tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 12

Basement Sluts Vol. 12


"Oh yeah! That's it, Shawn. Drill her juicy cunt," urged Josh as he got a close up of Julia's facial expressions of pain and pleasure as Shawn's huge horse cock plunged in and out rapidly.

Julia was a local waitress at a nightclub. Shawn and Josh met her one night while she was working. She was tall, brunette, pretty and wore a 34D-cup bra. Shawn and Josh offered Julia $600 in tips if she agreed to fuck Shawn on camera. Julia needed the extra money so she agreed.

"AAHHHH, GOD, YOU'RE SO FUCKING HUGE!" cried Julia as Shawn slammed down harder and faster between Julia's thighs.

Julia had her long, skinny legs hosted up on Shawn's shoulders and her big feet rubbing up and down the sides of Shawn's head while Shawn was bent over, drilling his massive meat deeper and harder inside her drenching snatch.

A massive orgasm took over Julia's petite body, and she began to cum all over Shawn's big dick and balls. Shawn just loved the rush of a woman's sweet juices, flowing down his thick meat and heavy sack. Shawn started cumming and pulled his cock out of Julia's cunt and started spurting massive loads of hot cum over her face and her breasts.

Josh zoomed in for a close up of Julia's face, filming her face getting covered in Shawn's gooey semen. Julia used her tongue to lick up most of Shawn's cum around her mouth before lodging Shawn's oozing cock between her lips and sucking the remaining cum out of it.

After Shawn finished wiping his cum over Julia's face, it was time for her to leave, and Josh to put the action on the Basement Sluts website video archives so their loyal fans could watch the action again and again.

As Julia left, Josh just sat at his computer, staring at thousands of floating boobs that were displayed as their screensaver.

"You know something, Shawn?" Josh said. "Julia would be the first girl on our site that didn't have over a double D cup. Is that a good thing?"

"I don't know, Josh. She knows how to fuck and suck that's for sure," Shawn responded.

"Sure, but our site is made for big tit lovers who love massive hooters. I mean, she had a nice solid D cup but I'm afraid they're not enough to put on the website."

"So what do you suppose we do for the 12th episode, Josh? I mean, girls with natural huge breasts are rare in Los Angeles. We're lucky to have found the ones we have on our site. Most of the girls we're going to have to use will be D cup, man."

"I don't know, Shawn. I think we should take a little hiatus for a while until we can find some other natural busty girls," Josh suggested.

"Well, I guess you're right. We have been working our asses off for months and haven't gotten a vacation yet," agreed Shawn.

"Nelly!" shouted Josh. "We're giving you a few days off since we're kind of stuck about episode 12 at the moment."

"Josh, Shawn, don't take this personal, but I have found another job and so I won't be coming back," Nelly told them.

"Oh, congratulations then. We wish you well on your next job," Josh responded.

"Thanks. It's been fun working with you guys," Nelly replied as she started tearing up.

"Oh no, don't cry. I hate when chicks cry," Shawn said.

"Group hug," Nelly said wrapping her arms around Shawn and Josh.

Both Shawn and Josh each felt one of Nelly's massive tits squashed against their chest.

"Can we fuck one last time?" Shawn asked Nelly.

"Sure. I don't see why not. I love your big dick," Nelly responded with a smile.

"That's great. You two have fun. I'm starting my vacation early. I suppose we can resume shooting next week or so. Hopefully we'll find some more busty beauties by then," Josh said as he grabbed his coat and took off from the basement.

Shawn and Nelly quickly undressed and started fucking with wild passion.

Josh decided to go to one of the local parks to catch up on the world news.

"Bush was reelected!" Josh said surprisingly. "Damn. Guess the world is going to hell after all."

As Josh continued reading his newspaper, a strange old, skinny, gray haired lady approached him.

"Excuse me, sonny? I heard you pay women to have sex with you?" the old lady asked with her grumpy voice.

Josh looked up from the paper and immediately became frighten by the old, ugly, crossed-eyed woman.

"Listen, lady, we only do young, hot, busty girls. I'm afraid you have the wrong person for old mature women porn," Josh responded.

"No, knucklehead, I don't want to fuck you though I wouldn't mind it either. You're cute but an old woman like me wouldn't survive one orgasm from you. I'm here to offer you my granddaughter," the old ugly woman suggested.

"Lord knows what the hell her granddaughter looks like," Josh said to himself.

"Well, old lady."

"Call me Bertha."

"Bertha, you see, your granddaughter must have what we're looking for. Is she cute?"


"Is she over 18?"

"Yes, she's 23."

"Does she have all her teeth?"

"What?" the old lady said in an angry voice.

"I'm joking, ma'am. The most important things your granddaughter must have are breasts. Bigger then a D cup. Does she have big breasts?"

"Yes, she's enormous. The big breast genes must have skipped her mother and me."

"Yeah, I can tell. What else can you describe about your granddaughter?"

"Well, besides big tits she has a nice round ass that she loves showing off in little tight ass shorts. She's 5'6, about 125 with long red hair that goes to the middle of her back, big beautiful puppy dog eyes, and big lips that could swallow your cock whole."

Josh was stunned at the old lady's details.

"How is it that her granddaughter seems hot but the old lady is not? I guess I'm curious to find out for myself," Josh thought to himself.

"Excuse me, Bertha? Why do you want your granddaughter having sex with me anyways? Most grandparents would kill me or my partner for shit like this?" Josh questioned her.

"Well, you see, my granddaughter and I aren't that rich as you can tell from my dirty rugs I have on. In fact, we have no money whatsoever. We tried to get jobs but no one wants to hire an ugly old lady. My granddaughter doesn't want to be sexually assaulted or giving sexual favors to young men at work. I figured her doing you once would get us enough cash to get our lives back together."

"Is she willing to do this?"

"Yes, it was her idea. A male friend of hers loves watching your show, and he suggested it to my granddaughter. Of course, it's just an excuse to see my granddaughter naked anyways, that sick fucking pervert. But none the less, it seems like a good idea so we're going along with it."

"Well, she has a good friend who knows talent when he sees it."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. So are you going to fuck her or not?" said the grumpy old lady.

"Well, ma'am, I must see her first before I make any kind of decision. What's her name and would you happen to know her bust size?"

"Her name is Rochelle, and I believe she wears a 42FF? I'm pretty sure a double F. Her D cup bras can no longer fit her. Since we're not rich, we can't afford special fitting bras. So she walks around wearing just a tank top or large shirt. They do very little to mass her titanic cannons."

Josh's cock started hardening just from the bust size.

"How much are you willing to pay me for having sex with my granddaughter?"

"How much would you want?"


"WHAT? Are you out of your mind? The highest we ever pay girls to fuck us is $500. But I'll tell you what, since you guys are obviously broke, I'll pay you $500 now and the other $500 after I see results."

"What kind of results?"

"If your granddaughter can last more then a few minutes, if she can really work my cock using all her assets, if she is as pretty as you claim she is, if she can perform past my expectations, and if she can really make me cum and cum and cum, then you'll get paid."

"Um....All right. I'll make sure that you cum and cum and cum. You won't be disappointed. From what she tells me, her previous boyfriends always come back for more. Take that for what it's worth," said the old lady.

"All right, give me the directions to your house or wherever you live, and my partner and I will be there say around seven?" Josh said.

"We live in an area called a trailer park. You get the picture. Just go right past this park and you'll see a bunch of trailers. My granddaughter and I live alone. Our trailer is located just straight ahead as soon as you arrive at the trailer park gates. We have a couple of garden dwarfs outside our trailer. You'll know which one is ours."

"Ok, we'll be there," Josh agreed.

He and the old lady shook hands and headed their separate ways until they meet again later on tonight.

Josh quickly got back to the basement to tell Shawn of his new discovery. When he opened the door, Nelly was rapidly riding Shawn's huge cock. Josh stood in the doorway, watching Shawn and Nelly fuck hard. Shawn's hands were all over Nelly's bouncing tits as he felt her pussy starting to clamp down on his throbbing cock.


Shawn continued thrusting his cock in and out of Nelly's soaked pussy as she started cumming.

"Ooooooh! That's it baby. Cum for poppa," Shawn teased as he started slowing down his pounding and felt his huge balls getting tighter and heavier. "Here I cum, girl."

Shawn pulled out of Nelly's wet cunt and positions her onto the floor. Shawn straddled Nelly's chest, sliding his thick cock between the valley of her mountainous breasts. Shawn quickly gripped the soft mounds in his hands and started thrusting promptly between them. His big dick was completely mass by Nelly's whopping melons. Suddenly, Shawn's cock released his hot cum, spraying down Nelly's cleavage with his thick semen. Shawn pulled up and aimed his swollen cock head at Nelly's thick nipples. He coated both her nipples in a thick layer of cum.

"Nice work, Shawn, I hope you have saved some of that cum for tonight's meal," Josh spoke out.

"Damnit, Josh, how long have you been standing there?" Shawn asked.

"Don't get all mad, Shawn. You act like I've never seen you perform before," Josh replied.

"Still, this was a private session. Hint the word private," Shawn responded.

Shawn finished jerking his cock off on Nelly's breasts, covering the entire front surfaces of both breasts.

"Now what's this about a meal tonight?" Shawn asked.

"I have found the 12th episode. It will however take place in a trailer park."

"A trailer park? I'm not fucking any fat, disgusting, diseased pig looking women, man. Forget it, man."

"Look, Shawn, the girl is not fat, not disgusting, not diseased, doesn't look like a pig, man! Plus, I'm going to be fucking her tonight. I just need you to film it."

"I can't, man, not tonight."

"Why not?"

"Remember, I'm on vacation. Meaning I don't have to work tonight. Nelly and I have plans."

"Oh, I see. So your plans are more important then our business, Shawn?"

"Why don't you just wait until next week to film this girl? You said it yourself that we need a break from fucking."

"Shawn? You just got done fucking? What the hell do you call that?"

"Wild sex, Josh."

"You must be kidding me?"

"Look, man, I'm sorry. But I have plans tonight and it would be rude of me to break them. You understand, right? Just set the camera up on something and fuck the girl. Or get someone to help you. I did when I was in Washington fucking your sister and her friends."

"Fine!" Josh said angrily. "Have fun tonight. I'll show you the video tomorrow then."

Josh started packing up the camcorder and the laptop. He decided that he wasn't going to wait until seven to meet Rochelle. He headed straight over to the Trailer Park as soon as he finished getting all his equipment.

Josh arrived at the Trailer Park gates. As he entered, he saw the many different trailer park homes and their natives. Everyone looked like a hillbilly, dresses in overalls, barefooted, straw hats, etc.

"I hope she didn't lie about her granddaughter," Josh said to himself.

Josh finally made it to the trailer home that Bertha had described to him earlier. The front door was wide open, and Josh walked up to the door.

"Hello?" Josh called out.

"Come in!" shouted the grumpy old lady.

As Josh entered the trailer house, a bunch of dogs and cats run out between his legs, nearly causing Josh to tip off and fall right back out the door. Luckily, Josh held onto the sides of the door as the animals rushed out of the trailer.

"Jesus Christ," Josh said to himself as he entered the trailer home.

The inside of the trailer didn't look so bad, Josh thought. It had a nice and warm fuzzy carpet. Light brown fuzzy couches. A small TV with a crooked antenna wrapped in foil on top. They looked like they had three other rooms besides the living room he was in. The smell inside the trailer was a pleasant smell, actually.

"Smells like roses," Josh said.

The grumpy old lady came out from one of the other rooms.

"Well, you're here early? How come?" Bertha asked.

"Long story but I just can't wait to meet your gorgeous granddaughter," Josh told her.

"Well, she's be back in a minute. I send her off to the story to fetch me some supplies for my famous pasta meal. Would like you to stay and have dinner with us?" the old lady smiled at Josh, revealing her nasty green and black teeth.

"Don't want to piss her off. Accept damnit," a voice in Josh's head said.

"Yes, sure, why not. I did come a bit early," Josh said.

"Trust me, boy, my granddaughter will make you cum early as well once you see her," Bertha responded. "You wouldn't mind if her male friend watched, do you? I know you don't usually allow strangers to watch your work up close, but he has been dying to meet you."

"Sure, in fact, he can hold the camera while your granddaughter and I are handling our business."

"Great, I'm sure the fucking pervert will be happy to hear that."

"Grandma, I'm home," shouted Rochelle as she entered the trailer with a bag full of groceries and her male pal Tony.

"OH my God! It's Josh from Basement Sluts. Oh shit, dude! I love your website. I am a huge fan of Shawn and you," Tony said with excitement.

"Nice to meet you, too," Josh said sarcastically. "Well hello, Rochelle. My God, you're grandma wasn't kidding. You are stunning."

"He he. Why thank you," Rochelle responded in her southern accent.

"Why don't you take that stuff into the kitchen, Rochelle? Don't forget to set down another plate. Josh here is joining us for dinner," Bertha said.

"Dude! Rochelle is going to be on your website?" asked Tony.

"Yeah Mr.?"

"Tony. My name is Tony. But my friends call me Big Tony."

"Ok Big Tony. Not only is Rochelle going to be in the film, but I would like it if you were to hold the camera while Rochelle and I are getting it on," Josh requested.

"Are you kidding, man? I would love too," Tony responded and give Josh a huge bear hug.

Big fitted perfectly in Tony's name. He was tall, weighted over 200 pounds, half of it, if not all of it was muscle. He was rather handsome and had his dark hair jet-slick back.

"Wow! Aren't you a big guy," Josh said.

Rochelle came back into the living room without the shopping bag blocking Josh's view of her extremely endowed chest. She had on blue jean overalls with one strap hanging to the side, making one of her monstrous breasts slope down over the outside of the overalls. Her big nipple was staining against the thin shirt. Josh's cock started growing immediately. He didn't think Bertha could have spawned such a busty knockout. Then again, Bertha was just the grandmother. Her mother must have been just as pretty. Rochelle smiled at Josh and he returned it.

"Wow grandma. He's cute," Rochelle whispered to Bertha.

"I'm going to go finish up my pasta. You kids enjoy yourselves. Not too much though. We got some filming to do tonight," Bertha said as she left the room and entered the kitchen.

"Have a seat," Rochelle suggested to Josh.

Josh sat down and Tony sat down next to him. Josh was starting to feel uncomfortable with Big Tony next to him, smelling like horse manure.

"So Josh, you like girls with huge boobs? I'm just the girl you're looking for," Rochelle said. "I really don't know what size I am because I haven't gotten any new bras since my double D days. We've been too broke to buy ourselves new things lately," she explained.

"I know, Rochelle. That's why I'm here. Get $500 upfront since you were what your grandma explained to me, and then $500 after we have our performance."

"This is going to be cool. Rochelle really needs the money. As much as a friend I am, I just can't give her the things she wants. She doesn't belong here with the rest of us. She belongs in a beauty pageant or something," Tony said.

"Voluptuous or Scores," Josh said to himself.

"Awe, Tony, you're such a sweetheart. I'm glad you're my friend and plus it was your idea to have Josh film me. My grandma just had to set it up," said Rochelle.

"Any guy would be lucky to caress your soft, gentle body, Rochelle," said Big Tony, giving her a big smile. "I know Josh here is going to take real good care of you."

"Somehow I get the feeling I don't believe in this picture. Literally," said Josh to himself. "Why must I be the softhearted one and not Shawn? If I pass her up. I'm going to be a fool."

"Dinner is ready!" shouted Bertha.

Everyone headed to the dinner table and enjoyed Bertha's pasta surprise. Even Josh thought he wasn't going to enjoy the meal, but he did. After dinner, Josh got to know Rochelle and Tony a little bit better. It's unusual for Josh to get to know any of the girls Shawn or he would be fucking the same night. He found out how deep Tony's love was for Rochelle. Josh was having a change of attitude towards their situation.

"So, are we ready to begin? I'm so eager to get the rest of the money. Plus I haven't had sex in 6 months. It's been killing me," said Rochelle.

"I just have to set things up in the bedroom first. Tony, would you mind giving me a hand?" Josh asked.

"Sure thing dude," Tony responded.

They both entered the bedroom which both Rochelle and her grandma sleep in.

"Tony, I've changed my mind. I don't want to have sex with Rochelle."

"What! Why not? She isn't pretty enough? Breasts aren't big enough? Not a celebrity?" Tony questioned Josh.

"None of the above. I just think you would be better off fucking her then me. It seems you really care about her a lot and, for you to hook her up with a strange man to bump and grind, takes a lot of guts. Plus I don't trust you working my equipment. How would you like to be on the website fucking Rochelle instead?"

"Really! Rochelle and I?"

"Yes, Big Tony, Rochelle and you. Let the Internet fans just see how Big Tony really is."

Josh finished setting up the camcorder and hooking up his laptop to the Basement Sluts site. Thousands of viewers started tuning in for the live show.

"Rochelle, would you come here please?" Josh requested.

Rochelle came into the room with a big smile.

"There's been a change of plans. You'll be having sex with Tony instead."

"Tony? My Big Tony?" Rochelle said in a surprised voice.

"That's even better. I've been waiting to have sex with him, but I didn't know if he would want to since we're friends and all," Rochelle explained.

"Trust me, Rochelle, he does. What guy wouldn't have sex with you?"

"You just put Tony in so I guess you wouldn't have sex with me?"

"That's not the point. I changed my mind for a good reason. I don't want him destroying my equipment. I would feel much better if he did the fucking, and I did the camera work," Josh explained to her.

"You don't mind if I watch, do you?" Bertha asked.

"If it was Rochelle and I, then I would mind. Seeing how this is your house and I'm pretty sure Rochelle and Tony wouldn't mind, then I don't mind. Just make sure you're quiet and try not to be walking around in front of the camera. People are paying good money to watch a sex scene live, ma'am," Josh told Bertha.

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