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Barn Party


"Hey, Amber, it is so cool that your mom let us use the barn to party tonight." Tyler said. Amber invited some of her friends to a high school graduation party. Her mom only allowed her to invite five people, because she didn't want the party to get out of hand. So Amber invited Josh, Eric, and Tyler because they were cute boys on the school's track team. She also invited Britney and Lacey because they were her best friends.

"I know. We can play music as loud as we want, because the barn is far from the house. But I have an even better surprise, guys." Amber responded with a devilishly bright smile. Amber was a short blonde whose shoulder length that sent off her bright blue eyes. She was cute but wished her breasts were a size bigger. Even though the boys she dated never complained about her b-cups, she always fantasized about getting c-cups.

"What's that, you got some weed?" Lacey asked. Lacey was a cute busty bi-racial (black and white) girl with curly black hair with copper highlights, which she usually pulled back into a ponytail.

"Lacey, come on!" Amber replied. "This is better than weed." Amber walked to the back of the barn and removed a tarp from the back wall that had been covering a large blue cooler.

"A blue cooler?" Josh mocked. "Wow, so that is your big surprise."

"Ahh," Amber moaned. "Sometimes I think boys are retarded." She opened up the cooler and pulled out an ice cold bottle of beer. She tossed it to Josh.

"Wow, Amber, this is so cool," Josh said as he caught the beer. He hurried to twist the top off and started gulping it down. Meanwhile, everyone else ran to the cooler to pull out his or her own ice-cold bottle of beer to drink. Everyone was happy and congratulated Amber.

"The beer is so cool, Amber, but where did you get the beer from?" asked Britney knowing full well that eighteen year old just graduating from high school aren't old enough to buy beer.

"Okay, but you promise not to tell?" Amber asked in response. The group all nodded, showing that no one was going to tell on Amber. "Okay, you know that I go to the college to eat lunch. Well, I met this cute guy on campus. I told him that I was having a party, but I couldn't buy any beer because I was only twenty. I asked him if he could buy it for me, and that I would give him the money and everything. He didn't really want to at first, but I convinced him to do it. So he was cool about it and bought all the beer for me. How cool is that?"

"Did you have to suck his dick?" Eric laughed.

"Oh my god, how rude," Lacey interjected before Amber said anything.

"No, Eric, for your information, I didn't." Amber clearly stated. "And if you don't stop it, you won't get to have anymore beer."

"I am sorry. It was just a joke. You know that, don't you?" Eric said with a little smile trying to Amber back at ease, but mostly so that he could keep drinking beer. He was not use to drinking beer, but he really like it. The cooler was huge, and there was plenty of beer for everybody to drink all night.

They all started drinking the beer. Josh and Eric were first ones done with their beers. Then Britney and Tyler soon finished their beers.

"I know what will be fun. Let have a beer-drinking contest. The person who can drink the fastest wins." Lacey said.

They all sat in a circle. Someone would count one, two, and three. Then everyone would try to drink the bottle as fast as he or she could. The slowest drinker was the loser, and they would have to do a dare or tell the truth about something. The winner picked if he wanted the loser to do a dare or answer a question.

This went on for several rounds with silly dare where the boys would ask the girls to show them their panties or kiss someone. The girls asked the guys to walk on the hands, other silly tasks, or asked them which girl in school were hot. With each round, all six of them got drunker and laughed harder having a good time.

"One, two, Three, Go." Several people yelled out. All six of them raised the bottles to their mouth and gulped the beer with all the force they had left. Josh finished first this time. Amber finished then Eric, then Lacey, then Britney. Finally, Tyler finished his beer with disappointment. This is the first time that he had lost.

"Ha-ha, Ty, you lost this round," Josh laughed. "But I don't know what to ask." A sigh of disappointment across his face, he couldn't think straight because the alcohol was getting to him. A devilish smile grew on Josh's face. "I know what to ask you, Ty. This is a good one. Is it true that you only have a five inch dick?"Everyone but Tyler started to laugh.

"Shut up, of course, I don't have a five inch dick." Ty said defensively. "I am packing seven inches!" he said while grabbing his crotch. Everyone laughed even harder.

"Whatever, Ty. I have seven inches, and everyone knows that you have a tiny dick." Eric laughed.

Josh interjected, "Shut up. You don't have seven inches either. You know that I have the biggest dick here, so there is not use to argue about it."

"Why do boys always lie about their dick size? It is so stupid, because none of you are really that big." Lacey said.

"Well, Lace, if you don't believe me? Why don't we go around back and I will show you how big I really am." Josh said while grabbing the side of this leg.

Amber spoke up, "You guys are so retarded. Why don't you just whip them out right to who is the biggest so that you all know who is the biggest."

"Here you go, Amber," Josh said as he started rolling up his jeans bottom to show that his dick goes all the way down his pants. The other two boys started laughing and reaching for another beer. Eric started to pull at the bottom of his pants.

"God, you guys are so retard," Britney said. "Just whip them out unless you are afraid because they are so small?" All the girls started laughing to the dismay of the boys.

"Yeah, whip them out!" Lacey cheered. She was really drunk, like the rest of them.

"Yeah," Britney repeat. "Ha-ha. Whip them out. I will even suck the biggest dick."

Josh stood up and walked over to Brittney. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick in front of Brittney's face. "Shit, Brit. If you want to suck on cock, here you go."

Brittney was shocked at first; she didn't exactly know what was going on. All she could see was this Josh's hard cock right in front of her face. Brittney thought it was impressive. It was about six and a half inches long and about average thickness. Without thinking, Brittney closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She moved forward a little and started to suck the tip of Josh's cock.

"Oh my god!" Lacey exclaimed and started to laugh. In her drunken state, she thought it was hilarious. She always was impressed at the size of Josh's cock too. She secretly wanted Josh's cock inside of her too as she watched Amber swallow have his cock.

"Wait up!" Tyler and Eric said together. At the same moment, they threw down the beers, rushed to Brittney, unzipped their pants, and whip out there hard dicks.

Brittney opened her eyes and saw two more hard eager dicks in front of her. Eric's dick was a little shorter than Josh's but it was thicker. What surprised Brittney the most, as well as everyone else in the barn, was that Tyler was well hung. His cock was had to be around eight inches long.

All three girls gasped as they saw it. They were also getting really horny with three nice hard cocks in front of them. Their pussies started to ooze with excitement and wetted their panties.

"I win," said Ty.

"Sure you do," said Brittney before she wrapped her lips around the monster cock. She grabbed the other two hard dicks with her hands and started to jack them off. The boys moaned in pleasure.

Lacey and Amber were entranced by watching Brittney's head bob back and forth over Tyler's cock. They both opened their eyes wide in amazement when Brittney deep throated Josh. They could not believe that Brittney was able to swallow his whole cock. Neither one of them were able to do it.

Amber scooted over to Josh. She dropped to her knees. She removed Brittney's masturbating hand from Josh hard dick. Amber opened her mouth wide and sucked Josh's hard pulsating cock. Josh moaned in excitement.

Not to be out done, Lacey walked over and started sucking Eric's dick. Eric moaned in pleasure. He wrapped is fingers around her ponytail and pushed her head closer to his body forcing Lacey to suck deeper. He always dreamed of fucking Lacey and could not really believe that it was happing right now. Lacey moaned while she sucked the shaft faster. With his other hand, Eric squeezed Lacey's large firm breast.

"Oh god," Tyler moaned loudly. "I am going to cum." He pulled his eight inches out of Brittney's mouth. She opened her brown eyes wide anticipating Tyler's load. He moaned again as his cum spurted from the tip of his cock on to Brittney's face. Then a second load of cum shot across her forehead. She laughed a little bit because she was expecting a lot more cum than came out of his dick.

Then, Josh started to cum inside of Amber's mouth. She swallowed the first load of cum. Josh came again, but this time Amber couldn't handle it this time. She started to chock. She pulled the cock out of her mouth, turned her head to the floor, and coughed up all of the cum. She reached for her bottle of beer to clean the taste out of her mouth.

Lacey kept sucking on Eric's cock. "Lacey, I am about to cum," Eric said.

Lacey stopped sucking and pulled his cock out of her mouth. "You are not cumming on me," Lacey said. Eric huffed in disappointment, but started masturbating himself. He quickly came. The cum oozed out of the tip of his dick and over his the back of his hand.

Brittney found a towel and whipped the cum from her face. Josh and Tyler put their spent dicks back into their pants and grabbed a beer from the cooler. Amber passed the towel to Eric so that he could wipe the cum off his dick and hand. Then, he got another beer for himself and Lacey. All six of them sat and drank their relaxed from what just happened in silent.

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