Bark for me


Hi, this is my first submission. It's for girls that like being controlled and told what to do in a kinkier way. Or if the guys want to think about what a girl is doing while reading this, then join along!

I had a guy tell me to do these things before. You can always send me new things to do.

I was online chatting, a man started telling me that he wanted me to be a nasty dirty slut pet for him. I wanted to experiment more with my submissive side. I let him call me on yahoo messenger and we had this conversation. You will need 2 bowls and rubberbands. I'll call him: subtrainer

subtrainer: What are you wearing slut? Tell me everything..

Me: I'm wearing a tshirt, bra, pj pants, and panties.

subtrainer: Too much clothes. Go on all fours. Arch your back.

Bark. Bark. Bark. Bitch. Call me Sir.

Me: Yes sir..

subtrainer: Up on your knees. Bark. Take your shirt off slowly. Go back on all fours.

Me: Ok's off.

subtrainer: Arch your back! Bark slut Crawl around in a circle slowly. Bark!

Me: Ruff! Ruff! Mmmm yes sir

subtrainer: Stand up. Take your pants off slowly. Stick your tongue out like a dog Then Go back on all fours. Keep your tongue out. Drool on yourself. Tell me about your drool.

Me: Yes sir my pants are off..I have drool all over my chin and tits.

subtrainer: Good pet slut. Crawl to get 2 bowls. Bring one back with water in it. Arch your back! Bark. Bark. Don't wipe any drool off of you. Leave it there.

Me: Yes sir, I have the bowls.. one with water. Bark! Wooof!

subtrainer: On your knees again. Slowly take off your bra.

Back on all fours. And arch that back. Head up high with tongue out.

Me: My bra is off sir.. Woof Woofff!

subtrainer: Bark. Bark. Crawl by the bowl. Dip your right tit in the bowl. Then the left.

Me: Umm ok sir.. My nipples are cold now Wooof Wooof

subtrainer: I don't care slut pet. Up on your knees again. You're going to slap your right tit when I give you the numbers, you say thank you sir i'm a dirty pet whore when I'm done.

Me: Yes Sir..

subtrainer: START Slap your right tit 1 2 3 4 5.

Me: Owww yes thank you sir I'm a dirty pet whore.

subtrainer: Now the left tit. GO 1 2 3 4 5

Me: Mmmm yes thank you sir I'm a dirty pet whore.

subtrainer: Pinch and twist your nipples. Hard! Slap them both at the same time. 1 2 3 4 5.

Me: Thank you sir I'm a dirty pet whore.. mmmmm oww

subtrainer: Stand up. Tongue out. Take your panties off slow. Bark!

Me: My panties are off sir..Ruff!

subtrainer: Back on all fours. Tongue out. Bark. Bark. Arch your back. Crawl around in a circle then roll on your back with your knees and hands up next to your tits.

Me: Yes sir! Woof Wooff!!

subtrainer: Keep the tongue out. Spread your legs. Slap that pussy 1 2 3 4 5. After you can thank me and say Thank You sir I'm a whore slut dog.

Me: Ahhh thank you sir I'm a whore slut dog.

subtrainer: Now your left tit. 1 2 3. Right tit. 1 2 3

Me: Owwww thank you sir I'm a whore slut dog.

subtrainer: Now both at once. 1 2 3 4 5. hard pussy slap 1 2 3

Roll back on your hands and knees. Tongue out. Bark. Bark.

Me: Mmmm Thank you sir I'm a whore slut dog Wooof Ruff!

subtrainer: Take your right hand. Pull it back. You're going to slap that fat ass of yours. After, you can say thank you sir I'm a nasty pup. Slap your right ass cheek. 1 2 3, HARDER 4 5 6.

Me: Ohhh thank you sir I'm a nasty pup.

subtrainer: Left hand. Left ass check. 1 2 3, arch that back! 4 5 6.

Me: Mmmm thank you sir I'm a nasty pup.

subtrainer: On your knees. Bark. Both hands, slap both cheeks. 1 2 3 4 5.

Me: Yes thank you sir I'm a nasty pup.

subtrainer: Stick your tongue out. Bark bark. Spit and drool on each tit. Let it drip down on your tits and nipples. Onto your stomach and onto your pussy. Describe yourself to me right now.

Me: Ahh yes sir.. My tits are wet with spit and drool, it has run down my stomach and reached my pussy and I'm so wet right now sir. Wooof Wooof.

subtrainer: Back on all fours. Bend down with your face by the bowl with the water. Ass high in the air Lick up the water like a dog.

Me: Ahhh ok sir..

subtrainer: Come up on your knees. Let the sloppy drool run down your tits and body. Again.. count to 10 while you lick up water. Come up and let the drool run down that nasty body of yours.

subtrainer: Crawl to get rubber bands. Stretch them between your thumb and middle finger. Place your hand over your right. tit. Pull up one side with your other hand and let it go to smack on your tit when I say so. You tell me Thank you sir I'm a doggie slut. Ready? Right tit, let it stretch out, now let go!

Me: Owwww Thank you sir I'm a doggie slut.

subtrainer: Now the left one. Do the same thing. Pull up that rubberband, and let go! Smack!

Me: ahhhh sir.. Thank you sir I'm a doggie slut.

subtrainer: Tongue out! Bark bark. Drool on yourself. Roll on your back. Spit at your pussy.

Me: Wooof Woof Rufff!

subtrainer: Get ready to slap that dirty pussy and say Thank you sir for my pussy slaps.. Go! 1 2 3 4 5

Me: Mmmm Thank you sir for my pussy slaps

subtrainer: Slap your right tit. 1 2 3 4 5 6. Left tit. 1 2 3 4 5 6. Both tits. 1 2 3

Me: Ahhh owww..

subtrainer: Dip your finger in your cunt. Wipe the juice on your left nipple. Dip another finger In you. Rub it on the right nipple.

Roll over again and crawl to the empty bowl on all fours. Arch the back! Bark! Tongue out!

Me: Wooff Woooff!

subtrainer: Straddle the bowl with your pussy. You're getting punished, you didn't say thank you for the tit slaps whore. Didn't my little pet whore need to pee before?

Me: I'm sorry sir.. thank you for my tit slaps. Yes I had to pee.. but..

subtrainer: Well good then, your sorries don't work right now slut.. Straddle that bowl and you're going to piss in it.

Me: No.. no.. sir.. please I can't...

subtrainer: You're going to piss in that bowl you little whore, you do as I say! Now piss! Go ahead. Do it. Let that piss out right in the bowl.

Me: Ahhh uhhh..sir...please...

subtrainer: Do it now pet slut or you will be punished way more then pissing in a bowl! Bark and pee!

Me: Woof wooof! Sir..I'm peeing your dirty slut pet is pissing for you.

subtrainer: Back up looking at your bowl of piss when you're done. Slut pet. Bark. Arch your back. Don't you feel humiliated you little slut? Look what you did slut. Say it..

Me: I'm humiliated sir.. Your slut pissed in a bowl for you.

subtrainer: Dip your right tit in the piss. Then the left tit. Lift your self up to your knees. Slut. Dripping that piss while you get up all over that dirty whore body.

subtrainer: Crawl around the room. Shake your ass while you do so. Tongue out. Bark. Bark. Arch!

Me: Mmmm yes sir Woof Woof ruff!!

subtrainer: Crawl back. Arch your back. Bark. Bark. Take your hands and spread your butt cheeks. Wide! Is your pussy wet?

Me: Yes sir, I'm so wet right now.

subtrainer: Good you little pet whore. Dip your hands in that pussy, get the fingers nice and wet. Rub them all over your asshole.

Me: Please sir, no not my asshole!

subtrainer: You will do as I say bitch pet! Now, on your knees again. Give that pussy 5 slaps for me, each one getting harder. Count out loud!

Me: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Thank you for my pussy slaps sir.

subtrainer: put a finger up that pussy, fuck yourself. Oh you're wet and you want to cum?

Me: Yes sir, your little slut wants to cum please!

subtrainer: Not yet! Roll over on your back again. Rub that clit while you put a finger up that pussy and fuck yourself. Don't you dare cum!

Me: Mmmm yes sir! I'm so wet, I'm dripping.

subtrainer: Bark! Bark! Spit on those tits!

Me: Wooof wooof! Yes sir!

subtrainer: Slap your pussy, 1 2 3 4 5!

Me: Thank you sir for my pussy slaps.

subtrainer: Roll over on all fours again. Crawl to that bowl of piss again and dip your right tit in it, then your left tit.

Me: Okay sir..

subtrainer: Let that piss drip al over that pup body of yours. Shake like a dog and bark!

Me: Wooof ruff!

subtrainer: Good pet slut, now dip that finger in your pussy again and get it nice and wet. Now rub it on your asshole. You're going in your asshole.

Me: Please sir.. no not my asshole, I don't want to.

subtrainer: You're going to push that finger in your asshole, NOW!

Me: Owww, sir. It hurts!

subtrainer: I don't care little pet whore, slide it in and out slowly.

subtrainer: Roll over on your back. Keep a finger in your asshole, get a finger on the same hand to reach into your pussy. That's right, one hand filling 2 of your dirty holes.

Me: Mmmm sir, I'm so wet I want to cum!

subtrainer: Not yet whore! Slap that pussy with the other free hand. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!

Me: Ohhh ahhh thank you sir! I'm a slut pet whore.

subtrainer: Start rubbing that clit. Faster. Does this little dog slut want to come for master?

Me: Yes please master! Can I please cum for you?

subtrainer: No. STOP. Take all of your fingers away from your pussy and asshole. Bark Bark!

Me: Ahh..yes sir. Wooof! Rufff!!

subtrainer: Get up on your knees. Hands up next to your tits. Stick your tongue out, let yourself drool all over you. Spit on your tits again, across your body to that pussy. If you miss you need to keep spitting. Bark!

Me: Yes thank you sir wooof ruff!

subtrainer: Stick that finger up your asshole again. Then rub your clit with the other hand.

Me: Mmm yes sir!

subtrainer: Don't fucking cum! You wait for my command whore.

Me: Yes sir, please I need to cum for you!

subtrainer: Roll on your back again. Legs straight up in the air! Bark for me!

Me: Okkay sir, ruffff!

subtrainer: Keep a finger fucking your asshole, with the same hand add a finger inside that filth pussy.

Me: Ohh owww, yes sir!

subtrainer: Now rub that clit again for me FAST! Slap that clit, 1 2 3 4 5.

Me: Ahhh yes sir thank you for clit slaps, please I need to cum.

subtrainer: Oh my little whore doing anything I say so she can cum.

Me: Yes sir, please! Please let your dirty pet slut dog cum.

subtrainer: Ok.. Wait until I say cum, but get ready to cum. Say I'm a slut pet that pisses for master.

Me: Mmm I'm a slut pet that pisses for master.

subtrainer: Say "This dirty piss whore needs to cum" BARK

Me: Woofff This dirty piss whore needs to cum please!! Rouuuuf

subtrainer: Wait....

subtrainer: Ready.... When I count to 10 you can cum and bark when you cum! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10! CUM!!!

Me: Woooooofff mmmmm ooooohhhh yes sirr thank you ruuufff ruuffff I'm cummingg!!!

subtrainer: Good whore. Goodbye.

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