Barepaw Ch. 02


The next morning I got up early and took a walk. When I returned about 7AM, DE and KC were taking showers. I made coffee and set out the cereal and fruit. I watched the girls come rushing in. They were both wearing skirts and sweaters. I was shocked that DE would wear a skirt to work, she usually wore jeans. I knew KC wore skirts a lot at school. After breakfast, KC headed to Wichita and we drove to work. DE came to my desk just before lunch and ask if we could go somewhere for lunch. I agreed to meet her at the Suburban to go to lunch.

When I got to the Suburban, DE was standing there waiting for me. "Can we go somewhere private?"

I unlocked the vehicle and opened the door for DE. I watched as she scooted in the seat and her skirt scooted up. I was looking at her very naked bald pussy. Her eyes met mine and then I noticed her look at her pussy and smile. "I need you really bad, I could not stand to put panties on this morning, and having the air and breeze on it all morning has been driving me crazy. Can we go somewhere and park so you can fuck my brains out?"

I closed the door and hurried to the driver's door. I headed to the old gravel pit two miles away. It belong to the company, but we had it closed down for the rest of this year and nobody was ever there. I pulled in and parked behind one of the tall piles of gravel. I exited the vehicle and had the rear seats folded down instantly as DE slid in from the rear door on her side and I met her entering thru the other rear door. I slid my pants off as I entered the back of the vehicle. I hugged DE and then kissed my way to her skirt and pushed it up. I started licking her pussy as soon as I could. "Oh God, your tongue feels wonderful, but I need your tool, I been fantasizing about it all morning. I don't know if you realize it or not, but our trip has made me want sex more than ever. I don't know if it is because we had so much sex, or the exposure, or possibly the fact of shaving my bush off which does make me a lot more sensitive."

I was soon buried to my balls in her pussy enjoying her screaming for more. "I love you talking about sex, I love when you talk about your pussy. I love that you can talk dirty, it is a real turn-on." I was again painting the depth of her pussy with my boys.

After the sex we hurried to straighten up our cloths and get back to work. We were about fifteen minutes late getting back to work. At the end of the day, I met DE at the Suburban and she was again prancing. "You think we could stop at the gravel pit again. I got this itch and I need you to cure it, I think your tool was built specifically for that."

"You do, do ya? Tell me about this itch you got."

I watched her slide her skirt up and bare her pussy in the seat. "Well it's like this, something removed all my inhibitions. Not only does it feel so much nicer when you are working it, I can't keep my fingers off it either. Fuck, I even came when KC shaved it for me. Her fingers were driving me crazy as she did it."

"I would have loved to watch her do that, did you make her cum when you shaved hers?"

"I think she did, she was moaning as I finished up. She was very wet, and it was not from the bath water."

"Have you taken a bath with her before?"

"Not since we were young kids, I guess."

"Did you ever think about tasting her pussy?"

"Oh God, Yes, but I was afraid what you might think of me, I was afraid what she might think."

I had pulled in behind the gravel pile and watched as DE talked about this, and watched as she played with her pussy as she talked. She was driving me crazy with her innocents. She had not realized I had parked the vehicle.

"You want to get in back, or do you want me to come around to your door and do it there?"

"Let's do it here, I want to try everything." I hurried around to her door, I saw her pull her sweater off and toss it in the back. The bra soon followed the sweater and the skirt was soon playing tag with the sweater. She had slipped her shoes off sometime and tossed them back also. When I opened her door, DE was only wearing her ear rings and her wedding ring. As she turned towards me I spread her legs and had my dick in my hand as it sunk into her soft folds. I lasted quite a while this time, I finally cum and then I moved to the driver's seat. The gravel pit is right on the edge of the city. I drove home with DE riding shotgun and naked as the day she was born. The farm happens to be out the same road and just five miles farther.

When I got home, I exited the vehicle and went to her door. I carried her to the house and to the bedroom. We both passed out and slept until the next morning.

The next morning I woke up with morning wood, I slid off the bed and went to relieve my bladder. I then cuddled up back in bed with DE; her soft body soon had my not so soft friend very interested. I was soon again trying to wear out her pussy. Later we headed for the shower; we needed to hurry because we were going to be late.

"Tomorrow, I am not going to work, I have an annual physical examination to go to." DE told me.

"Ok, do I need to wake you, or do you want to sleep in?"

"I definitely need my morning wake up." DE chuckled.

"What time is your appointment?"


"Will KC be here tomorrow night?"

"She will be, she has an appointment at 4:30 with the same doctor. Oh Shit, Oh My God, I can't go to the doctor."


"What will she say about my shaved pussy, I wonder if KC has thought about that, maybe I better call and ask her?"

I was laughing out loud, I mean, here is this 32 year old mature women acting like a child.

"It's not funny."

"It's hilarious, you want me to go with you, I think it would be worth a ticket to this."

I listen to her call KC on the phone. "What you think we should do?"

I was wishing she was on speaker phone so I could hear KC answer her. I wondered if it was bothering KC as bad as it was DE.

"What do you mean, welcome to the twenty first century?" DE asked the phone she was talking on. "Ok, see you tonight" as DE turned off the phone.

"What she say?"

"She said grin and bear it, then she said welcome to the twenty first century. She was no help at all."

"You're so cute when you're flustered." That comment got a slug in my right shoulder.

As we were driving to work, I reached over and pushed her skirt up, she was just as bare this morning as she was yesterday. "Nice"

"I just could not stand to put my panties on. Am I a slut?"

"No, even if you are, don't change anything; I love you just as you are."

I kissed her goodbye at the parking lot and went to my office. She was waiting for me when I got to the Suburban for lunch break.

"Do we need to go to the gravel pit again?"

"Please, I can't help it. I am so damn horny again, I tried to will the clock to move faster, but it took forever." She climbed in the back and was pulling her clothes off before I even got the Suburban started. I sped to the gravel pit and pulled in behind our favorite pile. DE had every stitch off and was playing with her clit and pussy lips as I rushed to the back and joined her.

After I had done the deed, DE reached into her purse and handed me some wet wipes to clean up with. She then handed me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

She noticed me looking at her, "What?" She snickered at me. "I am a good girl scout, I came prepared." She giggled.

We eat our sandwiches and made it back to work on time. DE was waiting for me in the Suburban when I got there after work. "Do we need to go to the gravel pit?"

"I think I can make it home if you can." She said, and then started removing her cloths. "What" she said with a wicked gleam in her eye. "I just thought I would get ready, that is ok isn't it?"

We got home and she walked from the Suburban to the house again without a stitch. We had a very good workout and I slept great with my body wrapped around hers. I awoke in the morning and went for a walk, then off to work.

About 10AM I got a call from Kelly. "I am headed to my office, I have the proposal that Jack and Ben worked up together. I like what I read so far and will send it later today for you to look over and have the girls look it over on the weekend. Oh Shit, I will call you back. Bye." Kelly squealed as she turned off her phone.

I was not sure what happened, I hope she didn't have an accident. I was worried, it seem like she must have had an emergency. I was afraid to call her back; I didn't want to know if it was bad.

About 11AM Kelly called my cell phone back. I answered "Are you ok? I was worried about you."

"Oh God No, just had a blond moment."

"What are you talking about?"

"I drove through Lake City and was half the way to Gunnison before I realized."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember the barn the other day, this time I got so interested in the paper work and doing a good job for you. I kind of forgot something important."

"No you didn't, really?"

"Yep, I had my sandals, and nothing else. I didn't even have a towel like a good nudist would have."

"Your killing me, what would you have done if you had truck problems or got into Gunnison."

"I don't know, probably got arrested or something stupid. My truck does have a tire with a slow leak in it, wonders it did not go flat on me. Anyway, I am back on the road and will fax the proposal from my office when I get there. Jack was at the gate when I got back. He is not very happy with me; he is worried like you are that something will happen to me. Thanks, I will try to not be so blond in the future." She said with a wicked giggle.

Kelly had me turned on; just talking to her had me excited. I was wondering what tonight would be like at home. DE had not worn a stitch in the house this week except when we left for work. I wonder what KC will wear at home tonight. I wonder if I get to play with her again. I wonder if I can keep up. That night as I drove in the driveway DE came to meet me at Suburban without a stitch on.

"I take it that KC hasn't got here yet?"

"No, but it doesn't matter, I think we will declare this is a nudist farm to match the nudist ranch we own in Colorado." She said wickedly.

"What about KC, you think she is going to want to join you?"

"Without a doubt, she called me earlier and asked me about it. She has been staying in her room naked most this week and she told me she has went through two set of batteries for her vibrator. She told me she has also gone all week without wearing panties, and she has worn skirts all week."

"You won't believe the phone call I had with Kelly earlier."

"Really, tell me about it."

"She was driving from the ranch to her office in Gunnison. We were talking about the proposal Jack and Ben worked up. Then all of a sudden she squealed and turned off her phone. I thought she had an accident or something."

"What happened?"

"About an hour later, she called me back. She had driven half the way from Lake City to Gunnison in her truck before she realized."

"She didn't? You mean she drove more than half the way from the ranch before she realized what she had done? Did she have any cloths in the truck?"

"Not a stitch, not even a towel like a good nudist would have."

"Oh My God, that would be so scary, but it would be so erotic too. My pussy would have been so wet."

"Before KC gets here, what is happening this weekend? I mean, you shared me with her, I enjoyed it, but I want to know so I don't do something you don't approve of. Are you thinking we might be able to visit the ranch during the summer? Something else I want to run by you, what do you think about staying at home and working? I just got the results back from my PE test and I passed it. I was thinking I might start my own business now and I could also stay home more. I still will need my own personal draftsman, preferably one that likes wearing very little while she works and keeps me happy."

"Ok, KC, whatever happens, happens. I ok'd it last weekend, I can hardly take it away, but she can decide herself and as for you, it is between the two of you, I give my blessing then, I am not taking it back. Just remember this pussy wants action too." She was cupping her pussy and talking about it as she brought it to my attention.

"I will make a deal with you; I will not do anything with anyone unless you are in the room with us. I agree that you can do the same; we need to always communicate about any of this, because the way to cause problems with a relationship is to not talk to each other. Now, if KC decides to join us, then I expect you to be right there with us, no you, no playing for me."

DE launched into my arms. "God I love you." She hugged me with tears in her eyes.

KC came into the living room where I was sitting with my work cloths still on, but DE was totally naked except for her wedding ring. "Does this mean I can get naked also?"

"Yes KC, I think we should declare this farm as clothing optional. Is that ok with you?" DE said.

"God yes, I ought to tell you, I been talking with Kelly and Jack. I am going to spend the summer working on the ranch. Kelly said I could stay in Joe's house with her. She also asked me to talk with you and see if we might entertain the idea of her buying a third of the ranch. She loves the ranch; she loves the people that work there. I think we really need her to be there also. So you know how I feel; now you can decide what you think."

"Wow, KC, you're going to spend the summer in the buff, I think you will enjoy it." I said.

"Kelly also said she thought we should appraise Joe's house separate and she would buy it and then still buy a third of the ranch. That way we can each build a house of our own there."

"That's not a bad idea." DE said.

"Kelly also mentioned to me, did you know the lodge has a full unfinished basement with it? I was thinking we might want to finish it out and offer part of it for a place for Ana and Eva to live. Maybe make some bunkhouse rooms out of the rest or something."

"I like what I am hearing, KC you have really been working on this haven't you?" I said.

"I think we need to visit the ranch again soon and maybe add a partner to this operation. What do you both think?" KC stated as she removed her cloths.

"I think you're right, I made a call to Bill today earlier. He has a twin engine Cessna that he can fly us to Lake City, did you know they have a small air field there that small planes can land at?" DE told us.

"Sorry Sweetheart, no can do. My parents died in a plane crash, me and my family don't ride on those death traps. Big airplanes are fine but no puddle jumpers. I checked commercial flights; there is a flight that flies to Denver every day with a connecting flight to Grand Junction. We rent a Suburban there and it is a two hour drive to the ranch."

"Damn, that is probably faster than the little plane and a whole lot safer. I guess I will have to keep you around, you seem to show promise." DE teased with a wicked grin.

I grabbed her and had her bent over the couch as I slid my dick into her from behind. "I show you promise." I said as I buried myself in her.

KC moved to the couch in front of DE and me. I watched her spread her legs in front of us and start playing with her pussy. "Can you show me some of that promise also when you're done making her scream?"

DE looked back over her shoulder at me. "God whatever you do, don't stop, that feels so good. Oh yeah, right there, Oh God, you are rubbing my clit on the couch arm as you fuck my pussy. Oh shit, I cumming, that feels so fucking good."

After DE huge orgasm, I moved to KC on the couch with her legs spread wide. I slid my dick in her tight pussy and started pumping her. "God you got such a perfect cock, it stretches my pussy just perfectly."

DE moved behind KC head sitting down and scooting herself under KC's head so the back of KC's head was lying against her pussy. DE reached forward and started playing with KC's breasts tormenting the nipples. KC tried to turn her head around in DE's lap. I pulled my cock from her tight pussy and she turned clear around and buried her face in DE's pussy. I moved behind her and buried my cock again in her tight pussy as she ate DE's pussy. I was loving this, I never thought either one of them would ever do this.

"KC, what are you doing? Oh God, you got to stop. No, No, you're going to make me cum. Oh fuck, Oh God, don't stop Oh shit, I'm cumming Oh shit, what are you doing to my clit? Oh my God, Oh fuck, yes, God right there Oh my God." DE passed out from her forced pleasure. I spun KC around and buried my cock again in her as I lifted her ankles to my shoulders. I hammered my cock in her pussy. She was screaming every dirty word you could think of as she came in a huge orgasm with me painting her cervix with my cum. I picked her up and carried her into our bedroom and placed her on the bed. I went back and got DE and carried her in and placed her on the other side of the bed. I went back and turned the lights off and then used the john. I crawled in the middle between both women and went to sleep. I awoke in the same position I went to sleep in. I don't think a soul moved a bit all night.

I slipped down and out of the end of the bed leaving both women sound asleep. I went to the kitchen and started the coffee pot. I walked back in the room and sat and watched the two angels as they slept. A couple hours later they both started to wake up.

"Oh my God, what did you do to me? I never cum like that before in my life. You really went deep with my ankles up like that. I think you really did fuck my brains out. God thank you, and thank you DE for sharing, he really is a keeper."

"KC, what did you do to me, I remember him fucking me over the arm of the couch and my clit rubbing on the arm as he did. I had a huge orgasm, and then I sat back on the couch to watch him fuck you. I remember you turning around and licking my pussy and then I remember the most exotic things happening to my body. What did you do to me? You were sucking my clit and wouldn't quit, I don't know how many orgasms I had but it was a bunch. Thank You."

"No, Thank you, for allowing me to share his wonderful cock. I have never come close to getting fucked as well as I did last night. That is only the third cock that has ever been in my pussy though."

God sis, that is only the fourth that has been in mine and you are the only woman that has ever kissed my pussy."

"Well you got me bested on both counts."

"What do you mean?"

"I have had one less cock, and I have never had a woman kiss my pussy. I have had a lot of guys do it though and I know I have sucked many more cocks than you have. Oh, and I have never kissed another woman's pussy but yours."

"I owe you then don't I?" DE said with a wicked grin.

"Not right now you don't, my pussy is still very content with the pounding it took, can I have a rain check on it?"

"I know what you mean. Mine got pounded pretty good also."


We made plans to go to the ranch in Colorado three weeks later, but decided to wait and go for Christmas, which was a few weeks later. KC would then be on break, and not miss her school. The weekend at the farm continued with a lot of fun and nothing much different.

My sister, Kim called me and told me she had split up with her live-in boyfriend. He had been drinking and playing house with another woman on the side. Kim wanted us all to come to the farm for Christmas. I had told her about the DE and KC inheriting the ranch in Colorado. I just forgot to conveniently mention a small item about it being a nudist ranch.

I told DE about Kim and asked her what she thought I ought to do. She thought I ought to tell her about the ranch and invite her to go with us. I am two years younger than Kim, her baby brother, her only brother. Kim is a very good looking woman, but I had never seen her naked. Dreamed about it yes, tried to a few times of course, but never happened. I really did not like her boyfriend even before this happened. He was why I had not been to visit her at the farm in the last couple years. Shit, it had been more than two years since I saw my sister.

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