Baseball Annie


It had been a great orgasm for Sylvia and, when she relaxed on the bed, her legs released their grip on the head they held so tightly. Bill eagerly licked up all her fresh honey from wherever it had splattered and backed away from the hot young woman's widely spread legs. He wanted to fuck her but he had not yet recovered from the great blow job she had given him only minutes before. Even though he was a young man and capable of coming many times in a night, he still needed a little more recovery time for his cock to stiffen again.

When she saw he was still limp, Sylvia was somewhat disappointed but that quickly turned to joy. Oliver Flores, the man who had ridden on the elevator with her and Bill, approached them and tapped his teammate on the shoulder.

"Mind if I cut in?" he asked with mock courtliness. It was obvious he did not expect to be denied because his cock was fully erect and was safely encased in a condom.

Under other circumstances, Bill might have refused the request but he was lower in the pecking order than the player doing the asking. Oliver Flores was the team's leading hitter and a four year veteran. "Go ahead, Ollie," he replied. "But don't wear her out with that big dick of yours."

Neither of them thought to ask the young woman who was lying on her back waiting to be fucked and she would have answered strongly in the affirmative if they had. Because of his hitting prowess, the man who was starting to kneel between her legs had more status than the rookie first baseman. She smiled up at him in an invitation and spread her thighs wider to accommodate his larger body. His cock was larger too which was another thing she was smiling about.

Ollie grinned at the sexy woman who was obviously so eager to fuck and leaned forward, supporting his weight on the hand he placed on the bed beside Sylvia. His other hand was guiding his big cock. She reached between her thighs and spread her lips to prepare herself for the first class fucking she expected to be getting momentarily. When she felt the tip of Ollie's cock being rubbed in her pussy to spread the lubrication that Billy had not licked off her, Sylvia drew her breath in sharply in anticipation. When the head wedged its way inside her, she let it out in a sigh of delight at the way he was already stretching her.

She repeated that happy sound when Ollie thrust forward again and another inch of his thick cock burrowed into her. The next time she felt his shaft start to surge deeper inside her pussy, Sylvia spread her thighs slightly farther, hooked her ankles around his legs and pulled herself forward to meet him. Almost four more inches of the hard cylinder was driven into her eager pink hole and she felt waves of pleasure sweeping over her body. With one more thrust, which she also fucked back to meet, Ollie's entire cock was imbedded inside her and his curly black pubic hair was tickling her bare pussy.

One of the things Oliver Flores liked most about playing ball in the big leagues, besides the money and the prestige, was the great sex so easily available and the sexy woman under him was one of the best he had ever fucked. She was having as much fun as he was; he could tell by the huge grin on her face and the way her body was squirming in front of him. He didn't know her name and didn't care what it was but he knew she loved sex with him and his teammates. When she lifted her arms, inviting him to lie on top of her, he accepted her offer and stretched out above her but allowed her room to move under him.

At first she didn't want to move nor did Ollie. They both preferred to lie where they were while the pleasure from his cock crammed in her pussy throbbed through her body and the delightful things her pussy was doing for his cock inundated him. Finally, he slowly drew back and paused for a few seconds with the head of his cock within her pussy lips, before driving his entire shaft back inside her until her bare skin was once again being tickled.

"Oh, my god, that's good," she murmured into his ear while gripping his upper arms more tightly.

"The best," he replied before drawing back again, pausing the same way and plunging his cock into where it was being made so welcome.

This time she fucked back to meet him until their bodies came together with a wet noise, accompanied by two sighs of joy. Once again, Ollie remained deeply imbedded in her for a minute, letting their bodies pleasure one another. When he finally drew back, that stroke was like the first had been, except for Sylvia's pussy pumping out a big gush of her juices to ease the driving of his cock into her. This was accompanied by an extra loud moan of bliss from her wide open mouth.

They continued like that, with long, slow strokes and no conversation. Neither of them had anything to say, and they were too pleasurably occupied to want to engage in pillow talk. The only sounds in the suite were sighs and moans of joy and the squeaking of the three beds, all of which were getting a double workout by that time. Sylvia's pleasure mounted steadily and she was certain she would soon orgasm for the second time that night but the fucking was too good for her to be in any rush for that to happen.

Ollie expected to come for his second time that night too and he was in no more hurry than his partner of the moment was. The woman under him, who was starting to rock from side to side in time with his thrusts, was one of the best pieces of ass he had ever had and he wanted to make it last. Even as he looked at her beautiful face, the movements of her body became wilder and her head started tossing from side to side on the pillow.

That evening was already the best ever for Sylvia and she expected the carnal delight to become even more memorable as the night progressed. To her left, where Bobby and the skinny blonde had been were two other people, a rather plump brunette and a man she recognized as Preston Peterson, a left-handed pitcher who was expected to start Sunday's game. He was definitely enjoying the game he was playing that night and his face was suffused with pleasure as he plunged his cock in and out of the brunette's pussy. The girl was relishing their sexual fun just as much and was already sobbing and whimpering in total bliss as she bucked and writhed under him.

Sylvia didn't think about it right away, but she was making the same kind of sounds as she drew closer to her orgasm. Abruptly, the big, thick cock giving her pussy such a great time started feeling even better. She realized Ollie had moved up higher on her body so his cock was making more contact with her swollen clit. She knew she was on the verge of coming and was sure the man above her was too.

"Give it to me Ollie. Make me come," she implored him while ramming her pussy harder than ever up against his thrusting body.

He smiled and started fucking her harder and faster. Sylvia had correctly divined the nearness of his climax because he had also felt every drop of his energy collecting from throughout his body and concentrating in his groin. He had moved slightly higher on her and, with every stroke into her and back out, the upper side of his cock was being raked by her clit.

At the same time and with every stroke, Ollie's cock was massaging Sylvia's clit and she was thrashing all over the bed. She couldn't see the other couple or anything else because her eyes were closed in bliss but she heard the plump gitl cry out ecstatically that she was coming. As if that ignited her own climax, a massive wave of joy rolled over Sylvia from her toes to her forehead and her second orgasm of the night was launched.

The sexy woman under him clutching his shoulders and bouncing up and down to meet the thrusts of his cock ignited the explosion that had steadily been building in Ollie. He grunted ecstatically and rammed his cock deeply into her pussy as his semen squirted into his condom. They bounced and rolled together, almost falling off the bed, until Sylvia shouted incoherently and joyfully as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Also in unison, the two very happy people collapsed onto the bed in a happy pile, next to the other couple, who were in the same euphoric state.

Preston Peterson and the bosomy brunette left after a few minutes and Ollie also got to his knees. Sylvia was tired but in ecstasy with what had already happened to her that night. Her joy multiplied when another man, whom she hadn't seen earlier approached. It was Otis Wright, an African American who had been the starting pitcher in that night's game and she reveled in how he was gazing with desire at her available body. She lusted just as much for his dark, slender physique and the big, stiff cock he was holding at the ready.

"I hope you're not too tired to take this in your hot pussy next." He smiled, not expecting to be turned down.

He wasn't. Otis was already wearing a condom and had pitched masterfully for seven innings while the Comets built a big lead. He could have continued in the game but the strategy was to avoid working the starter too hard and let the closing specialist finish the game which was well in hand by that time. Sylvia did not answer verbally but nodded her head, smiled and spread her legs farther. She could never be too tired to accommodate somebody who had pitched as good a game as Otis had that night.

Taking that as the positive answer it was intended to be, he got onto the bed between the hot woman's welcoming legs. Holding his cock in his left hand, Otis leaned forward with his weight supported on the other. Sylvia reached between her thighs and spread her pussy lips which was hardly even necessary for she was dripping wet with her juices. When contact was made, he thrust forward and the head of his cock wedged into Sylvia, who sighed happily. Besides sucking off the excellent rookie first baseman, she had fucked the leading hitter for the night and would now be sharing her body with the star pitcher.

Otis adjusted his athletic body and plunged forward again, imbedding most of his cock in the wet place that was so eager for it. He placed his left hand beside the lady's other side, loomed over her sexy body and, with just one more hard thrust, his entire big, black cock was imbedded inside her. Sylvia squealed in delight and squirmed in joy and, when she felt the pitcher's cock buried deeply inside her pussy, wrapped her legs around his hips and raised her arms in a silent invitation.

He gladly accepted it and sprawled atop her, sliding his hands under her upper arms while she reached up to grip his shoulders in her hands. Otis was more eager to fuck the new baseball Annie and less patient than Ollie had been and he drew back and thrust forward immediately, massaging the base of Sylvia's clit with his cock. He remained inside her for no more than a few seconds before drawing back and thrusting into her again. She grabbed his upper arms, flexed her legs and pulled herself up and forward to meet him; the two bodies came together with a soft wet "smack" and Sylvia's juices splattered over both their bodies while she moaned in bliss.

Otis grunted of his pleasure too and continued fucking the beautiful young white woman under him. She met every stroke he made and could already feel her climax approaching. Her body writhed under his and her head, with eyes closed and mouth open in a grimace of extreme joy, was rolling from side to side on her pillow. The man and woman were deriving tremendous pleasure from their rather rapid coupling, and Otis decided to make it much better, for himself at least.

He pushed himself up off her writhing body and gazed down on her joyful face and, especially, her succulent breasts as they swayed from side to side with every movement she made. One at a time, Otis took hold of the luscious orbs and, while supporting most of his weight on his knees, started pushing and pulling on them as if they were some kind of handles as he drove his cock in and out of the groupie's pussy.

Sylvia would not have tolerated such oafish behavior from any boyfriend but she was so enamored of the Comets' star pitcher fucking her that she took even greater pleasure in his actions. She continued to fuck back to meet him and his strong hands on her soft skin and erect nipples were helping drive her even closer to her orgasm.

"I love that, Otis," she urged him. "Really give it to me and make me come!"

He kept really giving it to her because he could feel his own impending climax. Over and over, the star pitcher pulled on the handy handles as he plunged his big cock into her and pushed on the lovely orbs as he drew back. Sylvia, on the verge of what she expected to be a momentous orgasm, continued meeting him while her body thrashed all over the mattress.

Otis started coming first as the climax that had been building since his cock first entered the wet pussy began to erupt through his groin. He groaned aloud as it exploded and a burst of his semen filled his condom. After his climax, the satisfied man stopped all movements and rested on top of the woman whose hot, wet pussy had brought it about. Sylvia knew the man had come, although she hadn't and she knew what to do about it.

Her legs were still tightly wrapped around the thighs of the man above her and his cock was still stiff and fully imbedded in her pussy. She clutched his arms and pulled his body and hers together, massaging her clit against his cock. It felt almost as good that way as when the man had been driving in in and out of her. Over and over, Sylvia tugged on his arms and pulled with her legs until the climax that had been so close to the surface erupted.

"Oh, my god!" she cried out ecstatically.

Her arms and legs clutched her inactive partner even more tightly and, though she was not in full control of her muscular actions, Sylvia's frantic bouncing and pitching and bucking rubbed her sensitive and swollen clit against Otis's cock, which was still erect. After less than a minute of this independent fucking of a passive partner, she uttered a joyous shout as her orgasm overwhelmed her. When it was over, her muscles all completely relaxed and she sagged under the pitcher, who had been trying to pull his cock out of her and get off the bed.

Once he succeeded in that effort, Sylvia happily sprawled over the rumpled bottom sheet, her eyes closed in bliss and her lips parted. She was not asleep and she wanted to fuck and suck more but she did want a few minutes of rest before taking on the next member of her favorite baseball team. As she lay quietly, her thoughts were of the great time she was having that night and of how happy she was to have followed the dream she had even in her teens.

Her reverie was interrupted by a gentle hand cupping a breast and a pair of lips kissing her nipple. She opened her eyes and smiled up at the familiar face with its freckles and mustache and shock of red hair.

"I hope you're enjoying yourself, Sylvia," Bill greeted her.

"I sure am, Billy. I'm really glad you brought me here." She looked down and saw his cock encased in latex. "Do you want to lie down here with me so we can enjoy ourselves together some more?"

"Sure." He lay beside the lovely young woman and held and kissed her other breast. "You sure got some nice boobies," he told her as he continued kissing the objects of his admiration.

Bill was much more of a doer than a talker at either baseball or sex. Having used up his store of sweet talk, he rolled over atop the young hotty with his knees between her legs. As Sylvia reached between her thighs to spread the lips of her extremely wet but still eager pussy, she wondered what the record for orgasms in one night might be for baseball Annies. She didn't really care but that night was a personal best for her in that department and she expected to improve on it with Billy.

He didn't care about any such record either; he just wanted to fuck the sweet and beautiful young woman he had brought to the hotel that night. The team had been away from home for the eleven days and nights preceding their game and the young athlete had gotten no sex during that period. He was making up for it, with her and some others but Sylvia was his favorite. Billy looked down at her pussy, shiny with her juices, and leaned forward with one hand guiding his cock and the other next to her to support his weight.

When he made contact, Bill rubbed the end of his cock in her ocean of wetness to spread her natural lubrication and centered the tip. Sylvia made a minute adjustment and he thrust forward, plunging his cock most of the way inside her. She was so wet and so stretched from being fucked twice before that a slow penetration was not needed. As his cock surged into her, Sylvia drew her breath in between her teeth and sighed happily as a tsunami of joy rolled over her whole body.

Billy felt good too because he could see how great it was being for the sweet girl under him and because the internal muscles of her pussy were already doing incredible things for his cock. He thrust forward again and drove the rest of the way into her until his pubic hair was brushing the skin of her shaven pussy. When he saw her raise her arms to welcome him to cuddle, he sprawled out the rest of the way with his hands under her shoulders, supporting his weight on his elbows. Sylvia reached up, put her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers.

They shared a long passionate kiss. Bill could smell and even taste his stale come inside her mouth but he didn't care about such a trivial thing. The girl had an eminently kissable face and he very much wanted to kiss her, so he did, several times. When he raised his mouth from hers, Sylvia grinned up at him and said the words any man would have wanted to hear.

"Your cock feels so wonderful in my pussy, Billy. Let's take our time and make it last."

That was exactly what he wanted too. The edge had been completely taken off his horniness by her and some of the other girls and what he wanted was a long, slow fuck, followed by bringing Sylvia to another orgasm and then by his coming for the final time of the night. He stayed where he was for at least a minute, letting pleasure throb through his body and hers before slowly drawing away until he paused for a few seconds with the head of his cock still inside her. Still moving slowly, and pulling gently against her shoulders for leverage, he started plunging it back into her.

She felt the cock slowly surging into her pussy, intense pleasure rocketing out all along its path, and fucked back until her body met his. Sylvia and Billy both murmured happily of how great it felt and remained unmoving while her juices flowed from her pussy onto their bodies. When Billy drew back again and drove forward in another stroke, it was the same perfection and they both knew it. For a long time they continued like that, fucking in long, gentle strokes, both reveling in the incredibly erotic sensation of the other's bare skin. Still being in no hurry, they moved almost glacially slowly, even taking a long time between strokes while both their climaxes mounted.

There was something Sylvia liked to do when she felt as close to a sex partner as she did to Billy by then. "Just stay where you are," she suggested. Let me fuck my hot pussy against your big, beautiful cock."


He was already supporting most of his weight on his knees and forearms but, with his cock buried inside her to the hilt, Billy pushed himself higher so Sylvia would have an easier time moving under him. Her breasts were no longer like a pair of soft pillows under his chest but he could still feel her nipples digging into his skin. Silvia wrapped her legs around his and gripped his upper arms before starting to move under him.

She began by sliding toward the head of the bed, moving herself by pushing against Billy's arms. She stopped when she felt the mushroom shape of his cock head at the entrance to her pussy, paused briefly and used her hands and legs to pull her body back to where it had been, slowly imbedding his cock in her pussy. He felt it being enveloped by her warm wetness and, when it was most of the way back inside her, he thrust forward, massaging her clit and being massaged as well. As their bodies came together, they moaned in unison and prepared for the next stroke.

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