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Barefoot on a Nude Beach



This is a true story. I witnessed this event while vacationing on Mykonos many years ago and have never forgotten it. The name of the girl is invented, her thoughts are my surmise of what she must have been feeling. The actions are exactly as I saw them. It is one of the most erotic things that I have ever seen.


Marcia was a 25 year old graduate student working on her history dissertation at Duke University in North Carolina. She was 5' 6" tall and 120 lbs. She had a lovely figure, her breasts were not very large, but perfectly formed with dime sized nipples which jutted out nicely when erect. She was a very intelligent girl, proud of her status in the department and comfortable with men. She liked to be in control in dating situations, deciding when and how far any romantic activity would progress. She was so smart and confident that this was not difficult for her to achieve. Most men looked upon her as untouchable. When she walked, her head was always held high and her eyes focused ahead with a slight, self-assured smile on her face. She was a picture of feminine confidence. She didn't have a boyfriend now, rather concentrating on the completion of her dissertation. She and two of her girlfriends were planning a trip to Greece for the winter break. She needed to get away from her studies for about a week and forget about medieval history.

Marcia and her two girlfriends arrived at the Greek island of Mykonos. Sharon, her younger friend, had found out about a nude beach on the other side of the island. She and Nancy tried to persuade Marcia to go with them. Marcia was initially hesitant. Such overt public displays was not really her style. But the notion began to intrigue her; after all, she thought, no one knew her here and it might be liberating. So she agreed to go. The next morning Marcia, Sharon and Nancy put on their bikinis with shirts on top and short pants over the bikini bottoms. They took a bus to the back of the island to "Paradise Beach", a world famous nude beach popular with Europeans. When they arrived and walked onto the sand, they saw that this really was a nude beach where most of the girls and guys sunbathed and talked and walked around without bathing suits, completely naked. Marcia was slightly shocked at first, but Nancy and Sharon laughed and thought it was "cool". A few of the men did wear brief speedos and some of the women wore their bikini bottoms, but few tops were in sight. People sat around on beach towels and others walked up and down the beach to the cafes to get food and drink. The beach was fairly crowded as this was a typical warm, sunny day in the Aegean sea climes. The three girls picked out a spot and sat down.

Sharon and Nancy were out of their clothes quickly and sat nude amnd uninhibited on the large beach towel which they had brought, checking out the men in the area. Marcia was still uncomfortable with the idea of being nude amongst strangers, so naked and vulnerable, but now she felt even more conspicuous being the only one with clothes on in the area, like a prude. So she focused her attention into herself and took off her shirt and short pants. She glanced around furtively at the others near her and saw that no one was watching. She took off her bikini top and then slowly and discretely slipped off her bottom. The three girls were nude on the towel. Sharon got out the suntan lotion and began to rub in on herself. Then Nancy did the same. Marcia took the lotion and rubbed some into her shoulders and arms and stomach, being careful around her extremely sensitive breasts. Then she did the front of her legs and thighs. She would sunbathe her front first and deal with the back later. She felt free, exhilarated by the exposure of her body.

After about an hour of lying on the towel with her friends, making small talk, Marcia sat up and looked around. She caught the eye of a dark-haired young man sitting nearby on his own towel who smiled at her. She did not smile back and turned her head away, but knowing she was being observed, and being nude, made her feel tingly, slightly aroused, and her nipples firmed up a little. This nude beach thing was really not so bad. Sharon and Nancy were still lying on their backs. Marcia was getting restless. She looked at the parade walking by and decided to join them for a while. She told Sharon that she was going for a drink. The other girls didn't want anything and decided to stay.

Marcia got to her feet. She felt vulnerable but excited at the same time. The sun felt hot on her breasts and the warm breeze wafted through her pubic area, teasing her there gently. She started to walk along the sand between the many towels, avoiding them carefully and trying not to kick sand onto someone's towel. Her hair was medium long and dark, falling just down beyond her bare neck, waving as she moved. The sand felt very warm, almost hot to her bare feet. She put her head up and walked as she was accustomed to do, poised, proudly defiant of the stares of men, but now naked, a little arrogant, aware of her body. She had firm, high and lovely breasts and she knew it. She pretended to be oblivious to the hard looks she was getting as men (and some women) checked out her body as she passed. She began to relish the implicit tease of her nudity, smiling and flaunting her breasts as she passed the men. With seeming nonchalance, she would push her hair back from her face with one hand, at the same time insinuating her breasts slightly forward, turning as if to look into the distance at some far away intrigue. The warm sun felt wonderful on her body. She felt a tingle of excitement, knowing that men were watching her as she strode by them, but she pretended nonchalence.

Just as Marcia was approaching the entrance to the cafe area, a tall, middle aged, but well-built man walked directly up to her, staring into her face, blocking her way. He was also naked, thin and wiry, tanned with wild curly hair. Marcia observed that he was obviously a bit older than she but kept himself in very good shape. She smiled faintly at him, indifferently, and tried to move past. Suddenly, with no warning, this man, standing too close to her, bent down and took her exposed left nipple into his mouth. Marcia was shocked, her nipple was shocked, for she was taken completely by surprise. She gasped. She was not expecting this. She laughed once, more out of astonishment than out of any pleasure, tried to pull her body back and told him sharply to stop. But he held her in place while he continued to was suck on her nipple and end of her breast and didn't stop. She put her hands on his shoulders and urged him away from her with as much strength as she had. But he was bigger and stronger. He kept sucking her nipple. He had his hands on her sides, partially around her back, gripping her tightly, and secured her chest to his mouth. Now she felt her nakedness, so exposed and helpless. She looked around frantically for help. She slapped his arms and shoulders with her hands, but this seemed to have no effect on him. He only licked and sucked the nipple harder. Marcia was in turmoil – her nipple felt so wet and vulnerable, so helpless trapped in his mouth. The man could feel it start to grow harder as he sucked on it.

Marcia said more sternly, growing angry, "stop this, I mean it... what are you doing? Get the hell off of me!". The man ignored her and kept sucking and licking the same nipple. Marcia turned her head to the left and right, highly embarrassed by what was happening, looking for assistance, but still hoping this was a harmless joke, some sort of topless beach initiation prank. But he was really going too far. She got very angry and quietly shouted "OK, that's enough!". But she could not get his mouth away from her chest. She made her hands into fists and beat upon the tops of his shoulders, with no real effect. She tried to pull his hair, but it was slippery with perspiration and her hands slipped off. She snarled, "Oh Shit, will you stop?". He kept on assaulting the same nipple, sucking it in deeper and tickling the tip with his tongue. This went on for about a minute.

He felt her nipple harden further in his mouth against her will, becoming a stiff jutting point for his lips to tease. She was getting a little aroused in spite of her anger and resistance. He sucked harder and harder on her breast, not giving her a chance to recover her composure. Marcia was distraught. What was happening? Who was this guy and how dare he do this? She tensed and writhed her body, trying to escape the desperately compelling sensations coming from his mouth and tongue. She tried pushing on his chest. But it was no use. She felt herself weakening from the struggle and from the pleasure she was reluctantly feeling. She tried to run, but her feet had sunk into the soft sand, making it difficult for her to move her legs, making escape impossible. As they struggled, sharp jolts of pleasure emanated from her nipple, growing into her entire breast, suffusing her chest and spreading out to the rest of her body. His tongue danced around her nipple as he sucked, taunting her, teasing her, then focused onto the very tip, sending sharper charges of sensation through her chest. The battle between tongue and nipple continued. Marcia cried out softly, "Oh No!" The man only intensified his sucking.

She began to breathe in and out a little harder and her hands trying to move him from her breast were not pushing with as much force. She said again to him, more softly this time, "Please stop, everyone can see". He kept on doing what he was doing, if anything, more intently. Marcia felt dizzy, confused and dazed. She tried to concentrate her will. She had to stop this now. But her nipples had always been her weak spot, extremely sensitive, exquisitely so, almost as erotic an area as her clitoris, and he was doing to her precisely what she could never withstand for long. She had had orgasms in the past when men had sucked on her nipples long enough. Marcia groaned in frustration and erotic agony as the man continuing his deep sucking of her breast.

The man had set his feet firmly in the sand, held her tightly by her sides and kept his mouth at the same breast, never wavering, always sucking, licking, teasing, tormenting Marcia as she struggled against his tongue, his mouth, his hands, his will. This went on for another minute, as if her breast and his mouth were locked in silent combat. As she fought against him, she felt herself growing panicky and desperately tried to cast her mind elsewhere, think of something else, ignore what he was doing to her, anything else ...anything else...her apartment on campus, her dissertation work, anything else... anything... else... but she felt her very soul grabbed hold of by his tongue and lips, wrenched back from where she was trying to escape ... from that place of refuge to here... to now, to herself, to her nudity, to her nipple, to the thrilling sensations he was giving her. Oh God, she could not escape. But she feared to give in. He sucked and licked and nibbled and delighted the tender flesh of her breast and brought her reluctantly back.

Marcia's head moved back just a little and she closed her eyes for just a moment. No! She had to keep her concentration. She had to. She could not yield to this man and his mouth. But she knew she was close to the point of surrendering, could not hold out much longer. She was breathing harder and she felt that her right nipple, the other one, had also become very hard now. Marcia made little moaning, gasping sounds and kept her hands on the man's shoulders, pushing him away again, but realizing she had no real chance of getting him off of her nipple. Her heart was beating wildly. She shook her head back and forth in frustration, in anguish, trying to clear her head, and grabbed the sides of his face, trying desperately to push it away. She had to escape this public torment. It was her last chance to maintain her dignity, her pride. She fought to gather her resolve, her inner strength; she had to fight the sensations, try to resist, but his tantalizing touch, his tongue was gradually winning. She could not overcome the overwhelming sensations the sucking was giving her. She saw people around her, watching what was happening, and felt exposed and humiliated. She attempted yet again to escape by arching her upper body back away from the mouth, but he held her firmly in his grasp. His mouth never left her breast. He was driving her crazy. If only her nipples were not so tender and responsive. His tongue was maddening, exciting, insistent, hard, cruel, but... so sweet, upon this critical part of her. She had gotten so aroused, so excited, that she felt the fervent glow of this excitement start to move down lower, into her belly, caressing her thighs with warm tingles, spreading out tendrils of a vexing urgency, tremulously into her groin, where warmth and moisture and sexual pain meet so decisively. The cruel mouth never left her nipple.

She turned her head weakly and looked around again and saw other men watching her in her captivity. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was half open; she couldn't concentrate any more upon anything except his mouth sucking her. She was surprised to hear pleading, groaning sounds and little moans of ecstasy as he sucked. She realized that these sounds were coming from her, unintended, unbidden by her conscious mind, as if her nipple and breast, her body had a voice of its own. A sweet tension rose in her, as she could feel herself giving in to the relentless tongue and lips on her breast. She still felt some chagrin at her public helplessness, this betrayal of her so fragile nudity, but could not do anything about it. She became weaker and weaker and more resigned as the man continued to suck at her breast for another full minute. She writhed her chest, as a last lingering, but dying token of her former resistance, moving it to the left and right, back and forward, but her nipple never left his mouth. Her right breast brushed, bounced against his chest as she struggled, taunting this nipple, hardening it, making things worse. His tongue continued its relentless work, its assault upon her. Her legs began to tremble and soon grew wobbly, too unsteady to support her any longer, and she sank slowly down, yielding her posture into a half sitting position, giving in to the intolerable incitement coming from the mouth upon her breast, seeming to cave in helplessly onto the sand beneath them. The man's head and body followed her down, staying fixed to her. He sucked without letup, sweetly punishing her now hypersensitive nipple, wresting from her newer and deeper pleasure shocks, accompanied by soft cries and pitiable moans.

She was sitting now, rather squatting, and he was right with her, her knees bent agape with the man's knees between them, with the irresistible mouth pressed tightly onto her chest, exciting her nipple flesh to an incandescence. It was too much for her to bear. His lips and tongue were killing her. Her eyes closed, slowly but firmly in a final gesture of surrender. Her head moved back, inadvertently jutting her nipples closer to him. Her hands gripped his shoulders. Her mouth opened a little more and then with a long shudder she gave completely into it, into him. She cared about nothing now except the intense delight running through her body. She panted and she let out little moans of obvious pleasure, all hesitancy gone, all modesty forgotten, no more feigning. She moved her hands from his head and put them on top of her own head, entwining her fingers in her own hair, rocking her head side to side slowly, as if only semi conscious, lost in the sweet torment, signaling her resignation, her submission. This unexpected assault on a vitally sensitive, erotic area had finally overwhelmed her. She could not fight any more. The licking and sucking continued until she was still, resigned, resting her cheek upon his left shoulder, panting and moaning, heedless of the people around her watching her helplessness and arousal. She began to kiss the top of his bare shoulder as he sucked, her tongue coming out just a little as she tasted his skin, trying to give back a small fraction of what he doing to her, gently licking the hot skin of his upper back and shoulder.

The man now pulled away for a moment, looked at her face, a half-smile on his lips, her eyes were closed, and then immediately started on her hard right nipple. There was no chance for her to recover. He gave it the same treatment. She softly cried out "Ohhhh... God... No". A tremulous spam ran though her chest. Her right nipple was even more sensitive than her left. She felt waves of stimulation course through her body anew as her legs gradually but finally buckled under her completely. She collapsed ass down slowly onto her back and he followed her down onto the sand, still sucking her right breast as they fell. He was relentless, never letting up for a moment. She allowed her body gently and slowly to descend until she lay fully on her back on the sand with his mouth attached to her, oblivious to anyone around her, stunned by the sensations. He lay on top of her, his soft flesh kissing hers, his legs between hers. He worked on her nipple until she cried and moaned again, more passionately this time, and put her arms tightly around his head, squeezing him as if to block out the torment. Her chest rose and fell with her soft cries and deep breaths; his head followed her chest – up and down -- but he never let go. The sand was hot on her back, but his mouth was hotter on her nipple.

He then began to pull his mouth back, away from the tight suction on the breast, but still holding her nipple flesh in his lips gently, drawing out her now tender nipple with soft insistence, extending it, teasing it with the tip of his tongue but keeping the very end of the breast distended with his mouth -- finally releasing it entirely. He did this repeatedly. She was too dazed to think of anything now but his mouth; she was absorbed in his mouth and its attachment to her body. He let go of the nipple and now began to lick the tender underside of her right breast, then the top, the sides, and then back to her nipple. He did this again and again, so her breast glistened with his saliva. He kissed and licked the sensitive area on the side of her breast where the swell begins. He ran his tongue all around the outside of her breast, making gradually smaller concentric circles with his tongue until he concentrated again on her now acutely sensitive nipple -- made even more so by the constant titillation -- licking wet circles around the end and then tickling the very tip with his tongue. Whenever he did this, her upper body twitched and her arms clutched about his head more tightly.

She was completely helpless, lost as passionate waves bathed her body. First it had been her left breast; now the all too sensitive right was being methodically besieged, teased and aroused to a fever pitch by this man. Oh, what was he doing to her? She couldn't remember where she was or even who she was. She started involuntarily to move her buttocks slightly up, pressing her vagina against his upper leg. She could feel his erection bumping along her inner thigh and then closer to her, near her opening, the tip of his cock just brushing up gently against her wet labia. She was in torment.

Then he did something she didn't expect. As her nether lips were so delicately teased with the tip of his cock, exciting her, maddening her with the implication of these touches, he began licking up her nipple with the flat of his tongue. He took her hand in his and pulled her right arm back over her head onto the sand, exposing her smooth, naked underarm. He started his tongue at her right nipple, trailed his tongue slowly up her chest, along her side, to her underarm and began to kiss her and tickle her there with his tongue. It was as if an electric shock ran through her. She tried to pull her arm down to escape this new agony but could not. He held it firmly above her head. He continued to tease and torment her underarm with the tip of his tongue, licking up her arm and then back down to her underarm again. Then back to her nipple and then back to her underarm, again and again and again. She was going wild. No one had ever done this to her before. He made maddening little circles with his tongue as he provoked and teased her into moaning oblivion.

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