tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarmaid Duties Ch. 05

Barmaid Duties Ch. 05


Alice was well into her tenth week now and she was fully accustomed to her role as the pub whore as opposed to the barmaid. She actually very rarely even carried out many traditional barmaid tasks as most of her time was spent being groped, fingered or sucking dicks throughout the pub.

When she wasn't doing that she was behind the bar displaying herself to customers as they ordered. Paul had had to have a staff rethink in the last few weeks due to Alice's popularity he was busy every night she worked now.

The trouble is the two other bar staff were not the sort to get involved with the activities he had Alice carrying out and they would likely bubble him to the brewery, so he let them go and replaced them with two blokes Paul knew.

Tom and Steve had started on Alice's 9th week and finished their first shift emptying a load each in her cunt following Paul and John's big loads, they were fully on board with Paul's plans and Alice just had to accept it.

Tonight was the first game of the winter darts league and Paul had bought Alice a new tiny bikini that he said was her mascot outfit. She changed in to the bikini and stood in the middle of the pub so that we could get a good look at her.

"Wow," we all muttered at once, the top was probably a size to small and the small triangles of red material barely covered her areola. Her breasts bulged from the sides, underneath and between leaving nothing at all to the imagination as her nipples protruded against the fabric.

The matching thong bottoms were as equally small as the bra triangle, that too covering just enough of her pussy so that her lips didn't hang out the side. Unfortunately for her though her young hungry cunt almost ate the fabric so a very pronounced camel toe would be visible all night.

"You expect me to wear this all night Paul?" she asked, "But there are people from another pub coming down Paul," she protested.

"And, what's the problem all you've got to do is serve drinks and look pretty, no showing pussy, no being fingered and no sucking dick," he said and then added, "Well not until I say so anyway," before laughing at her.

She seemed to accept what he'd said and went about setting out the tables freeing up the area for the dart board ready for their arrival.

The team all started arriving at about 7 so that they could have an hour on the board before the away team arrived, there was six in total and Alice knew them all. She'd sucked all their cocks on more than one occasion, had her tits mauled by them all and had her pussy fingered by them more times than she could remember.

She hadn't fucked them all though, she was certain of that, she knew she'd slept with at least three of the six and wondered whether she'd sleep with the others any time soon.

After serving them all drinks they went off to play darts, she could handle this she thought, most of the other locals seemed to avoid the place on team nights and it remained just the six until the other team arrived at eight o' clock.

They were a boisterous lot from a pub closer to the town and she didn't know any of them luckily enough, so the remarks she had to endure from them all as she served them didn't really bother her that much, she was getting towards being past embarrassed now.

The night went pretty much without a hitch just like Paul said, she'd had to endure the away teams slobber and come ons for three hours but that was to be expected considering her minimal outfit.

When the away team left Paul came over to speak to Simon the captain, "How'd we do mate?"

"Really good Paul, we won 7-2," he said pleased as punch.

"Great stuff," he said slapping Simon's shoulder, "plenty more wins this year then, we were crap last year," he laughed.

He then paused a beat to swig his beer before calling Alice over. She came from behind the bar and all eyes were on her jiggling tits and perfect body, even whilst she stood there beside Paul all the lads eyes were on her wonderful body.

"So Alice the lads won tonight," Paul said to her.

"Yeah so I hear, well done boys," she said and then stood silent for an awkward moment.

"Well don't you think the boys deserve some sort of reward," he said rubbing a finger over her left nipple until it strained even more against the material.

She knew where this was heading now, she could suck all six she thought, she'd sucked that many before in a night so she knew it wouldn't be so bad.

"What do you reckon lads you think I should set up a little win bonus incentive," he said still casually rubbing her now erect left nipple.

"Oh yeah that sounds like a good idea," they all chimed in agreeing with the landlord.

"Settled then, you win, you get to fuck Alice," her head shot round, all the lads heads shot round and again there was an awkward silence for a moment.

"You wouldn't mind fucking the team when they win would you Alice," he said pulling the material away from her left nipple exposing it's absurd hardness to the darts team.

"Errr," she began.

"No didn't think so, your a good sport aren't you Alice," he said and they all laughed.

"She's all yours boys, I'll lock up," he said as he walked off leaving her to the six locals who descended on her at once, hands were on her tits and between her legs in an instant and before long she was naked, her bikini tossed in to different directions as she was lead towards the pool table.

"Pussy and mouth only, her arse is mine and John's" Paul shouted over as she disappeared round the corner in a scrum of men.

As she was laid on her back across the pool table she was actually pleased Paul had saved her arse for him and John, taking six there in a row would've been a whole new thing for her and she wasn't sure whether she'd even be able to handle it.

As I entered the pool room with my beer and pulled up a seat it dawned on me that this would be Alice's first gangbang and my cock twitched at the thought.

I pulled out my phone and text Fiona who I'd left at home again, "Your missing out her tonight you old whore, your slutty daughter is about to fuck the six man darts team as payment for winning."

It was five minutes before I received a text back, "The lucky girl, I hope she'll make you as proud as I would if I was given to six men by you owner"

She was jealous, I could tell by the way she was trying to discredit her daughters actions against her own. I loved it that my whores were in some imaginary competition in order to win favour in my eyes.

Well it seemed Fiona was and it seemed to me that she would do absolutely anything at this moment to please me. I decided to test her dedication and willingness.

I composed another text to her, "Put on a thong, and a small gaping vest that shows nearly all your braless tits, then go next door but one to Alex's house. Knock on his door and ask him for sex, if your not riding his cock in the kitchen when I come in you wont be getting any cock for another month," I hit send.

Alice was just about to be entered by the second cock as the men shifted round and a different dick filled her throat at the same time.

My phone beeped signalling Fiona's reply, "What if his wife answers owner it could expose me properly to the neighbours,"

"Are you saying you cant do it whore?" I replied

"No owner, but what will I say to her?" she asked

"You'll think of something," I replied and left it at that.

Forty minutes later Alice had drained all six cocks with her glorious cunt and stood beside the table leaking it all down her thighs and on to the floor.

Paul told her to lick it all before she could go, which she did eagerly before us all and eventually I could take her home at midnight. she walked a little funny to the car feeling the affects of her first proper gangbang.

When I pulled up outside ours I noticed Alex's lights still on in his house, which was definitely unusual for him. I walked down the path to the kitchen door and before I even reached it I smiled to myself as I heard the unmistakeable squeals of Fiona riding cock.

I pushed open the door and was greeted by a perfectly positioned Fiona riding Alex's hard cock reverse cow girl with her legs wide so that the first thing I saw was her stretched full to the brim cunt working overtime.

I smiled at her and winked, she beamed me back a big smile and humped him harder and faster, bringing on a massive orgasm just for my benefit.

I shut the door and ushered a naked Alice in, pushing her up towards Alex's head.

"Fuck me Alice, what the hell," he said as he saw her naked for the first time, his daughters school friend. "How the fuck do you do it Ali?" he laughed.

"I'll teach you one day Alex, maybe you can get that prude Michelle of yours to open her legs a bit," I laughed.

I pulled Alice round and ushered her upstairs, "Go on get some rest, you've had more than enough cock tonight," I said slapping her arse.

I strode back in the kitchen and presented my cock to Fiona which hungrily accepted while still bouncing on Alex's pole.

"So how did you end up here Alex?" I asked.

"Fuck me you wouldn't believe what this whore did Ali, oh actually you probably would!" he laughed, "She turns up on the doorstep in a thong and a vest showing off nearly all of them big tittes, and you know what, fucking Michelle answers," he laughed.

"Your joking, and your still here?" I laughed, "balls deep in my whore, Michelle must be more understanding than I thought." I said laughing again.

"Nah, Fiona here tells her that she's got a water leak and it's flooding the bathroom, Michelle offers my services even with her dressed like a hooker and her I am," he laughed.

He came in her five minutes at the same time she came again which made me empty down her throat.

Alex cleared off quickly knowing full well he'd get the third degree when he got in, I on the other hand took Fiona to bed for a leisurely arse fuck to thank her for being a good whore.

The following night was the pool teams turn and again Alice wore a tiny bikini and served both teams all night round the pool table. this time she was manhandled slightly more by the younger men from both sets of teams.

Again she didn't know the opposing team so a few arse slaps throughout the night didn't really bother her too much and she managed to get through the night, just about without coming in her bikini bottoms.

Two of the pool team had to shoot off straight after and even the away team stayed quite late so it was eleven before it was just her, Paul, Tom, Steve and the four young locals in the pool team.

Alice knew the team had won as everyone had crowed round to watch the last game decider which Daz had won convincingly, she was already expecting to have to have sex with the four young lads again and her pussy had moistened in preparation.

Negotiations took a similar pattern to last night, involved Paul and the team but not her, and again it was decided she'd pay with her pussy, much to the lads delight.

As Alice got laid out on the same table she'd fucked the darts team on last night I pulled out my phone to text Fiona, I had another little challenge for her tonight.

"White thong, short blue vest showing off your stomach and cleavage put this on and then look out the window from the back bedroom and send me a picture of the houses with lights on." Send.

Ten minutes later three photos came through showing houses with lights on. One was Mark, Lee and Craig s , they were a group of young men in their twenties who had moved in not long back, we hadn't really met them yet.

The furthest house away was a strange man called Cyril, he lived with his misses who was as equally strange.

The last house was directly across the road, his name was Marvin, he'd lived on the street longer than Fiona and we'd often fell out over car parking spaces in the past, more so Fiona than me.

She hated him, despised the bloke actually and his snooty bitch wife who was on the council. But I'd caught Marvin eyeing Fiona quite differently a few times, and why not I make Fiona flaunt it whilst his prude covers it.

"Go over to Marvin's and be riding his cock in the kitchen like last night, make sure you let him fuck your arse too, actually make sure he comes in all your holes." Send.

"Oh owner, why Marvin, I hate that bastard?" she said.

"It'll be even more humiliating for you then wont it whore?" Send .

"Yes owner, it will but I'll do it," she replied.

"I know you will," Send.

Alice was fucked for a lot longer and much harder than the previous night, these four young lads had stamina and after coming in her once they passed her round again until she'd had four sticky loads down her throat as well.

It was well past twelve thirty when I left with a tired and sore Alice, that I wasn't sure whether Marvin would still be there, if she'd managed to get him there at all.

Marvin knew for a fact that Fiona didn't like him and he told me all about the biggest car parking bust up they had prior to me moving in, he said it was a blazing stand up row in the street which led Fiona to reporting him to the council.

That caused him and his wife a shit storm as she was on the council and matters of unsavoury disputes with neighbours wouldn't sit to well with her bosses. Since then they have been at logger heads but never speak if they pass in the street.

Marvin and his wife are probably a little older than Fiona's forty years and he's quite an imposing figure. Marvin is a landscape gardener so is pretty fit, tall, and strong with big hands, but every time we've spoken he is a quietly spoken man who seems really nice, just not so nice to Fiona.

We pulled down the street and I looked first towards Marvin's and was happy to see his back gate wide open and his kitchen light still on, this was maybe a good sign I hoped.

Alice got out the car very awkwardly, she'd been fucked really hard tonight in only her second gangbang which unfortunately for her followed her first the day before. I did warn her that her next shift in could be the same outcome due to the fact it was the skittles team turn.

I made her wait before me like the previous night and sure enough from inside we could hear Fiona hard at work on a cock. like last night I opened the door and was greeted with another wonderful sight.

Fiona was just readjusting herself and was guiding the helmet of a big solid thick eight inch prick back into her well fucked arsehole. I could see from the state of her sticky pussy that he'd already filled that, so maybe she was after an arse full to complete her task.

Before she'd even lowered more than a helmets depth she was pushed off and Marvin jumped up, his big cock swinging as he began to protest.

He stopped almost as quick as he had begun when he saw Alice stroll in naked and shut the door, "What the hell is going on over here," he said dumbfounded.

"Alice get yourself up to bed, you've had enough cock again tonight," I said and watched Marvin watching Alice as she headed upstairs. He looked at Fiona, her mother, expecting some sort of questioning to begin, but it never came.

"This is too weird for me," he said looking for his boxer shorts.

"Hang on Marvin let me explain a little," I said, this was always the problem when bring in someone new to fuck Fiona, especially when they are neighbours. Strangers tend not to care and just fuck her but with people you actually know it takes a bit more understanding.

"Whore suck his cock while I explain our situation over here.

He barely put up any resistance as Fiona grabbed his semi hard dick and stuffed it in her mouth as she bent at the waist.

"Fiona here is my whore, it's as simple as that Marvin, she has been for two years now and we've booted Alan out," I told him.

"And Alice?" he asked before taking in a sharp intake of breath as Fiona licked his helmet and japs eye.

"Same with her Marvin, I fuck them both and encourage them to find men to fuck or tell men they can fuck them. It was me that instructed Fiona over to yours tonight, she fucked Alex from next door but one last night, right where were standing," I told him.

He was holding her head now dictating the pace as he listened to my very brief outline of goings on over here.

"So how did she get your over her Marvin, I mean your married and you hate each other," I saw Fiona stiffen at this reminder but she continued to suck his dick, setting aside all differences to please me.

"I didn't give her instructions on how to get you over here, she was just told that I'd selected your house and she was to wear a white thong and blue vest. How she had to humiliate herself to get you here was up to her," I said.

"Fuck me you weird pair of fuckers," he said really enjoying her mouth on his dick now. "She came over and knocked the door, I wondered who the hell it was at that time of night," he told me between intakes of breath.

"Can I just stop you a second, before you come down her throat, which holes has she got you to come in?" I asked bizarrely.

"What!?" he exclaimed looking at me like the weird fucked up pervert that I am.

"I told her to let you come in all her holes, so before you lose that load down her throat again, get on your back and let the whore ride you with her arsehole," I said to him.

He seemed to listen and pushed her off and lay back on the floor where Fiona stood astride him facing towards him and looking in to her street nemesis's eyes lowered herself towards his fat dick.

as she was doing when we entered she gripped his meat beneath her and guided it into her arsehole with ease, I assumed he'd already been in her arse before I arrived.

"Oh goddddd Marvin, why did you have to ahve such a nice thick cockkkk," she squealed as she lowered herself to his trimmed pubic bone.

She rocked back and forth on it a couple of times and then disgustingly splayed her legs so that Marvin could see what his cock was doing to her stretched out arsehole.

"I fucking hate you Marvin," she said heaving herself up his cock using her arms on his thighs and her leg muscles until only the helmet was inside her.

"But I fucking love your prickkkkk," she squealed as she took it all back in her tightest hole.

"My wife was right about you, she always said you were a whore in high class clothing," he laughed as he looked in to her eyes as she rode his cock harder and faster.

"Luckily for me she's away on business otherwise I wouldn't be here now,good god if she could see you now," he laughed.

What he just said mind my perverted mind ping in to life, I began to wonder whether getting Marvin's wife over here some time to watch fiona disgracing herself on strangers, not her husbands, cocks would be extremely humiliating for Fiona.

It was an angle I hadn't really thought about before, but it was an angle that seemed exciting to exploit.

"So what did she say to you Marvin?" I asked looking for more info of what went on.

"I answered the door and there she was, firstly I couldn't believe the bitch even had the nerve to be on my property, then her big tits caught my attention and it didn't seem to matter," he said, "I was like a rabbit in the headlights momentarily," he admitted.

"Go on," I urged.

"I'm gonna come," Fiona spat, stopping the flow of Marvin's story momentarily, "Godddd yessss I'm close, come on, come on, commmmeeeeee," she urged herself slamming herself up and down his cock as fast as her arms and legs could lift her weight.

She bottomed out every time with a loud squelch and slap as sticky skin collide together. "Come on, yesss, fuck, fuck, fuck," she cried as her orgasm brewed inside, it was intense, this orgasm was going to be big and I think I knew why.

I started to push the buttons I thought were doing the trick.

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