tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 13

Basement Sluts Vol. 13


On this edition of Basement Sluts, Josh and Shawn are going to be viewing homemade amateur Basement Sluts videos made by average people who are big fans of the show. Shawn and Josh are currently in the works on setting up the Miss Basement Slut of 2004. The winners of these homemade amateur contest will not only have their leading lady or ladies involved in the Miss Basement Slut competition, but the duo or person who filmed it and had sex with the leading lady, will get the opportunity to work side by side Josh and Shawn on the Miss Basement Slut and win $10,000 for just sending in the video and being a winner in the contest. They would also get an addition $20,000 after the Miss Basement Slut competition.

Josh and Shawn have been viewing many videotapes sent in but only chose two videos to appear on their Basement Sluts website. Shawn and Josh are letting the fans vote on which busty female they want to see in the Miss Basement Slut competition and which duo should win.

Here is Shawn and Josh's first choice:

*Scene not shown on video*

Terry and his friend Justin were excited about the contest. They decided to enter the contest. First they had to find a busty chick and neither one of them knew any in college or around their neighborhood. So Terry and Justin decided to take a video camera down to the mall and find their lucky star.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Justin.

"Find a hot busty babe and just tell her that we're doing this contest to win $10,000 and will split the money with you. If we become finalists, we'll all get $20,000. What girl will resist that kind of money?" Terry said.

The two college friends arrived at the mall. They saw hundreds of beautiful women but none with the size chest they desired. Justin and Terry weren't going to settle with an average D cup or even Double D's. They wanted an extremely top-heavy chick and knew they had to look hard to find one.

"Man. This is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. All these good-looking women and none of them have the big tits that we want. We might have to settle for less then Terry," informed Justin.

"Screw that. I think I spotted a nice piece with some really nice ones over at the food court," said Terry.

While making their way to the food court, Justin was filming gorgeous girls, left and right, but none of them had huge tits. They tried to avoid the really fat girls and wanted a girl that wasn't so skinny but not obese.

"See, there she is. She's wearing a black, thick sweater and from the sides, you could tell those things are humongous," said Terry.

Terry and Justin went over to the top-heavy female as she was sitting down and enjoying her cheeseburger. She had long dark brown hair, which reached her mid-back, green eyes, kind of a chubby face but it was cute, full red lips, and wasn't very skinny but nor was she fat. The only real large part of her body was her breasts.

"Excuse us, ma'am. We couldn't help but notice how cute you are," said Terry while giving her a smile.

"Why thank you gentlemen," the big-breasted woman responded in her England accent. Justin started moving around the woman with the camera, getting a nice up close shot of her massive jugs, which were buried beneath her sweater.

"What's your name?" Terry asked.

"Trish," the woman replied.

"What a lovely name. I like the name Trish," said Terry. "Don't you, Justin?"

"Yeah, man," Justin answered.

"How old are you, Trish?"


"Are you married or attached to anyone, Trish?"

"Not at the moment," Trish replied. "I've been divorce for over a year now and left with two kids, 5 and 7."

"How tall are you?" Terry asked.

"I would say maybe 5'7" or 5'8". I haven't been to the doctor' s lately," Trish responded.

"What's with the camera?"

"How would you like to win $10,000 up front and then $20,000 afterwards?" asked Terry.

"Oh really? That would be wonderful if it happens. This is a school project?" Trish asked.

"God, I love your voice," said Justin as he zoomed up close on Trish's face.

Trish tried her best to look away from the camcorder.

"It's not a school project, ma'am. Don't be frightened. It's more like a homemade porno video but it's for a website called Basement Sluts. We're getting paid to film a busty woman, doing one of us while the other films it," Terry explained.

"So you guys are telling me that you're trying to get me into bed, just to win some money?" said Trish.

" We know it sounds awful, but it's not. If we're selected or when we are selected, we'll get $10,000. Then if we win the Miss Basement Slut 2004, then we'll get $20,000.Wouldn't that be a nice amount of money for you and your children?" asked Justin.

"Yeah it would, but I don't know about having sex with a stranger for that kind of cash. Plus having millions of people seeing me having sex? It sounds very kinky, but I don't know," Trish said as she started thinking about considering doing it.

"It'll just be Justin and I at our apartment with you. No one else," Terry said as his eyes kept drifting from Trish's heaving chest to her face.

"Well the money does sound kind of good. I really do need the money," Trish contemplated.

"Ok then. I'll do the video. However, I am expecting my share of the money from you two."

Terry and Justin formed grins on their faces when Trish agreed to do the video.

"Done deal. You won't be disappointed," Terry promised.

Terry and Justin followed Trish to her car.

"I'll ride with Trish while you follow, Justin," Terry said.

Doing the ride back to Justin and Terry's crib, Terry couldn't keep his eyes off Trish's massive melons as they sloped down, nearly resting in her lap. Her seat was pushed back a little bit further so her big tits wouldn't get in the way of the steering wheel.

Terry especially enjoyed going over the speed bumps because Trish's breasts would jump up and down inside her sweater. Trish kept looking out of her corner of her eye, to find Terry grazing at her breasts. It was flattering to her to know that college men were still interested in her even after having two kids.

They arrived back at Terry and Justin's house. Terry and Justin immediately took Trish down to the basement and showed her around a bit.

"So gentlemen, how are we going to do this? Which one of your guys am I going to have sex with?" Trish asked.

"Me, of course," said Terry. "Justin here will hold the camera."

"But I've always wanted to do a black guy. So I'm picking Justin," Trish said.

"Damnit, Justin, fine. He's all yours," Terry said angrily.

Justin was surprised and quite pleased. He wasn't the best looking guy on the planet nor did he have big muscles. Having his way with this busty girl was a dream come true for Justin.

*Filming Starts*

Terry took the camcorder from Justin and directed him to sit next to Trish on their big, blue couch. He turned it on and started filming the two while they sat down.

Trish smiled at Justin, and he smiled back slightly.

"Don't be afraid, Justin, I won't hurt you. I'm worried about you hurting me," Trish joked and laughed.

"Trust me, Trish, just because he's black doesn't mean he has to be hung," said Terry.

Justin's hands immediately started pawing at Trish's tits through her sweater. Justin could feel her breasts encased inside some massive bra cups.

"Why don't we take this sweater off?" suggested Justin.

Terry started filming as Justin lifted up Trish's sweater. Both Justin and Terry's eyes nearly came out of their sockets. Trish's mammoth breasts were overflowing her large bra.

"I always wear bras a little bit smaller then my tits," Trish informed them.

Justin reached out and started feeling around her massive bra cups, tracing his fingers up her bra straps and back down underneath the bra cups.

"I think they want to come out and play," said Terry as he was getting a close up shot of Trish's huge tits.

Justin pulled one bra strap down and then the other. Justin reached inside Trish's bra and pulled out her entire gigantic left breast. Justin let it flop down over the bra cup. Then he reached inside the other cup and pulled out her right breast and let that flop down over the bra cup.

Trish's immense breasts were revealed in all their gigantic glory. Her breasts started low on her chest and then sloped away from her body and curved back to her lowest rib. They expanded nearly across both of her arms and while sitting down they covered up her potbelly and rested in her lap. She had massive pancake sized areolas and medium-sized chewable cherry nipples.

"Jesus Christ, look at those things. They're fucking enormous!" gasped Terry.

Justin just sat there in silence and stared at the bulk of flesh on Trish's chest.

Trish leaned over and started unzipping Justin's pants. Her enormous breasts hung down and dragged across his clothed legs.

"Do something, Justin?" demanded Terry as he zoomed in on Trish's extremely ample jugs.

"How big are those fuckers and have you ever had them weighted?"

"I'm a J cup and 36 inches. Each breast weights about 10 pounds. My areolas are 6 inches wide and my nipples stick out 1 1/2 inch," Trish responded as she pulled out Justin's twitching cock. "Mmmm. This looks like a good 6 or 7 inches. Not bad. I've had bigger."

Trish started jerking and pulling Justin's cock. She then engulfed his cock between her lips.

Terry was getting very hard watching Trish sucking his friend's cock. Terry wished that he was on that couch instead of Justin.

Trish jerked and pulled on Justin's cock while sucking on it. All Justin could do was sit back and moan to the pleasures of having his cock sucked by an enormous busty lady. Her breasts rested on Justin's entire left thigh and most of his upper leg. The nipples were poking into his skin but he didn't mind that.

Terry moved up close to Trish's face, buried in Justin's hairy crotch. Trish started furiously bobbing her head up and down Justin's cock while squeezing it at the base. Terry just loved the moaning sounds Trish was giving off while sucking his friend.

Trish occasionally looked up at the camcorder while not releasing Justin's cock from her mouth. She sucked harder and faster and felt Justin oozing out pre-cum. Trish took Justin's cock from her mouth and started beating his cockhead against her long, thick tongue. His pre-cum smeared all over her tongue and she swallowed it.

"Mmmmm. Salty," Trish moaned as she licked furiously at Justin's cockhead and savored the taste of his pre-cum. "I know you're going to enjoy this."

Trish got onto her knees and lifted both of her giant breasts up and placed them on Justin's thighs. Justin pushed forward and nested his wet cock in Trish's deep valley cleavage. Trish wrapped her mammoth melons around his cock and started jerking.

"OHHHH Yesss!" moaned Justin as Trish was giving him a tit fuck he would never forget.

Terry couldn't see Justin's cock anymore as Trish's soft, spongy jugs, engulfed it. Trish held onto her breasts and started moving his cock up and down between them faster. The bottoms of Trish's jumbo jugs bounced against Justin's quivering thighs.

"Ohhhh. You like this? Don't you?" teased Trish.

Justin could barely speak as he clung onto Trish's shoulders while she furiously jerked his cock between her titanic orbs. His pubic hairs tickled Trish's breasts a little while crashing down into his crotch.

Trish stopped her tit fucking and started smoothing her breasts against his hard cock, rubbing her erect nipples against his shaft. Trish then lifted herself up a little bit, so that her massive jugs dangled down over his crotch, and she started beating his cock with them, dragging her huge tits all over his crotch.

Terry started rubbing his own crotch as he captured up close Trish's gargantuan breasts, swaying back and forth against Justin's cock and thighs.

Justin reached down and grabbed a handful of tit flesh and wrapped her immense breasts around his cock. He immediately started pushing his body upwards, so that he could thrust between Trish's tits. Her monstrous breasts overflowed Justin's fingers, and he was loving it as he continued to thrust harder and faster between them, sliding up and down the smooth, pale texture of her breasts and feeling her hard nipples poking down against his skin every time he dropped her breasts.

After a few minutes of tit fucking, Trish lifted Justin's cock up and pressed it firmly against his stomach. She then moved her mouth to his heavy balls and started bathing them in her saliva, sucking on one ball at a time. Then she engulfed both balls into her mouth and had her tongue slide up and down his sack.

Justin wanted to cum so badly but fought off the pain. Her hot and wet mouth on his balls was just too much for him to handle. Terry was surprised at how much Justin was holding back on cumming. Justin's agonized facial _expression said it all.

Trish continued stroking Justin's cock while sucking on his balls. She let her tongue peek pass his balls and slide its way to his anus. Trish's tongue started probing his asshole and it was a feeling that Justin had never felt before. His entire body started trembling as his asshole was being licked.

Terry was even surprised at how far Trish was willing to go for $10,000, if they make it that far. He captured Trish's tongue sliding in and out of Justin's anus before moving back to his wet balls and then up his glistening cock.

Trish stood up and kicked off her high heels and then pulled her black, tight fitting jeans down, revealing her long, silky stockings and shaved bald pussy. She also removed the remains of the bra, bunched up under her enormous breasts.

Justin started looking Trish's delicious body up and down while stroking his cock. From her mountainous breasts, which hung down from her chest to her stomach in natural sag, to her juicy bald pussy, which was soaked and wet.

Terry also videotaped Trish's full naked body, mesmerized by her jiggling spongy titties and the sweet smelling aroma from her cunt. The only thing Trish had on was her stockings.

Trish climbed up onto the couch and could barely see Justin due to her enormous breasts blocking her view. Justin couldn't see her face but liked the view anyways of her ample orbs.

Trish used her fingers to open her wet snatch and move down on Justin, swallowing his cock between her pussy walls.

Justin wrapped his arms around Trish while his face was buried in her monstrous sweaty cleavage. Her immense breasts rested on both of Justin's slim shoulders as Trish began to grind both Justin and her crotch together.

Justin moved his hands down to her round ass and started lifting her up onto his cock, slamming Trish down hard upon his thrusting cock.

"Ooohhhhhh!" moaned Trish as her body started rocking back and forth on Justin's dick.

Her huge tits flopped down off Justin's shoulders, and he watched them flop up and down gently with each rocking from Trish.

"Ohhh! This is so hot," moaned Terry as he zoomed in on Trish and Justin's crotches, grinding together in unison.

Her stocking-covered feet were planted on Justin's trembling thighs and Terry got a nice close up of the back of them. He could see her wrinkled soles and toes curling up while Justin stuffed her womb. Terry moved over to Justin's balls, bouncing heavily on Trish's asshole while his black cock was completely swallowed up by her pussy. Terry could see Trish's juices, running down Justin's cock and balls. He then moved up to both of their flushed and sweaty faces, filming them moaning and groaning in pleasure and excitement. Terry moved his attention to Trish's huge bouncing hooters as they flopped all over Justin's face.

Trish cupped her massive jugs and fed them to Justin. Justin alternated from juicy nipple to juicy nipple, sucking both of them long and hard. He felt a little steam of milk enter his mouth. He started sucking Trish's nipples harder, gulping and slurping her sweet breast milk down like a newborn baby. The massive tits themselves squished and bounced against his face, completely smothering him.

"If I was going to die, my face being smothered by a huge juicy tit would be the way to go," said Terry.

Justin positioned himself on his back, without releasing his cock from Trish. He started really thrusting in her pussy harder and faster, lifting his legs up and pushing his cock to the breaking point in her cunt. He pushing his cock so far in her pussy, his balls were smashing against her pussy walls, repeatedly.

"OH God! Oh Yes! Fuck me, Justin. Oh God! Fuck me with your black cock!" cried Trish as she started slamming her ass down on Justin's thighs as she rode him.

Terry got in between Justin's legs and filmed him working his cock into overtime in Trish's drenching cunt.

Trish gripped Justin's shoulders and held onto him for dear life as he started bucking his hips like a wild bronco and thrusting his cock harder and faster in her snatch. Trish's huge titties were slipping and sliding all over Justin's bird chest. Milk was leaking from her nipples and soaking Justin's chest and neck. Trish felt her body being taken over by a powerful orgasm and started releasing her juices over Justin's ramming cock.

Justin started kissing Trish wildly, sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth. Trish could taste her own tit milk, still savored in Justin's mouth.

"Get her in another position, Justin," urged Terry as the bulge in his jeans got bigger. Justin picked up Trish and lay her down on the couch. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and Justin resumed shoving his dick between her swollen cunt lips.

Sweat poured off both Trish and Justin as he increased his thrusting. Justin grabbed onto Trish's legs and held them up with her stocking-covered feet in his face. As he thrust, Justin started sniffing Trish's feet, smelling the stinky aroma of her sweaty feet, leaking through her stockings. It just increased Justin's pounding on her pussy.

"Damn, Justin, you're really working her. Make her scream. Look at how her cunt is swallowing your cock," Terry egged him on as he got up close to Justin's drilling cock, being clamped tightly around Trish's sweet cunt.

Trish held her huge tits up and squeezed them, letting her sweet milk, spurt out like a water fountain and soaking her chest. Justin bent his head down and started licking the front surfaces of Trish's tits, tasting her sweet milk and then taking both fat nipples between his lips at once. Trish really squeezed her bouncing titties hard, filling up Justin's mouth with her milk.

Terry's mouth started feeling a little bit dry, watching Justin getting to suck milk out of Trish's giant 36J cups.

Justin held Trish's legs far apart and increased his thrusting rapidly. He felt his climax coming and started giving Trish long and hard thrusts. He pulled his pussy-juice glistening cock from Trish's snatch and got up to his feet. Trish got to her knees and held out her monstrous milky jugs. She started squeezing them and begging Justin to cum all over them.

"Ohhh, Justin, cum on my tits. Soak my big huge tits with your cum," Trish moaned.

Justin give his slippery wet cock a few jerks and strokes before finally spraying thick layers of his hot gooey cum all across her massive breasts. He shot two huge loads on the front surfaces of her breasts and then a few small spurts onto her leaky nipples.

Terry was up close and personal with the camcorder, filming every spurt of cum, spraying Trish's tits.

Justin let his cock slide over Trish's soaked jugs and smeared the cum into her skin with his cockhead.

"Perfect! What a way to end our grand prize winning masterpiece," said Terry with a huge smile.


Shawn and Josh's second choice:

*Scene not shown on video*

Meet Kevin. He's a 37-year-old auto mechanic. He owns his own auto shop in his small town. He has no kids and has never been married. Kevin wasn't a very attentive man. He had a mustache; dirty blond hair tied into a long ponytail and wore bike clothes. So meeting girls wasn't on the top of his list.

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