Barry Fox


I was hoping her memory of the kiss was as clouded as her memory of our dancing.

"Barry! Don't say that. That was just a kiss of friendship so don't read anything in to it."

I guess the kiss didn't work as well as I had hoped.

"I'll give you time to think about this and I'll call you again when I know exactly when I'll be in Cincinnati," I said.

"No. You can't call me."


"Allen will get suspicious of these phone calls and I don't know how I would explain them to him."

"Well then, what is your number at work?"

"I can't have you calling me at work either."

She was making it difficult.

"Can I send you an e-mail?" I asked.

"Yes. That would be best," Tracy said.

Tracy gave me here e-mail address and I put it in my notebook.

"Okay then. Look for my e-mail next week. Tracy, you know I still love you."

"Don't say that, Barry."

The call could have gone better but it wasn't a failure. At least she gave me her e-mail address. This part of the seduction works better over the phone but I would have to make it work via e-mail. I wasn't worried because I still had one powerful fact in my favor. I was Tracy's first. I told her eighteen years ago when she broke up with me that one day we would get together again. I knew she would not be able to resist me in the end.

I waited a little over a week before I started sending e-mails to Tracy.

In the first note I said, "I just wanted to let you know that I will be in Cincinnati next Monday. I'll be staying at the downtown Marriott and I would really love to have you come have dinner with me."

I signed it, "Love, Barry," just to add to the pressure I was putting on her to meet me.

Her response was less than I hoped for but not totally unpromising.

"Barry, I would love to see you again but only for dinner. I don't want you to expect more than that. Tracy."

She told me not to expect anything more than dinner but she didn't close the door completely. I waited till the next day to reply to her last note.

My next note to Tracy read, "I'll be busy Monday night so I made dinner reservations for 7:30 on Tuesday night so why don't you meet me in the Marriott bar at 7:00?"

Tracy replied, "I am still not sure if I can come. I don't think this is a good idea."

I wrote back, "You have to come. We have to find out if there is any magic between us. If there isn't anything there, at least we will both know. Isn't it better to know than to wonder and perhaps later regret that we never tried to find out? Please come."

Tracy's reply said, "I will come but you have to understand that this is just for dinner and nothing else. We are both married and we should not be looking for any magic."

My response was, "Great. I am really looking forward to seeing you. It will make my having to come to Cincinnati for business so much more worthwhile. I can't tell you how much this means to me."

Tracy's return was, "I am looking forward to seeing you too, but you have to remember what I said."

My final note was, "Don't worry. I won't put any pressure on you. I would never make you do anything you don't want to do."

I hoped that this would put her at ease and make her think that she would be in control of the evening when I fact I would be the one in control.

Once I got her to agree to have dinner with me I was feeling pretty good about myself. I decided to head over to the Barn for a drink and see if I could find myself some female companionship for the night.

As soon as I walked into the Barn I spotted a potential target. She was an attractive redhead sitting by herself at the bar. As I walked toward her I could see that she was wearing a wedding ring but there was no husband in sight.

"I can't believe such an attractive woman is sitting her by herself," I said as I approached her.

I know that sounds like a lame pick up line but I learned over the years, that when your target is a married woman the lame lines work because the woman is flattered that you are making a pass at her.

The red head looked at me and said, "Do you intend to keep me company?"

"If you permit me to sit with you that is exactly what I would like to do. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Please sit and yes, I'll have a frozen strawberry margarita," she said.

Turning on the Fox charm I complimented her on her hair and her clothes, always a good tactic with a married woman. When our drinks came I proposed a toast. "To us having an interesting evening," I said. Then I asked her name.

She said that her name was Aileen and then asked my name.

"My name's Barry."

"Barry Fox?"

"Yes. You've heard of me?" I said.

"Is what I've heard true?"

"What have you heard?" I asked.

Aileen put her hand on my belt buckle and slipped her fingers not only inside my pants but also inside the waistband of my jockey shorts. Then she pulled them out from my body. Aileen leaned forward and looked inside my pants.

While I was contemplating the reputation that I might have that would cause a woman to peek inside my pants the way Aileen was, I missed the quick movement of her other hand. It happened so fast that I didn't even know what happened until I saw Aileen put her glass back on the bar.

She had poured her whole frozen strawberry margarita into my pants. When I looked at her for an explanation all she said was, "You are such an asshole."

Aileen was gone before I could even think of any response. I was left sitting there with my cock and balls encased in the frozen slush from the icy drink. The crotch of my tan pants was rapidly turning red as the strawberry syrup soaked through them and the pain in my penis and testicles was more than I could handle. I had to run to the rest room to get the mess out of my pants. I found out it is very difficult to run when your underwear is full of crushed ice. I must have been quite a sight with the crotch of my pants red from the syrup and running across the room kind of bowlegged. I could see people pointing at me and laughing.

I managed to get the ice out of my pants and off my privates but my pants and underpants were soaked with the sticky red syrup. I was going to have to drive home in that condition.

When I exited the men's room I saw something on the wall next to the lady's room. It was a flyer with a picture on it and the picture looked like me. I pulled the flyer down and took it with me and read it when I got to the car.

It was definitely my picture. The flyer had a banner, which read, "Ladies, beware of Barry Fox. He is a lying, conniving, bastard that will do anything to get you into bed. Do not let this man into your life. Underneath the banner there were quotes from some of my past and present girlfriends saying what a creep I was. The final line on the flyer gave an Internet site to go to for more information about me. It was "" Who had done this to me and how did they get the names of my girlfriends? The biggest question I had was why would they do this to me. I had treated all of these women very well.

I headed home to check out the Internet site By the time I got to my house the syrup in my pants had started to dry and now my pubic hair was stuck to my pants as well as large portions of sensitive skin making it very painful to walk from my car to the house. I had to stand in the shower for ten minutes before I could get my pants and underpants off.

After my shower I turned my computer on and went to the The site was worse than I could have imagined. The home page carried the banner Barry Fox is a Creep and below that was a large picture of me sitting on a motorcycle. I was wearing a leather jacket with the collar turned up and I was wearing sunglasses. I was posing with my best attempt to look like Elvis. I remembered the picture. It had been taken a year after I got out of high school but I couldn't imagine how anyone could have gotten a hold of that picture. There was only one copy of it and I had it in box in my file cabinet with all of my photos.

Under my picture there were two links. One was labeled 'Picture Gallery' and the other was labeled 'Comments from Former Lovers.' I clicked on 'Comments from Former Lovers' first. What followed were short statements, ranging from a couple of lines to a paragraph, from almost every girl I had an affair with including those I was still having an affair with. The comments from these women were all negative. They talked about me as an opportunist, a liar and a selfish lover. They advised any woman reading these comments to stay away from me. Some of the notes were down right nasty. I wondered how anyone could have gotten the names of all my lovers and got them to say such nasty things about me.

The second from last note was from Eva. She wrote, "I was in love with Barry and had invited him to live with me only to find out that as soon as I was out of town for the weekend he was trying to get his ex-wife in bed. I was just barely over the shock of finding that out when I found out he was having affairs with four other women. Barry Fox is something disgusting you would scrap off the bottom of your shoe and if you didn't get it all off you would have to throw the shoe away."

The last comment was from Karen. "I was married to that asshole until I found out he had multiple girlfriends in multiple cities. So I divorced him. I came back home a few weeks ago to visit my parents and ran into Barry. I thought that he might have changed so I talked to him. It was nice until he asked me to go out with him that night. The fact that I was married and he was living with Eva didn't bother him at all. Barry Fox is a low life scumbag.

After reading the comments I went to the 'Picture Gallery.' This page had several thumbnail pictures all of me. They were the most unflattering pictures that had ever been taken of me. The oldest of the pictures dated back to when I was dating Karen and ran up to some pictures taken while I was with Eva. When I clicked on a picture it would come up full size and each picture had a nasty comment about the bad things I was doing during that period of my life.

At least I knew who had done me in. Karen must have contacted Eva and the two of them had decided to ruin me. Eva still had a key to my house and they must have gone through my files and found the names and address of all of my girlfriends as well as all of my photographs.

Between the flyers that seemed to have been posted near women's rest rooms all over town and the Internet site the bitches had created, they pretty much killed any chance I had of getting laid in Paducah. Not only that, they had taken away all of the girlfriends I currently had. The only person they seemed to have missed was Tracy Fowler. There was no way they could have known about her. The only place I had written her name and address was in my notebook, which had been in my car since Eva kicked me out of the house. At least I could try and get something going with her. After I lined Tracy up I would start rebuilding my harem. I knew things would be tough in Paducah for a while but I still had a lot of other cities I could work.


Dr. Haverty stopped me with the usual, "Barry, we are about out of time today. I guess I understand the curse that was put on you now. How do you feel about what they did to you?"

"I am angry of course. What right did they have to fuck with my life like that?"

"So you don't feel that you deserved what they did?"

"No. I was good to all of them. I guess maybe I can see why Eva and Karen were pissed at me but the rest of them had no reason to attack me. I was good to them. Besides, they were married so they were lying to their husbands and now they're angry because I lied to them. That's not fair," I said.

"We will need to examine that further on another visit. Next week I guess we will be talking about your trip to meet with Tracy Harris."

"I guess we will," I said as I got up from the couch.

Again, the doctor was making notes and didn't look up as I left.


Sixth Appointment Wednesday, November 17

"Hello Barry. How are you today?" Dr. Haverty said as I entered her office and sat on the couch.

"I'm doing better Dr. Haverty."

"Have things gotten better for you?" She asked.

"I am feeling a little better. Not so depressed but I haven't been able to get a date yet. I am almost afraid to even try to talk to women I meet. I have no confidence that my charms still work."

"It may take some time for you to feel good again. When you do you may find that you are not the same person you were before."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"I can't say now, we will just have to wait and see about that," was the less than satisfying answer she gave me.

"Barry, before you tell me about your meeting with Mrs. Harris I'd like to ask you a few questions," Dr Haverty said.

"Mrs. Harris? Oh, right. Tracy. I still think of her as Tracy Fowler."

"Over the last few weeks you have told me about many of the relationships you have had," she said. "I would like to know why you always went after married women."

"Single women don't want the kind of relationship I offer," I said. "What single woman is looking for a long term sexual relationship with a man she only sees once or twice a month? For a married woman who needs some excitement in her life this kind of relationship works fine."

"Is that the only reason?"

"No. It's the conspiratorial element of the relationship that makes it exciting for both the woman and me. The secret phone calls or e-mails, and secretly meeting in hotel rooms behind the husband's back make this exciting for the woman," I said.

"You obviously have been successful at this. How do you talk married woman into engaging in a long term sexual relationship with you?" Dr. Haverty asked.

I was glad she asked that because it would give me a chance to brag about my ability to seduce these women.

"The first one, Tammy, was a fluke. I just fell into that. As I gained experience I honed my seduction skills. The seduction would start the moment I saw a woman that interested me. What I looked for was an attractive, married woman out socially without her husband. When I approached her I would use an obvious pick up line that was based on flattery. I might say something like 'I can't believe a woman as beautiful as you is sitting her alone.' Women who have been married for a while like any kind of compliment even in the form of a pick up line. They know it's just BS but the fact that you are showing an interest in them is a boost to their egos."

"What if the woman is insulted by being approached that way?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"If she is insulted then she isn't the kind of woman I am looking for. The line works on the woman because that is why she is there in the first place. I don't mean she was looking for someone to have an affair with. She is married, happily or otherwise, but is at the point in her marriage where she is bored. So she goes out hoping that someone will make her feel special even if it's just for a few minutes. I try to make that few minutes last for months or years."

"Okay, after your opening line, what's next?"

"I use alcohol and charm to get her interested in me. I buy her drinks and spend a lot of time complimenting her. I also ask her a lot of questions about herself. Women like to talk about themselves but their husbands probably don't listen to them anymore. Sometimes the woman is hot to go to bed with me that night and that's great but I like the women that are a little harder to get into bed."


"From my experience, the woman who is ready to have sex with me the first time we meet probably does that sort of thing all the time. I usually only have a one night-stand with these women. I enjoy the challenge presented by a woman that isn't ready to throw herself at me. During that first meeting I try to keep the woman talking for as long as I can and try to find out some things that interest her. The kind of books she reads or movies she likes. That sort of thing. At some point during our conversation I let the woman know that I am in town on business and that I come there once or twice a month. When I feel that the woman is very comfortable talking to me I tell her that I have to go because I have customer meetings in the morning. Then before I leave I say something like, 'I really have enjoyed talking to you tonight. I spend so much time on the road that it gets pretty lonely. It's nice when I can spend an evening talking to someone as interesting as you.' Then as kind of an afterthought I say, 'Would it be possible for me to call you sometime, just to talk?' The women seldom say no."

"Are you saying these women simply agree to let you call them?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"No. They usually say something like, 'I don't know. My husband might get the wrong idea.'

"My response to that would be to ask her if she had a cell phone or how about an e-mail address? I would really enjoy talking to you again or swapping notes over the Internet."

"And this works?" The doctor asked.

"I'd say it worked about ninety percent of the time. Once I have a phone number or e-mail address I wait about two weeks and then contact her. In that first contact I would tell her that I had seen something that reminded me of her and I just had to call her or write to tell her about it. I would come up with the topic of conversation based on information she gave me in our first meeting. Once I was sure she would take my calls or answer my notes I would start to contact her more frequently. There was never any sexual innuendo in these calls or notes. I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. When I got to the point when we were talking or exchanging notes more than twice a week I would tell her I was going to be in town in a week and ask if we could get together for coffee or a drink. If she agreed to that, I would try to see if I could change that to a dinner. Wherever we planned to meet I would make sure I showed up five or ten minutes late. I did this to make her a little more anxious. If she began to worry that I might not show up she would be happier to see me when I did arrive.

"Once we had met for coffee, drinks or dinner I would step up the frequency of my calls or notes. Still no talk of sex, only of how much I enjoy her company until eventually on one of my visits she ends up in my bed. After that the tone of my calls or notes changes. I start telling her how great she was in bed and how no one had ever made me climax that hard before. Over time our calls or notes would become very explicit. My women loved talking in explicit detail about what we did in bed. I would question them about things she did in bed with her husband. I would ask her if there were things that her husband would not do that she would like to try or if there were things she wouldn't let her husband do. I would then incorporate these into our lovemaking. This kept her coming back for more."

"Why do you think these women would be willing to behave this way with you?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"It is the nature of marriage. In the beginning of the marriage the couple are madly in love and a big part of their love is tied up in their love making. They not only make love often, they talk about it often. Later, after ten or twelve years of marriage sex isn't as big a part of the marriage. The couple no longer talks about sex because they have too many other things to talk about; the kids, their jobs, the bills that need to be paid, cars that need repairs, vacations they need to plan, etc. Then I come along and bring hot sex back to the woman and because our relationship is based only on sex and we are not together all of the time it stays exciting for her. At least that's my theory. It worked for me until those bitches ruined everything."

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