tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 04

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 04


Naughty Nights in Negril - Report

Day One: The Arrival

I arrived mid-day to check into the resort. It was lush and full of humidity—in both the air and the people. I wondered how I would be received as a single female guest. I knew most women checking into places like this were with someone else. But I was totally alone here, and quite out of my element I thought. I was not a showy person by nature, not the type to flaunt the goods at all. So why in the world did I take this job anyway? Two simple answers rang true in my head at once,

1) It was a way to do the traveling I wanted to at the end of grad school

2) The pay was excellent

That's what I keep reminding myself as I was guided to my room and got myself all settled in. I knew I'd have to get with the style at the resort soon and loose my clothes. That first public walk in my birthday suit was going to be a scary event! But the staff seemed friendly and I hoped the guests would be too; after all we all had nothing to hide out there, right? Or at least no where to hide it... No time like the present to get familiar with the grounds, to snoop around before anyone got the idea that I was there keeping tabs on them for the company.

As I strolled along the lush green paths of the boardwalk that lead down to the beach and pools I found myself wondering what the guests did here all day—I didn't see many people milling about at Two o'clock in the afternoon, a few naked sunbathers on the beach and by the pool. I soon learned that most of them were just waking and were dinning at the late lunch buffet in the Runaway Bay Café—named after one of Jamaica's famous beaches.

I would soon find out that this resort was known for its nightlife. And it never closed its doors until the dawn. The tiki bars up and down the beach that now stood empty would be a different site this evening. Now quiet and desolate structures bracing themselves in the sand against the winds and sea spray—waiting for the naughtiness of night to come to them and fill them yet again with endless chatter and music and glasses full of every tropical drink you could imagine...awaiting the 1st uninhibited exhibitionist of the night who would come and dance and jive and slide and slither upon their sleek wooden tops.

And that is just what happened. Within hours I watched the desolation turn to crowded pools of dripping sweating bodies, as they jammed to the reggae band in the sand and laughed and talked and drank and had a wonderful booze filled vacation full of lost inhibitions and hang-ups. Where they just relaxed and enjoyed being able to stare boldly at one another's most private parts.

It seemed to me as a woman, to be a wonderful thing for us, having to always play the shy, prim and proper lady in our daily lives rather than the fierce tigress we really are to get out and go wild in the swaying palms and blowing sands of Negril's hottest night spot. We could look and show a note of approval or disappointment—here anything went—right along with the clothes. Do, act, say what you pleased here—it was all good— just like the atmosphere, drinks and entertainment.

Day Two: The Real Fun Begins

Or should I say night two really...I had slept until one in the afternoon—not having made it back into my suite until five thirty in the morning. Just as the sunrise peaked up over the palms and shed its first rays of light on the white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters that lay far below it.

I decided to make my way to the ever popular buffet today at the Runaway Bay Café and see if the food there could live up to the sweetness of the boo's and appetizers at the tiki bars the night before. The atmosphere was lovely and the food was divine. After eating I strolled out to the tide pools and rocks to see what the few snorkelers gathered there were up to—however they weren't doing much snorkeling since the majority of them weren't even in the water at the moment.

They were in the niches of the black rock. Sitting here and there, talking having drinks...and having a wonderfully sex filled vacation. There was a girl there she was beautiful with her long blonde hair and sea blue eyes glistened in the light of the strong Jamaican sun. She had the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen—naturally—not one of those newly remodeled front ends from a doctor's chop shop. They were full at least a DD and yet they were very perky and tight, not one ounce of sagging going on there. And like me—she was alone.

She and I watched as a guy happily shared his wife with his buddy. As the friend straddled her and the rock to mount from behind the husband climbed the rock and took a high seat with his cock in her mouth for the best view in town. The blonde was obviously as interested in the display as I was. And I hoped as I left that I would see her again before the night was over.

My wish came true that night as I headed to the dance hall. One of the things that cannot be missed in Jamaica is the dance halls and their queens. And even more fun at this resort were the naked dancers. Enjoying every inch of each other with obvious carnal desires brewing deep within their souls.

I never imagined however that this sunny California looking blonde would turn out to be one of these queens, she must visit Jamaica frequently—she was a master and the crowd soon yielded the floor to her and her desire to be seen and appreciated by all. I watched as she danced, she was so sexy and I couldn't remember ever being so turned on by another woman, after all back home I was as straight and as monogamous as they come.

My desires for knowledge of her forbidden fruits (and juices for that matter) must have been written across my face like a paperback book—before long the blonde had jived right over to my corner of the room and I quickly found myself with her on my lap in the most erotic display of the moving human body I had ever witnessed—and it was all directed at me. Every devilish grin and sexy leer every suggestive stroke of a hand—I knew at that moment that my life was going to change that night—and wow was I right!


As I lay there sprawled across her bed quite intoxicated—I couldn't hide the mixture of excitement and nervousness in my eyes. She was so hot—but I 'd never been with another woman before and it brought swirls of feelings. Every doubt left my head when the deep kiss she'd planted on me traveled down my neck and landed at my breasts. She was so warm and she smelled so good and felt so soft and silky next to my body.

Kelly's hot wet lips traveled down the length of my body—licking, sucking and nibbling as they went. When her hands slid to the inside of my thighs and I felt their silkiness run down the length of me I thought I'd cum right there. And as she gently spread my knees and thighs apart and her hands finally found there way to my mound she couldn't believe how excited I was—how aroused I was by her softness and beauty.

Her fingers quickly found there way to my clit and I screamed out at the relief of her touch. My heart quickened and my whole body quivered when she finally slid two fingers deep up inside my dripping cunt as she continued to circle my clit with her thumb. It was sheer heaven, the most wonderful thing I'd ever felt—no man had ever made my body feel like this.

As she slid her hot wet tongue deep inside my slit for the first time I began to scream and my whole body began to shake as she fucked her tongue and fingers deep inside of me as fast as she could. I let go, my sticky juices flowing all over her tongue and face and when she was finished she had made me cum so hard that it was dripping from her chin.

I knew then at that very moment that I had made the right choice in taking this job, this summer would be the most wonderful and experimental time in my entire life. I made a vow to myself that from here on out I'd be open to anything and everything that came my way—a summer of sexual awakening—that's what this would be.

Day Three: The Departure

After awakening in the arms of Kelly, my California blonde, we made time for her to have one last dip into my honey pot, one last sense of bliss before I had to leave. I'd never considered myself bi, or even interested in women—I knew that was something that had changed forever with one sweet touch of Kelly's lips.

With a fond goodbye...I was off to the front desk—and then to the manager's office to let them know that they had been under evaluation for the past three days and that they would soon receive a copy of my report as well as recommended solutions from the corporate headquarters in the next 3 weeks.

I was off again to the next destination...this time though just a small plane ride across Jamaica to the South Coast Bay...and the next unsuspecting resort that lay in wait for my arrival.

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