts and hung on for dear life. As if I had a hold of the handle bars on a motorcycle.

She kept commenting how she wished her husband was here so he could fuck her in the rear but I was glad he wasn't.

She pulled my hair, I pulled hers. I slapped her ass and she left teeth marks that smiled in the shape of a bite, on mine. I promise you, this woman wasn't tame.

When I cum, she then understood why I gave 'wad-zilla' his name. She nearly drowned from the river of love juice that he spew. Intrigued, she was hell bent and bound to get another load out of him.

I pumped miss gorgeous for hours or maybe it was the other way around but some where in the night we gave it up cause I woke up with a pounding head ache. Might have been the headboard. But I felt as though I had been beat on all night long.

(Day Three) I went into Management's office and announced I was with Bare Bottom Resorts and I demanded to see their books and records. The management wasn't pleased that I didn't inform them of who I was when I checked in but they offered to assist in any accounting questions I might have.

After reviewing the books, I found the balance and deposits were tampered with daily. Obviously the Nudist Resort was a very lucrative business. "Embezzlement is a crime," I announced. That was when he slid me an envelope with some money in it.

I refused of course, but the manager pushed the envelope back towards me on the table and said, "You better look again." After a quick scan I noticed the stack of hundreds but the picture said it all. Yep, it was me, with a woman, in less than a religious pose.

"Are you married sir?" The manager asked me.

"Engaged," I replied.

"You could buy a nice ring for her or she could get this picture!"

The flight home was when I re-wrote my report of how well treated I was at Canyon Curves Resort. I completed Bare Bottom Resorts: Canyon Curves Report, with four stars.

I basically can't complain I was treated like a King for 3 days and rode like a wild pony which is every mans fantasy. Coming home with a 'wad' of money and made a paycheck, not bad. I love my new job with ... Bare Bottom Resorts.

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