tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 08 Pt. 02

Basement Sluts Vol. 08 Pt. 02


Last time on Basement Sluts, Shawn and Mona had just finish up their hot and wild sex act while Josh was given a little early treat from his childhood friend Paris. Now Josh is about to get filmed for the first time in Basement Sluts as the story continues...

Shawn and Mona lay in each other's arms for a few minutes. The feel of her huge soft breasts on his arms and chest were raising Shawn's huge dick again.

"All right Shawn. I need for you to film Paris and me now?" Josh said.

"Is it ok for me to film you while I'm naked? I don't really feel like getting dress right now?" Asked Shawn, sliding a weak Mona off his body and sitting up with his massive cock sticking up.

"Sure. Whatever you want Shawn," Josh agreed.

Shawn stood up with his rock hard dick, bobbing between his legs like a pogo stick. Josh was very disgusted by it though he should be used to seeing Shawn's big black cock by now.

"If you get confuse. Just remember our pervious tapes and how I was doing," Shawn advises Josh.

"I know how to have sex Shawn. I just never filmed myself doing it," Josh replied.

He walks up to Paris just as Shawn started to record. Josh's hands immediately reach out and squeeze Paris's big tits through her shirt. He used his hands to press her tits back against her chest and then released them from his hold, watching them spring back out at him.

"Mmmm," Paris moaned lightly. Josh gentle lifts up her big tits and massages them through her shirt. He moves his hands all over her covered tits. Massaging them from underneath and the sides. Her massive tits practically stretch her shirt out as Josh squeezed and mauled them.

"Get behind her Josh so I can film you fondling her gorgeous orbs," requested Shawn.

Josh got behind Paris and cups her huge tits at the bottoms. Squeezing them and bouncing them off the palm of his hands while they were still inside her tight shirt. He squeezed them on the sides, letting them stretch and balloon out from inside her shirt. He then moves his hands up and down the tops of her chest, making her big tits move up and down in rhythm. Finally his thumbs seek out the nipples and rubbing all over them. They were instantly hardened from the moment Josh started to feel her up.

"Shake your tits for me girl," Shawn requested to Paris as his cock was throbbing from her big tits being fondled. She jiggles and shakes her huge tits at Shawn as he zooms in getting excellent close up shots of their gravity defying moments. Josh could hear them shaking wildly inside her shirt. "Now unleash those things Josh."

Josh slowly grips the bottom of her shirt and lifts it up over her 38DDD breasts. They hung down from her chest and sloped out from her ribcages in huge melon like forms. The areolas were large and her nipples were small but very hard. Josh rested the shirt at the very top of her chest. His hands return to her big tits and squeeze them in his bare hands. Both hands overflowed with mass of tit fat as he massaging them. Shawn zooms in on Josh's hands, moving around her every inch of her ample melons.

"Suck my tits Josh. I have always wanted you to," Paris pleased.

Josh didn't hesitate and turns Paris around so she was facing him. He cups her big tits from underneath while taking one nipple into his mouth and then the other. He let his tongue probe along the sides of each huge tit. Lifting them by her nipples and licking underneath. He squishes both her huge beautiful melons together and took both nipples into his mouth. He squeezed her tits hard, trying to cram some tit meat between his lips as well. His mouth was full of Paris's tan skinned tits and dark nipples. Paris held Josh's head between her big tits. Josh let his hands wrap around a tit and smooth his cheeks with the soft texture of their skin and the spongy feel that they have.

While Josh devour her big breasts, Paris's hands were busy unzipping his jeans. His big white cock springs out directly in her hands. She strokes it firmly, moving up and down from the cockhead to the base.

"Suck your tits with me?" Josh asked Paris. She just stood there and moaned for a bit before latching her lips to the free saliva-coated nipple Josh wasn't sucking. She could taste Josh's saliva all over the surface of her huge tit. Josh held it up for her as she took both the nipple and areola between her lips. Josh squeezes the tit between Paris's lips, making sure she got a good mouthful of her own flesh. Josh's mouth was still nursing on Paris's other tit.

Shawn was very impress by having Paris suck her own tit. They have never done a show with a girl sucking her own tits before. Mona was even turn on by Paris and Josh feasting on her breasts together.

Paris's hands had never left Josh's now extremely pulsing cock. She gives it some long strokes and some speedy ones. She let her huge wet tit drop out of her mouth and bounce around on her chest. Josh let her other tit go and watch it bounce on her chest as well. Paris moves down and pulls Josh's pants down with her to his ankles. Paris's mother licks her lips at the sight of Josh's rock hard cock, pointing straight out in Paris's face.

Paris took his cockhead between her lips and held it there for a minute. She let her tongue probe the hard head. She licks wildly around his cockhead and then plunged his entire dick between her lips. Josh was moaning loudly. His moans started to make Mona feel on herself. She squeezed both her gigantic tits and pinch at her hard nipples. Then she moved one hand down between her legs to finger her wet cunt.

Paris bobbed her head up and down Josh's full-length dick. Saliva pours out between her lips as she sloppy sucked him. Josh watched as the saliva pour down onto her big tits that were swaying with her bobbing. He reaches down and takes a tit in each hand. He squeezes them and stretches the nipples away from the areolas.

Paris pauses, holding this thick cock deep down her throat. To savor the salt taste of it. She would resume her bobbing and buried her face deep into Josh's dark patch of pubic hairs. His big hairy balls bounce back and forth against her chin. Josh felt the urge to unload now from the wonderful sensation Paris is making him feel, but he refused and wanted to enjoy the rest of her blowjob.

Paris lodged the cock from her wet mouth and started to lick up and down the sides. Slithering her wet tongue along the shaft. She grips the base of Josh's cock and smoothly strokes his shaft up and down while licking it. The wetness from her mouth made it easy for her to just stroke non-stop.

Shawn's huge black dick was throbbing from Paris's blowjob. He wishes that Paris were sucking his cock instead. He continued to zoom in on Paris as she swiftly deep-throated Josh's wet dick again. Her face was buried in his mounds of hair. They tickle her nose but that didn't stop her from sucking him long and hard.

"OH! I'm about to cum," warned Josh, rolling his head back and breathing heavy.

Paris took his cock out from her mouth and started stroking it with one hand. The other hand cupped his large jiggling balls. She traced lightly her fingertips around both of them. Paris leaned forward, under his cock and sucked both balls into her mouth. She suckled his cum-fill sack, lashing her tongue out at them while her mouth slurped on them.

She continued to stroke his cock heavily while sucking his balls deep into her mouth. Josh could fill the cum boiling in his balls. They tighten up real quick inside Paris's mouth. She released his balls and knew he was about to cum. She engulfed his cock deep into her mouth once again, sucking on half of it while stroking the other half to make Josh cum faster and he did.

"I'M CUMMING!!" Yelled Josh as his dick erupted a large amount of hot cum down Paris's throat. He shot another large gush into her mouth. Her mouth was flowing with his cum and she swallow as much as she could. She pulls his cum-covered cock out of her mouth and let the rest of his cum spurt on her chest and neck. Shawn felt his cock ready to burst as well as it hung like a huge club between his legs. Mona had gone into an orgasmic state, releasing multiple orgasms and her cum finally after watching her daughter suck a dick properly. She was proud to be her mother.

"We got to get you hard again Josh. I wasn't done with your dick just yet," said Paris in a lusty voice. She grabs Josh's flopping dick and started to give it long and hard strokes. Josh's hands immediately planted themselves on Paris's ample tits. Squeezing and tugging at her nipples. He squeezed her tits up and down her chest. Holding them from the sides and pushing them together, he starts to rub them like rubbing two sticks to make a fire. Josh's cock instantly sprung back to life in Paris's soft hands.

Josh released her big tits and moved his hands to her Capri jeans. He unzips her fly and pulls her jeans down to her ankles. She finishes taking off her jeans with one hand while the other held onto Josh's throbbing cock.

Shawn come some close ups on Paris's well-rounded ass. Her buttocks were bulging out from the bottoms of her panties. Josh's hands cup her soft, firm buttocks and give them a gentle squeeze. Followed by a rough massage.

Paris pressed her giant tits against Josh's hairy chest and ribcages. She proceeded to kiss him passionately, letting him taste his own hot cum that still remain a favor in Paris's mouth. Her tongue probed Josh's mouth and slither along his tongue. The two of them slowly starts to get on the ground.

Josh had his hands inside Paris's panties, squeezing and mauling her bare butt cheeks. He position himself on his back and Paris straddle herself on his stomach, resting her legs on his sides. Her huge tits dangle down at Josh's face. He reached up and took a tit in each hand, softly rubbing them in circular motions. He then buried his head between them and lick furiously at her cleavage.

Shawn got some good shots of Paris's teasing Josh with her big tits by brushing them over his face and tracing her nipples around his lips. Josh's cock was hard then ever. Being uncovered, his big dick pointed straight up to the ceiling. Mona just wanted to jump on his throbbing cock but then took a look at Shawn's, incredible giant between his legs, still rock hard and started to crawl over between his legs.

Shawn felt a wet mouth engulf his huge dick and a pair of hands kneading his huge testicles. As much of a great sensation he was feeling throughout his body by Mona‘s warm mouth, he still preceded to film Paris and Josh.

Josh peeled off Paris's panties and gripped his thick rod. He slowly eases it between her moist pussy walls. His fingers were digging and rubbing at her enlarge clit while easing his cock inside. Paris' hands rested on Josh's shoulders and her huge tits swung back and forth in front of Josh. Just watching them got his cock more extremely pulsing.

Once Paris's cunt was stuff with his entire dick, Josh started to thrust up and down hard. He took hold of her buttocks and squeezed the flesh hard in his hands. He lifted her ass up and slams it down hard against his thighs to help thrust his cock in her pussy.

"OH YESSSS! THAT'S IT JOSH! MMMMM!" Moaned Paris as she trashes her head in all directions. Her big tits were equally flopping up and down, swinging to her sides and beating down on both of their chests. They even slap together violently during the intense pounding to her drenched pussy. Harder and harder Josh thrust with ruthless abandon, feeling her pussy muscles tightening around his meat. Her juices began to leak down his cock and balls.

The pounding continued endless as Paris rested her sweaty body against Josh. Her big sweaty tits were sliding up and down his chest. Her face was reddening as she came during Josh's non-stop ramming. Her ass jiggle to every thrust and she felt Josh's hands cup her ass cheeks and hold onto them for dear life. He could feel his balls ready to unload his hot cum.

Shawn had blew his load all over Mona's face and chest. Both her Double H's were drench in Shawn's thick coating. He finishes up jerking the rest of his cum onto Mona's face so he could zoom in on Josh's dick directly; going in and out of Paris's creamy wound. Josh's balls had tighten up and slammed hard against Paris's cunt.

"I'm going to cum!" Warned Josh as his thrusting slow down and he squeezed Paris's ass hard.

"Come for me baby," Paris urged as she lifted her upper torso, allowing her huge soft breasts to rest on Josh's shoulders and his head is in between the slippery mounds.

Josh thrust five more times, really long and hard inside Paris's pussy before he finally exploded. He blasted the biggest load within Paris's soak pussy. Paris released an orgasm and came right along with Josh. Mixing their cum together inside her snatch. She then got off his cock and dangles her big tits above his spurting dick. The rest of his loads got on her tits, chest, and neck. Paris bended downs and suckles the remaining small amounts of cum from his cock. Tasting her own juices on Josh's glistering cock.

"After all that action, it looks like we well be able to raise enough money for your mom and you to buy a new house," said Shawn.

"Thank you so much Josh. You don't know how much this means to me," Paris said, gazing into Josh's eyes while toying with his now limp dick.

"Same here," Josh replied.

"I don't know about you guys, but I truly don't want it to come to any end," hinted Mona.

"Who says it has too?" Paris questions.

Josh looked up at her and smiled saying "it's going to be one hell of a long night."

Shawn turns the camcorder off so that the four of them could have one big orgy alone and make it last for the rest of the night. That includes another editor of Basement Sluts.

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