tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 01

Basement Sluts Vol. 01


Josh and Shawn were just your average Joes sort of speak. They were both born and raise in sunny Los Angeles, California. They have been best friends since junior high and graduated high school together. Soon after that, they agreed to share an apartment together and live out the rest of their lives having fun and parting.

One Friday night in their L.A apartment building, both Shawn and Josh were bored and had no plans for tonight. At 6'5, 140 pounds, Josh was on the Internet, chatting to some girls, asking to view their web cams. Josh had tumbled onto a live web cam sex chat room where couples were having sex.

"Whoa Shawn! Come check this shit out," shouted Josh.

Shawn, a very handsome and dark African male at 6'9 and 180 pounds decided to see what his white friend Josh was talking about.

"Damn dude! Where the fuck is you?" Shawn asked Josh in amazement.

"Some sex chat room dude. This shit is fucking awesome man. Check out the girl on the right with the big titties," Josh said with excitement, drooling at the computer screen.

"Damn man. Wish I had a big tittie girl right here and now. It's been a while since I have had sex with any girls actually;" Shawn spoke.

"Wouldn't it be cool to have sex on the Internet and have people pay to watch it? I mean. Since either one of us have jobs. It would be a very interesting sight. Fast cash while fucking phat ass," grinned Josh rubbing his hands together and had a greedy expression on his face.

"You know Josh. That just might work dude. Fucking girls and showing it on the Internet. Getting people like our friends to pay and watch us. Making lots of cheddar. For the first time in your life Josh you actually have a good idea," agreed Shawn. "But we have a problem. Where are we going to find beautiful enough girls to have sex?

"I know a few busty girls from high school that would want to make some extra cash on the side. And I'm sure they would love to experience their first big black cock," Josh said looking at Shawn.

Shawn turns to look at Josh. "But how can we pay them Josh? We're broke ourselves," Shawn said with disappointment.

"I could get my rich brother to fund us for a while until we start making money. He is always into investing in new ideas and stuff. He told me that if I never wanted to start a company of my own that he would help and load me a few thousand dollars," Josh said looking at Shawn.

"But if this fails, then we own him a few thousand dollars," said a worried Shawn.

"I know and that's why our girls have to be busty with all the right curves man so people well want to pay and watch us," Josh said patting Shawn on the back. So that night, Josh made a call to his older brother, asking to have a load of $2000.

This brother agreed and didn't ask any questions on what he was going to do with the money but he expected Josh to pay it back real soon. Josh assures him that he would get his money back.

"Ok Shawn. We have the load. I can also rent the cam for a while. So all we need is one lovely lady for tonight and I have one in mind. She's 18 and still a virgin. I'm a friend of her brother's and she has some enormous tits man. I mean, giant jugs. I'll take her out tonight because her brother told me that she doesn't do much dating since she is German and really attractive. Guys don't try to be in a relationship with her. They only want her for her big titties. Kind of like what we want her for too but she is getting paid. So after some dinner, I'll bring her back here and we'll pay her to do sexual things and get her in the mood for some sex," said Josh. "I hope You're big dick is up for the challenge tonight dude seeing how you haven't used it in a while. I'm not trying to get humiliate by a girl and then indebt with my brother."

Nine 'O'clock came around and Josh was out on his date with a very lovely young white girl named Dylan. At 5'5 and 108, she has enormous breasts on a small frame. She had just turned 18 and is still a virgin like Josh said. During the date, Josh has been admiring her short black shoulder length hair and her gorgeous hazel eyes. But his true eyeing and mind was set on her giant breasts inside her tight pink sweater. You could see the enormous teardrop shapes of her tits sticking out. Other guys in the restaurant couldn't keep their eyes off her chest as well.

As soon as dinner was over, Josh helped Dylan out of her seat, looking over her shoulders to see her big melons bounce lightly with her movements. His cock started to get hard. He helped her into his car and drove off back to his apartment. He was actually sweet enough to have her want to come over. He took her to the basement of the apartment building, which was turn into a bachelor's pad. Josh and Shawn are good friends of the owner.

They sat on the couch and got to talk for a little while.

"I had a really nice time," said Dylan in her German accent and smiling at Josh.

"Well that's good. I did too. Why let our fun stop there huh?" Said Josh.

"What do you have in mind?" Asked Dylan.

"My friend and I are trying to make a video of beautiful busty girls such as you. Would you like to meet my friend?" Asked Josh.

"I don't know. What kind of video are you making?" Asked a curious Dylan.

Shawn came out wearing a white robe and black socks. He stood in front of Dylan and disrobed. His enormous black cock nearly poked her eye out.

"Holy shit!" Said a surprise and shocked Dylan.

"Oh head. Stroke it," urged Josh.

A shy Dylan took the massive cock in both her small hands and started stroking up and down.

"Hmmm. feels good Josh," moaned Shawn.

"I thought so. Wait right here," said Josh, rushing off to turn on the computer and grapping the tape recorder.

Dylan's eyes never left his gigantic balls hanging down almost pass his thighs to his knees. This was she first time seeing a huge black cock. She wasn't that much of a virgin and they were about to find out.

She took her tongue out of her mouth and started licking the massive head of his gigantic cock while still stroking it. Swirling her tongue around his cock. Then she took the whole head into her mouth and started sucking on it. Shawn grabbed hold of her shoulders while she started sliding more and more of his cock into her mouth. She couldn't breathe and so she took it out of her, saliva dripping heavily from his huge dick.

"My god! How big are you?" Dylan asked in amazement.

"11 1/2 inches baby. Now give it a good sucking," Shawn said, putting the head of his huge cock back into her mouth.

Dylan didn't disappoint and sucked the head of his cock hard and long. Then she took it out of her mouth and started licking his long thick shift. Trailing her tongue up and down his meat. Her hands cupped his balls and started massaging them. Feeling how heavy and soft they were.

"Ooooh," moaned Shawn.

Josh had the cam and was zooming in on the cock sucking. He got a good view of Dylan forcing his massive dick deep her throat and she only had half of it. He watched as she savor Shawn's mammoth cock in her mouth while fondling his balls. Bouncing them in her hands.

"Damn. She is good. Guest she wasn't that much of a virgin. She must have sucked a few cocks before," said Josh surprised.

Dylan started picking up the pace and bobbing her head up and down his giant dick faster and harder. Saliva drip and fall out of her mouth and off his dick. She took the mighty cock out her mouth and spit on it. Lubing it up and down in her saliva then took it back into her mouth for a good long and powerful sucking.

Shawn felt like he was going to cum while she sucked but he wanted to do other things with her and figured that perhaps the tit play would get his cock back up. So he let go and blasted massive loads of cum in her mouth. She took the cock out her mouth and let some cum fall out, down her chin and on her sweater. His cum continued to shot out of his dick and on her chin and lips. Dylan took her tongue and started licking the cum off his cock and swallowed what she could.

Josh zoomed in on Dylan licking and sucking up Shawn's creamy cum.

"Now. Let's see those monsters of yours," Shawn said with excitement.

"Ok. But I must warn you. They're pretty big and I have never really let anyone handle them from outside my bras," Dylan told Shawn.

She pulled her sweater over her head, showcasing her enormous breasts literally busting out of her bra. The tops of her titties were spilling over the tight bra. Both Shawn and Josh's mouth water and cocks got hard. Josh got a nice close up view of her breasts trying to break her bra. All the footage he was getting was being view live on the Internet on Shawn and his new website called Basement Sluts. They charged $3.99 for a full membership to view all the hot busty girls they are planning to fuck.

Dylan's bra straps were practically holding her massive breasts up like heavy boulders, waiting to roll out. Shawn grabbed the bottoms of her bra cups and lifted them up over her colossal breasts. They bounced and wobbled free for everyone's viewing pleasure on the Internet.

"Oh my. You're enormous," gasp Shawn.

Her nipples were brown, thick, and long, surrounded by large brown areolas. Her breasts hung down and away from her body like enormous torpedoes. Shawn licked his lips and was stun at the size of her tits.

"They're 44 EE's. Do you like?" Teased Dylan. She started bouncing her huge tits up and down and then wobbled them from side to side, smacking them against each other making thunderous noises. Josh couldn't believe the sight he was capturing on cam.

Shawn's cock was once again massively hard from watching her tits move. They practically hypnotized Shawn as they swung back and forth into each other. Josh definitely got a close up of her swinging titties on cam. He felt his own dick ready to bust through his jeans.

Shawn wasted no time and started squeezing and fondling every inch of her huge tits. Rolling them and pressing them against her chest. He placed his palms under her massive breasts, feeling the weight and softness of them. Then bounced them lightly in his hands. Watching them closely move up and down like playing a pin pong game. Dylan leaned her head back and closed her eyes while Shawn had his way with her boobs. He pulls and pinched at her thick long nipples and started jiggling her massive tit flesh by them. Watching them shake and ripple like waves in the ocean. All the playing almost made Shawn come again and it was making Dylan wet between her legs.

Shawn puckers up his large black lips and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. He got down on his knees between her legs while he sucked between both of thick nipples. Shawn had a tight grip on her enormous tits and started sucking the tit flesh into his mouth along with the nipples. Literally devouring her massive titties with his mouth. He switched from one big tit to the other, sucking as much of the tit into his mouth as possible.

"Oh god. Feels so good. Never knew getting my tits sucked would feel this good," moaned Dylan now holding Shawn's head against her breasts while he sucked on them. Licking and knead her giant breasts all over. Leaving no area of her big tits dry.

Josh couldn't take it anymore and pulled out his cock and started jerking it while holding the cam with one hand. Getting some of the best breasts sucking shots ever over the Internet.

Shawn did not stop with his assault on her breasts. Her right breast was almost entirely stuff in his mouth while he was kneading her left. He made her breasts into cone shapes and bobs his head up and down on them like she did his cock. Sucking as much of her breasts into his mouth as possible. Leaving her breasts covered in thick saliva. He took both breasts and started smacking them against each other and then held them together so he could take both fat nipples into his mouth and suck. That really caused Dylan to have more orgasms and she finally came.

"Damn dude. Her tits are so soak in your saliva," mention Josh as he stroked his cock.

Dylan to hold of her huge wet tits and started slapping Shawn's face with them. Rubbing his own saliva against his cheeks. Then Shawn moved his head between them and she rubbed them up and down his head, tit fucking his head. Shawn was kissing and licking her cleavage as two enormous breasts moved up and down his head. She bounced them and jiggled them around his head. Shawn's cock was throbbing bright red, trying not to blow his load from the tit action.

Josh blew his as soon as her breasts started beating his friend's head. Josh never seen anything like that in his life. Not even in porno movies. He knew that the people watching on the Internet were getting their money's worth.

Dylan got up, releasing Shawn's head from between her tits and pushed Shawn on the floor, causing him to lay down with his massive cock throbbing up towards the ceiling. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pants, revealing her nice pink thong. Josh got a close up on her thighs and ass, which was in the shape of a heart.

Dylan got on her knees and slowly started to crawl up Shawn's legs, causing her hanging huge boobs to slide up his legs and over his giant dick. She shook her shoulders and started beating his cock with her breasts. Making them sway from side to side against his cock.

"Hmmmmmm. Yeaaaah" moaned Shawn, grapping hold of her enormous wet breasts by the sides and wrapping them around his massive meat. He started thrusting his cock between them hard and fast. Her tits covered his entire cock except the massive head would poke out from her cleavage. His heavy balls would bounce up and smack the bottoms of her oversize breasts like a stick beating drums. Faster and faster then thrust between her breasts.

Dylan was on all fours while Shawn fuck her tits hard. Josh got behind Dylan to focus on her plump ass for a bit and then returns his attention to the tit fucking action. Sweat dripped off Dylan's face as she was getting hotter and hotter from Shawn fucking her big tits. Pounding away at them like no tomorrow.

"Grab your breasts.... NOW!" Shouted Shawn to Dylan as he released her tits and took hold of her fat nipples.

Dylan took hold of her huge sweaty knockers immediately and started fucking his cock. Moving them up and down his massive dick while he toyed with her fat nipples. Dylan started to moan and grunt loud and sweat harder. Shawn couldn't bare the tit fucking much longer and was ready to cum.

"I'MMMMM CUMMMING!" Shouted Shawn.

Dylan released her death hold on his cock with her breasts and he got up on his feet while she got on her knees. Shawn started jerking his cock over her breasts for a few seconds before he finally unloaded a massive amount of cum onto them. He hosed her breasts down heavily with his cum. Spraying every inch of her breasts. Even her neck and chin got spray a bit by his hot creamy cum.

"OOOH. That's it. Empty yourself on my big titties," cried Dylan, holding her breasts up so his cock could hose them down.

After Shawn finish emptying his balls, Shawn started to cockslap her massive melons. Rubbing his cock head over her cum soak breasts and nipples. Dylan sat there and squeezed her cummed tits as he beat them with his cock.

"Oh my god you're so huge," Dylan gasps in amazement. Even while his cock wasn't hard, he was still huge in his soft stage.

"Damn Shawn. This shit is fucking amazing man," said Josh with excitement.

Dylan smiled at the cam as Josh got a very close up shot of her cum covered tits. Dripping from top to bottom in his friend's cum. Then she took Shawn's cock into her mouth and started to suck on it to get him back hard. Surprisingly it didn't take long for his cock to spring back to action. She rested her back against the couch as she pulled off her cum stained thong, revealing her bald wet pussy. It was practically dripping and oozing with juices from her cumming earlier.

"Ooooh yeah," moaned Shawn.

"Now it's time for the grand finale," said Josh to the people watching on the Internet.

Dylan had her legs spread far apart and her cum covered breasts rested on her stomach. Her fat nipples still hard and throbbing for some attention. Shawn guided his massive cock head to her wet pink pussy and started rubbing it against the entrance. He teased her pussy for a minute before finally inserting little by little his enormous dick into her pussy.

"AAAAH. OH GOD. YOU'RE SO HUGE. IT HUUURTS!" Cried Dylan, feeling his huge dick entering her tight virgin pussy.

Shawn grabs her legs and lifts them up into the air while drilling his mammoth meat deep and harder inside her.

"OOOOOH FUCCCCK. SO HUGE. AAAAAH," cried Dylan some more as he trusted in and out of her pussy. Slowly pounding away at it. Her cum soak gigantic breasts started bouncing lightly with their movements

"OOOOH. IT HURRRRTS," cried Dylan as Shawn started moving faster and forcing more of his huge thick cock inside her. She felt her pussy get tighter and tighter around half of his dick stuffed in her pussy.

Josh zoomed in on his cock sliding in and out her pussy. Then got some shots of her sock-covered toes curling up in balls as he thrust and thrust harder into her pussy. Dylan's legs were hanging off Shawn's side as he held onto her halves. Gripping them tight while he fucked her pussy.

"AAAAHHHH. GOD DAMN. YOU'RE BIG. TOO BIG," cried in pain Dylan as she felt her pussy being stretched and nearly completely being rip out by this enormous dick thrusting in and out. Her titanic tits bounced and jiggle across her chest. Shawn kept his eyes on her breasts. Watching them move made him go faster and harder inside her pussy.

Dylan breathing hard while screaming and crying in pain of the monstrous cock ramming her now stretch out pussy. Sweat poured off the both of them as his gigantic heavy balls beat against her pussy as well. Shawn moved her from against the couch and lifted her legs onto his shoulders and bended her knees to her chest. His cock thrust harder and deeper inside her pussy.

Josh was moving to all sides of them, getting perfect views of them fucking. He zoomed in at her pussy stuffed with Shawn's massive dick. He was pushing in and out with much velocity, nearly engulfing his entire cock inside her small wet cunt. Then he moved to Dylan's red and sweaty face, watching her facial expressions turn into pain.

"HERE I CUMMMMM," cried Shawn, breathing hard and giving Dylan some last minute powerful thrusting before releasing his cock from her pussy and blasting his mega load of cum across her stomach and sweaty already cum crusted titties.

He smeared the head of his cock against her nipples. Coating them again with his thick ooze. Josh got a really close shot of her nipples being coated. Both Shawn and Dylan started calming down and relaxing though Dylan's pussy was still burning and sore from Shawn's gigantic cock.

"And folks that conclude our very first edition of Shawn and Josh's Basement Sluts. Tune in next time for an all new Basement slut. So long everybody," announced Josh as he cut off the cam, ending their first program.

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