tagLoving WivesBareboaters Ch. 01

Bareboaters Ch. 01

byJim Dogget©


A Jim and Mary Story


Over Christmas Mary and Jim had discussed their plans for a bareboat charter with Isobel. She was enthusiastic and was going to bring a friend, but the friend never materialized. So in the end just the three of them went down to St. Vincent for the eight-day sailing trip.

They had a fine sail down from Carriacou. The first few miles were hard on a brisk wind, but then they had a beautiful run down the coast in the lee of the cliffs. When they turned into Tyrell Bay and felt their way up the channel the setting sun was warm at their backs. Isobel went forward as they approached the anchorage. When the boat stopped she let go the anchor and Jim put the throttle in reverse to set the hook in the mud. Isobel was wearing bikini bottoms and a loose tee shirt. As she bent toward the bow of the boat to tie off the anchor rode the cloth fell away from her body, allowing the setting sun to shine under her shirt and illuminate her bare breast. Jim looked to see if his wife had noticed. She caught his eye and winked at him. Isobel straightened up and picked her way back to the cockpit, jumping down off the side deck with a thump that made her small breasts jiggle.

Isobel was in her forties, ten years younger than Mary. She was short, whereas both Jim and Mary were tall. Isobel's eyes were brown, set well apart, with fine lines at the corners, which crinkled when she smiled or laughed. She was solid, some would say chunky, with a little show of belly and small breasts, though it was normally difficult to tell exactly what size she was because of the clothes she habitually wore. She had obviously taken the advice of fashion magazines about how to dress a figure like hers. But she did dress down for the boat!

They were moored between two other boats. Abeam of them was a sleek fifty-footer that didn't seem to have anybody aboard. Just ahead of them on the other side was a typical live aboard boat of about 30 feet with an awning, a wind generator and a row of jerry cans tied to the safety lines. As they settled in the cockpit with gin and tonics, their reward a good day's sailing, they watched a tanned blonde girl come to the transom of the other boat, pour water over herself, put shampoo on her hair and start to lather up. She was completely naked, and as she raised her arms above her head to work in the shampoo, the muscles of her upper chest tightened and pulled her small breasts upwards. They wobbled back and forth as she rubbed her hair vigorously; not in time, like a stripper's trick, but like two uncoordinated jelly moulds. The brown nipples brought erect by the dowsing of cold water flicked back and forth in the setting sun.

"That's quite a sight," said Jim appreciatively.

"I suppose you wish you could see something like that on this boat," replied Isobel.

Jim was saved from having to provide a rejoinder by the appearance on the other boat of a naked young man with long hair and a straggly blonde beard. He reached up and helped the girl with her shampoo, but soon his hands transferred some of the bubbles to her body and on to her chest. She stood still, her hands in the foam on top of her head, while he massaged shampoo into her breasts. As he did so his penis twitched and began to lengthen, first downwards, and then, as the blood pumped into it, stiffening away from his body. He stepped close to the girl, and the erection vanished somewhere between her buttocks, and out of their view. The girl brought a handful of soapy foam down from her head and spread it in her crotch. The tip of his penis, now red and distended, briefly appeared between her legs, it's head nuzzling between the lips of her vulva. She bent and picked up the water bucket and poured it over their heads while he held her tight, his left hand on her breast, and his other hand splayed over her pubic hair, cupping her mound. The pair took no notice of the three interested spectators astern of them, who sat silently with their drinks half raised in an involuntary, but appreciative, toast.

As the young couple turned and started washing each other down with a bar of soap, Mary said "Phew, that looks like fun", and Isobel replied with a wicked grin "Doesn't it just!"

Jim kept quiet, aware of his own erection pressing uncomfortably against the inside of his swimming shorts, and not wanting to bring attention to it.

Isobel said to him "And I know someone who got turned on by it?" and stared at his shorts.

"Well, yeah, of course," he said, swallowing hard, and glancing at his wife, who raised an amused eyebrow at him.

He looked back at the couple on the other boat, who were now in a passionate embrace and seemed to have given up any idea of getting any cleaner. The man reached away from the blonde, threw the bucket over the side and hauled it back full of water. He poured some of it over himself, and threw the rest of the water over the girl.

"You shit," she screamed, laughing.

She chased him and his cock, which was now at full staff, down into the cockpit. She reached round him and grabbed is erection in her hand and frog marched him, her front pressed against his buttocks, to the companionway. Laughter and squeals carried across the anchorage as they disappeared below and the sun began to set.

"What a pity," said Isobel, "I was just beginning to enjoy the show."

Mary got up without looking at either of them and announced that she was going to have her shower too.

"Are you going to give us a show, too?" asked Jim. Mary just looked at him and went below. Jim bit his tongue. His wife was modest to a fault and even when they were the only boat in an anchorage would never shower nude on the transom.

"Well, that went over like a lead balloon," said Isobel, sarcastically, when she had gone.

And then she added, needling him in a quiet voice, "Pretty turned on, weren't you?"

Jim was embarrassed, but laughed. "Sure. Can't help it"

His wife came back, still in the blue one-piece bathing suit, carrying a large towel, soap and shampoo, which she dropped on the cockpit cushions. He liked the bathing suit because of the high cut at the thigh, and the zipper, which reached from her neck to her navel. Mary had thought it too provocative for a woman of her age and had been reluctant to buy it. But he had wanted her to get it because he liked the thought of unzipping it and getting her breasts out, and in the end she had humored him and bought it.

He opened the cockpit bench at the stern and folded it down so that she could stand at the transom. Mary pulled the showerhead and hose out of the holder and the electric pump whirred as water sprayed over her head and darkened the blue of the suit. She put shampoo in her hair and rubbed it into a lather. She hosed it off, spluttering and spitting and wiping the water from her face with her hand. Mary turned away from them into the sunset, unzipped her suit, pulled the shoulder straps down her arms and peeled the top down to her waist.

"Wow!" said Jim, surprised, and laughed delightedly.

Without looking back at him she held out her hand for the soap.

Jim loved to look at her. She was quite tall and solid. She had broad handsome shoulders, and her arms were strong with a little extra flesh above the elbow. She had a good waist broadening out into her hips, set atop solid thighs. Her calves were well shaped, the ankles narrow and shapely. Not bad, he thought for, 55 years old and four kids. The top of the costume draped around Mary's middle and she bent to pick up the showerhead again. Her full bosom swung below her chest, the skin in front of her armpit stretching taut as the weight of her breast pulled at it. She stood up and her breasts flattened against her rib cage, a little pendulous, but with erect nipples facing into the setting sun.

He was aware of dryness in his mouth, brought on by the tension amongst the three of them that this simple disrobing had engendered. His penis was pushing the fabric of his shorts away from his thigh. He wasn't fully erect, but his heart was beating fast and he felt flushed. His wife sprayed water on her shoulders and down her front and began to soap herself, lifting a breast to soap its underside and shifting her breasts backwards and forwards as she cleaned them.

He stood up, aware of his growing engorgement, and of Isobel's eyes upon him.

"Give me the soap," he said, an involuntary huskiness in his voice. "I'll do your back."

Mary handed him the soap but it slipped out of his hand and skidded across the deck to stop at Isobel's feet. He bent to pick it up, and as he stood up she opened her mouth and whispered very softly to him "Go for it!"

He soaped Mary's shoulders, a familiar chore he always enjoyed, and then stepped up and pressed his chest against her soapy back. He enveloped her in his arms and hugged, her breasts sliding slippery under his forearms. She pushed back into his body and tilted her head back while he nuzzled her neck. He could feel his stiffness trapped between his stomach and the base of her spine. And he felt the engorged heat of it against his skin and wondered if she could feel it too.

He hefted her breasts in his hands as he rubbed the soap into them. They moved in and out of his grasp. Jim felt the nipples slipping across his palm. The unzipped top of her one-piece hung slackly around her waist, the arm loops and cups empty, except for splashes of soapy water.

"You feel good," Jim whispered.

"So do you," she said pressing back harder and flattening his prick against him.

After a moment Mary turned in his arms, and held the showerhead over him. She wetted him down and took the soap, while he held the shower again. As she did so she slipped her hand down the front of his shorts and gave his cock a single soapy stroke. Even that was almost too much for him, as he was now getting very excited by his wife's display, and by the fact that Isobel was watching them.

Mary looked at Isobel over his shoulder. Isobel was still sitting on the cockpit cushions, her drink halfway to her lips. She caught the wife's gaze.

"Don't mind me, you two," she said, a slight smile playing across her face, "I'll just sit here and watch".

Mary noticed rising color in Isobel's cheeks, but didn't know if it was the sun that was responsible, or the scene on the boat that was beginning to get to her. Isobel was watching them intently, but funnily enough Mary didn't feel uncomfortable to have her watching.

Mary had not intended to be half-naked in front of Isobel, with her husband's erection sticking into her belly like a truncheon, but after she had started to shower the residual memory of the couple on the other boat had stimulated her to a flash of daring. And now here she was, with Isobel watching them both, and she and Jim half washed and half not, tits out and cock hard.

She reached her thumbs into his waistband and pulled his shorts down. He got a stunned look on his face as his backside was bared to their sailing companion. The waistband snagged the end of his member, which scraped against the fabric liner of his shorts and sprang free. She gave him a quick squeeze as she stood up, an action shielded from Isobel by his body. He in turn grasped the sides of her suit and pulled it down, over her rounded belly, past her thin cloud of pubic hair, down her smooth thighs and let it drop at her feet.

Isobel took a large swallow of her drink, feeling the buzz from the gin, and the heat rising in her cheeks. She watched as the man soaped his wife. She saw Jim's hand disappear between their bodies, the soap making a squelching sound as he worked it between her thighs.

The couple was not in the first flush of youth but the sight of them was arousing. Isobel had known them for a long time and they always seemed pleased with each other, and enjoyed showing each other affection. She just had not expected to see them naked together. Jim was tall, at least six feet and his beard had turned mostly gray in the years she had known him. Mary had kept a good figure, even though she had delivered four children. She had an attractive strong face with a few wrinkles from too many years in the sun. There were crow's feet at the corner of her eyes, which creased beautifully when she smiled, as she often did. She was thickening a little, but had a good waist, broad hips, and heavy, full breasts.

Mary was now soaping Jim, and as she turned him round to soap his buttocks Isobel was faced with his aroused penis, sticking out from his crotch. Its red glans jerked on the end of the shaft as his wife rinsed them both off. They dried each other without looking at Isobel, and Mary wrapped the towel around her, covering herself from the slope of her breasts to the top of her thighs. She sat down on the seat cushion by the stern and picked up her drink from the cockpit table. Jim looked nonplussed since his wife had taken the only towel, leaving him with his erection waving in the sun's dying rays. After a little hesitation he picked up his drink and sat down too, his penis still hard and pointing at his navel.

He smiled uncertainly at his wife "Now what?" and leant across to kiss her, putting his hand on her thigh. She clinked glasses with him and they both took a long pull at the gin.

"I need another kiss," she said.

"And I need another drink," said Isobel, getting up from her seat by the companionway. "How about you two lovebirds? Do you want another or are you too busy?"

"No, get us another," he replied and she came over and took their glasses.

"I don't want to miss the show, though."

"Well, hurry back, we're hot and thirsty."

"Well, a cold shower didn't do much to cool you off. We'll try another cold drink. Maybe that'll help." She giggled as she set the glasses by the hatch, and climbed backwards down the steps.

Jim muttered "I doubt it," and she laughed as she disappeared.

They heard her banging around in the icebox.

He put his hands on both sides of his wife's face and gently pulled it to his lips. Her face was hot and so were her lips. He enjoyed the familiar taste and the scent of her warm sun-soaked body. They savored a lingering kiss. She put her arms around him.

"I love this body, and I really want you," Mary said. "We can go below if you like -- we don't have to do it out here."

"No, it's too nice out here, and I think I'm too embarrassed to stand up again".

She gave him a squeeze. "Come here, then". And she unfastened the towel so it fell back on the cockpit coaming. He moved his mouth down from her lips and kissed her on her neck under the point of her jaw, and then trailed his lips down to her breast, nuzzling and licking. He sucked on her nipple and felt it grow firmer in his mouth, while the other nipple hardened on its own. This connection of the different parts of her body, one to the other, and the chain reactions of excitement that ran through her always excited him, and he could feel his heart beating faster.

He knelt on the hard cockpit decking between her legs, her smooth knees on either side of his chest. His tongue glided among the hairs at the base of her belly, and sought the top of her cleft.

She moaned softly in the last of the sunlight. "Mmmmm -- that feels good".

"Mmmmm," he echoed, "Tastes good too. I love the taste of you." And his tongue wormed its way deeper between her legs.

"Oof," she said, opening her eyes and snapping her head forward from where it had been tilted back against the cockpit coaming. "Oooof, yes."

As Mary's head came vertical she saw Isobel's face appear again in the companion way, beaded with sweat, mirroring the condensation on the cold drinks she was holding. She set them carefully on the bridge deck separating the cabin from the cockpit.

"Drinks", she said looking up at the couple, and then "Oh, God!" and disappeared again.

She reappeared almost immediately holding her own drink, settled herself at the top of the companionway, and raised her glass to the woman. Mary stared at her over Jim's head as he rooted between her thighs, but her eyes were glazed, and though looking at Isobel, they were not really registering. She knew Isobel was there, but the sensations her body was feeling overrode the consciousness of her, and she shut her eyes again and lay her head back.

Isobel sipped at her gin and tonic, enjoying the cold glass in her hand and slightly fuzzy feeling that her second drink was giving her. The woman's head, after jerking upright, was resting back again and a string of exhalations were blowing from her parted lips. Mary had now grabbed her breasts, and, Isobel could see, was rhythmically squeezing her nipples. The sun shone in her hair like a halo, and seemed to outline her body with fire, while the man worked in the shadow of her breasts and belly. Isobel felt this was all getting a bit much for her and, putting her drink down, slid her ice cool hand under her tee shirt and felt the sharp bite of its cold touch on her own nipple. She pinched it hard, and felt the shot in her groin.

Laughing, she said, "This is the best sunset I've ever seen. It's a beautiful sight."

The couple both made murmuring sounds but Isobel didn't know whether that was to encourage her to keep quiet, or whether they had gone back into their own world and were murmuring for each other. She took another drink and watched the man pull his head away, and slide his finger along the inside of Mary's thigh. Mary's sex was wet now with a mixture of saliva and her own juices, and Jim's finger slid easily in the silky folds. After a few strokes he pressed the tip of his finger into the spot where the crease disappeared into the hair of her mound and pushed gently upwards. The labia on either side stretched into taut bands and exposed her clitoris. As he brought his lips to the pink flesh, Isobel watched the woman buck her hips slightly, and heard a purring moan escape from deep in her throat.

"Jesus", Isobel whispered under her breath, feeling heat in her face, and feeling her heart thudding, as she saw the woman getting more excited. She watched a blotchy redness begin to form above Mary's breasts and spread up to her neck. The man slipped his index finger into the woman's vagina, and Isobel watched it slide in easily up to the knuckle. He pushed a second finger in alongside it, causing the hair-clad lips of her vulva to fold inwards on his fingers as he stretched the opening. Mary's hips worked her pelvis against the pressure of his hand and his fingers inside her canal.

The tempo increased and the wife's whole body began to move with the onslaught. Without removing his hand Jim put his face to her groin and added the pressure of his tongue to the probing of his fingers. Mary's head came up and her neck strained so that the ligaments in her neck stood out like pillars. Her lips were drawn back and her teeth were clenched as her hips pounded against Jim's face. The sounds she was making changed from the low throaty contented sounds she had been making before to sharp groans which forced themselves between her gritted teeth. Jim hung on as Mary's climax approached. Suddenly the muscles of her belly spasmed and convulsions shook her body. She bore down on the fingers hooked into her cunt. Isobel watched as the woman's breasts trembled, and her whole body heaved. Mary's body shook uncontrollably for many seconds, her head snapping backwards and forwards, and the boat reverberated to the sharp crack of her hands raining slaps on her man's back.

Isobel was thunderstruck by the intensity of it all and realized she had been holding her breath. She felt as if her heart had stopped beating. Isobel did not think she had ever seen anything quite as exciting as the two married lovers setting each other afire like that. She felt her own body responding, a feeling of tense excitement that made her tug at her nipples, and of warmth and congestion that suffused her lower belly.

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