tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 13

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 13


Ever since finishing grad school, I'd been thoroughly enjoying my assignment "covering" (so to speak) the all-nude Bare Bottom Resorts chain; hopping between beautiful tropical island resorts and incredible cities, mingling with the staff and vacationers, and, well, immersing myself in the Bare Bottom 'scene," it hardly seemed like a job at all!

Now that winter was over, and summer was upon us, I was able to move up north and hit Bare Bottom's newest resort, Bare Bottom's Wild West Hampton. Now, I thought to myself, the Hamptons are the most exclusive beachfront in Long Island; possibly, the entire country. How would the free-for-all atmosphere of Bare Bottoms work in this posh enclave?

Day 1

I arrived with my small carry-all (basically holding my laptop, sunscreen and toothbrush) at the West Hampton train station on the Long Island Rail Road early in the day, avoiding the late-Friday throngs of weekenders. A gorgeous young man, tall, with wavy dark hair and blue eyes, in a black t-shirt and jeans, holding a sign with my name, was the sole occupant of the gravel-covered parking area. I strode over and he smiled, taking my bag and opening the front door of the black Town Car. As I entered, he eyed me approvingly; I had come dressed in a tight-fitting white sundress and strappy sandals. Knowing these were the last clothes I would wear all weekend, I wanted to make an impression.

"My name's Troy, and I'll be showing you around. We're the most exclusive of all the Bare Bottom resorts. We only have twelve guests a weekend, so we staff can devote a great deal of attention to each guest." As he strode towards the car, I couldn't help but notice how well his jeans and t-shirt fit him, as if they were custom-made for his broad shoulders and perfectly shaped ass.

I climbed in the front seat, laughing, "Shouldn't I be sitting in the back?"

"Only if you want me to join you there," he said, chuckling, sliding into the front seat and running his hand through my hair, freeing it from its oh-so-'professional' bun. I felt his large hand slide down my back and his lips press against mine, as I relaxed and slid my tongue into his hot mouth I felt his slight dark stubble tickling my cheek and lip. "You'll discover that West Hampton is the most luxurious of all of the Bare Bottom resorts...our only goal is to give you the ultimate in pleasure and relaxation, starting from the moment you arrive," he murmured in my ear.

I was still quivering from his touch as he efficiently picked up his cell phone, "Yes...Pickup complete...checking in from car." I shakily handed him my credit card. After leaving the town of West Hampton, with its pricey shops and restaurants, the area grew more secluded, with beautiful homes further and further off the road.

"Now, we can go straight to your room," as he handed me back my card, tracing it down the front of my dress, my nipples aching to be freed. As if reading my mind, he pulled the strings of my corset-front dress, freeing them, and gently massaging them with one hand and navigating the curving back roads of the Long Island waterfront with the other.

"Our resort is on an isolated bay, off the more populated beach front." We pulled up to a glorious, modern mansion, with multiple decks and weathered-wood paneling lit gracefully on all floors. The gently lapping ocean was only steps away. I could see many bubbling hot-tubs and hear the laughter of men and women clearly enjoying themselves.

Troy said, "We've already checked you in. Let's go straight to your room...and you won't be needing this," pushing my dress over my hips and untying my tiny thong. I stuffed them into my bag and left the town car naked and very aroused, fearing I'd already left the seat wet.

As if we were a honeymooning couple, Troy swooped me up and carried me to my first-floor quarters, a wood-paneled room with a deck, a hot-tub with a champagne bar, a spring-like shower and a glorious queen-size bed. Out of the wall popped a massage table upon which Troy laid me face-down, rubbing his large and capable hands with a sweet-smelling oil. He kneaded my nude body firmly yet gently, concentrating first on my back muscles, brushing his fingers along the sides of my tits, then kneading my ass, parting my asscheeks, teasing my asshole by grazing his fingers over it. I couldn't help but shudder as he stroked and teased me, and he could certainly tell by my moaning that he was having quite an effect.

"Well...you certainly don't need any oil down here," Troy murmured as he turned me over, running his slick finger along my now-soaking bare pussy and taking my rock-hard nipple between his lips, gently nibbling and sucking one, then the other as he worked his fingers around my clit.

I groaned and squirmed my oiled and relaxed body on the table, spreading my legs wider. Troy kissed his way down my flat stomach and as he moved his hands up to caress my breasts, I felt his tongue lapping the wetness from my aching slit, my clit throbbing as he tongue-fucked me faster and harder. My ass bounced up and down on the massage-table, sliding my cunt forward into Troy's face as I moaned louder; he plunged two fingers inside me while his tongue flicked my pulsing clit and I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Oh fuck, Troy, I'm coming!" as my hips shook and my juices streamed down Troy's beautiful tanned face. I reached down and grabbed him, licking and kissing my pussy juices off him, as he smiled. "I take it, you like the personal attention here so far." I laughed, nibbled on his earlobe and whispered, "Wait until you see how well I tip, babe," as he lifted me from the table and laid me on my soft bed, drifting into the best sleep I'd ever had.

Day 2

I decided to meet the other guests, and went to the buffet brunch (who could be expected to get up early?), an amazing spread of exotic fresh fruit, expensive smoked fish and caviar, mimosas and Bloody Marys. I joined a couple in their thirties, Steven and Margaret, who spent several weekends here a summer. He was six feet tall, blonde and lean; she was nearly as tall, with a gorgeous curvy body and long sun-streaked hair. They were venture-capitalists and quite successful, giving them the freedom to travel.

"We enjoy this resort for the freedom, and for the atmosphere. It's just gorgeous, like a spa..." said Margaret, eyeing my body up and down, making me blush a bit, "but with much more opportunity for relaxation."

"Yes," I said, laughing, "I arrived last night and was quite 'relaxed.'"

"Oh, yes, we saw Troy leaving your room. We're right next door," Steven said, with a smile. "Why don't you both come over tonight? I'm sure he'd be happy to. Our staff member, Tamara, will be there too."

"Of course. I was planning on going to the beach now," looking pointedly at Margaret, smiling broadly, "if you'd care to join me." Steven excused himself, but Margaret grabbed my hand and some towels from the deck.

"I know where all the good spots are," said Margaret, as we wandered about a quarter mile, passing the occasional nude couple or threesome, either dozing or deeply involved. "With this much private beach, and so few people it's a real pleasure."

"No wonder it's one of the most expensive BB resorts," I mused. We came to an inlet near some rocks, where the water lapped at our ankles. Margaret was a head taller than me, with double-D breasts and a firm round ass, and it was with great anticipation that she handed me the sunscreen.

"I think this will be easier," she murmured, as she squirted some down her front and mine, and sensuously pressed her body against me, "and if not, then certainly more delightful." We ground our slickening bodies against each other as if dancing.

I turned her around to face me, kissing her deeply, our tongues twirling inside each others' mouths. "I'd better do your back," pouring more lotion between us and stepping behind her as I pressed my firm C-cup breasts into her long tall back and my swollen pussy into her soft round ass. I slid up and down her long lean frame as if it were a strippers' pole, spreading the sweet-smelling lotion all over her body as her breath quickened.

Margaret started giggling and said, "What about our legs?" She grabbed the bottle and squirted gobs of the gooey cream on me. I grabbed her slick ass and pulled her down into the sand. We started wrestling and tickling each other, giggling and covered in suntan lotion and sand, the chilly salt water splashing us and making us scream.

Soon, we rolled over into the surf, clutching each other, and began to kiss, softly at first, then intensely, her hands tangled in my long dark hair, my lips seeking her large nipples and sucking on them urgently as she moaned, kicking and splashing as the shallow water pooled and receded around us. We pulled up onto the shore and my mouth found its way between her strong muscular thighs, parting her legs and tonguing her large throbbing clit. She worked her way underneath my dripping pussy, wet from salt water and arousal, and she worked two fingers inside me, pumping me wildly as I tongue-fucked her, greedily licking her sweet juices until we both came hard and collapsed as the waves washed over us.

After resting my spent body on the beach and tanning a bit, sipping some well-deserved and excellent rocks margaritas made with the finest tequila, I needed to actually get some work done. I took off, leaving a glowing Margaret on the shore, and spent some "working" time touring the grounds. My cover was that my wealthy husband was divorcing me, and I was "treating" myself as part of the settlement, and perhaps thought about being an investor. I also toured the incredible mansion that housed only twelve guests at a time – venture capitalists, movie stars, powerful executives, with one suite more lush and well-appointed than the next.

The club's manager, Danforth Simmons, explained that exclusivity meant that not only did this mean that staff attention was assured, but discretion was paramount – I continued to be impressed. Guests could indulge in the latest beauty treatments (including private 'massages' as the one I had upon arrival), enjoy the finest foods and wines, and have any and all needs attended to, no matter how great or small.

"One film executive set up an 'office' here and the staff had concealed his whereabouts during a two-week stay, during which three staff members attended to his personal needs with neither his office nor the press being any the wiser! Such quality comes at a price," Mr. Simmons noted, "so while this is the most expensive BB resort, it is well worth it for the special needs of our guests." I had to agree with him, running my hand over the polished mahogany desk in his quarters and sipping twenty-year old port he poured from a crystal decanter resting on a matching sideboard.

That night, I asked Troy to meet me in Steven and Margaret's suite. As regulars, theirs was even more posh than mine. Margaret emerged, dripping wet and aglow, from a gleaming marble shower large enough to hold four, with a seat and jets emerging from the ceiling and walls. Steve took my hand and asked me if I'd join him, "I've not showered yet," winking at me, "and you look a bit warm."

Margaret smiled, and stretched her legs on a plush ottoman as a lean young woman emerged from an inside room. "Tamara will take care of me, you two go on ahead." Tamara was about twenty, about five two, dark-skinned and exotic-looking, with waist-length hair and full pouty red lips. She was naked, small-breasted but with a full round ass. Tamara kneeled between Margaret's legs and as we entered the shower, I could hear groans of sweet ecstasy emanating from the bedroom suite.

Steven and I wasted no time pouring the jasmine-scented shower gel over each others' bodies. His impressive, seven-inch uncut cock swelled immediately as I slowly lathered it with my washcloth, stroking and rinsing as I softly rubbed his chest with my slippery tits. He moaned as he grabbed my asscheeks, pulling me close and parting them gently, his soapy hands grasping and massaging my taut ass and quivering thighs.

He gently pushed me down to the marble seat, and his cock twitched towards my mouth; I took it greedily, licking and sucking it all the way down as he pushed my damp head towards his crotch with increasing force. I slid my hands along his soapy ass, probing gently inside his tight asshole as he moaned louder, "Yes, please, more..." I slid another finger in as I sucked and licked his wonderful cock, rhythmically fucking him inside and out. "I can't take it..."

He quickly lifted me up, driving his throbbing member inside me as I straddled his slippery muscular waist, pounding me as the water shot over us like a gentle rainfall. I clung to his shoulders and fucked him back, pulling in tighter as he rammed me against the smooth marble walls, shooting come inside me as I came all over his throbbing dick, clenching and releasing and milking his cock, the warm water rinsing us and relaxing us as we kissed and relaxed, emerging from the shower and drying off with thick Egyptian cotton towels.

Leaving the shower, we saw quite a sight. Tamara and Margaret were stretched upon one of the the master suite's king-sized beds, with Margaret buried between Tamara's lithe thighs and Troy's long hard cock was positioned at Margaret's ass.

"Hey Troy," I laughed. "Glad you could join us." "Me too, Sarah. It's truly my pleasure." I watched in awe as Troy worked his well-lubricated cock into Margaret's tight ass, as she winced, then relaxed and cried out "Yessssss, Troy!" before returning to lapping Tamara's tight little slit.

Thus began a long night of carnal bliss in Margaret and Steven's suite.

Day 3

At sunrise, I found myself twisted up in the three-hundred count white cotton sheets between Troy and Tamara, both still asleep. Sliding underneath, I was pleased to find that Troy had a brilliant morning erection. My tongue wasted no time in toying with his heavy balls. Although he had come many times last night, Troy was young and strong and clearly, quite horny.

I gently licked the underside of his twitching cock and the now-dampening end of his head, delicately suckling the pre-cum from the slit from which it emerged. I took the end into my mouth and quietly worked it down my throat, and heard a faint "mmmmmmm" as he began to wake up. I took his eight-inch long cock deeper and deeper, backing up slowly, then impaling it down my throat without even a whimper, causing him to groan louder.

He peeked under the sheets and saw my bobbing head, and he smiled, running his fingers through my tangled hair. I worked faster and faster, never using my hands, just my swollen lips and soft tongue, bringing him to the brink, pulling off, and deep-throating him...taking him on a wild ride until I felt him swell up in my mouth and nearly fill my throat.

I pushed back the covers and jerked his throbbing cock towards my mouth so he could see his come fill my throat and cover my waiting, parted lips as it shot, wad after wad, all over my mouth and face. I swallowed most of it, licking it off, sucking it from my fingers, feeling like a sneaky, naughty girl, giggling under the covers.

As I slid up to kiss him, both of us breathless, I told him, "See...I promised you a good tip." He whacked me with a pillow, smiling. Tamara woke up, sleepy-eyed and beautiful. Her tongue immediately found my erect nipples, causing me to moan softly, and we continued to play until check out time.

REPORT: Bare Bottom West Hampton is the finest in exclusive nude resorts. The facilities are unparalleled in luxury, and the service and attention to detail are spectacular. I would say the experience is well worth the expense.

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