tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 02

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Buns in the Sun Report

Day 1-The Arrival

I couldn't believe my fortune, to have fallen into a job that gave me uncountable 3 day trips to some of the hottest resorts in the world...who knew where I'd be the next time...Maui, Fiji, the Caymans. I had the luck of a God when I stumbled into this job.

Arriving at the Buns in the Sun Resort I was pleased to see the inviting atmosphere. The resort was well landscaped and beautifully manicured. The Staff were friendly and efficient at getting me checked in and to my room. The view from my balcony was magnificent lending me to understand that it would be a very interesting 3-day stay for me. As I watched the rows of ever-browning buns in the sea of sand and sun that lined the resorts property.

It was early afternoon when I got in and made it to my room, just enough time to relax from a long flight and freshen up before dinner. The rooms at the resort where fantastic suite type villas, entering through the electronic-key-carded door to my accommodations I was pleased with the décor of the room.

Walking into a sitting area with a small cherry dinning table and chairs—the table being covered with fresh island fruits, and a champagne bucket chilled and ready for me. I thought that having it chilled on time for my arrival showed particular attention to detail. Something I would be sure and report to my superiors. The king sized bed was in a sunken corner of the room, the stairs leading to it covered in a lush green velvet that reminded me of the lushness of the island itself. Their outline was highlighted by clear tube lights that were classily made into the edge of each step.

The bed was covered in beautiful peach damask and had at least 15 small pillows in peach and green tones as accents. It was a beautiful mirror-toped four-poster bed, reminding me of the main reason for this resorts presence—a lovers retreat.

It was definitely inviting and I wondered if I'd be lucky enough to see just how well the mirrors above my head worked in the right situation.

I also noticed that the resort offered a wide variety of electronics for their guests, more so than any other resort I'd stayed in to present. The standard in each of the ocean front villa's such as the one I was in included a large plasma screen TV, a digital surround sound system, DVD player, VHS, Digital Cable, with 5 adult channels for free, and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for capturing those all too wild vacation memories.

I called room service right away to order a drink, allowing me to check their courtesy, speed and accuracy in a quick and time efficient manner.

The beautiful island girl that delivered it was a pleasing delight. Dressed in nothing more than three seashells—two that barely covered her areolas—and a thin piece of tanning running between her luscious ass cheeks topped of by a flower ring in her beautiful dark black hair. I was anxious to see what type of catering she offered to their single guests.

When I went to pay for my drink I watched eagerly as she tucked it under one of the seashells that barely covered her nipples. Recovering my change from the other—Which I quickly used as my tip. When I went to give it to her she wouldn't take it.

"Tuck it her..." The Barmaid said.

Pointing to the only remaining seashell.

"Gladly" I replied.

And as I slid my hand near and put the money in her shell she quickly grabbed my wrist. Taking my hand to the little leather bow tie that held the shell in place. With her hand over mine she grabbed the string and pulled. Letting the shell and her tip fall to the floor.

Standing there I looked upon the most gorgeous shaved pussy I'd ever seen.

"That wasn't quite the tip I was hoping for..."she said with a half innocent, half devilish smile.

I quickly and quietly dropped to my knees and began to lick her supple folds. She was so dark and tan. I wrapped my arms around her hips and grabbed her round, tight ass cheeks, kneading them like dough as I slid my hot, wet tongue deep up inside her luscious honey pot.

She grabbed me by my hair. Pulling my face deeper and harder into her cunt.

"Oh, yes, God, yes! Suck me dry..." She squealed.

When I realized the level of her excitement I stuck a finger deep inside her and began to slide it in and out as she moaned in approval and delight. When she was close to cumming I jammed two more fingers deep inside her and finger fucked her harder than anyone ever before while my tongue furiously flicked at her clit.

"Oh, shit, fuck...I'm...I'm gonna cum..." She screamed out as I quickly dropped my mouth to lap up every sweet drop of her love juice.

Without a seconds recovery she had me pinned against the end of the bed then—pushing me down on the bed she through her long black hair across my stiff cock and ran it down my length teasing me. Then she dropped and slurped me deep inside her throat as if I were a piece of fruit, licking and teasing the head of my cock until I was close to exploding. When I warned her she'd better stop before she got a present. She quickly crawled up into my lap—sinking her pussy down on top my aching rod.

Up and down, she went her tight wet pussy sucking and clutching at my cock until I knew we were both about to cum. Sitting forward I grabbed both her shoulders and shoved her down onto my exploding rod as hard as I possibly could. Blowing a huge load of cum so deep inside her I thought for sure I'd see it in her eyes.

Leaning over my spent body—redressed in all her shells, she kissed me passionately, said goodbye and quietly left my room. I was sure that this would be the part of my report that said the resorts room service was exceptional—minus the mind-boggling extras of course.

Day 2-Touring the Resort

I decided to take a walk around the resort to get a feel for its layout and a feel for its atmosphere. The Resort was beautifully lush—palm trees swayed in the breeze everywhere. The central lobby of the resort was open to the sea air, having the largest sliding solid oak doors I had ever seen—there to be used for the hurricane squall season, but wide open the rest of the year. Birds flew in an out of the throughway of the resort. They even had a walk through rain forest that included a couple sloth, some large snakes and about 10 different species of parrots all inhabiting a score of banana and palm trees.

As I walked through I couldn't help but notice that there were women stretched out on whicker couches and chases with beautifully adorned floral pillows—reading books, relaxing. Old men played chess at another table, and a middle-aged couple worked a puzzle. I thought to myself—is this all this place had to offer its guests? I was unimpressed for the first time since my arrival.

But after crossing through the open air lobby and out onto the winding cobblestone paths I knew that the older ones were doing what they chose as their version of fun...because outside it was a whole different world.

There were naked lovers lounging in hammocks that were on individual islands about the size of a small hotel room, the only way to reach them was from the pool, to swim out and around until you reached one that was still uninhabited—which proved to be a difficult task this afternoon.

There was a beautiful kidney shaped pool in the center of the property half way between the center of the open-air lobby and the beautiful white sand beach and the roaring ocean. It had an in pool bar, just swim right up, choose your stool and order up your favorite island drink. And I noticed that the bartender wore nothing but his black bow tie—The true sign that you were at a nudist resort. It too was packed, nude 30ish's had over taken the area, there was a lot of laughter, loud talking and joking and great island music complements of the pools side island band. I couldn't wait to see how rowdy it would become later on in the evening.

In the middle of the pool the blondes with bouncing breasts quickly got my attention, especially when I was awarded the pleasure of seeing that the one who just spiked the volleyball was indeed a "true-blonde"...all over! I thought to myself...

"I'm getting paid for this! INSANE!! Who would have ever imagined!"

At the opposite end from the hammocked islands there was a tidal pool, full of warm water—and bodies and hot erogenous zones as well. It appeared to be a meeting place for the younger singles—lots of lustful leers—And then one scene in particular caught my eye.

There were three people on the steps. Two young buff surfers and a brunette. After going to the bar to get a closer look without arousing suspicion—I noticed that the brunette was actually sitting in one of the surfers laps on the stairs, while the other male stood in the bottom of the tide pool.

Before long I realized that the girl was actually sitting on the blonde's cock while she was blowing the brunette surfer just above the waters surface—A voyeuristic delight to say the very least. The blonde lifted her up and down onto his stiffness as she jerked and sucked the brunette twiddling his balls with her hands as her tongue did the important work...finally after about 20 minutes the two guys were obviously done, they sat down on the steps one to either side of her to recuperate with another drink before leaving together—heading back to someone's villa for more fun no doubt.

After seeing a scene like that I wouldn't be leaving the bar for a while—and I probably wouldn't leave the pool for the rest of the night.

Day 3- Wrapping It Up and Departure

On the third day I strolled down to the shore in the morning. It was peaceful and there weren't too many people around. I walked by a couple of beach cabana's without suspicion but by the time I'd made it to the third I was hearing some carnal noises on the wind. The voyeur in me again intrigued—I took the empty cabana 1 row back and a little on the diagonal from the noisy one.

I had seen a pair of feet sticking through the front flap when I'd come around the front and heard all the noise—men's feet—but it wasn't until I got settled in my cabana that I saw the real show.

As the noise level increased, so did the amount of movement with in the little, flimsy, thatch cabana. The next thing I knew I was watching two pair of feet sticking through the flap on this side—one pair men's, toes facing down—one pair of women's, toes facing up—obviously someone was doing the deed in there. I assumed the feet now sticking out back were the feet from the front...only repositioned.

But as the moans and gasps of pleasure got louder I was able to discern 3 separate voices—2 men—1 woman. Curiously I walked back around the other side to see what was still there. This time there was a tuff of hair at the edge of the flap only barely visible as the wind blew a bit. And by the time I made it back to my cabana there were three sets of feet out the back flap. 1 male on the bottom, toes pointing up—1 woman in the middle, toes facing up—and last but not least, on top the woman's, a different set of male feet, toes pointing down...

My head quickly doing some calculating I soon realized that the woman in that cabana was getting double-teamed. But what I was not aware of was the fact that they had seen my shadow in the sun as I walked around the cabana to check things out...suddenly one of the two back flaps flipped back and I was able to peer deep inside it's shell.

I saw a set of muscular ass cheeks clinching down as a dark skinned dark haired male fucked the hell out of a pale redhead. Then the screams of elation sprinkled with pain that came from the voice of the woman increased to a nearly frantic state as her body took the second cock deep inside her ass and the three of them moved in time together like a well oiled machine. Ebb and flow—in and out the two huge cocks went—watching the woman's face contort with both pleasure and pain I knew this would be a vacation she'd never forget.

As the three continued I couldn't fight my cocks desperate urges for attention—as the woman lay there looking at me with consuming desire and as I jerked my load out onto the sand the two men deposited theirs deep within her body.

When the two men grinned at me on their way back up the beach—acknowledging our little secret I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the black bow ties around their necks and realized that they belonged to the empty towel pavilion I'd seen at the head of the beach—

"Wonder what the profit was for that service" I thought.

"—And was it the money that made it worth it—or the outrageous sex?"

Well, I'd seen no money exchange hands, not in my room with the barmaid, or from the woman to the two young, stud, cabana boys. So what was I to report?

Your resort was wonderful; my stay there was pampered and completely 5 star all the way. The staff was very efficient, friendly and helpful in many ways. Closing my laptop after sending the e-mail report to my new boss. I took one look back as I grabbed up my suitcases and thought,

"If this wasn't paradise then I might not live through it when I find it."

And with that final thought I was on my way back to the airport to go and do it all over again somewhere else—who knows what this one will bring—but I think it's safe to assume that adventure is definitely a part of the package with this job!

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