tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 14

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 14


Author's Note: This story includes almost a little bit of everything... including vaginal, anal sex, bdsm, etc. Enjoy!


I have to admit, I was a little nervous boarding the SS Nude... it wasn't that I hadn't been on a boat before, or even nude on a boat before, but this was very different from my usual assignments. For one, this wasn't exactly a vacation spot; this ship was owned by one of the most famously eccentric millionaires out there, Doug Farfield.

I'd known Doug because I'd been friends with one of his girlfriends way back, and when my company found out, they'd jumped at the chance to include his new and controversial SS Nude trips into their expertise. After all, Bare Bottom Resorts not only owned many nude resorts, but we had to know what was going on with other nudist undertakings... if only to keep an eye on the competition.

So, for the first time, I was reviewing a place that wasn't owned by my company... I was rather sad to lose the sense of power that I'd had before.

I filed into the changing rooms with everyone else, and then up the ramp completely naked. The boarding process was screened so that there couldn't be any unauthorized peepers watching us board the ship for an afternoon of fun and sex at sea.

The yacht was big enough, obviously comfortable... as I began to walk around the top deck, observing the couples already engaged in sexual activities, I became aware of a presence just behind me. I decided to turn and stare the perv down...

To my surprise, I found myself looking directing into the eyes of Doug, the man himself.

"Ahh, Julia," he smiled broadly, "I thought I recognized you."

"Don't get any ideas," I warned him, Doug had always checked out and flirted with all of Carol's friends when he'd been dating her, "You dated Carol for almost a year before she found out that you'd cheated on her with at least six different girls. That makes you off limits in my book."

Doug laughed, that carefree masculine laugh... alright, so I had admit the man had charisma. It wasn't just that he was so damn good looking, there was something about his aura that made the air hum with sex... and being both nude, on his territory, and seriously attracted to him, I was not feeling my most confident.

He flashed a very white and wide grin at me, "You know as well as I do that I never committed to Carol. And she knew I was sleeping with other women, she just tried to pretend she didn't CARE for almost a year."

Ok, so that was true, but still. Carol was MY friend... and damn if I was going to forget that just because some hot, right, extremely sexy, naked stud happens to be hitting on me.

Dammit, how the hell did he do that??? I was pressed up against the railing on the edge of the yacht with no where to go. And suddenly Doug had his arms on either side of my body, his hands gripping the railings... he was so close to me that if I'd leaned forward just an inch our bodies would be pressed together from hip to shoulder.

"Stop it..." I breathed. I knew my pussy was wet. And my nipple were hard. And as he took a long look down my nude body he knew it too...

"Oh don't worry," and he moved his head so that he was practically whispering in my ear, his breath sending goose bumps up and down my body, "I wouldn't humiliate myself by begging for a woman... it's not like I've ever had to in my life."

And with that, his body pressed against mine for just one breath-taking moment... and I responded without thinking about it.

But then he was gone... walking away, and I was left standing flushed and humiliated, clutching the rail to keep my knees from collapsing under a waterfall of lust.

Damn all charismatic, attractive, confident men anyway.

Deciding that I'd had enough of the top deck I decided to explore some of the rooms inside. Walking down the stairs I found a hall of closed doors... the first one said

"For Performers and Audience Members"

Well if that didn't just beg for an explanation. Stepping inside I found a room full of couches and chairs, all set up to face a kind of stage. On the stage a girl was energetically fucking a young man, grinding down on top of him while the entire audience whooped and cheered her on. Obviously just the place for exhibitionists and voyeurs... not like you couldn't see the same thing up on the top deck, but I had to admit, it probably wouldn't be quite the same as being on a stage with an audience.

Sitting down on one of the couches, I started watching. Once the first couple was done, they bowed to much applause and another couple immediately hopped up. This one started their act with the girl standing, legs apart, and the guy munching away at her pussy as he knelt between her legs.

I was definitely getting more than a little hot watching this... and it didn't help that hands were moving around on the couches too. I decided to give in and let my hands slide around as well, touching thighs, stomachs, breasts... the audience got to enjoy the show as much as the performers.

When the couple on-stage finally began fucking, my hand closed reflexively around the cock that it had been teasing... wanking the man hard. I was so into the couple on stage that I didn't even realize for a little bit that I was getting no touching back from the man on my left, and when I turned to look at him I found that I was jerking off Doug.

He grinned and immediately I pulled my hand back and left in a huff.

Well, one room down, plenty more to explore.

I spent a little time in the gang-bang room, although just watching again. Although I found it rather thrilling to watch the girls take it in every whole from man after man after man... it wasn't really my kind of thing. Neither was the girls' method of cleaning each other up... although I certainly didn't mind watching.

Finally I decided that maybe I should go looking for a room where I could participate... I was still very horny, and although I'd been on the yacht for at least 2 hours I still hadn't gotten off. So I left the gang-bang room and entered the door marked "The Exquisite Pain".

Inside was a dungeon, filled with gags, whips, crops and bondage gear. A very handsome young man immediately stepped up to me and asked, "Would you prefer top or bottom, beautiful?"

"With you, I think I might just try bottom again..." I breathed. Although more of a switch, there were times when I preferred one or the other and something about this gorgeous hunk made me want to be spanked. And fucked... HARD.

He tied my wrists together and chained them above my head, I was one of many people placed like this around the room... very light clamps were placed on my aching hard nipples, just enough to keep them throbbing pleasurably. Then the gorgeous man put a gag in my mouth... I bit down on it, my wet pussy tingling as his fingers ran down the front of my body.

Giddily, I writhed at his touch.

Then he stepped behind me.


My body jerked, heat spread in my bottom.


More heat, pain, pleasure... I thrust my butt out for more.


It began a heady concerto of pain and pleasure, my ass slowly reddening and burning with every smack... my pussy juices were copious and flowing.


I shrieked as something hit my tits in unison with the paddle on my ass, my eyes flew open (when had they closed?) And I was horrified and humiliated to see Doug standing there, whip in hand and reaching back for another blow. There was no way to stop it, though I tried to pull back, the paddle on my bottom smacked into my ass and I jerked forward as the ends of the whip fell on my breasts.

It was erotic in an entirely different way, a gorgeous young man paddling my willing bottom from behind while an extremely attractive but more mature man whipped my reluctant tits. My pussy never stopped flowing.

Then the young man behind me dropped the paddle and got into position... Doug let the whip fall to his side and just watched, his eyes staring deeply into mine as the young man positioned himself at my pussy and began to push in. I groaned... the young man's cock was working its way into my body, but Doug's eyes had already penetrated more deeply than anything physical could.

He watched us, watched as the young stud worked his entire dick into my pussy and reached around to grab my whipped tits, squeezing them tightly as he violently thrust in and out of my wet tunnel from behind. It didn't even seem to be sexual on Doug's end... he was hard but he didn't even touch himself. He just watched... eyes staring straight into mine every time I opened them, and I could feel them roaming my body when I looked away.

Humiliating, intoxicating... my orgasm was incredible as I writhed in front of him, for his enjoyment, his watching pleasure... his perversion.

When I hung there, gasping and replete.... I looked up but Doug was gone.

I was disgusted that some part of me felt... a kind of loss at his absence. Not sadness exactly, but I had expected him to be there, in some way I'd WANTED him to be there.

The very nice, very beautiful young man helped me down, his cum dripping down my thighs as he smiled sweetly and kissed me deeply. Sighing happily, I moved back out onto the deck for a quick dip in the pool before going back downstairs. Thoughtfully, Doug made the pool recycle water continuously so that we weren't all swimming in diluted sperm.

While on the deck I found my eyes roaming the crowd for him, and I immediately closed them, concentrating on myself. Just what was it that I found so damned attractive about that man anyway?

Finally I decided to venture back down to the rooms. They were extremely interesting after all and I really did need to do thorough research.

A quick decision to bypass the swingers room... I didn't have partner to swap after all and I always felt like an interloper going in without one (even if women were always welcome whether single or paired), and I found the door to the Anal Room. What might be my most and least favorite room... there was just something so decadently wrong about anal sex, something left over from my childhood that made me luxuriate in it with forbidden abandon.

Immediately I opened the door and stepped in.

Women taking it in the ass, men taking it in the ass, strap-on's, dicks... everyone in here was moaning from something pressed into their aching rectums. I moaned under my breath... It was hot and heavy, a slightly different kind of aura than rooms with regular sex - although there were a few double penetrations that I spotted.

I'd barely gotten through the door when firm hands grabbed me from behind and I was pressed against the wall, a hard dick already at the entrance of my anus... slick with lube.

"Stop!" I gasped, "I don't even know you!" I tried twisting around to see who my assailant was as a mushroom head pressed against the tight ring of my anus, seeking entrance.

"Oh but you do," a low voice murmured in my ear, just as the head of his cock popped into my ass. I groaned as I recognized Doug's voice, the tight ring of my ass gripping his cock and rippling. He moaned in reaction, "Tell me you want it..."

I bit my lip and then gasped as he pressed in and out, just a little, teasing the sensitive nerves around my anus... one hand gripped my breast, playing with my nipple while the other slid between my thighs. My own hands were pressed against the wall, giving me balance.

"Oh God..."

"Tell me..." his thumb pressed against my clit and my ass tightened again, "Because we both already know you do."

As his fingers pinched my nipple, and his dick pressed in so teasingly... the words fell from my lips without thought.

"I want it."

And I had to brace myself against the wall as his cock speared my anus, stretching me open with such exquisite, pleasurable pain. His hands helped to hold me in place as he began to thrust in and out of my ass with the vigor of a man who has been waiting a very long time to commit an action. I realized that he may not have even cum since he first pressed me against the rail of the yacht when I first boarded... waited all afternoon to gain entrance to my body...


Probably the allure of the forbidden... the taste of that fruit which is just out of reach. The same aching desire for something that's wrong or with held that made me yearn for thick meat up my ass. And now we both had what we wanted, and in some way I wanted that forbidden cock too, I wanted it in my darkest hole, my darkest secret that I could never share with my friend because she wouldn't understand. I didn't want Doug, I didn't want to date him, I didn't want her to realize that her 'relationship' with him had been nothing more than a fantasy in her head... I just wanted him to fuck my ass, NOW.

And he did.

We groaned and grunted with the best of them, my ass jutting out for more as he slid home over and over again. His hands were busy on my breasts and clit as he separated my cheeks, filling my tight hole... I writhed for him, moaned, ached... found my inner slut and let her free.

My hands scrabbled on the wall as I shrieked in pleasure, the burning of my clit filling my ass and pussy, rippling over his cock as he thrust, and arching my back as I screamed his name for all the world to hear. Then I felt it... swelling, spurt after spurt shooting into my spasming ass as we came together...



Afterwards he took me to a private room, where we bathed in a Jacuzzi and fucked, at least four more times before the yacht pulled back into its dock.

My report to the Bare Bottom Resorts was that the SS Nude was both respectable and pleasurable, an enticing feast for the sexually adventurous. We could refer people to them without worry... although there was no way a few hours in a yacht could compare to a real vacation at a resort of course.

Doug at a resort... what a tempting thought...

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Doug and Julia

This is one of my favorite stories. I've always hoped you'd do a follow-up story with them at a resort or similar. Lots of anal and spanking of course...

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