Baseball Cougars Take The Lead Pt. 02

byGeorge VI©

As occupied as my brain, and my cock, were, thinking about fucking and playing around with Mrs. T's naked body, I was also giving some thought to my own mom. I'd never given her any thought before, sexually. And then I heard all the comments from my friends on how sexy they thought she was. And then I watched three of my teammates playing with and even fucking their own moms. And then I saw Mom on the bleachers flashing cleavage and legs. Could I get turned on by my own mom?

There was confusion for a few days. She did make my cock jump when I saw her on the bleachers. Was that a fluke? I observed her closer at home.

Which is to say I checked out her body. I concluded that if she'd been anybody else's mom, I would find her hot. I started checking out her legs when she wore shorts. I tried to look down her tops. I watched her ass wiggle and tits jiggle when she walked. And then I saw her in the morning in just her nightshirt. She was braless. Her tits looked pretty darned firm, swaying as she walked. I sat across from her when she sat down in her short nightshirt, trying to look up her legs, and managed to get a glimpse of her white panties. When nobody else was home, I snooped in her room, rifling through her underwear and lingerie drawers. Her underwear was pretty boring. Mostly white and conservative, with just a few pastels and black stuff. No thongs, no front hook bras, no real push-up bras. I found a few used pairs of panties in her closet, searched through the crotch, and found one very long curly pubic hair. She wasn't shaved. That night, for the first time, I masturbated while picturing my mom naked.


Eric was a two-sport player, and was sometimes absent from practices because of a high school track event. Eric's mom, Mrs. Taylor was a "team mom", meaning that she sometimes helped arrange snacks and parties and stuff. Before the next practice, Mrs. Taylor was there despite the fact that Eric wasn't. Coach Miles announced that we would be voting on Team Captain, and that Mrs. Taylor would be officiating because coaches weren't allowed to sway the vote. So Mrs. Taylor was the only adult within earshot as we sat on the bench.

"Um," she began, "I have a really really huge favor to ask. I'd like you to vote for Eric for team captain. I think it would help his college resume."

Eric was the best player in the league and very popular among the other players. He would have been my first choice regardless. But it was a little strange for his mom to be intervening. There was silence from the team.

"Um, can you be bribed?" Asked Mrs. Taylor. "What can I do to make you vote for Eric?"

After a brief silence, from the end of the bench someone muttered, "Show us your fire bush." I don't know if he meant it to be audible, but the team snickered.

I cringed and waited for Mrs. Taylor to explode. But the redheaded mom was trying to bribe us, so she couldn't really squeal on us, could she? She smirked and looked at us through her glasses. "If that's what you want. You make Eric captain, and I'll show you my fire bush. Okay!"

We all looked at each other and muttered our affirmatives. Mrs. Taylor passed out paper and pen, and we each voted. I couldn't help stare at her big tits in her tight t-shirt and her crotch protruding from her tight shorts, as she collected my ballot. Would she really show a team full of her son's friends her pussy?

When Mrs. Taylor counted the ballots, or course Eric won. Unanimously, I would bet. "Thank you, boys. A deal is a deal. On Wednesday after school, Eric has a track meet. I'll be home alone. You all come over. And don't tell a soul. Promise?"

Once again we all agreed with the redheaded mom, and continued with the practice, eleven boys with hardons stuffed in their cups and jocks.

Wednesday came, and I walked over to Eric's house. I met several other boys at the door, which was open. We walked through the screen door, and heard Mrs. Taylor upstairs. She yelled down, "Go on downstairs and grab a pop. I'll be down when everybody is here." What, was she going to come downstairs naked or something? Within a few minutes the entire team, sans Eric, was gathered in Mrs. Taylor's downstairs family room. I was on the couch surrounded by teammates, when Mrs. Taylor yelled, "Is everybody here?"

"Yeah," we hollered. Mrs. Taylor came down the stairs and entered the room. She was dressed real sexy. Bordering on slutty. Her skirt was so tight I don't know how she got down the stairs in it. Her white blouse scooped low, showing plenty of her ample cleavage. She had on hose and spiked heals. Her face was made up, and her earrings and necklace were white. I realized that it was the first time I'd ever seen her with her glasses off.

The team started hooting and whistling. Mrs. Taylor smiled and posed for us, putting one hand up and one on her hips. "Are you ready for a show, boys?"

"Yeah!" we bellowed. Mrs. Taylor turned around and pressed a button on a CD player behind her. Some pop dance song I didn't recognize started to play. Mrs. Taylor started dancing.

The first thing I noticed was the way her cleavage jiggled. Then her whole tits in her bra jumped up and down. Mrs. Taylor was a pretty average dancer, but she had a few sexy moves, like putting her hands up over her head as she thrust her chest out. As she spread her legs and moved her hips, her tight skirt hiked up some, and I watched her meaty thighs. I could see her hose tops peeking out from under her hem. She was wearing garters.

My friend's mom leaned over and showed us more of her hanging tits, spilling out of her bra. To a round of whistles and grunts from the baseball team, she shook them. She even walked right over to where I was sitting on the couch, and shook them right in my face. Then she straightened up, heaved her chest out, and spread her legs wide, exposing her garters and the upper parts of her bare mature thighs. I'd seen her in shorts to know that the tops of her thighs were freckled, but now I was seeing her inner thighs up near her crotch and the freckles were fewer. Her garters were a lavender color. Soon I could see her panty crotch, and her panties were also lavender.

Mrs. Taylor turned around, and shook her ass at us. Her butt was fairly big, but I still enjoyed the mature woman shaking it at me. So did my teammates, judging by their faces and their hollering. She even bent down and stuck her butt in our faces. This caused her skirt to rise so much in back that I could see her panty crotch between her legs. I couldn't see the back of her panties. I wondered if she were wearing thongs.

Mrs. Taylor faced us as she started to unbutton her blouse. Soon she was opening it up wide for us, displaying her lacy lavender push-up bra that matched her panties and garters. She slowly dropped the blouse behind her, and I gawked at her big tits inside of her bouncing bra. Her tits were hanging out the top and the sides of her cups.

Our Team Mom fumbled with a clasp on the side of her tight skirt, and slowly pulled down her zipper, smiling at us as she did, wiggling her hips side to side. Then she started to tug the tight garment down her hips, with some difficulty. She kept working at it, side to side, until her tight silk lavender panties were completely in view. She bent over as she pulled her skirt down her legs, and somewhat awkwardly stepped out of them.

Mrs. Taylor walked and danced her way back and forth right in front of us in her bra and panties and garter and hose and heels. She shook her coarse red hair. I watched her thighs jiggling. Then she lowered her left bra strap. "Yeah!" Mike yelled.

She dropped the other strap. She reached behind her, and worked on the bra clasp. She unhooked it, and held her bra up over her tits with her right arm. Finally, after much loud coaxing, she dropped the bra, and her big tits bobbled free. Her chest was heavily freckled, but after the first inch or so of cleavage, her pale tits were free of freckles. Her wide areolas were a bright pink color. Her nipples didn't appear as fat as Mike's mom's, but they appeared longer.

Mrs. Taylor again put her hands up in the air and shook her tits at us, thrusting them out, before leaning over me and shaking them in my face. I wanted to reach out and grab them, but I wasn't sure if that's what she wanted.

Mrs. Taylor turned her back to us. She was, indeed, wearing thongs. Both of her large mature butt cheeks were bare, jiggling and rippling. They were nearly free of freckles, but not quite. She shook her cheeks rapidly. Then she put her hands on her knees and bent over, giving her big butt a little booty popping, or at least a mature suburban white mom's version of it.

She faced us again. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thongs.

"Are you ready for it?"

"Yeah!" We hollered.

"Do you want to see my fire bush?"

"Yeah! C'mom!" we yelled."

"What? I can't hear you. Do you REALLY want to see my fire bush?"


Mrs. Taylor started to tug down her panties at the sides. First her right side, then her left, teasing us by pulling them down a little and then back up. She rubbed her crotch, and thrust her pussy at us with her legs spread. With eleven boys yelling and frothing, she finally snuck them down further, and her red pubic hairs snuck out of her panties. She bent at the waist and pulled her thongs off, kicking them off of her heels.

As Eric had said, her pubic hair was red, just a shade lighter than the hair on her head, or maybe it was the light. It was a striking pussy. It was a thick patch, but trimmed back at the bikini line.

Mrs. Taylor stood directly in front of the couch again, thrusting her hips and shaking her tits. Kip, sitting next to me on my right, reached up and tried to grab a tit, but Mrs. Taylor pulled back, smiling. She then thrust her pussy into the face of Mike, who was sitting on my left. He reached up and got a handful of pussy, and Mrs. Taylor allowed his feel for just a moment before stepping away. Shawn was sitting in a chair to Mike's left, and Mrs. Taylor shook her bare ass in his face, and he got both of his palms on her cheeks for a moment.

Then Mrs. Taylor danced her way back over to me. She spread her legs and danced right over me, she was so close that I could smell her perfume, and see her pussy lips glistening under the red hair. She dangled her tits over me, inches from my face. Then she straddled me, and rested her bare butt on my lap. She scooted higher, until her crotch was rubbing mine. My friend's mom was giving me a lap dance!

I put my hands on her bare hips just below her garter belt. When she didn't object to the touch, I slid them up her sides and grabbed her tits. She arched her back and thrust her jugs into my face as I squeezed them. My cock was hard in my shorts and rubbing against her pussy mound.

Kip and Mike reached up and got handfuls of tit, so I lowered one hand down to her pussy, and ran my fingers through the coarse red hair. I burrowed my face between her tits, and licked her cleavage. I pushed Mike's hand out of the way, and suctioned onto Mrs. Taylor's right nipple. It was long, and I flitted my tongue around it as I suckled her.

I felt a hand on my pants. Mrs. Taylor was snapping them. I reached down and eagerly helped her unzip my fly, and released my hard cock. Mrs. Taylor stroked it a few times, and then rubbed it along her pussy slit. I could feel a mixture of her hair and her smooth pussy lips. Then she rose up a little, and slid my dick head into her pussy. She was plenty wet, and she slid down the shaft with no problem.

I was fucking the mature redhead. While feeling and sucking her big tits. Man!

I leaned back for a good view of Mrs. Taylor's body and face. Her eyes were alternately opening and closing, her tits were jiggling, and even her thighs rippled as she thrust into me. Kip and Mike were feeling her again, and Shawn was standing next to her getting in his feels. Mrs. Taylor leaned over and made out with me, entangling her tongue around mine. Then she leaned back and found Shawn's lips and made out with him while I fucked her.

Mrs. Taylor started to shudder and whimper. Her noises got downright crude. She opened her mouth and let out several loud wails. She gyrated on my lap, and clamped her big thighs around my waist. I wasn't about to last long, and before I could say a word, I shot my jizm into her pussy.

As soon as Mrs. Taylor's first orgasm subsided, she stood up, turned around, and sat on Mike's lap. Mike whipped out his cock, and I could see him stuffing it up into Mrs. Taylor's pussy. As the big woman bounced up and down on Mike, he reached around and squeezed her tits. I reached over and gave them a few more grabs, but the competition from the rest of my team was overwhelming and I gave up. Shawn stood in front of Mrs. Taylor, and whipped out his hard cock. The red haired mom leaned forward and took the choad into her mouth and sucked it. She also reached out and grabbed two more cocks and stroked them.

Once Mike came, Mrs. Taylor stood up, and ended up leaning over the couch's armrest, sucking Kip's cock while Tim fucked her from behind. After those two were done, Mrs. Taylor ended up kneeling in front of Pete and sucking him as she sat on the couch, while Brad fucked her doggie style, followed by Kyle and Brian and Chris.

Soon Mrs. Taylor's nylons were shredded and unhooked from her garters, and her shoes were finally off. But she still wore her pearl necklace, and as she laid on the couch on her back, I climbed on top of her chest and slid my cock between her two big tits, and with her help squeezing her mounds around my shaft, I spit a load of cum onto her freckled chest and her pearls.

Mrs. Taylor apologized that she had to ask us to leave before Eric or his dad might come home. We helped clean up the room a little, as Mrs. Taylor gingerly collected her strewn clothes and walked bowlegged up to her bedroom.


When Mom was driving me home from a game, she asked, "Hey, Don, do your coaches ever talk to you about paying attention to the game?"

"All the time."

"It seems like a few of you spend a lot of time looking back into the stands. Are you looking for someone?"

"Uh, no."

"I'd think that you guys were looking for girls, but there haven't been any girls on the bleachers. Just moms."

"Yeah. Well, moms are girls."

"You boys aren't looking at moms are you?"

"No! What if we were?"

"It's Vito's mom, isn't it? She's young and she dresses a little improper sometimes, I think."

"I dunno, Mom. She doesn't show any more than some other moms in shorts and tank tops and stuff."

"Oh, so you boys ARE looking at some moms."

I wanted to lie, but Mom wasn't stupid. Plus, I wondered if MY mom was checking US out the way some of the other moms were. "Maybe a couple."

"Is Vito's mom your favorite? "

"Um, nope, not really."

"Hmm. Kip's mom then. She wasn't wearing a bra at the last game."

"I don't know."

"So which mom is getting the most attention?"

"I guess you do." I can't believe I blurted that out. But I was horny and wanted to get a reaction from Mom.


"Yeah. Some of the guys said you were the hottest mom."

"Are you joking?"

"No. Really."

"Who said that?"

"A couple of guys."


Mom kept pushing me for names, but I thought that was indiscreet. I stonewalled. But after we got home, and we were alone on the family room watching TV, she asked again.

"It was Mike, wasn't it? He looks back a lot."

"He was one."

"C'mon. Who else? Shawn?"


Mom started naming every player. I said "yes" or "no" or "I don't remember" for each. Funny that she didn't mention Eric. Finally, "Eric?"

"Yeah, Eric."

"Really? What did he say?"

"I don't know. Just that you were hot."

"He thinks I'm pretty?"

"Yeah, they all think you're pretty. And they said you had the best, um, body."

"My legs?"

"Yeah. Your legs and your big boobs they mentioned." I tried not to stare at Mom's tits when I said that. But when I DID steal a glance, her nipples were protruding through her t-shirt.

Dad came home then, and Mom stopped pestering me, but the look on her face the rest of the night was like a schoolgirl who got a note passed to her by the popular boy.


A big part of the league's revenue was made from our ball park's concession stand, which was open whenever there was a game playing. Each player and one parent were required to work in the concession stand during one game a year, unless they could bribe their way out. I couldn't bribe my way out. So I was assigned to work the concession stand on a Saturday afternoon when I wasn't playing. I didn't know anything about working a concession stand, and I wasn't looking forward to it.

Until I entered the back door to the concession stand, and was greeted by Mrs. Kreske, the mom who rubbed up against Eric.

"Hi, Don!" I was flattered that she knew my name. "We get to spend the next two hours together," she said with a smile. When my eyes adjusted to the lower light in the tiny room, I looked her over. Her dark brown hair was permed and barely covered her ears, not a youthful look, but classy. Her face was cute, her lips full, her earrings white. Her round medium-sized tits poked out of her tight tank top. Her pussy mound protruded from her gray cotton shorts. They were quite short, and her fleshy but firm thighs were on almost full display.

"Have you ever worked the concessions before?"

"Uh, No," I mumbled.

"Well, I'm experienced," she said with a smirk. "Let an experienced woman show you everything you need to know."

I felt my cock tingle.

Mrs. Kreske proceeded to show me everything - about the concessions. How to wrap the hot dogs, how much the candy and bottled water cost, how to put cheese on the nachos. There really wasn't much to it. Still, I let her serve the first few customers, as I stood back and admired her round ass.

I volunteered to assist the next customer. As I handed a woman her candy and waited for her money, Mrs. Kreske stood behind me and pressed her tit into my arm, the way I watched her do it to Eric. I wasted little time in rubbing back into her.

After that, the game was on. When I waited on the next customer, she stood behind me and put her hand on my waist, and pressed her bare knee into my bare thigh. By the third customer, the back of her hand was pressed against my butt. I got a hardon, and while we worked around the tiny room, she managed to brush her hand against it.

There were no words spoken about it, even when there were no customers at the window, but soon she was squeezing my butt cheeks as I was waiting on customers. When she waited on a customer, I pushed my hard cock against her butt. She leaned in my direction until my cock rested between her butt cheeks. I pressed forward into her crack, surprised at how great her jiggling cheeks felt around my cock, like a hot dog nestled in a bun.

The last customer left, but I stayed there, pressed against her ass. She reached back and felt my cock. I reached down and touched her ass, squeezing her right check through her thin shorts.

Mrs. Kreske turned around, leaned her elbows back onto the counter, thrust her tits out, and spread her legs slightly. She looked at me with a dirty smirk on her face, but said nothing. I moved forward until my hardon pressed into her pussy. She bucked her hips a few times and rubbed her pussy up and down along my cock. I saw a customer approaching, and broke away as Mrs. Kreske turned around.

I slid my hand up under her shorts and panties, and felt her bare ass right there in front of somebody's oblivious dad. I was very subtle about my movements. I looked out at the field, and at the bleachers. I spotted Mrs. Kreske's husband sitting in the stands. I reached into the front of his wife's shorts and rubbed her crotch over her wet panties.

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