I am a 22 year old blonde woman. I work in a restaurant as a waitress. I am of average build and have long blonde hair. I am reasonably attractive so I have been told.

I want to recant a day that changed my life, my outlook and what I needed from men forever.

It was an average night at work, summertime so it was warm out, the usual crowd was there. I had a fairly busy night at work. It was getting to be closing time and I was getting tired. I had to pick up and get my tables cleaned and reset for the breakfast shift. I had to walk home for I had walked to work, since it was going to be a beautiful day and night. So I went to get my purse and short sweater to put on and walk home. A few of the other girls had offered me a ride home and I refused. It was a gorgeous night out. They were worried about me walking past the baseball field alone. I let them know that I grew up here and had walked through there many nights and things were fine. I was not afraid.

So as I was walking and looking up at the sky, I heard something sounded like bushes rustling. I looked out at the field and saw nothing. So I continued walking. Then out of nowhere I felt a hand around my mouth and I was being dragged down onto the field and as I tried to bite my attacker and kick him and get away, I could not, despite my efforts as I opened my eyes I realized that there were more than one, there were 5. All muscular young men, who wanted to have their way with me. I was very scared, I was shaking. The men were holding me and they tied a bandana so tightly around my mouth that I could not scream for help.

They stood over me while trying to figure out how they were going to all have their way with me, without me screaming and causing them to get caught. So as they discussed who would start I tried to get up...the biggest one smacked me and knocked me down. The other one showed me a knife, I just sat back down and was quiet, and then they knew just how they would get this done. They could see I was petrified of the knife. They kept the gag on, while they all took a limb and held me this point I was starting to get exhausted, too much to fight anymore. The tall man had the knife, and cut my top off along with my bra. They just lifted my skirt and ripped off my he did that he noticed they were kind of wet. They were, and I could not figure out why I was getting sort of turned on by this whole event, but I was, and he knew it. Then it became a game. He stuck his fingers in my wet pussy just a little, enough to make my hips move...the others were gasping at the thought of me actually wanted them to do this.

As he was teasing my pussy the other boys each had a leg and my arms pinned down, but the ones who had my arms were putting their hard cocks in my hands for me to jerk them off. So I did, and they were moaning so deeply, again turning me on. I had to fight a little bit because the roughness is what I was enjoying. So as the tall man had his fingers in me I started to moan and rock my hips into his fingers as if I were asking him for more. He gave me what I asked for, he entered 2, then 3 I started rocking harder while rubbing the other cocks. Then 4, then he just dumped his whole fist in me, I found myself yelling through the gag "Fuck me harder", "Fist my pussy". I could not even think about what I was saying to these vile men.

The others were so hard and wanted my mouth on their dicks. So off went the gag and in slipped a big dripping cock. As he had my hair and slamming his dick in and out of my mouth, I thought I might puke, he was gagging me so much. I was still being fist fucked and just squirting everywhere. Two of the men at my feet were getting so fucking horny just watching what was happening to me and that I was loving every minute of this experience. I think one of them already came in his pants.

The man that was fisting me, could not take any more....and he said he had to "fuck my pussy and had to fuck it now!" So I let him, and I bucked my hips against his so hard as if to say "Harder asshole, fuck me harder." He pulled out and spread cum all over my tits. The other guys I was jerking off just rubbed it all over my nipples as they both moaned. I asked them to pinch them hard, the harder they pinched them the more wet my pussy was. So they decided to switch positions, and the men who held my legs flipped me over and one said "you want to get spanked bitch", I said "do what you think you need to asshole." So he ass cheeks must have been so fucking red, I loved it. One guy laid down on his back and the other one shoved me on top of him. The guy stuck his huge hard cock into my ass so deep that I thought I was going to choke on it, while the other one put his cock in my swollen, wet pussy. I was getting DP'd for the first time on a baseball field. I lifted my head to moan and another dick was cumming on my face while he was jerking off, and right after that another one shoved right into my mouth, with someone else pulling my hair onto his cock saying "Suck it cunt." I was getting fucked in every hole I had available and begging for more. I was so intrigued by what was going on, it was like my holes were dripping with my own cum, along with everyone else. It was so exciting.

Now I was getting fucked so hard, and spanked and choked. I had no choice, they were making me do it, and I loved it. Everyone seemed to cum all at the same time, I was screaming with pleasure, and those men thought they were getting the best of , little did they know that I would enjoy it.

Now I see those men every so often now on that field, so they can "rape" me and fuck me in the manner in which they taught me. I learned a lot that night that I did not know. I love to be roughed up a bit, and I beg for it now.

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