tagNovels and NovellasBarring Any Injuries Ch. 02

Barring Any Injuries Ch. 02



Sbbe stood looking at the closed door until she realized she'd forgotten to breath. She took a deep breath in and still smelled him. She blushed, "He's old enough to be your father," she murmured and turned. The room was beautifully decorated, rich colors, pleasing. The man didn't scrimp on his people; that was a very good sign.

She paced the length of the room looking around curiously. She knew she couldn't stay here forever, and she needed to work off this energy. Sbbe reached out, touching the doorknob and let the reality hit her. She was staying in a whorehouse, a very kinky, exclusive whorehouse. Suddenly she realized what Mistress and slut wanted of her earlier. She felt her face heat up; she'd never even considered the more violent side of sex.

Sbbe had lost her virginity in the backseat of a four-door pickup after a school dance. She was no stranger to sex, but she'd never really gotten what it was that she was supposed to see in it. To her it was just what was required of her. Her mother had told her it was something a woman had to put up with to satisfy men's needs and for the privilege of having children.

The hall was empty as she stepped out, looking right and left. The stairway down let some of the sounds drift up. She heard laughter and it made her entire body relax. She deserved a little fun, as the events with Cato had made her very tense for too long today.

The lounge wasn't as empty as it had been just a few moments before. As she slipped up to the bar and sat, a beautiful buxom woman smiled at her. "What can I get you? I was told to keep an eye out for you. I'm Brigid and the guy at the end there is Jim." Her gentle smile made Sbbe immediately comfortable.

"Wine," Sbbe said, "something light." Brigid nodded and walked away.

Sbbe's thoughts were drifting through all the experiences of recent days, and realized she still felt the weight of the anklet Cato had given her last week. She leaned over trying to free it a few times, but again and again it refused to leave her ankle. She tried to pay Brigid for the wine, but she shook her head. "You are being treated by the boss, so don't bother trying to spend any money here."

"Thanks," she said quickly as Brigid rushed off. She took a sip, set her purse beside the glass, and leaned over to try one more time to free herself of Cato's jewelry.


"Lance, you and I have to get rid of that Neon. I'll check the inside for personal stuff and you get rid of the plates."

The car's' papers were in the glove box, sunglasses, oh...and a slew of matchbooks. A couple of lipsticks in the cup holder. What's this? A condom wrapper. Hell, I knew she wasn't a virgin.

Lance took off, and I followed him and gave him a ride back. Then I paged the boss.

"I'm in my office. I need you."

When I walked into the office it was plain to see boss had a stiffy. It's nice to be needed.


The late-evening rush had just subsided when I got the "39" page, and I went into my office. A quiet start to the day had led to many things, including a new orphan to care for... but the surfeit of lovely ladies was having its effect on me. Especially that 'barely out of her teens' slave the woman had brought in just before close had given me some truly exciting day-dreams. I had put thought into the many ways of enjoying the condition, and had remembered the best hummer I'd had... glad as hell I had instructed Sasha to page me. Got there just before she did, and she caught me before I had managed to duck behind the desk. Damn.

"Er, Hi, Sasha. Everything go OK with the dump job? Lance sent me a 'mission complete' code, so I know you're done. I hope you had no problem working with him?" She answered as I thought she would, because Lance looks like Mr. Hyde, but inside is Dr. Jekyll.

"I'm not one to request special services from an employee... and I know you aren't an 'artiste' like the folks on the second floor, but I just wondered..."

Sasha smiled her dazzling white teeth at me, and walked towards me. Putting an outstretched hand in the middle of my chest, she pushed me back into the desk chair. After a quiet, "No problem, boss... I'd love to," she knelt down and repeated the performance she had put on in the construction shack a while back.

She looked in my eyes deeply, every minute. I swear the woman can see into people's souls. Getting busy with the spin-off of the Oldest Profession, she quickly took care of my need. It only seemed to take a million years. After which I fell hundreds of miles and finally returned to Earth.

We moved to the big couch on one side of the room... and I knelt to return the favor, over her protests. Her sleek thighs parted under the slightest of pressures... and I beheld her secret place with joy and anticipation. It really excites me to assist a lady to a few O's, and I got quite excited again as she rolled through a series of waves. When we finally eased off, I slid next to her and kissed her, gently, and thanked her for her efforts.

"Our pleasure," she answered, and we both laughed. "I'd better shower and clean up before I head for home... my puppy will wonder what I was doing." Hugging me and giving me a peck on the cheek, she rushed out. I was left standing in the middle of my office, wondering at the strength of the woman in so many ways. And at her beauty.


It had been an interesting day, as most are in my business. The Senator from out East had surprised me with her needs, but according to Mom's 'ear' in the dungeon, she and Bill were having a good old time. Well, *she* was, anyway.

I wandered into the lounge upstairs now that all the downstairs guests were gone, and the basement guests were set up to party most of the night. They were the ones who partied *behind* the wall, and our Doc was down there to prevent any serious, unintended outcomes. In addition to her watchdog status, she had some piercing to attend to while there, that could not be trusted to one of the standard vanilla neighborhood shops.

It surprised me to see our guest bent over at the bar, fussing with something on her ankle. I slid up quietly behind her, and knelt to help. The anklet I thought to be jewelry turned out to be a damn well made GPS tracer! Fortunately, the anti-spying materials I had built into the third floor shielded it pretty well. I pulled out my pocketknife and the screwdriver end finally got the device free. I looked up at the girl and said, "Sbbe, this is a GPS tracer. I'll leave it to you what you want to do with it, but I'm taking the battery out so there won't be any immediate concerns. So you know, the last minute it worked was when you stepped into the door; anyone looking for you would have seen you disappear." I straightened up and sat down at the bar on the stool next to hers.

"Brigid? A Guinness, very cold, and a frozen mug please." I turned to Sbbe and smiled. "Glad you managed to roust yourself out for a while. And with that thing, " indicating the anklet, "out of the way, you should have a little peace of mind." We both drank for a few minutes, lost in thought; she deeply considering the wine in her glass, me enjoying the dark power of the brew while looking at her out of the corner of my eye and wondering why that emotional wall around her was so strongly built and so high. There was a tale to be told, I was sure. But 'softly, softly, catchee monkey' as the saying goes. Not the right time for prying... just for the occasional exploration.

Our drinks were gone; the remains of that wonderful Irish foam still clinging to the inside of the glass. It took me a long time to think about just how I was going to ask her the question I wanted to. Time to grasp the nettle, I guess.

"Do you like walking in the moonlight? It's mighty nice up in the roof garden, and it's plenty warm tonight." I really hoped I had read her right. Laughing at myself inside, as this was the first time in twenty-some years I was nervous around a woman. But she seemed special, somehow.


I turned having forgotten in my deep thoughts that Chuck was sitting next to me. "Chuck I'd love to but could I ask you a question first?" I watched him nod. "Cato knows I'm here; are you sure your people aren't in danger? I don't want anyone getting hurt because I'm too afraid to face my demons."

I let him help me to my feet and pull me into another hug. I couldn't help myself as I melted against him, again taking a deep breath. "I'd like that walk," I murmured into his ear, letting him turn and lead me out. He'd answer me in his own time, and time was about the only thing I had at the moment. Maybe the fresh air would clear my mind to help me decide exactly what I needed to do. Life was such a tangled mess!

I looked around and chuckled, "Guilty of thinking too hard, I don't even remember getting here." He smiled and walked me to the tall edge of the building. "It always amazes me," I glanced up at him as he stood looking down at me. "It's so beautiful at night, it hides all the dirt and nastiness, but at the same time it's the most dangerous. My father and I used to watch storms come in." I hesitated and looked out over the sparkling city.

"Chuck I watched storms come in from the penthouse at the Grant building," which made me chuckle because I'd surprised him. "I'm the daughter of Leslie Grant. The one the tabloids don't talk about because she doesn't go around drinking and doing drugs. I'm the one who's spent her life doing what she was supposed to do. I'm the one who dated who she was told to date and look where *that* got me." I turned and laughed loudly again. "What is it about you that keeps causing me to talk? Tell me about you."

My hand reached out for his, then I stepped in and reached up placing my hands on his shoulders. I met his eyes and lifted my chin, but still couldn't reach his lips so I just smiled. "I'd like to kiss you Chuck."


She flowed into my arms for a hug, then wanted that walk in the moonlight. It was a good night for it; warm, for spring, with a clear bright moon. She moved against me, and asked for a kiss. Suddenly I realized how short and slender she was... and I gladly met her lips with mine. Warm and deep, our breath shared and tongues exploring together. It took a while for the kiss to end, by which time neither of us wanted to separate.

I kept my arm around her as we wandered over to a double lounge chair, taking places next to each other.

"You ask lots of questions, Miss Grant, and they all deserve answers. I grew up as a good Catholic boy in a major city, pretty naive and honest. As I wandered from town to town and job-to-job, I met lots of nice people, among whom was a young lady who showed me the ways of the flesh. She introduced me to bondage, joy-houses, and so on. I bought a ticket in one of the state lotteries and was surprised to be one of those few lucky people who won half of a huge jackpot. $136 million dollars turned into $87 million after Uncle Sugar took his piece and the state grabbed theirs. I did the usual, spend and travel and buy for a while, until I got bored. Then I sat down and did what the good Sisters used to tell us to do in any tough situation: meditate on the matter. I guess I'd outgrown the church but not the wisdom of those dear old ladies.

"Well, I tossed the idea around about what I could do that would help the most people. So I started doing two things. First of all, I opened a small used car lot, and sold honest wheels at a fair price. When someone is down on his luck, the greatest need is a decent car. There's one in every big town now, usually advertised only by word-of-mouth. It's the best place in town to get a good car, they say. And it damn well is, because I subsidize the lots with a strict rule never to make a profit, and to be sure every car is 100% mechanically perfect. You'd be surprised how hard it is to get honest managers and salesmen. But I pay 'em better than they could make elsewhere, and my local managers look for the guys at other dealers who just can't make it because they are "too honest."

"Next, I opened this place because the other problem people have is that society represses too many people. Here you can come in and have a good, safe time, no chance of disease because my people are checked weekly and coached by the Doc in keeping safe. My prices go from 'subsidized' for a number of folks to 'all the trade will bear' for those who can afford it. I work quietly to back honest politicians, when I can find one. I give cash to folks who have good ideas and can't find investors. Remember that little do-hickey that looks like a figure 8 made of rubber with all kinds of grippers inside the circles, to help folks open jars? That's one I backed. The guy in the Southwest, getting ready to fly folks into space in private spaceships is one I support. 'Doctors without Borders' is another one I help out, and it was partly my idea that Mr. Gates and his bride support the AIDS fight... though he can afford lots more than I can.

"Now my place here is just for fun, too. I need someplace I can just be an average Joe, and rub elbows with regular guys. This berg is one hung-up town, but we'll have an effect here."

I mused a bit, laying back and looking at a cloud drifting across the moon. "You aren't a project of mine, Sbbe. Just someone who needed helping. And a damn pretty someone." I turned to her, and kissed her once again. She was less willing to break apart this time, and the kiss led to other things. Each step was gradual, and seemed to just lead to the next logically.

Her responses concerned me; she was just following along, passively. I decided to see what would happen if she was just about forced into pleasure; I leaned down between her legs and worshiped her pearl for a while. Getting anything but a mechanical response was tough... I kept a finger on her femoral artery to monitor her pulse a little.

After just about everything I could think of, she suddenly seemed to break out of whatever was holding her back, and crashed into a massive, powerful orgasm. Crying out, shuddering, she came massively under my tongue's teasing. She reached out and pulled me close, nearly bruising me with the power of her embrace. My mind raced, trying to figure out why. The girl was no virgin if she was one of Cato's women. But it was almost as though she had never had an orgasm before!

I held her close, just rubbing her and soothing her with occasional kisses. She then managed to surprise and shock me for the first time in a hell of a while. "Was that... normal?" she asked.


Oh my gawd was all she could think, it felt like her entire body was alive and ready for another round of what ever had happened. Sex had never been like this before. "Chuck could we...could we do more? That was wonderful!" Sbbe felt so excited she forgot to be worried at what she was doing and saying. She looked up into his eyes and realized how forward she was being.


Kitty followed her Master into the basement of the new club and peeked around. It was wonderfully full of exciting toys. She was careful not to let herself be distracted; Master wouldn't be happy. His booted feet stopped and she positioned herself in the correct spot. He was talking to a group of men she didn't know. She hoped he'd use her for his pleasure tonight. It was possible that he would use one of the girls already here.

"Kiel, what a pretty little waif you have with you tonight. Is she one of your regular girls?" Kitty didn't move; she knew she was in just the position Master would want.

"Kitty is my special little pet. She travels with me now. Kitty present yourself."

Kitty gracefully stepped forward to her Masters left side, then knelt and touched her forehead to the floor. She gracefully returned to vertical as she interlaced her fingers behind her neck, her knees spread, and toes holding her upright. Her chin was raised but her eyes downcast. Kitty could see in her mind's eye just exactly they were seeing. Master kept her toned; she was dressed in a pretty little blue baby doll that had been under her simple blue dress. She wore her matching blue leather collar (he'd selected the taller one with studs on the outside and inside). Her wrist- and ankle-bands matched the leather, also studded. Her new nametag in the shape of a heart rested gently against her throat. She felt so proud that he would allow her to show off; it helped her wait patiently for his next command.


I took Sbbe's hand. "More of that is always in order, Ma'am. But let's go down to my room; I'd much rather enjoy your pleasures in more comfortable surroundings." I helped her straighten her outfit, and held her close while we walked down the stairs towards what looked to be an evening of pleasure.


I saw some action in the private part of the basement start happening; likely that party Grace had booked for tonight. The boss was off-duty, so Grace and Brigid were down there. Brigid was in full fetish outfit tending bar, Grace in her leathers with a coiled whip on one hip and a tawse on the other.

Grace had accepted the group on recommendation from some regulars. They were a bunch of well-heeled folks whose fortunes were based on the railroad expansions and thieving of Native American lands from 125 years ago. Now that money was 'clean', having been sanitized by time. The attitude towards the law, however, had been handed down from father to son.

I worked a few controls on the security board, closing off the darkened kitchen and main room, as well as most of the second floor. The only lit room was with Marta, who was entertaining one of our regulars. She would have a sore bottom in the morning, but the guy was a good tipper. Some of that "Political Action Committee" money, no doubt, and, yup, there he was practicing some 'trickle-down economics'. I grinned, wryly.

Some of the action in the basement was beginning, and one of the staff was fastened to a horse. Not serious or suffering yet, but enough to sharpen my attentions. I would watch, oh, yes. Putting all the basement cameras on the main screen, they were rotating every fifteen seconds or so. If one of the guests stepped over the line, a couple of the security people would suddenly pop out of the walls, as the boss was serious about the four-second response time when the call of "Hey, Rube!" went out. Jake, the MC of the basement, was moving about too, fetching needs and readying the stage for the official program starting in a few minutes. He carried a panic button too, and knew a few tricks, just in case.


I wonder if she should feel differently about what is about to happen. I just met this guy, but he'd done wonderful things to my body. After all, I slept with Cato once or twice but only after we'd gotten into a serious relationship. But I just want to do this!

Glancing around, I was surprised Chuck's room was so plan and simple; it wasn't plush or fetish decorated like the rest of the club. There was a large bookshelf and I drifted toward it with his hand still in mine.


She glanced at the titles on my bookshelves. Plato. Jefferson. Heinlein. Varley. Voltaire. One entire shelf of leather-bound 'classics'. An interesting and varied collection, and I kept adding to it. One of these days, I'd have to go through them again and make room for the new John Scalzi books.

One small twist of my wrist and she found herself buried up in my arms. "You sure?" I asked with a little smile.

Sbbe laughed and threw her arms around my neck. "Show me what I can do for you. I want to make you feel just as wonderful as you've made me feel."


Master Kiel kept her waiting as he spoke about the wonderful accommodations with his friends. She saw his foot shift in the stand motion and gracefully obeyed finding her place behind him and to his right. He walked toward a beautiful young man strapped to the horse. An Amazonian woman was speaking to him, whispering in his ear. His bottom was already a very pretty shade of pink. The woman held an old fashioned wooden paddle in her hand.

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