tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 06

Basement Sluts Vol. 06


Josh and Shawn are on a plane heading back to California after visiting Josh’s family and giving Sage the best birthday present that she could ever have wanted. During the flight, Shawn was passed out asleep and Josh couldn’t take his eyes off one of the flight attendants. She was a very good-looking Japanese lady. He guessed she could about 5’4/5’5, and had a small frame that was able to hold a large amount of weight on her chest. He couldn’t help but notice the top half of her outfit was literally trying to rip apart.

She spotted Josh checking her out and he quickly shielded his head with his Outdoors magazine. She started pushing a cart full of drinks and chips down the pathway. She brushed her beautiful long brown hair out of her face and started asking people what they wanted.

Josh couldn’t help but to focus on her ample breasts slightly jiggling as she walked. Even other male passengers were feasting their eyes on her large breasts encased in her white button up shirt with a blue airline vest over it. As she got to Josh’s seat, the sides of her massive left breast, brushed against him lightly. He felt his cock instantly become hard.

“Would you like anything sir?” She asked in a nicely manner.

“Um yeah. How about dinner with you and me back at my apartment?” Said Josh, laughing but he knew he was being serious.

The Japanese girl started to blush, turning her tan cheeks into rosy ones.

“How nice of you to be so kind, sir. I like your sense of humor as well,” she giggled.

Josh read her nametag. “Ms. Kagome is it?” He said smiling up at her.

“Yes. Now would you like anything from the cart sir? I really must be helping others.” She said calmly.

“How about after you're done, we could talk or something?” Asked Josh.

“Well I can’t talk while on the plane but L.A is my next stop. I’ll take you up on your often to have dinner with you at your apartment,” Kagome said, staring deep into Josh’s eyes.

“You have very beautiful blue eyes and your skin is so light and it looks smooth too,” he complimented her. “But I guest I’ll take a soda to tide me over until the main course.”

She started laughing and gave him his soda and ice before moving on to the next seat.

Josh started to elbow Shawn to wake him up. “Shawn! Shawn! What up fool. We have our next girl and she is so hot man. You won’t believe the tits on this Japanese girl,” Josh said with excitement.

Shawn slowly woke up and wiped the drool off his mouth.

“So we are going international now?” He said while stretching

“Kind of man. This would be good for us. Going international can help us get more ratings. People will pay to see international big breasted girls fuck you man. I mean, this whole world is full of busty girls around the world and we found our first one,” said Josh, gazing into air, imagining the business they could rake in with different girls from different parts of the world.

“What about that German chick we first had?” Asked Shawn.

“Ok. She was foreign but she was born in the US and looked American pretty much. But it’s rare to find a busty Asian girl man and we found her,” said Josh clinging onto Shawn’s arm with joy and smiling real wide.

“Let go of my arm man. Settle down. She’s just a girl with big tits and a different background. In the end, she’s just like all the others. Basement sluts,” said Shawn, pulling his arm away from Josh.

“Look back there and you’ll see what she looks like,” Josh said. Both guys turned around in their seats to see her seating in the back, talking to a fellow female worker. She glanced up and saw Josh and Shawn looking at her. She gave an innocent smile and they quickly turned back around.

“Yeah. She’s hot. Can’t wait to do that,” said Shawn.

An hour had passed when the plane finally landed at the Los Angeles Airport. Shawn and Josh got off the plane and Josh waited awhile for Kagome to come off.

“I’m going to go get the luggage. I’ll meet you at the Terminal,” said Shawn, walking off.

Kagome got off the plane and greeted Josh at the gate.

“Let me check out and I’ll be with you in a moment,” she said, smiling at him.

After she checked out, Josh and her go to meet Shawn at the Terminal, waiting with their entire luggage. They called for a taxi to come pick them up and take them back to their apartment. Once they arrived at the apartment building, they took Kagome to their basement bachelor pad and got comfortable.

The three of them had dinner and chatted for what seemed like hours. It was getting really late and dark. Kagome thought she had better leave before it got too dark. Unfortunately for her, it started to storm and get really bad outside. Fortunately for the guys, that’s just what they needed to get her to stay in the apartment.

“Damn. It’s storming pretty horrible outside,” said Josh, looking out the window. It was thundering and lightning like crazy outside. Shawn had the TV on and it was advised people to stay indoors and not travel right now.

“Lucky for us, the plane landed a few hours early,” said Josh. “Guess you have to be our guest for tonight.” He smiled at Kagome while he said it.

“I guess so,” she said smiling back. “Do you mind if I get changed for bed?”

“Sure. The bathroom is straight ahead,” Josh pointed. She headed to the bathroom and Josh nodded for Shawn to get ready as well. Shawn race up to their apartment to change into his fucking attire which is nothing more then a pair of boxers and his famous black robe. It’s famous because everyone usually sees him taking it off doing the filming.

Kagome returned from the bathroom wearing nothing more then a long button up shirt that bulged straight out from her chest. The shirt was lifted so far out from her body by her massive breasts, that it barely covered her cotton panties from being expose.

Josh’s heart skipped a few beats and his mouth hang open.

“What?” She said.

“Nothing. I mean. It’s just that...Well...You’re huge. And most of the Asian girls I know or have seen haven’t quite measured up to your stature,” he said.

“Well I was very lucky and blessed to be born with them. It runs in the family actually. On my mother’s side. She was large breasted. So was my grandma. And her mom. And so on. You could say it’s a hand me down from generation to generation,” Kagome said, sitting down on the floor.

“Wow. Amazing,” Josh said. “Do you mind if I ask what size are they?”

“I’m currently a 44G cup. That’s beyond enormous isn’t it? She said with a little bit of a sad tone in her voice. “Most guys don’t like girls with more then a handful. Guys have always been afraid of me because of my large assets. If guys were even into me, it was because they're flexible and they think it’d add more excitement to sex.”

“Oh. Well my friend Shawn and I don’t mind girls with more than a handful. We actually love girls who are bigger then perhaps a D cup or double D,” Josh said.

“Really?” Kagome said sounding surprised.

“Yeah. You’re so hot. That’s why I asked you to come back to my apartment with me to have dinner.”

Kagome started blushing and grabbed Josh’s hands and placed them on her massive melons.

“So they don’t scare you?” Kagome said, pressing his hands deeper into her soft breast flesh.

“Mmmm. Not at all,” said Josh, squeezing and kneading her massive G cups through her shirt.

“Mmmm. I love it when a guy’s hands touch my breasts. Their so sensitive and it gets me aroused,” said Kagome while enjoying Josh’s little breast massage.

“Well if you love that, then you're going to love my friend Shawn. He’s good at handling breasts and some other things,” said Josh, releasing her breasts.

“Oh? Really? Well you got me in the mood for just about anything,” said Kagome, planting little kisses on Josh’s cheeks.

“You see. Shawn is just like you. Almost. He has a very unique thing about him too. You have large breasts. He has a huge dick.”

“Mmmm. Really?” Said Kagome in shock.

Just then, Shawn returned to the bachelor’s pad, wearing his robe. He took at look at Kagome and was sizing her up. His eyes latched onto her massive breasts sticking through her shirt, and he felt his big dick start to rise.

“Yes really and Shawn will be happy to show you his if you show us yours?” Said Josh smiling.

Kagome lifted her shirt away from her body and pulled it up over her jumbo size titties. They flopped out and jiggled on her chest. She had very bumpy large light brown puffy areolas and huge dark brown nipples. No hint of sag from her breasts but they hung above her belly because of the weight. They were in the shape of huge teardrops that stuck out of her chest like bullhorns. Her areolas alone could fit an A cup bra.

Both Shawn and Josh felt their cocks stretch beyond belief. Her breasts were the most beautiful pair they had ever seen; and the biggest by far. She stayed on her knees in just her white cotton panties and pointed for Shawn to come over to her. He walked over to her and stopped with his crotch level to her face. She untied the robe herself and his massive dick was pointing through his boxers.

Josh meanwhile started setting up the camcorder to the Internet for another edition of Basement Sluts. Kagome put her mouth up to his cockhead while still inside his boxers and started blowing on it. She took it into her mouth and started sucking through the material. The way the material melted onto his giant dick made him go harder. Her gigantic breasts smashes up against his thighs as she sucked his cock through his boxers, leaving a big wet patch in the front of them.

“Oh god that feels so good,” moaned Shawn.

Josh started to zoom in on Kagome sucking Shawn’s massive dick. He then zoomed in on her breasts, letting everyone whom was watching, see how enormous and lovely they looked, slightly swaying with her movements.

Kagome pulled Shawn’s boxers down just to his pubic hairs. She planted her face into them and started licking his hairs, smelling the musty aroma coming from them.

“Wow! This girl is a freak,” Josh thought to himself.

Shawn let the robe drop from his body as Kagome gripped his ass, tracing her fingernails into his soft ass cheeks. Then she let the rest of his boxer’s slip down to his bare feet and his huge dick popped out and smacked her across the face.

“Oh my! What a huge cock. Josh wasn’t kidding,” Kagome said in a surprised tone.

She took his cock and started rubbing the head of it against her wet lips. She let her tongue peak out and lick at the pee hole. She gripped the massive cock in both hands and inserts the cockhead in her mouth. She slowly sucked away at it, savoring it like it was a very dish of hers.

Shawn’s hands immediately when down to her big tits, squeezing and tugging at the huge nipples. Her tits were so large that he only could grip the front part of them while the rest spilled out of his hands. He needed to use both hands on one breast, so he isolated her left breast and focus on the right. He squeezed it and moved his hands all around it, having the pleasure of feeling the weight and softness of the giant tit in the palm of his hands. He jiggled it and smacked it to watch it wobble like jell-o.

Kagome was very aroused by the tit play that it caused her to suck his large cock harder and push more inches in her mouth. Sucking a good 7 inches deep into her throat, she nearly gagged on it. She came up for air and started sucking on it again.

Shawn switched tits and repeated the same treatment to the left one. Josh couldn’t get enough of Shawn’s hands mauling Kagome’s huge tits. He kept going back and forth from her sucking and slurping down Shawn’s massive cock to Shawn groping her gargantuan breasts.

Kagome let his wet and slobbery cock fall out of her mouth. She then placed it in Shawn’s favorite place, between her breasts. Her hands could barely hold them so Shawn had to help her. The two held her giant tits as she started to bounce them up and down Shawn’s dick.

Both Shawn and Kagome started sweating promptly as the tit fucking got faster and faster. Her G cups engulfed his big dick completely, surrounding the whole thing with soft tender flesh that was driving Shawn wild. He gripped her tits harder and started to thrust with her bouncing, making sure his massive cockhead popped up between her big tits with every thrust. She spat between her tits so his cock would stay wet while he fuck between the valleys of her huge tender tits. They were bouncing and flopping so high, they bumped Kagome’s chin and nearly hit her face.

“That’s it Shawn. Fuck my big tits. They’re built for fucking. Uuuuugggghhh. Big dicks like yours,” urged Kagome with sweat pouring off her body and her mammoth tits being drilled by Shawn’s mammoth dick.

Even Josh couldn’t take the tit fucking much longer and blew his own load inside his pants. Shawn was next as her tits were just too much for him to stand. His cock erupted a huge blast of cum between her tits, shooting up to hit her face and breasts. She removed his cock from between her now cum soaked and sweaty tits to suck out the rest of his creamy cum.

She started beating her tits together and rubbing the cum them. She took Shawn’s huge floppy dick and started rubbing the cockhead against her huge nipples, getting what was left of the cum.

Josh zoomed in on Kagome’s pussy, as it was soak and wet through her panties. His cock instantly got hard again. Kagome used her shirt to wipe the cum off her face and tits. Shawn positioned Kagome on her back and pulled her soaked panties down and tossed them at Josh. Josh immediately took a sniff of them, smelling her pussy aroma and feeling the wetness.

“Eat her up good Shawn,” urged Josh, kissing Kagome’s panties and then stuffing them into his pocket.

Shawn positioned his head between her thighs and held onto his cock to get it working again. He started licking her pussy from the outside first. Licking up the cum that had spilled out during the tit fucking. Kagome rested up on her elbows, sticking her huge tits in the air. Shawn looked up to try and see her face but all he could see was her ballooned out tits and her giant puffy areolas sticking out from them. That got his cock springing to life again. The pussy licking he was giving Kagome got her going through multiple orgasms.

He nibbled and sucked on her large clit, beating it with his tongue. Kagome stuck two fingers inside her pussy to help Shawn maneuver his tongue inside. The other hand started squeezing what she could of her sweaty breasts and rubbing at her puffy areolas.

Shawn licked harder and faster at her pussy, moving his tongue deeper inside her juicy cunt. He nibbled at the sides and sucked on the walls. Eating her pussy was driving Kagome insane. She did a frantic bridge, thrusting her pussy straight into Shawn’s face and causing her gigantic tits to completely hang down and swallow up her face. Shawn just gripped her thighs and ate away at her pussy.

Josh got close ups on Kagome’s face being hidden by her own tits. He was amazed at how flexible she was with her massive tits hanging from her chest. Finally Kagome give in and came all over Shawn’s mouth. He started to drink what he could and then lick up the rest until her pussy was dry temporarily.

“Wow! That was fucking incredible,” Josh said. Kagome regrouped herself and sat on the floor. Her tits fell hard and bounced against each other.

“Thank you. Down in Japan, I used to do gymnastics. I would have kept going but of course, my oversized breasts were always in the way. So I do what I can and impress the person I’m fucking with my flexibility,” Kagome said. “I want you to stick you big dick in my pussy doggie style and I’ll have my feet and legs bend over my back.”

“Holy shit!” Josh said. “Let’s try that.”

Not wasting anytime, Kagome got on all fours and Shawn stood behind her. He jerked his big dick for a few seconds to keep it hard. Kagome then shockingly bent her legs far back across her back and her feet were on the side of her face. Her pussy was thrust up in the air for Shawn to fuck.

Shawn’s jaw had dropped and Josh’s eyes were popping out of their sockets.

“This is mind-boggling but very good footage man,” said Josh astonish at Kagome and her trick. He got the camcorder in position and waited for Shawn to make his move.

Shawn was still spellbound by Kagome’s flexibility. He thought he was dreaming. He soon snapped out of it and realized it was real. He started rubbing his massive cockhead against her clit and slowly inserted his dick inside her small tight creamy cunt.

“Mmmmm. Your cock is so huge. It might rip my poor tight pussy apart,” moaned Kagome.

“That’s the plan baby,” said Shawn as he started thrusting away at Kagome’s pussy. Her tits wobbled and bulged out from under her as she laid flat on the floor. Her hands took hold of her ankles to hold her position until Shawn was done fucking her pussy.

Shawn was rocking her body back and forth. Stuffing her pussy deep with his big dick. Kagome’s face was all red and sweaty. She was moaning loud and biting the carpet next to her mouth.

Shawn grabbed her shoulders and started giving her pussy long and powerful thrusts. His huge dick was nearly balls deep within her cunt. His balls hung and bounced off her stomach as he started pounding her again.

Kagome was pretty much rocking on her tits beneath her like a rocking chair as Shawn continued to pound her pussy harder and harder. Kagome came a dozen times but Shawn’s cock never gave in yet as he drilled her pussy deep. Nearly stretching her tight pussy apart, she felt the soft inside of her pussy rip at his massive dick hammering it.

He wanted to switch positions and had her doing a bridge, this time with her face up and with her arms and legs spread out. Her massive melons hung down her chest and sides but her huge puffy areolas and huge nipples pointed straight up at the ceiling. Shawn was lying under her and only lifted his lower part of his body up into her ass and part of her back. He moved his cock around between her thighs to find her creamy wet pussy. Once he found it, he immediately started pounding away. Thrusting and forcing his balls to beat her pussy hard.

Josh couldn’t believe the things her huge tits were doing. They bounced on her sides and then came inward together making loud slapping sounds. He made sure he got really close to her tits moving about her chest. He even moved so close that his eardrums were ready to pop at the sounds of her tits smacking. One giant tit even hit the cam, nearly knocking it out of his hands because he was to close, but that didn’t stop him from getting close ups.

Shawn paused for a moment to let his dick rest within her tight pussy walls. Feeling them surrounding his big dick and tighten their grip around it, he started pounding like a jackhammer into her pussy.

Kagome couldn’t take the intense pounding much longer and came a few times more. Shawn hadn’t cum yet and continued his assault on her cunt. Her juices flowed down his big cock and balls, leaking onto the floor. Shawn positioned her to sit on his dick, still facing away from him and him lying down. Her legs rested on his sides and his elbows were rubbing her feet as he held her by the waist and resumed fucking her pussy.

Kagome bounced high on Shawn’s dick. Her tits were flopping wildly on her chest and nearly hitting her face. She pushed her head back so her tits didn’t knock her out. Her pussy in a position, completely swallowing up Shawn’s huge dick. His balls smacked and pounded the outside of her pussy.

Their bodies were glistering with sweat. He moved his hands up to her enormous bouncing jugs, squeezing what he could of them and pinching her huge nipples.

Josh filmed as Shawn stretched her nipples from her massive tits, making her all ready foot long tits, look even longer. They jiggled with each thrust and impact on her pussy. Shawn could see the sides of her bulging stretch breasts and it drove him to immediately unload his hot cum inside Kagome.

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