tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 02

Basement Sluts Vol. 02


Money was pouring in from Shawn’s and Josh’s Basement sluts website. They made over $800. They didn’t realize how many viewers actually had been watching the program. Since the first edition which featured the double E cup Dylan was so successful, Shawn and Josh have now gone on to video tape and fuck more girls to add to their collection. Like the girl they decided to add and made their Volume 2 video. Her name was Amber.

Amber is a senior at a local high school in Los Angeles. She was tall, around 5’9. Slim with baby blue eyes and long blonde hair. Pretty much how models are support to look. She even tried out to be a model for a famous clothing designer but due to her enormous breasts, he had to let her go. Amber was bless at the age of 13 with big boobs that grew in massive 42 DD. They hung down but were round as basketballs. She thought about having her breasts reduce to be smaller so that she could become a model. But Shawn and Josh weren’t going to let that happen just yet. Not until they get done with her.

Josh met up with Amber one day after school and told her that he could get her set up with a famous fashion design that loves girls in all shapes and sizes. Amber was really buzz to hear about that. She started jumping up and down fast and that immediately caught Josh’s attention as his eyes drifted from her eyes to her massive breasts bouncing up and down in her tight belly shirt. Josh told her after he got unhypnotized from her breasts, to come around his apartment at 7:00pm tonight so that he could take some photos of her and send them a famous designer. But little did she know that, he was going to send something out all right. Her being fucked all over the Internet.

“I can’t wait for this busy blonde honey you promise,” said Shawn, spraying his body with some Axe Body Deodorant.

“Trust me man. She is a 10. Though her breast won’t be as big as Dylan’s were but those things are still huge. You would think that the Jaws of Life was holding her breasts up in those bras man,” said Josh. “You won’t be disappointed.”

7:00 roll by and they heard a knock on the basement door. Josh when to go open it and it was Amber, standing in front of him wearing a tight pink tube top that barely and I mean barely held her massive titties up in place and tight black jeans that showed off her round ass so deliciously. Josh invited her in and they made their way to the couch.

“I’m so excited,” said Amber with a big smile on her gorgeous face. “So what well I be modeling in?”

“Some very sexy outfits but I was wondering if you didn’t mind that a guy who I had also booked for this photo shoot joins in while I’m taking pictures. It would be faster that way since he can’t stay that long,” Josh asked.

“Sure,” agreed Amber.

"Ok great. But don’t be afraid of him because his outfit well be a little bit different then yours,” Josh said, waving for Shawn to come in with his long white robe on.

“Wow. He’s a pretty attractive guy. I bet he well make it in the world of modeling,” said Amber amazed.

“Yeah,” said Josh jokingly. “Now I want to get a few video shots really quick of you guys posing and stuff.”

And with that, Shawn disrobed revealing his naked body and massive hard dick.

“Holy shit” said Amber in shock, looking at Shawn’s mammoth cock and heavy balls hanging between his legs.

“You’re hung like a freaking horse,” said Amber still in a state of shock.

Amber felt her nipples start to get hard while staring at the massive cock swing between Shawn’s legs. Josh had his cam on and zoomed in on her nipples as he could see them growing into enormous size through her tube top that was spilling her breasts over the top.

“Feel free to touch it if you want. I’m sure Shawn wouldn’t mind,” said Josh smiling while filming.

“Oh gee. I never touched a black cock this huge before. Actually I never felt a black dick period,” gasp Amber.

She took hold of Shawn’s cock in one hand and tried her best to grip it but it was too massive for her tiny hand.

“Hmmm and it feels so hard,” moan Amber.

She started stroking his cock with her tiny hand. She moved closer to Shawn and let her other hand cup his big balls.

“Hmmm. Very big and soft,” Amber moaned as she fondled them and strokes his massive cock at the same time.

Then Shawn moved his cock head between her red lips and she started to suck on it. Taking long savory sucks on his cock head. Then she let her tongue out and started flicking his cock head with it. Probing his pee hole with her tongue.

“Ooooh. That feels so good,” moaned Shawn as Amber continued to lick at his pee hole. Then she engulfed half of his huge cock immediately into her mouth and started sucking on it. You should hear the sounds of her slurping on his cock and drool falling out the side of her mouth.

“Damn. This is getting good,” said Josh, moving the cam to her face and watching her suck Shawn’s dick.

She took his cock out of her mouth and started beating it on her tongue. Stroking his massive meat in her tiny hand.

“Here. Let me help you out of that tube top,” Josh asked.

He grabs the middle of her tube top and pulls it down, releasing her mountainous titties. They bounced and jiggled on her chest. They had areolas the size of medium pancakes and large nipples the size of bullets. After they wobbled a bit, they settle on her chest and hung down perfect and form basketballs.

“Oh my god. Look at those titties,” moaned Josh with excitement, zooming in on them while they sway back and forth with Amber’s sucking Shawn’s dick.

Shawn’s hands moved down and knead Amber’s enormous breasts. Squeezing them like bread dough and mashing them against her own chest. He trapped her nipples between his fingers and started pulling them from her breasts. Josh zoomed in as Shawn stretched Amber’s titties from her chest by her nipples. Then Shawn started swing her breasts by the large nipples. He separated her massive titties and stretched them out to her sides and jiggled them. Amber started moaning from the tit play while Shawn’s heavy cock slide in and out of her mouth.

Josh stood behind Amber, watching her outrageous mammoth titties being stretched to their limits and being jiggled by her nipples. Shawn let go of her breasts, causing them to bounce and smack into one another violently. He took hold of her head and held his cock in her mouth for several seconds before thrusting his meat in her mouth.

Amber had a facial expression of pain as Shawn fucked her face with his massive cock. Ramming and pounding away at her mouth which was stretched open in an enormous size. Shawn got a good 6 1/2 inches down her throat. Amber push her head back, letting the massive cock fall out of her mouth, dripping in her saliva.

“God he’s so big,” gasp Amber as she started licking his cock up and down and fondling his huge balls with her tiny hands.

Josh was ready to blow his own load watching sexy Amber tame Shawn’s mighty cock with her mouth and tongue. Giving his enormous mushroom size cock head a few bites and nibbles before engulfing it back into her mouth. Sucking and slurping on it like a Popsicle.

Shawn pulled his cock out of Amber’s mouth and want to get it between her gigantic double D titties. Amber started spiting between her breasts, getting her cleavage all slippery and wet. Shawn next lay Amber down on the floor and straddles her stomach, smacking his massive cock against her titties. Beating her tit flesh with his dick.

“Oh yeeeah. Beat my titties. Slap them hard with your huge dick,” moan Amber.

Shawn spanked her titties for a good few minutes, leaving lashes of red marks on her breast surface. Then he placed his cock between them and Amber held her breasts up and Shawn started thrusting. Amber held her breasts tight as they started to wobble and bounce from Shawn’s thrusting. Her massive titties covered his entire cock up except for the head, which shot up through her cleavage, hitting her chin.

“Oh god fuck them. Fuck my big titties. Oh yesssss,” cried Amber as Shawn took hold of her nipples, pulling and pinching them while his giant dick pound away at her breasts.

Josh had a perfect view of the tit fucking as he hover over Amber and saw the sweat pouring off her face and her beat red titties getting pounded even harder and faster by Shawn.

Shawn took his cock out from between her tits after a few minutes of tit fucking and started rubbing her large nipples with his massive cock head. Pressing the head down against the nipples and moving in circular motions. That really aroused Amber and Josh as he zoomed in on her nipples being fuck. Then Shawn’s cock got pulled back between Amber’s lips and she sucked half of it in before he pulled it back out and smack it down between her titties again and resume his tit fucking. He rode her giant tits like riding a horse. He buckles her titties hard, violently shaking them with his thrust. Her breast looked like giant red balloons after his cock got done beating them.

Shawn had enough of the tit fucking and climbed off of Amber and started to peel her jeans down. Her white thong came into view as he got her jeans totally off and throws them to the side. Amber kicked off her open toe shoes and was completely naked except for the thong.

Josh moved the cam up and down Amber’s beautiful body, giving everyone on the Internet a good view of her body especially her huge red tits that still looked beautiful on her.

Shawn picked up both of Amber’s feet and started giving them long and slow licks with his long tongue against the soles.

“He he. That tickles” giggled Amber.

Shawn started sucking on the arches of her feet. Savoring the taste of her sweaty feet in his mouth. He moved his mouth up her feet and started sucking on her toes. One by one, taking a toe into his mouth. When he got to her big toes. He gave them mini-blowjobs like she did his cock. Her feet were nice and wet with his saliva and he placed her feet around his cock and started thrusting between them.

Josh couldn’t believe what he was getting on tape. Shawn’s big dick thrust between Amber’s pale white feet. Josh definitely got close ups of the action. Amber was moaning as she help Shawn fuck her feet by moving her feet up and down his huge cock. Shawn let her left foot fondle his balls and rub his cock all over her right foot. Then he did the same to the left foot and let her right one fondle his balls.

The feet fucking brought Amber to orgasms and to eventually cum in her thong. She was really turn on and hot by the feet fucking that she peeled herself out of her thong, revealing her very wet and trim pussy. Josh zoomed in on her pussy, giving fans an up close and personal look. He only wishes that he could stick his own dick inside her pussy. It looked so delicious.

Shawn licked his lips at the sight of her pussy.

“Well what is your waiting for tiger? Dig it. It’s all yours,” urged Amber.

She didn’t have to tell Shawn twice as he bend down and placed his head between her legs, guiding his tongue to her wet mound. He gave the outside of her cunt a few light licks before inserting his tongue inside. Wiggling his tongue around inside her pussy. Amber started to knead her own breasts and pull at her all ready sore nipples. Shawn started moving faster with eating her pussy. Licking furiously at her large clitoris. Then biting and nibbling on it.

“Ooooh yesssss. Eat me. Lick my pussy,” cried out Amber, spreading her legs high into the air as Shawn eat away at her.

Shawn rapidly licks away at her pussy sending sexual vibes through Amber’s body. She felt her nipples tingle and become harder. Her toes started curling and she started arching her back to feed more of her pussy to Shawn’s hungry mouth. Her enormous sweaty breasts stick out from her chest and she begun to buckle her hips against his face, riding his mouth with her pussy. She felt Shawn’s fingers insert inside her pussy and start to thrust deep within her cunt walls while his tongue still assaulted her clit.

After a few minutes, Amber came again in Shawn’s mouth. He lapped up her juices and gave her clit one last suck before sitting up and rubbing his dry hard cock in his hands. Amber grabs the cock and starts to suck on it again. Wetting it up in her mouth with massive amount of saliva dripping out between her lips, down his cock and balls.

Shawn then placed his cock at her pussy entrance and rubs his massive mushroom head against her cunt walls. Slowly inserting inch by inch inside her tight pussy.

“OOOOH HELL!” Cried Amber, never feeling a cock this massive and thick inside her pussy.

Josh was capturing Shawn slowly forcing more and more of his meat inside her pussy.

“God! She’s so tight,” moan Shawn, watching his own dark meat slip between Amber’s cunt lips which were stretching out trying to fill up with his cock.

“Ooooh. You’re so big. Ahhhh!” Cried Amber, holding her legs up by her halves and watching Shawn get at least 7 inches deep inside her pussy.

Shawn told hold of her hips and start moving his massive cock in and out of her pussy. Amber wrapped her legs around Shawn’s waist and the heels of her feet started kicking against his ass as Shawn started thrusting harder and faster.

“Oh god that must be painful” commented Josh as he zoomed in on Amber’s facial expressions. She was in pain but was enjoying the feeling as well. Her face was really red and sweaty as Shawn lifted her up and held her tight against his body. Her massive breasts bugled from her sides, as she was press up against Shawn’s body. He started bouncing her on his cock while holding her. Her breasts began to bounce against Shawn’s arms and chest. Amber had wrapped her arms around Shawn’s neck while he bounced her hard and deep on his cock.

Josh moved to the floor and looked up to view Shawn’s dick pounding her inside her pussy viciously. His cock was stretching her pussy to the limits. His heavy balls were bouncing up and down against her pussy and the bottoms of her ass. Shawn’s hands held onto her ass and squeezed her soft butt cheeks hard while bouncing her. Amber rested her head on Shawn’s left shoulder, biting down on it as his enormous dick beat away at her wet cunt.

Amber pushes away from Shawn’s body but held on to him with her arms and legs. Her gigantic breasts were bouncing wildly across her chest and violently smacking into each other. Shawn couldn’t resist any longer and bend his head down and capture one of her fat nipples between his large black lips and suck on it hard. Her sweaty breasts were now beating against his head but that brought him to bounce her harder and faster on his cock.

Shawn got a good amount of her breasts between his lips with each time he sucked on her large nipples. He sat down on the couch and started bouncing her on his cock. Her massive titties were flying in every direction. The tit he was sucking on popped right out of his mouth and bounced with the other.

“AHHHH. I’m cummmmming! Oooooh yesssss! yesssss!” Cried Amber as she came all over Shawn’s cock still stuffed inside her pussy.

Shawn picked Amber up off his cock and sat her on the floor and aims his cock at her face. Shawn jerks it a few seconds and blasted his hot cum all over her face. Cum splashed against her forehead, her nose, a little bit in her eyes, and huge amounts of it on her lips and cheeks.

“Hmmm,” moaned Amber as Shawn finished up emptying his balls on her face. Amber started to lick the cum off her lips and Shawn’s cock head.

Josh had all the unloading on cam with real close up shots of Shawn’s gooey cum hitting her face hard.

“And that concludes another Basement slut getting fucked and filmed. Besure to tune in next time as we continued to fuck and film our sluts.”

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