tagMind ControlBarney Bangs Becky

Barney Bangs Becky


"Dr, Barnard Steele" read the brass plate on the heavy wooden door. The name was correct but Barney wasn't even close to having a doctorate and, in fact, was a high school dropout. He called himself a Doctor of Hypnosis and, since there is no such thing and he had no phony diplomas on display, he could get away with it.

Actually, Barney wasn't really as big a phony as it might sound like. He learned hypnosis from a book he sent for using a coupon from a comic book and took such an interest that he went on to study the subject extensively. Besides being very well read, he had a natural aptitude for it and these two qualities combined to make him successful. Barney advertised in the classified ads of local newspapers that he was a doctor of hypnosis and could help people quit smoking, drinking, overeating or other bad habits. He was completely sincere, enjoyed considerable success and had genuine testimonial letters to prove it. He helped people and made good money doing it, and Barney liked both those aspects of his profession.

There is another aspect that he doesn't tell people about. When he has somebody in a hypnotic trance, he gives them suggestions that help them fight cravings and eliminate their addictions. That part is no secret, but there are other things he can also do with a person in such a state and he can cause that person to forget it ever happened. He would never steal from anybody because he has too much integrity but he sees nothing wrong with fucking, and otherwise enjoying the sexual favors of any good-looking woman who comes seeking his help.

On this particular day, he looked over his appointment book and saw that his last one, scheduled for mid-afternoon, was with a woman named Rebecca. Ever since the first episode of "Cheers" when it started co-starring the beautiful, sexy Kirstie Allie as Rebecca Howe, the name has had an attraction for him and he was interested in seeing what this woman looked like. When she came in and introduced herself, he was pleasantly surprised to see that his new client somewhat resembled Kirstie Allie as she had first appeared on the show, with long, reddish-brown hair, fair skin and generous facial features, except that Rebecca had an even sexier figure. As soon as he saw her, Barney decided that he would provide the best services he could for her, followed by hours of what he expected to be extremely enjoyable sex.

As usual, after accepting a check for his fee, he interviewed her while she sat on the large, comfortable sofa, recording certain facts, that she was 32 years old and had been a heavy smoker for the last 18 of those. Her heavy smoking, more than three packs on some days, was the reason her marriage had failed and why she was unattached at the time, even though she was truly a beauty. Men couldn't stand the stench of tobacco on her breath, her hair and her clothes. She desperately wanted to quit for that and other reasons, such as a concern for her health and saving money. There had been many attempts, but she had never had any success in beating her powerful addiction. Barney could only promise that he would give it his best try and told her, in complete honesty, that he usually succeeded in cases such as hers. What he didn't tell her was that most of the time they would be together that day would be spent in having sex on the sofa and doing whatever he wanted.

After learning what he needed to know, his soothing voice, skillfully used, quickly put Becky, as he immediately started calling her, into a trance. After locking all the doors and closing the blinds, he began his therapy. Calling on his considerable ability, he deeply implanted in her mind a strong distaste for cigarettes or tobacco in any form. He also impressed on her the desire to breathe air free of smoke. The therapeutic part of the session lasted only a small fraction of the time he had available and when he had done as much as he could, he started on what he really wanted to do.

The first thing he did for himself was to use post-hypnotic suggestion to make sure that Becky remembered nothing of what was said or done at their session, except what related to giving up tobacco. With that done, he began the seduction part.

"You love me dearly, Becky, and you will do anything for me."

"Yes Barney. I love you so much. So very much." He preferred to have his sex partners call him by his first name. Other clients called him "Doctor".

"Take off your blouse, Becky, and take off your bra."

With no hesitation and without speaking, the lovely young woman unbuttoned her silky green blouse and stripped it off. She reached between her shoulder blades, unhooked her bra and pulled it off too, letting her luscious breasts swing freely. To avoid wrinkling, both garments were carefully placed on the arm of the sofa.

"Your breasts are very beautiful." He was absolutely telling the truth about that because they were large and firm and topped by big nipples that looked as if he was going to really love licking and sucking on them.

"I'm glad you like them."

"Stand up and take off your skirt, Becky, then turn around and lie down on your back. Put one of the pillows under your head."

Once again there was no hesitation. She stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped her white linen skirt and bent over to step out of it, one foot at a time. Becky was still wearing high-heeled shoes and Barney wanted her to leave them on. He gets more enjoyment out of sex with a beautiful woman when she is wearing shoes like those. She turned around slowly, showing off her beautiful figure, especially her ass, encased in aqua panties that matched her bra. The skirt was carefully added to Becky's other things on the sofa arm and the nearly naked young beauty lay down as she had been ordered. Before going any further, Barney took off his shirt and hung it on the back of a chair.

Naked above the waist, he knelt beside the sofa and put one hand under a breast. "Put your hands under your breasts, Becky, and hold them up for me. I want to lick them and suck on them. Do you want me to lick and suck your breasts?" With some women he would have started by kissing them but he wanted to stay far away from Becky's foul smelling breath.

"Yes, Barney. I want you to lick and suck my breasts." She cupped her hands under them to present them to his mouth.

Leaning over, he licked the nearest one a few strokes and did the same for its lovely twin. Her nipples were large and after a few strokes, Barney felt them turning rigid under his tongue and he heard Becky murmuring happily over what he was doing. As he continued licking, moving his mouth back and forth between them, her murmurs turned to cooing and her upper body started squirming on the sofa. Her nipples felt even better to his tongue, with the tiny, hard ridges they developed. When he looked in the direction of her pussy, he saw wet spots and smelled the delectable fragrance of pussy juices.

These were not responses that Barney had ordered and he was flattered by them until he realized something. Even though she was a beauty, Becky had been without a significant other for a long time. Presumably, it was because of her tobacco breath and the odor that would cling to her clothes and hair and because she would always have to stop what she was doing for a cigarette. She was horny and her reactions were the normal ones of a horny woman. Barney felt good about that. Not only could he help cure her tobacco addiction, he would cure her horniness too.

"Do you like me to lick your breasts?" he asked her.

"Oh, yes! I like it very much. It feels really good; please keep doing it."

Barney also really enjoyed it so he did as she asked. After another minute, he drew one of the luscious globes into his mouth and began sucking gently on it. His lips formed a seal on her soft, supple flesh and while he sucked, his tongue continued to lovingly caress his client's nipple and areola. Once again he changed his attentions back and forth between the succulent mounds and the movements of Becky's upper body became more pronounced as she thrust her breasts into his mouth.

"Uhhhh. Uhhhh," she moaned, while writhing on the sofa from the sexual pleasure she was getting. When Barney looked down her body again, her legs were spread apart, her pussy was squirming and the crotch of her panties had become soaked with her delectable juices. Although Becky's breasts were probably the most delightful he had ever had his mouth on, he knew that eating her pussy would be even better.

He got up and knelt on the sofa between her legs. "I want to take off your panties, Becky. Is it allright if I do that? Do you want me to take off your panties?"

"Yes. Please take off my panties, Barney." She raised her ass off the sofa to let him do so.

He pulled her panties down around her lovely ass and hung them on a chair to dry, after first admiring Becky's beautiful pussy. Barney wanted no evidence of his activities to remain, and if her panties were wet with her pussy juices, she might realize she had become sexually aroused. For the same reason, he had been careful to avoid wrinkling her other clothing.

With the beautiful young woman lying naked on the sofa, Barney picked up another pillow and again knelt between her legs. "Raise your hips from the sofa, Becky. I want to put this pillow under you." Once again she complied.

"Raise your legs and rest them on my shoulders." When she had done so, he told her what he had in mind. "I am going to eat your pussy, Becky. Do you want me to eat your pussy?"

"Oh, yes," she replied, as her squirming became more pronounced at the idea. "I'd love to have you eat my pussy." He was going to do it anyhow, but Barney likes to have women say things like that to him.

"When I am eating your pussy, and later when we are fucking, enjoy it as much as you want. Let yourself go. Don't have any inhibitions against telling me or showing me how much you are enjoying it or how much pleasure you are getting."

"I won't. I really like having my pussy eaten and fucking, especially when you are the man doing it."

Wrapping his arms around her thighs, his fingers in her pubic hair, he leaned forward to start the feast. Before doing anything else, Barney gazed in rapt admiration at the pussy he was about to eat. Truly, it was a thing of great beauty, ivory skin with neatly-trimmed reddish-brown hair, lighter in color and fluffier than what she had on her head. The sparse strands did nothing to conceal Becky's dark pink lips that were wet and swollen with desire. Gently, he separated them to reveal her lovely pink vagina and, as he did, a cloud of delightful fragrance rose to please his nostrils.

Knowing Becky's juices would taste even better than they smelled, Barney leaned forward to begin to lick them from her crotch. They were truly delicious, with a slight amount of tang from her perspiration. Greedily, he devoured everything there and all the nectar on the smooth areas between her legs and her pubic hair. Everything about doing what he was just starting to do is a joy to Barney, particularly with a pussy as beautiful and juicy as the one in front of him, but he would have to say the best part is the way everything feels against his tongue and lips.

Becky's felt especially good to him as he started licking a pair of her inner and outer lips. Slowly, starting at their origin, he licked between them and paid special attention to the swollen inner lip. Its sponginess was one of the most delightful sensations his mouth had ever experienced and he turned his head to hold it gently, just inside his mouth, and caress the lip with his tongue, taking a long time until he had reached its end, where it forms one side of her clit hood.

By the time he reached there, his client was moaning from the pleasure he was giving her, and her pussy was humping into the air. "Does that feel good?" he asked her. "Do you want me to do it some more?"

"Oh, yes! It feels just wonderful! Please, keep doing it."

His ego stroked by the unnecessary but very welcome comments he had elicited, Barney devoured the fresh juices and started licking Becky's other pussy lips. He did this the same way, taking his time and enjoying it even more because her increasing arousal had made them even more swollen and pleasing to his tongue. After he reached her clit hood, Barney's tongue caressed her there a few times and then he raised his head to survey the beautiful woman, fully sexually aroused and with no inhibitions against showing it.

Her eyes were closed as her head luxuriously tossed from side to side on the sofa's backrest. Becky's mouth was wide open and she was whimpering from the intense pleasure. Her upper body was writhing and either of her hands was fondling a breast, tweaking the nipple and increasing her level of lust. While her pussy was fucking up to meet where his mouth would be momentarily, Becky's hips were swiveling on the sofa cushion, thrusting her legs out over Barney's shoulders. He smiled as he beheld her because he knew that, good as it had been so far, the best part of eating her pussy, when she would start cumming, was still ahead.

But not very far ahead. Although he could direct her mind, he had only limited control of Becky's body. Her body wanted to cum and, although he could delay it, Barney couldn't have prevented it, even if he had wanted to, which he didn't. Once again, he leaned forward and, after feasting on the wealth of fresh juices, started thrusting his tongue into the edges of her pink love hole, delighting in the nectar that spurted out.

After probing into all the sides of the pink hole that was the source of the ambrosia, Barney pressed his face against Becky's beautiful pussy and slid his tongue inside as far as he could. The feel of her lips against his and of her soft pubic hair against his cheeks was incredible. His tongue flexed up and down and swung from side to side, letting him feel the delightful texture inside her pussy. He kept his face plastered tightly against the most delightful place it had ever been until he had to stop and draw a deep breath.

When he pulled his face back, he knew it was time for her to cum. Her clit was so swollen it had crowded its way almost all the way out from under its protective hood and he pulled the rest of the protection away with his fingers. Barney's tongue probed briefly into the small, very sensitive space between Becky's engorged love button and her wet pink hole until he moved his mouth upward and engulfed her clit. As he had done earlier with her nipples, he sucked while caressing the swollen sides and top with his tongue.

After a minute of this treatment, Becky started cumming. "Oh!' she cried and her legs clamped onto Barney's temples. She grabbed the back of his head, pushing his face into her pussy, which was ramming against him so strongly her ass was bouncing off the bed.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she continued blurting out in time to the thrusts of her pussy. Barney hung on to her legs and kept Becky's clit firmly in his mouth as both of them enjoyed her cumming to the utmost. "OH!" she cried out abruptly, as her back arched thrusting herself against Barney's face one last time. After her orgasm, Becky collapsed onto the sofa, completely relaxed, her eyes closed and a big smile on her face.

There was a big smile on Barney's face too, as his tongue sluiced up all the delectable juices that had been produced. From eating Becky's marvelous pussy, he was as horny as she had been and wanted to fuck, so he left the wetness inside her love hole to perform their natural lubrication function. However, he greedily licked up all the nectar from her thighs and belly and the exterior parts of her pussy.

When his treat had been all consumed, Barney went to his desk and got a condom out of the drawer. He decided against washing the leftover juices from his face. Later on, he would do so when removing all the evidence of what had been going on but he liked the smell of her pussy and he wasn't going to be kissing her anyhow. Sitting on the sofa again, he removed his shoes and socks and the rest of his clothing and rolled the condom onto his cock. Becky's legs were still spread so he knelt between them.

She was still smiling, especially when she saw Barney's cock, erect and encased in a condom. "Do you want me to fuck you, Becky? Do you think you will like my cock in your pussy?" he asked.

"Oh, yes. I want you to fuck me really well. I know I'll love your cock in my pussy."

His ego stroked at the request he didn't really need, Barney gave further instructions. "Put the pillow under your ass and hold open your pussy lips for me." When she was ready, he moved forward on his knees and guided his cock to the small hole that was waiting for him. Her legs spread and bent at the knees and her fingers holding herself open, Becky waited expectantly.

She didn't have long to wait. Barney put the tip of his cock against the tight hole and moved it up and down for lubrication. When it was slick enough, he gave a small push and it slipped through the tight entrance to the wet channel that was waiting.

"Ahh," Becky sighed, settling her head into the pillow.

It felt good to Barney too but I felt even better after a second short thrust squeezed an inch of his shaft into Becky's tight but very wet hole. He really loved the feel of her pussy clutching his cock and he loved gazing at her gorgeous body spread out below him, his to use any way he wanted to. With another thrust, another two inches entered her and Becky's body started squirming on the sofa.

"Do you like that? Do you like the feel of my cock in your pussy?"

"Yes, I really like it. It feels sooo good! I want your cock all the way in my pussy.

Barney smiled because he wanted the same thing and, with a few more strokes, they both had what they wanted. Becky spread her thighs wider, letting in another fraction of an inch, and hooked her legs around his hips. Still moving slowly, he drew back so just the head of his cock was still inside her, paused, and thrust forward all the way in again. While his shaft was sliding into her, she flexed her legs and pulled herself forward to meet him, taking it all the way into her pussy, their pubic hair mingling.

"Ohhhh," she moaned without prompting. "I love the way that feels. Please keep fucking me."

That was what Barney wanted too and he slowly thrust his cock in and out of the tight pussy that was thrusting back to meet him. He remained upright, on his knees, for two reasons. He reveled in watching Becky's beautiful body as it moved on the sofa, her large, firm breasts tossing back and forth, and he didn't want to get too close to her face, with her breath smelling of tobacco. Otherwise, with somebody as beautiful as his client, he would have preferred the more intimate full-body contact.

Slowly, for a long time, they fucked, their moans of pleasure forming a duet. Barney could feel his climax building and, from the sounds of Becky and the way she was thrashing in front of him, he knew she was also. "Are you ready to cum?" he asked her. "Do you want to cum yet?"

"Yes! Yes! I want to cum. Make me cum!"

Barney leaned forward so his face was directly above hers, his weight supported by his hands on the arm of the sofa. The change in position meant his cock would be entering Becky's pussy at a different angle and would be scraping against her clit every time it went in or out. He also started fucking her faster.

"Ooo! Ooo! Ooo yes! Ooo, that feels so good. Ooo, my pussy loves that." Becky proved she meant what she said by fucking back faster and harder to meet Barney's cock. "Ooo, I'm almost ready to cum!"

A minute later, Becky's prophecy came true. "Oh! Oh! I'm cumming!" she cried, joyfully.

Barney remained above her, as he had been, but her hands grabbed his arms and held on tightly, while she thrust back at him faster, loving the feel of her clit being rapidly massaged. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she crooned, in time to the strokes of his cock and her pussy meeting each other. She had taken control of the pace but Barney matched her greater speed.

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