tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBasement Sluts Vol. 10

Basement Sluts Vol. 10


Josh was reading the newspaper one morning and saw that two of the hottest females in show business were making appearances at their local mall - Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"Man. What I wouldn't give to bone the both of them," said Josh.

"They're two very busty chicks," said Nelly as she entered the room.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Having them in our 10th show would be the icing on the cake. Our 10th show is pretty much a milestone for us. It's amazing that we've lasted this long to begin with and with their celebrity fame, the Basement Slut series would really be a hit. Nothing like seeing two busty celebrity girls nude for the first time, being fucked on cam," said Josh as he began to daydream.

"Lucy, I'm home," said Shawn entering the basement.

"It's about time you came back. I can't wait to see the slumber party you had with my sister and her friends?"

"I know man. You had to be there to actually experience the kind of pleasure I was in. Honesty, I didn't want to come back," said Shawn with a huge grin.

"Ha. I suppose I could agree with you on that but I think I have a better idea for the 10th show. We'll save the slumber party for the next episode."

"Ok. Then whom do you have in mind for me to seduce now?" asked Shawn.

"How about two very popular celebrities that people have wanted to see naked and fucked for years? Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt. It would be the perfect fucking for our 10th episode, Shawn."

"Damn man. Sounds good to me but one problem? How are we supposed to get near them, let alone fuck them?"

"Good question. I haven't figured that out yet?" said Josh.

"Hey, you guys, I have an idea!" said Nelly. "The two of them are going to be staying in the same hotel and pretty much hanging out with each other at the mall. Why don't we take out the limo driver and one of you guys disguise yourself as the limo driver. The other should go to the hotel and pretend to be a bellhop."

"I knew we hired you for a reason, Nelly," Josh said with a smile.

He gave her a huge kiss and a hug.

"In fact, Nelly, why don't you distract the limo driver long enough for me to disguise myself as one and Shawn, you'll be at the hotel. Let's get our plans into action people."

Josh, Shawn, and Nelly headed down to the mall as soon as all preparations were made. Once they got their, enormous lines were blocking them from seeing the two high-profile females. Thousands of their biggest fans had turned out for the special event.

"Damn man. Look at all those idiots? Too bad we're the ones who are going to be fucking them tonight," said Josh.

"All right. I'm on my way to the hotel right now to set everything up. I'm glad the hotel manager is a fan of the show, or we wouldn't be able to pull this off," said Shawn.

"Take the camcorder and laptop with you. Set everything up. They couldn't be staying here must longer," said Josh handing Shawn the equipment.

Shawn took off to the hotel, and Josh headed further into the mall to scope out the two very hot celebrities. Once he got a good distance away from the screaming fans, he saw Jennifer Love Hewitt standing up and giving hugs to one of her lucky fans.

Josh became star-stuck seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt for the first time. He couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked in person. Her breasts also were larger in real life, being held by a nice, small halter-top. Her hips and thighs were shown off perfectly in her Capri white jeans. They were tight on her so it made her ass look fat. Jessica was sitting a few inches away from JLH. Josh couldn't get a good look at what she was wearing but knew he couldn't wait to see what she looked like nude.

Meanwhile, Nelly, wearing a very tight blouse with no bra underneath so that her massive tits would bounce and bob freely, was pacing back and forth in front of the limo driver. He wasn't a bad looking white male. He looked to be in his later 30's. Nelly could see his eyes following her breast movements. She then dropped her wallet right in front of him causing money to spill out all over the place. She bent over to pick it up. Her enormous ass bulged out at him inside her tight jeans. The driver felt his cock about to explode. His eyes were moving up and down every square inch of her delicious ass.

"Let me help you with that?" the driver immediately asked.

He got on the ground and started helping her.

"Thank you. You're so nice," Nelly complimented.

His eyes immediately beamed down Nelly's blouse. His cock grew painfully inside his jeans as he stared down her chocolaty cleavage. He suddenly felt a hand rubbing his throbbing cock on the outside. He looked at Nelly who gave him a smirk. The two began to walk to an empty, closed space behind the mall. Nelly pushed him up against the wall and unzipped his jeans. His thick 8-inch cock sprang out at him in full force.

"Mmmm," moaned Nelly taking in his entire cock with one swallow.

Josh went and rented an outfit that matched what the limo driver was wearing. He even brought the hat. He saw Jennifer and Jessica being escorted by their bodyguards back to the limo. Josh quickly ran outside and opened the door for the two lovely girls.

As they came near him, he got a good view of Jennifer's big tits bobbing up and down inside her halter-top. Her nipples were also rock-hard. Josh licked his lips at the sight of them.

"Good evening Ms. Hewitt," Josh said making eye contact with Jennifer.

"Good evening to you too. You're cute," she replied as she got into the limo.

He got to see Jessica in person for the first time as she came near him next to enter the limo. She was wearing causal clothing - a pair of tight denim jeans and a tight wife beater. Her huge breasts were practically screaming to be released. Her bra stopped most of the bouncing, but Josh got a good long look at the melon shapes they were portraying.

"Good evening, Mrs. Simpson," Josh said while trying not to stare at Jessica's huge boobs.

"Good evening, cutie," she replied giving him a little wink out of the corner of her eye.

Josh closed the door for them and got into the driver's seat. He took off heading to the hotel where Shawn had everything set up for their first scene with Jennifer Love Hewitt.


They arrived at the Five-Star Hotel where the girls were staying for the night. Josh quickly got out of the limo and opened the door for the girls. Josh stopped their bodyguards and gave them each $100 for letting the plan go down. Unaware to the girls, their bodyguards happened to be fans of Basement Sluts and wanted to see their bosses naked more then perhaps anyone else.

Jennifer and Jessica stood at the desk waiting for the bellhop to arrive and carry their bags. That was Shawn's cue. He walked over to the girls and couldn't believe how beautiful they both were and couldn't wait to fuck them. As he was bending over to pick up some luggage, his eyes frequently made contact with their chests. Jennifer's nipples were still hard and Jessica's huge breasts were rising and falling from her breathing. At one point, Shawn thought he caught both girls watching him stare at their assets and enjoy it.

Soon both Jennifer and Jessica headed to their rooms.

"It was a blast seeing you Jessica. I am a huge fan of your music and I just love your TV show," Jennifer commented.

"I know right. It was nice meeting you to Jen. Goodnight," Jessica said as she entered her room and closed the door.

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and entered her room. She decided to take a shower and head straight to bed. Unaware to Jen, all of Josh and Shawn's equipment was stashed inside her closet.

Shawn and Josh snuck up to her room and thanks to the manager had a key to get in.

"All right Shawn. Here is the plan. I want you to interview her while I hold the camcorder. I figure instead of showing up in her room unannounced, we would pretend we're reporters," said Josh.

Shawn got the cam out of the closet but left the laptop inside. They waited 15 minutes for Jennifer to finish her shower before knocking on the door.

"Who is it?" Jennifer asked curiously.

"We ‘re reporters for our college newspaper and just wanted to know what you thought about being back in LA," replied Josh.

Shawn and Josh started to giggle like a couple of immature adolescents.

Jennifer threw on a long, thick white robe over her body and answered the door.

"Hi. I'm Shawn and this is my cameraman, Josh. We're here from our college to do an exclusive report on your visit to our mall."

"Come on in. I'm sorry I'm not properly dressed. I just got out of the shower," Jennifer responded looking kind of embarrassed.

"Awe don't be, Ms Hewitt. You're still one of the most gorgeous actresses in the world today," said Shawn with a smile.

"Why thank you."

"You're welcome, Ms. Hewitt."

"Call me Love or Jen. All my friends do."

"Well call me yours or Shawn. All the ladies do," Shawn replied.

Jennifer let out a small laugh.

"That was cute. I like a guy with a funny sense of humor," Jen replied.

"Well you know. You have to have a sense of humor if you want to be a reporter."

"Have a seat," Love said pointing to the bed. "Sorry I don't have any chairs in here but I'm only here for one night."

"Hey, that's fine. I'll take a bed any day," Shawn said with a wink at Jennifer.

She tossed her brunette hair back and cracked a smile.

"Now, Ms. Hewitt or Jen, did you enjoy yourself today?"

"Yes, I did. I love Los Angeles. It's like a second home for me."

"I'm sure a lot of your fans want to know if you have a boyfriend?"

Josh continued filming and zoomed in on Jennifer's flushed face.

"No. I don't actually. I miss having a boyfriend. I think my shyness and niceness tend to scare guys away from me. I can't help it that I'm so nice and just want to do anything to please him."

"Anything?" said a curious Shawn.

"Yeah. Some of the nice guys actually think I come on too strong for them."

"What do you mean by anything?" Shawn rephrased.

"Well. I'll buy them things or pay for dinner and a movie. Sometimes even a little bit of sexual fun."

"Sexual fun meaning?"

"You know?"

"No. I don't know?"

"Giving blowjobs and titty fucking."

Both Shawn and Josh were stunned to hear Jennifer say those words.

"Wow. You heard it first here folks," said Shawn.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry. Please don't put that in the paper. I just let my frustration of not having sex in months talk."

Shawn put his hand over Jennifer's.

"It's ok, Love. Any guy would be lucky to jump your bones."

Jennifer started to laugh.



Jennifer leaned over and started kissing Shawn. Josh focused the camcorder on them, watching Love slide her tongue in and out of Shawn's mouth.

"I'm so fucking horny right now. I just need a fucking cock to please me tonight. Will you be that cock, Mr. Reporter?" Jennifer said in a sad but cute tone while making a puppy dog face.

"Your goddamn right, I will," replied Shawn while he let his hands slide into Jennifer's robe and feel her large soft tits.

"Mmmm. That feels so good to have a man's hands on my tits again," Jennifer moaned. "Never had a black man, though. I heard a lot of my female friends say that it's a painful experience to have sex with a black man because of his size. One said she couldn't walk for a week."

"That might be true, but you'll have to experience the magic for yourself."

Shawn disrobed Jen, revealing her naked, damp body. Her large breasts were swaying back and forth with her leaning close to Shawn and giving him some tongue. Her pink nipples were the size of erasers. Josh made sure he got close-ups of the world's famous breasts that people thought were implants. Her breasts were very natural and had the natural sag to prove it.

Shawn's large hands cupped Jen's breasts from the bottoms and squeezed them. He ran his thumbs across the bottoms slowly caressing them. Small moans leaked out of Love's mouth and into Shawn's while they French kissed.

Shawn moved his lips from hers and kissed down her long, pale neck, straight to the valley between her large tits.

"Suck my tits, Shawn," moaned Love.

Shawn squeezed Love's big titties hard in his hands before stuffing the right one between his lips and sucking it for all he was worth. His tongue slithered and flicked the nipple while he sucked sloppily on her entire breast.

"Oh God! Mmmmm. Feels so good having my tits sucked. Oh Shawn," Love moaned deeper.

Shawn switched breasts and did the other just the same and kneaded the wet tit he had already sucked on.

"Mmmm. I have been dreaming of sucking these big titties," Shawn mumbled with a mouthful of tit.

Shawn pushed Love's jugs together and licked both eraser-sized nipples and licked around the saucer-sized areolas. He then stuck both nipples into his mouth and started to slurp on them wishing that milk would flow from out of her gorgeous buds.

Jennifer's body was quivering with the wonderful sensation of Shawn's tit sucking. She grabbed the back of Shawn's head and forced his face deep into her tit flesh. Shawn's mouth was full of Love's tit meat and just sucked the nipples until they were blood red.

"Goddamn it, Shawn. You just Love love's big titties, don't you? You're making her cum early dude," said Josh, zooming in on Love's drenching pussy that was leaking all over the bed.

Shawn jiggled Jen's big jell-o like titties in his hands and gave them one last suck before returning to kiss her lips. He still held her soft ample jugs in his hands and kneaded them.

Love's hands started to unbutton Shawn's shirt and undo his jeans.

Shawn let go of Jen's tits to get his shirt off and helped Love take off his jeans. Shawn was kneeling on the bed in just his boxers. Love looked down and saw the enormous bulge.

"Holy shit! You're going to impale me with that thing?" asked a scared Love.

"It won't hurt after a while. I promise," said Shawn, taking Jennifer's hands and moving them down to his boxers and over his massive cock sticking out from underneath them.

"God Shawn. You're part donkey," Jennifer said cracking a small smirk.

"Don't you know it, baby."

Jennifer pulled down Shawn's boxers and his gigantic cock sprang out at her.

"Oh my!" Love said amazed at seeing her very first huge black cock in person. "They say black is beautiful and they're not kidding. This monstrous thing is such a beauty."

She grabbed Shawn's throbbing cock in both hands and realizesdthat her hands were way too tiny to hold the entire pulsing shaft.

"It tastes good, too, from what I've been told," said Shawn with a grin.

"We'll see," teased Love as she kneeled down and started to lick his massive cockhead like a sucker pressing her fat tongue against his cockhead and beating the cockhead against it.

Love's eyes fell down to Shawn's huge balls as they hung from his cock.

"Oh my! What incredibility huge balls you have," said Love giggling afterwards.

"The bigger to fuck you with my dear," Shawn replied.

Love took his entire cockhead between her moist lips and gave it long, powerful slurps. She then ran her tongue up and down his cockhead and jiggling her tongue against his pee-hole, tasting some of his pre-cum.

Josh got up close and zoomed in on Love's tongue maneuvering action. Her tongue began to move up and down Shawn's meaty shaft. She took a few minutes to suck on each side of Shawn's dick moving her mouth up and down like her hands would move if she was stroking him. She then started sucking up and down the middle of his big dick sloppily sucking until she got back to the head and took it back inside her mouth.

Love's cheeks started to inhale as she blew on his cockhead. She gripped his massive cock again and started stroking it while blowing his cockhead.

Shawn ran his hands through Love's long, brown hair making sure Josh could get a clear shot of Love's blowing the head of his monster.

"Wow! I had no idea Jennifer Love Hewitt could tease a cock this well. Especially Shawn's enormous snake," Josh said in amazement.

Love's ample jugs bobbed up and down with her as she began to go down on his cock slowly taking a good few inches between her lips and then coming back up but not taking the cockhead out of her mouth.

Shawn took Jen's big tits in each hand and started to squeeze them running his thumbs over her hard nipples while feeling his giant cock being engulfed down her throat. He could feel his cockhead bumping the back of her throat and she began to gag.

Jennifer took the slobbery cock out of her mouth and started licking down the veiny shaft again. Her tongue lapped over both Shawn's heavy balls and she immediately took one between her large lips and then the other devoting a few minutes to each giant testicle. Her hands continued to stroke his wet cock while bathing his balls. Her large mouth managed to take both of Shawn's balls in at the same time and suckled them both.

"Just watching her sucking Shawn's cock makes me want to blow my load," said Josh to himself.

Josh zoomed in on Love feasting on both Shawn's huge nuts and her eyes made contact with the camcorder. She smiled with both of Shawn's enormous balls at opposite sides of her mouth bulging out her cheeks.

"Damn, you look so hot," complimented Josh stroking his cock in one hand while filming with the other.

Jen released the balls from her mouth and swallowed Shawn's big dick once again moving her mouth completely over it and burying her face deep into the black jungle of his pubic hairs. She held her position that way for a few seconds as tears formed in her eyes and saliva leaked out of her mouth. She released the cock to gasp for some air.

"Never have I done that before," Jen said breathing hard and stroking Shawn's slobbery cock.

Her big pale melons bounced against one another as her breathing started to calm down. She started kissing Shawn's thick inner thighs and his balls while looking up at his saliva dripping cock, towering over her.

Love propped her large tits up on Shawn's thighs and started bobbing her head up and down furiously on Shawn's fat throbbing cock taking more and more of his shaft between her lips with each raising and falling. She soon had her face buried in his pubic hairs again and sucked his cock to the very base. Tears poured out of Love's eyes and gobs of saliva poured out of her mouth and landed on her chest and the top of her big tits.

"I'm loving this man. Keep it coming and I'm sure our fans will keep cumming as well," said Josh.

Shawn raised his body off the bed and started to thrust in Love's mouth. Her ample melons bounced off his quivering thighs as he thrust violently down her throat.

Love kept her lips down on Shawn's thrusting cock not attempting to try and match his rhythm. She could feel his huge dick assaulting her throat and his massive balls beating her chin and bottom lip senseless.

"Oh God, fuck her pretty big mouth, Shawn. Thrust your dark meat down her throat," urged Josh filming a close up of Love's face in agony as the huge dick plunged deep into her mouth and down her throat.

Shawn stopped his thrusting and held the back of Love's head so that her mouth rested on the base of his cock and his pubic hairs poked against her white snowy face.

He released his hold on Jen's head after a few seconds which seemed like eternally to her. He pulled his saliva-drenched cock out from her lips with a loud popping sound and smiled down at her.

Love was breathing hard and her tears were coming to an end. Her saliva glistened her chest and cleavage nicely. Shawn's pre-cum was also oozing out from between Love's lips and down his own cock.

Her nicely trimmed pussy was soaked with cum. The entire spot Jen was kneeling on was soaked in it.

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