The bar was smoky when I walked in, and I coughed, lighting up a cigarette so I could at least breathe without coughing. I scoped the bar and seeing no one I knew, I approached and took a seat. I gave the bartender my order, a screaming orgasm and he smirked as he walked away.

After getting my drink, I turned and watched the people around me. Noticing a man sitting alone in one of the booths I approached him, drink in my hand.

"You come here often?" yes it was corny but being female I don't have to have stunning pick up lines. Usually walking up a once over gives the guy all the information he needs. Big tits, lips, and ass. Green eyes and black hair. Done. He smiled at me and motioned for me to sit down.

"Hi," He said, stirring his drink. "No I don't actually, I am new in town and just stopping in on the way to a friends wedding." I could not take my eyes off him, dark hair and eyes, strong build and a bulge in his pants I could not ignore.

Removing my shoe, I reached my foot up, caressing his knee. Smiling at his shocked look and reached up further, feeling his hardness against my sole.

"I need to take a trip to the ladies room. Care to accompany me?" I asked with a grin. Getting up, he spilled his drink across the table, but did not pause to wipe it up.

"Umm....s-sure." he stammered, as I took his hand and led him to the back of the room. It was a one person bathroom and I entered, pulling him behind me and closing the door. He turned and locked it, and faced me again.

I stepped forward, reaching out to touch his shoulders, running my hands down to his chest, cocking my head slyly as I explored. I moved and pressed my breasts against him, and he leaned down to kiss me.

His tongue invaded my mouth roughly, and I thought of what good uses I coudl put it to later...

Lifting me, he felt his cock hard against my pussy as my skirt raised and I was pressed against him. Pantiless, I wrapped my legs tighter to feel him and felt a coldness on my bare ass.

As I was set upon the edge of the sink, I lifted his shirt, biting and kissing his nipples while grabbing his ass and pulling what I wanted so badly closer to me, grinding my cunt on the front of his pants.

"Mmmmmm..." I moaned as he reached down, sliding the tips of his fingers up and down my slit. Such a tease, and I pressed harder, lifting my knees to my chest and leaning back a bit to give him access.

He toyed with me, lightly strumming my clit as I reached up to cup my tits through my shirt before lifting it over my head. I pinched my nipples in ecstasy as he inserted one finger then two, enveloping them inside of me.

I felt myself coming and he retreated, to my utter dismay. "Wha-.." I started as he brought a finger to my lips, shushing me. I could smell myself on him and this got me even hotter as I opened my mouth, sucking his finger inside.

I ran my tongue over it, swirling it, and wishing it were his cock, and I reached down to unzip his pants, freeing him. I pulled at him, trying to bring him closer but he only looked me in the eyes shaking his head.

I felt him push at my hole, and I spread as wide as possible to let him enter me. I felt him slide into meand heard myself moaning.

"Oh god yes....please fill me with your luscious cock...ahh yes all the way." He slammed into me, and I was consumed by him. He stood back, looking down in wonder as his cock slid in and out of me, glistening with both of our juices.

I reached down, circling my clit with my fingers as he pushed in and out of me, faster and faster and I reached behind him, grabbing his hair and pulling him down to bite his lips as he fucked me.

Our moans intertwined, and he grabbed me savagely, setting me to my feet and turning me around to face the mirror. I could see the blood in my face, and he nibbled along my neck as he bent me over, pushing his dick against my tight assbud. He reached his hand down, rubbing my wetness all over until he was ready. I was panting in anticipation and ground my ass into him, pressing for more.

Bracing his hand on my back, he slid into me and I could see him gazing back and forth from my conquered ass to my face in the mirror. I watched as I was rocked, and my breasts swayed from his thrusts.

I tightened as I felt myself coming, clenching my ass around his rod, pulling it deeper and deeper with every stroke and his balls reached up, hitting my clit rhythically, and I bit my lip to keep from yelling.

"Oh fuck me, you bastard! Fuck my ass! Oh please..oh shit I am coming!" I yelled at last, and I could not stop the waves of pleasure that washed over me, again and again, intensified by every inch going in and out of me. He reached up, pulling my hair so I had to see his face in the mirror, his teeth clenched as he looked me in the eyes.

Letting go of my hair, he grabbed my hips, giving a few last thrusts as he neared the edge. He groaned loudly and slowed down, caressing my hips as he shuddered, emptying himself into me.

I stood up, breathing hard, back against his chest as we eyed each other in the mirror.

"So," He finally managed at last, "I never got your name...."

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