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I have been studying her for several months. I finally managed to infiltrate her inner circle. I need to talk to her; get next to her. Sipping her Russian vodka, leaving behind a red lipstick smear on the glass. She looks up at me and smiles; I slowly walk towards her; taking a deep breath, I am very nervous. A tall woman, beautiful, elegant. Her thick Russian accent echoed around the room. She is my target, my purpose for all my training, the Baroness.

I am wearing a floral dress, with a red rose complementing my hair bun. Sharp knives rest between my thighs, and my mission is to kill her and get out. I go by the name of Lady Red, I'm petite, so my height comes useful to this almost 6 feet tall woman. She is wearing a black dress, almost leathery, black framed glasses and Ruby Red lipstick. I smile at her as she finally notices me standing beside her. I feel a weird sensation when I look at her, and I need her to want me.

Listening to the phone conversations helped me to understand this woman; who never wanted to be a part of "Cobra." She is Pansexual, emotionally sensitive. Highly intelligent, she can run the whole organization on her own. Somehow she feels devoted to the Cobra Commander. It could be appreciation or respect, but she never thought she would become a criminal. She is already responsible for the deaths of several soldiers and civilians. "Cobra" is the name of the international criminal enterprise. God, she is hot, but I need to focus.

Her fingers danced on my face; our tongues followed. The kiss ends with a smile; then our foreheads touch. We have forgotten the crowd, and they have watched our natural embrace. She whispers something in Russian as her lips nibble my ear. I don't know what it is, but I do not care. She leaves the crowd, and I follow, everyone stares back at us, walking side by side, trying not to hold hands. Pass the double doors, down a dark hallway where lamps light the way. She takes a key from her cleavage and opens the room to the right. I walk in silently.

Placing the key by the nightstand next to her, leaning by the door looking at me. I turn around as she smiles. Unable to control my impulses. I walk to her, looking up, I place my hand under her neck. Bringing her face to mine, kissing her frantically. I lick her neck, as kisses follow while whispering words in Italian. Picking me up, I wrap my legs around her waist. Presses me against the door, she is a bit aggressive, she knows what she wants, and I do not mind being her servile, just for tonight. I am crazy about her.

Laying me on the bed, we take our glasses off. We laugh at this remarkable tension that consumes us in unspeakable ways. Standing up, she unzips her dress. Pearled shaped breast, wide hips and a semi trimmed bush. I am salivating as I see, this Amazonian woman, this deadly beauty. I raised myself up as I unzip my red dress. Nicely shaped breast, wide hips, and a bald pussy. I am petite but curvy. She winks at me as she licks her lips. Resting beside me, we coddle, our hands wonder everywhere while our mouths speak with tongue and saliva, her floral perfume entices me.

Our thighs interlock, our pussies rubbing slowly. My hand grabs her bumpy ass. We are not rushing, and we are discovering each other. Touching her neck, that creamy skin that begs for my kisses. Our breast rub at each other, hard nipples pocking at our skin. Looking at her, kissing her, my sweet target. If only we were not enemies, what lovers we would make. She turns around as I am on top of her. Kissing her breast, licking her skin and those erect nipples. Sucking; kissing; licking; burying myself in her breast. While my fingers find her sweet wet hole, fingering her slowly, watching her arch her back. I feel her surrendering to me, and I can't help but want her forever.

Flailing her body as my lips kiss her soft tummy; I am trying desperately not to rush. Looking at her wet thighs, licking the juices. I can't help but breathe in her sweet scent, and it lures me. Parting her slit with my tongue, kissing, gently sucking her clit, she grabs my hair. Swallowing the honey the drips from her hole, moaning as I eat her, enjoy her, she is delicious. Taking my time, she shivers while she speaks in Russian. She squirts and I am happy to drink her.

She grabs my face as she leans down to kiss me. Desperately, licking my face, her tongue licks me like a cat. Giggling at her seductive ways, she pulls me closer to her, as she lays back down. My thighs rest on her shoulders. Sitting on her face, the sound of desperation to eat. Her reward. Tongue darts deep in my hole, as she sucks. Dancing from clit to hole, then sucking on my pussy lips. She is enjoying me as I rub my pussy up and down her face. My hips move violently, as she holds them in place, asking to violate her mouth.

My nails dig deep in the plaster, I squirt hard, hearing myself gush, she does not stop, she is torture and pleasure, my deadly Baroness. She cleans me, then loosening her grip, I go down to her face, kissing her desperately. Tasting ourselves, between tongue, kisses, and giggles. I ask her name; this beautiful Sappho of a woman,

"My name is Tatiana," she states, each sound from her lips is a melody.

"And you, Lady," she asks as I look at her eyes, of soft Hazel.

"My name is Isabella," I state smelling my scent on her lips, kissing her desperately again.

Looking into her eyes, she has no idea who I am, and if she does, then she is a fantastic actress. I would like to ask her questions, but I already know all the answers. She is weak in my arms. She rests her face on my breast as I hold her. Our hips interlocked, we fall asleep. Tatiana and I.

Waking up in her arms, my lips gliding against her breast. I close my eyes for a few minutes more with her. I am crazy about her, and she is about me. I think we have fallen in love. I have failed in my mission. It is still dark outside, maybe its 4 in the morning. I do not care. Holding her tightly, her hand grabs my ass as she kisses my forehead. I do not care if I have been set up. This is a perfect way to go, in her arms and in love.

Getting dressed, my fingers glide against her dark hair. Kissing her soft lips, whispering goodbye. I leave, I know I still have to complete my mission, but not today. Tiptoeing towards the door, silently turning the knob, trying not to wake her up.

"Goodbye, Lady Red," Tatiana states as she leans up to look at me with a smirk. She gets up and runs to the door, and her hand holds my face as she kisses me.

"Eventually one of us have to die, but for now, my love...live" she whispers as she kisses my forehead.

"Goodbye, Baroness" I state moving a strand of black locks from her face.

"Eventually one of us have to die, but for now, my love...live" I whisper to her while kissing her pink lips.

No more words were said. No tears were shed. We both knew there will not be another next time.

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by Anonymous

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by _Bookkeeper_07/18/18

Loved it

Another fine story, Mari. Keep up the great work.


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by Anonymous07/17/18

My only thing is that in the beginning, Lady Red talks about the knives between her thighs. They magically disappear because they don't seem to cause any issues when the ladies are wrapped around hipsmore...

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by Anonymous07/14/18

Sweet Story (with a twinge of sadness)

Hopefully, you write many more fine stories, only if you want to of course. This story was the perfect amount of quick, sexy, sweet, and a hint of sadness as you know they will never be lovers again andmore...

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by Anonymous07/13/18

Not bad

G.I Joe... Nice

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