tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarmaid Duties Ch. 04

Barmaid Duties Ch. 04


Alice now works top less unless there are non-locals in the bar. if no none locals are in the bar she will be made to suck cock anywhere in the bar that a local demands it. If nonlocals are in she can be taken in to the back office to suck dick.

After the first night watching her like this Paul is so horny that he takes her in the arse for the first time followed by john.

To say I was pleased with what was now happening to Alice is an understatement, getting her a job with John Vann at the pub a few miles away was a magnificent master-stroke of mine, just seeing how filthy and perverted he was with Fiona made him the ideal candidate for advancing Alice's cock intake.

Fiona had had a couple of weeks from fucking now after the well-earned rest I'd given her after the London convention and she was back sharing a bed with me for the first time.

I'd just fucked each of her holes for the first time in maybe three weeks and they felt absolutely heavenly stretched tightly around my meat that I just had to tell her so.

"Shit whore I've missed these beautiful holes," I said as I alternated between her pussy and arsehole over and over making her come four times in the process before I pulled out and came all over both her holes, pubes and stomach.

"Thank you owner," she whimpered, "I've missed your thick cock so much these last two weeks," she said rubbing my come all over her pussy lips and arsehole before scooping excess come in to her mouth.

We then laid in bed watching TV and she asked me what Alice had been doing as she always came home naked and looked so tired as she passed through the lounge and went to bed.

"She's working in the bar over in the next village, she's doing really well actually," i laughed.

"What have you been making her do owner?" she asked quietly, the concern in her voice easy to spot.

The fact that she was concerned for Alice was nice but it also gave me another angle to exploit with Fiona, fear, fear of what was happening to her daughter when she wasn't involved.

"Are you worried about her whore?" I asked.

"A little owner, she is only 18 after all. She's so young for," she stopped herself.

"Young for what whore?" I pushed.

"For, for being such a whore like me," she said.

I smiled at her wonderful admission, "But your such a good whore Fiona remember that and Alice can and probably will be just as good, I hope you're not going to cause me any problems whore?" I said as I turned her face to mine so that she could see I meant it.

"No owner, I won't cause any problems," she said.

"Good, I know I'll let you come along tonight so you can see what she's doing, would you like that whore?" I offered.

"Yes please owner," she replied.

Hours later as we prepared to set off for the pub Alice looked mightily confused when her mother came downstairs in a skin tight boob tube showing her big dark areola and nipples and short white skirt barely covering her arse.

"Where are you going mum?" Alice asked.

"To the pub where you work honey, owner is taking me to see what you do," she said, "I'm worried about you," she added.

"Don't be, owner looks after me just as well as you mum, anyway this is for me not you!" she said angrily.

I noticed the exchange between mother and daughter and not for the first time was it that I detected jealousy from Alice. She had shown signs of this before especially when her mother seemed to be getting more cock than her.

This I thought was a good sign, firstly because it showed me that Alice was wanting cock more and more and secondly she still felt threatened by her mother. Jealous of her and the cock she fucked, jealous that all the cock at the pub might not be all hers for much longer.

This gave me a good angle to use against Alice, jealousy and fear I thought, I could have fun with that.

"Get in the car you two fucking whores, it's time to go," I said holding open the kitchen door for them both.

Alice reached the car and jumped in the front relegating her mother to back in a clear show that this was her ride and her gig and she would be up top with me.

The car journey was silent the whole way until we pulled in to the car park and Fiona spoke from the back, "Isn't this where John Vann works?" she asked leaning forward between the seats.

"Yes it is," I said.

"How do you know?" Alice asked her mother, "I suppose you've fucked him already haven't you?" she spat angrily.

Before she could speak I shut off the car and told them both to shut up and get out. Alice led the way in to the pub as usual followed by me and then Fiona.

Paul was behind the bar with John already and greeted us before realising Fiona was behind, "Her he is with our little slut," he shouted.

"Oh and a guest," he said as he moved slightly for a better look and I moved allowing Fiona to be seen properly by both Paul and John who had a gigantic smirk across his face as he eyed Fiona.

If Alice was still doubting if her mother and John Vann had history his smirk was confirming her fears.

"You Fiona aren't you? Alan's wife from the next village?" he asked looking puzzled.

"Ha ha," John laughed causing Paul to look at him.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"She might still be Alan's wife Paul, but let me tell you she's also his fucking whore," he said pointing at me and laughing, "And I can't believe I've been so fucking dumb," he said hitting his forehead with his palm.

"What?" said Paul looking totally bemused by John's actions.

"I can't believe I've been so fucking dumb," he said again as it dawned on Alice what he had finally realised.

"Spit it out then," Paul said.

"Our little slut over there is this whores daughter," he said, "I can't believe I didn't twig on," he laughed to himself.

"Well well well, is it true?" he said looking at Alice, "Is that your mother?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

"And are you his whore as well?" he said looking at Fiona whilst pointing at me.

"Yes I'm his whore," Fiona replied.

"Well bugger fucking me, you lad are one lucky fucking cunt," he said. "So what happens about our little arrangement with her mother here?" he asked.

"Nothing changes, you carry on as normal, act as if this whore isn't even here. You'll get no problems from either of my whores," I told him.

"Young whore get to work," I told her and she scurried behind the bar whilst we pulled up stools and sat as John poured us a pint and a vodka and coke.

Alice was behind the bar putting back on her blouse after removing her bra to hang on the hook when Paul stopped her.

"No blouse tonight," he said and she hesitated a minute before hanging it on the hook next to her bra. she looked at the other hooks that now lined the wood where before there had been two.

"The third hook is for your knickers, you don't wear them anymore whilst at work so take them off too," he told her and watched as she peeled them down and unrolled them before hanging them up.

John put our drinks down in front of us whilst Fiona watched what was happening to her daughter ignoring John.

"What do you say to John whore?" I said, unhappy at her lack of manners.

"I'm sorry excuse my rudeness John, thank you for the drink," she said.

He didn't acknowledge it really, only with a smile and then looked at me and said, "May I?" nodding towards Fiona's big tits.

"Help yourself," I said taking a big swig of my drink.

John's hands reached between the pumps and found Fiona's larger tits with ease and he gave them a good maul, making sure to pinch her nipples in the process so that they became even more visible beneath the thin white material.

"What do you say to John? I shouldn't have to remind you of your manners twice whore," I snapped.

"Sorry owner it won't happen again, thank you for touching my tits John I loved it," she said and he walked off smirking.

Alice then began to sort some of the bits out that she normally did before the bar filled up, as she walked up and down the bar John took the full opportunity to feel her tits and finger her cunt right in front of Fiona.

Then about a minute before Paul was going to unlock the doors he called Alice over to where they were stood at the bar near me and Fiona.

"Other changes to your duties will include, if anyone wants to feel these," he said touching her tits, "or touch, stroke and finger this," he said grabbing her cunt, "then you let them is that understood?" he said.

"Yes Mr Townsend," she replied looking away from her mothers gaze quickly.

"That's not all, you know each and every one of the locals cocks personally so if they want a suck then you suck is that clear?"

"Yes Mr Townsend," she replied her face crimson

"And one more thing, if a non-local comes in with or without a local then you wait out the back until I come and get you is that clear," he said.

"Yes Mr Townsend," she replied.

he then went and opened the door and three locals came straight in and up to the bar, it wasn't until they were ordering that they noticed Fiona sitting with me and what she was wearing.

I'd became a well known face so they spoke to me and asked me who my friend was, I don't lie when it comes to my whores so told them, "This is Fiona my other whore," I said leaving out the bit about them being mother and daughter for now.

"Come and say hi whore," I said without even looking at her.

She clambered down off the stool and came and stood beside me and Trevor as the others came a bit closer.

"Hi my name is whore and this is my Owner," she said and pulled Trevor towards her for a kiss on the cheek, she did this with the other two and then sat back on her stool.

I spoke to the others for a bit and they couldn't believe I'd bagged myself two whores. They went and found seats and drank for a while before ordering more beers.

John sent Alice over with a tray as a few more locals came in, soon there were fifteen locals in the bar and Alice was spending more of her time out in the bar than serving drinks.

This was due to the fact that every time she took a drink over she was having her tits and pussy felt.

Fiona had drawn in a lot of attention of her own much to Alice's annoyance. Like with the first introduction she made she'd told the next twelve that she was called whore and I was her owner.

It was at about 9pm when I was walking fiona towards the toilet as we both needed to pee that we came across Alice by the corner table sucking a young lads hard cock.

Reece was holding the back of her head as he bobbed it up and down his length occasionally making her gag. Fiona went to head in to the toilet but I pulled her back, "Watch," I told her.

One of Reece's friends then came in, Louie and walked round the corner with a beer, "Fucking hell lad," he said slapping Alice's arse and high fiving his friend.

"Finger the slut Louie, Paul's gave her new rules she's game to be fingered and suck cock bro," he said.

"Yeah he just told me at the bar, fucking great stuff," he said putting his beer on the side before getting close behind Alice.

She bucked forward, "Ummmmm," she growled as her pussy was invaded by fingers from behind, "Oh yessss," she squealed throwing her head up from Reece's cock as his friend Louie fingered her hole harder and faster.

As she opened her eyes she saw over Reece's shoulder that we were watching and she smirked back at her mother, for once she was the centre of attention and not her slutty mum.

"That's it boys use me," she announced before lowering her head back to Reece's cock to finishes the job she started by sucking him until he came down her throat.

"Here let me get some of that," said Louie pulling her straight round and pushing her downwards to his exposed cock. she opened her mouth and took him straight down and gave him the same treatment as Reece.

As she took her second load I lowered my hand between Fiona's legs and pushed her skirt up to find her gusset, "Just as I thought whore," I said rubbing the front of her saturated thin knickers.

When we returned from the toilet Alice was behind the bar serving, well she was bent down with her legs wide open showing the five locals at the bar her freshly pumped pussy.

We, or should I say Fiona drew a bit of attention as she passed through the bar and even more attention when I told her to sit with her back to the bar and her legs wide open on the stool.

The white triangle of material on her thong that was designed to hide her pussy was certainly not doing its job now. the moisture from her cunt had turned it even more transparent and it clung to her meaty cunt lips as they began to swell as she became more turned on.

The material had folded nicely between her cunt lips as she'd walked and then sat down that a perfect camel toe was now being displayed to whoever wanted to see it. With her skirt being ridiculously short anyway and with her slumped position and wide legs it was almost round her waist.

"Oh hi," a man said from beside her as he turned and looked down smiling at what he saw. it was Raymond one of the locals who had just come in and was waiting for a pint. with Alice displaying herself like she was he'd been waiting a while.

"Well who are you I don't think we've met before have we," looking at me and winking on the opposite side of her.

I winked back and he placed his big workers hand on her left inside thigh somewhere between her pussy and her knee. He ran his hand slowly upwards stopping just before her cunt before rubbing back down to her knee slowly.

"Hi I'm whore, and this is my owner," she said pointing up at me. "Please to meet you sir," she said embarrassingly to a man roughly the same age as her.

"Well aint you a lucky fucker," he said to me.

"You could say that Raymond, or just very persuasive with the ladies," I laughed.

He moved his hand towards her cunt and I reached out to stop him by grabbing his hand, he looked at me, staring intently and I had to hold his gaze a moment before telling him, "No Raymond, the whores on display, nothing more tonight."

He held his hand there a moment longer and then pulled away, "Ok, I understand, be sure to bring her back another night though," he said turning back to the bar.

"Thank you," Fiona said beside me.

"What for whore?" I asked completely caught off guard at her comment.

"For not just letting him touch me," she said.

A couple of the other locals were now standing and watching, well more looking at Fiona's cunt to be honest and listening in to our conversation.

"You're not here to be used tonight, but if decided to let these men touch you then you would allow them wouldn't you?" I said to her.

"Of course owner," she replied.

"Well don't thank me then whore," I said turning to the bar to order more drinks and watch Alice sucking off one of the older locals at the far end of the bar.

Her excellent performance had caught the eye of a lot of the locals and she was readily goaded by the mob to suck Clive's cock harder and faster, which she did in earnest until she swallowed his huge load of come right there beside the bar.

With the night wearing on and the locals getting full of beer this performance seemed to turn the night on its head and poor Alice spent the next two and a half hours sucking cock and getting fingered all over the bar.

I made Fiona walk around the bar watching, either standing right next too or sitting beside her daughter as she drain cock after cock and orgasmed on countless different fingers that filled her little cunt.

By the time closing came round Alice must've sucked and drank eleven or twelve loads of come and been fingered by all the of the locals at least once, but probably two or three times each would be more realistic.

Paul locked up and I sat on the bar stool with an open legged Fiona next too John enjoying a pint as Alice stripped off and cleaned up the bar.

We engaged in light hearted banter for a few minutes before Paul joined us with a pint after locking up, whilst we waited for Alice he asked about Fiona and how I'd been so bloody lucky in snaring both mother and daughter.

I filled him in with all the gory details about how Fiona didn't have the willpower to resist my cock, how I'd fucked her in front of Alan, who he actually knew but had never met Fiona, and finally how much of a whore she had become.

I then told him all about Alice fucking her bests mates boyfriend which I found out about and used against her, taking her to where she is today.

Naked, cleaning the bar down with a belly full of come and a soaking wet cunt.

"May I," he asked looking down at Fiona's barely covered cunt.

"By rights she isn't here for use tonight Paul, tonight is all about her watching her daughter be used. You see it actually makes this old whore jealous now when her daughter gets all the attention. Makes her more eager to please me though which I don't mind!" I laughed.

"Yeah that's cool, not like I haven't got access to any pussy," he said nodding back towards Alice cleaning the bar.

I looked over at her and seen she was just about finishing up, it gave me an opportunity and idea to make Alice feel jealous. After all she had been getting her fair share and I saw the way she looked at her mother rubbing it in. God they were both such greedy whores now!

"You know what Paul, go on, have a feel why not, you are the owner after all and she has been teasing you with that pussy all night, it's only right you get to have a good look and feel," I said to him.

"Fuck me good man, John get him another beer," he said necking the remainder of his own and putting it on the bar beside Fiona.

She just looked at me and smiled but I could see that she was hurt and disappointed as she thought that I would spare her this for at least one night, she should know better than to second guess me.

Paul stepped back and then into the space between her splayed legs on the stool,"It looks to me like you've a got a very wet pussy Fiona?" he said rubbing his hands up both of her thighs until his fingers nearly touched her soaking knickers.

"I have Paul," she answered not even flinching at his touch.

"You can call me Mr Townsend too," he said not stopping.

"Yes Mr Townsend," she said confirming her acceptance of the instruction.

He couldn't resist to long, not many men could, and his fingers found the edge of her knicker gusset and moments later he'd pulled it from her wet folds and yanked it aside exposing Fiona's obscenely wet hole.

"Fuck me, wet!" he exclaimed just as Alice walked over and saw what he was doing, "It's fucking dripping you whore," he spat as Alice sidled up beside him her face struck with the same look her mother had earlier.

Fiona saw this and she being the more experienced whore took full advantage to make her own daughter feel shit. Cock made these bitches ruthless and I loved it.

"It's dripping wet thinking about being touched by you Mr Townsend," she cooed, smiling at him and opening her legs wider and pulling her left leg back, hooking it behind the pump of the Guinness on the bar.

She had to slide down and adjust herself but she managed it and was now spread like a whore, displaying the wettest pussy I'd ever seen fiona get. Maybe that month off I'd given her had reinvigorated her.

Maybe that's what I needed to do, give them a bigger break to keep them obsessed and craving cock.

"Mr Townsend I've finished cleaning up," Alice said beside him trying her hardest to take his attention from her slutty mother.

"I'll get to you in a minute, actually John, you take this slut first tonight," he said," I'm going to be a little while longer here," he said

John came round and took Alice's hand pulled her towards him on the stool pretty much right beside where Fiona was splayed, "This'll do wont it slut?"

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