Basement Sluts Vol. 13


Although, Kevin has a thing for his Japanese next door neighbor's daughter. She's 21 and goes back and forth between visiting her parents and going to college. Kevin was excited about seeing her over the weekend even though he barely knew her. She only spoke to him when he was outside mowing the lawn or fixing his car.

What attracted Kevin the most to this Japanese girl, was her huge chest. Kevin has never seen a Japanese woman with big breasts. He figured the Japanese girl, whose name is Karen, was a rare species among her race.

Kevin dreamed and jerked off about having his way with Karen and her two huge friends.

Kevin is a huge fan of naturally large breasts and when he found out about the Basement Sluts website, he was immediately hooked. The episode that featured the busty Japanese woman named Kagome, really intrigued him. She reminded Kevin of Karen except Karen's breasts aren't that large.

Coincidentally, Josh and Shawn announced the huge Basement Sluts homemade amateur video contest the same weekend that Karen was in an accident with her parent's car. Kevin figured since his auto shop was the only one in town, he could somehow get Karen to fuck him so that he could win the $10,000 and perhaps be a nice guy and help her pay off her insurance and the cost of getting the car repaired.

Kevin knew that Karen's parents had no idea about the accident. He has seen her parents mad before when she was caught making out with a boy. They threaten to send Karen back to Japan to live with her aunt and uncle. Karen begged and pleaded not to screw up again. I guess you could say that Kevin was going to blackmail Karen into helping him film his homemade amateur video.

Kevin walked up to Karen's parent's house and knocked on the door. He saw Karen's parents leave with some friends of theirs and decided to strike. To his luck, the busty Japanese Karen opened the door, wearing nothing but an oversized white tee, with the phase, "Wish These Were Brains" stretched across her gargantuan chest. He could tell Karen wasn't wearing a bra because her huge tits, hung down her chest and swelled out far like massive footballs, aiming at Kevin.

Kevin could barely get a word out as he just stared at Karen's beauty.

"Can I help you Kevin?" Karen asked.

"Sure. Can I come in?" Kevin asked.

"I guess so. Make it quick. I have a friend coming over and we're going to be watching some movies," Karen replied.

"Oh. This won't take long," Kevin said as he walked in.

He kept his eyes on Karen's huge breasts as they bobbed up and down her shirt with every moment.

Karen took Kevin into her parent's fancy living room, which was decorated with Japanese arts and tiger skin.

"Very nice. I've never been inside this place before," Kevin said, amazed about how warm Karen's parent's house feels.

"Can I help you Kevin?" Karen asked in an eager voice.

"Yeah. I heard about your accident over the weekend and I'm willing to repair your parent's car tomorrow. I'll tell you all the details tomorrow on how we can pay off your cost of getting it fixed."

"I see. Well I'm glad you want to help me. So please. Do not tell my parents about this. They would kill me and send me right back to Japanese. I love America. Especially the American boys," Karen said.

"I bet," Kevin agreed in a sarcastic manner.

"And what is that suppose to mean?" Karen asked in an upsetting tone. "I would like for you to leave now and I'll be around your shop, with the car tomorrow around noon. Is that ok?" "Sure. Noon is fine. Where is the car now and tell me exactly what happen and how come your parents don't know about it?" Kevin asked.

"Well, I got hit by a drunk driver and the car is at a friend's house. I told my parents that someone stole the car and they believed me. I told them that a friend of mines is a cop and he'll help me hunt down the person who stole the car."

"Nice. Will I'll be seeing your tomorrow. And please. Wear something just like what you're wearing now? Ok?" Kevin said teasingly.

"Ha! These are not for you. They're for my "special friend" coming over while my parents are gone for a few hours," Karen replied.

"Lucky him."

Karen escorted Kevin to the door and opened it for him.

"You have a nice night now Karen. I'll see you tomorrow," Kevin said with a grin.

"Yeah. Ok," Karen replied and closed the door on Kevin.

"With that attitude, she deserves to be fucked hard, right in her mouth," Kevin said to himself.

As Kevin was leaving, a car pulled up in Karen's driveway. A tall handsome white male emerged from the vehicle. He knocked on the door and Karen immediately hugged him, as she was excited to see him. Kevin hid behind a bush and saw the way her massive breasts, squished against the man's chest and bulged from both their sides. Kevin was feeling really horny and started rubbing his cock through his jeans.

Once the man entered the house, Kevin continued to follow through the bushes and luckily for him, a huge window on the side of the house in front of the living room wasn't covered with a curtain.

Kevin's eyes bulged as the man immediately lifted up Karen's large shirt as her back was facing the window.

Kevin's heart started beating and his palms started sweating. He was about to get his first glimpse of Karen's huge breasts. Then he thought. Why ruin his fun for tomorrow? All Kevin could see at the moment was Karen's bubbly ass and the crescent shapes of Karen's astonishing tits, which slightly bulged out over her thin arms.

Kevin quickly ran over to his yard before seeing any more of Karen's amazing body. Once he got into his house, he promised himself that he wouldn't jerk off for the rest of the night. He wanted to save his cum for his sex session with Karen.

The next day arrived and Kevin was up extra early around 7:00 AM. He was very excited about having his way with Karen. He opened his auto shop up early and told his workers that come noontime, the shop would close and everyone could go home early. Of course, Kevin needed someone to work the camcorder while he fucked Karen. He asked his shop manager and long time friend of his Viper, to videotape his session with Karen. Viper was very excited about filming after seeing pictures of Karen. Even he was wondering what her huge tits looked like without the huge shirts and bras.

Noon arrived and Kevin's employees started checking out and going home. Karen walked in wearing a very tight and sexy schoolgirl outfit, with a navy blue vest over the top. She thought it was a little bit weird for all the autoworkers to be clocking out so early. She immediately marched over to Kevin's office and knocked on the door twice.

"Come in," said Kevin.

Karen opened up the door and Kevin was sitting in his chair, with his back turned facing Karen.

"I'm here. Let's talk about my car and how much it's going to cost me," Karen said eagerly.

"Yes! Let's talk about the cost," Kevin said, spinning his chair around and wearing a long, red robe.

"What's this?" asked Karen.

Viper came out from the closet with the video camcorder in hand.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Karen questioned.

"No, Karen, it's the way you're going to solve your money problems," said Kevin. "You may be familiar with the show called Basement Sluts, are you?"

"I've heard my boyfriend talking about it with his friends. It's a hot Internet site with huge boobed girls getting fucked. Am I right?" Karen said.

"Exactly...And they're having a contest where the winner of the homemade amateur video, gets $10,000. Then a chance to win $200,000 in the Miss Basement Slut 2004," Kevin said. "I'll give you the money you'll need to repair your car before your parents find out the truth."

"Ha ha. You've got to be kidding me. Why should I have sex with you when I can enter with my boyfriend?"

"Does he know about your parent's car?"

"Blackmail is we? I can tell him and it still wouldn't make any difference."

"Does he have a 10 1/2-inch dick?" Kevin sprung on her.

Karen gasped!

"No and neither do you," Karen replied.

Kevin dropped his robe, unleashing his huge fat crooked cock to Karen.

"Ever seen one of these things?" Kevin asked her.

"Wow! You're a really big guy. So if we do make this video, you're going to let me use the money to repair the car and not tell my parents?"

"I promise."

Kevin nodded his head over to Viper, who immediately switched on the camcorder.

*Filming Starts*

"First off Karen. Reveal those magnificent orbs to us," Kevin suggested as his eyes dropped from her face to the bulges under her navy blue vest.

Karen smirked at him and then to the camcorder. She lifted up her vest, revealing the white button up flannel shirt. She then started slowly unbuttoning the shirt, revealing some cleavage and the front bra strap. Once the shirt was completely unbuttoned, she dropped it to the floor and stood up in her bra. The tops of her massive jugs were jiggling with her every movement. Karen looked down and saw Kevin's cock pulsing to an all time high.

"Looks like we're going to have to take care of that," Karen teased.

Karen reached behind her back and undid all four of her bra straps. She slid the bra off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Kevin's jaw nearly went with it as he was mind boggled by Karen's huge tan tits.

Her breasts hung down from her chest and formed huge slopes, toppled with puffy pink areolas and chewable little nipples. They curved back down settling at her ribs.

"OH my fucking God! Those tits are gorgeous," said an amazed Kevin.

Viper got up close to Karen and started filming her massive melons at all angles from underneath, to the sides, to the center of her nipples, between her breasts, and the tops of them. Viper even wanted to reach out and grab a handful of juicy tit flesh.

"I'm glad you like them," Karen responded. "They're 42DDD's, huge and juicy. Just like how I like my men."

Karen got down on her knees in front of Kevin. His huge cock pointed upwards and Karen gripped it by the thick handle. She started slowly stroking Kevin's fat dick, making moaning sounds come out from between his lips.

Viper focused the camcorder on Karen's big tits, filming them swaying back and forth and to and fro gently.

Karen took Kevin's cockhead between her full lips, slowly caressing it with her tongue. Kevin couldn't help but to reach down and grab a handful of Karen's pillowy tits. He started squeezing them from the base and moving his fingers all over their smooth texture and hard nipples. Karen started moaning while sucking more and more of Kevin's cock down her throat.

Karen's lips had almost reached the base of his cock until she pulled away and took the slobbery cock out of her mouth. She began licking the cockhead like a sucker and then puckering up her lips and slowly slurping on the head.

Kevin's moans got louder and his body got warmer, feeling a chilling sensation surging through his body as Karen sucked his cock.

Karen started sucking on his shaft from the sides, slithering her tongue up and down the juicy shaft towards the base. His big hairy sack was next to feel Karen's tongue, caressing his balls and taking both balls between her lips. Karen sucked hard and long on each ball. She then let his wet balls drop from her mouth and she re-swallowed his cock.

"Oh God, that feels so good!" moaned Kevin.

"Looks good too," agreed Viper as he felt the urge to jerk his hard cock.

Viper moved the camera up close, capturing Karen's head bobbing up and down in Kevin's crotch. Kevin's pubic hairs repeatedly brushed up against Karen's face as she deep-throated his cock. Karen held her mouth wrapped around his entire shaft for a few seconds, wiggling and shaking her head around, flinging his cock around inside her mouth. Her cheeks were flushed and puffing out as she continued holding his cock down her throat.

Once she released it, massive amounts of saliva poured out from her mouth and off his glistening cock.

"I want to suck that cock some more," moaned Karen.

Karen positioned herself lying down and signaled for Kevin to face fuck her.

Kevin straddled Karen's face with his big dick over her mouth and dropped it deep in the back of her throat. His balls roughly smacked her chin and Kevin began thrusting.

Karen had her legs wide open and Viper got up close and filmed her panties being soaked by her juices. He then moved the camcorder up to Karen's mouth and watched as Kevin's cock was drilling down inside and his balls were beating against her chin and cheeks.

Kevin felt like he was on ecstasy as he started picking up the pace, thrusting her warm wet mouth harder and faster. He placed one hand on his lower back to help push him down closer so that his cock could invade Karen's throat.

"Ohhhh yeaaah!" moaned Kevin. "This girl really knows how to work her mouth."

Kevin lifted his drenching wet cock out of Karen's mouth and dunked his balls between her lips.

Karen chewed and caressed his balls. Kevin wanted to blow his load right then but continued to be satisfied with her mouth bathing.

"My balls have never....felt this good...before. Ohhhhh God!" moaned Kevin.

Kevin lifted his dripping wet balls from Karen's mouth and stuck his slobbery cock back in.

Karen's chest was now glistening in saliva. Karen grabbed onto Kevin's tight ass cheeks and squeezed them while he thrusted his cock down her throat.

Kevin gave Karen's mouth a few long and powerful thrusts before taking his wet cock from between her slobbery lips. He climbed on top of Karen, facing her feet, doing a 69 position. Karen once again engulfed Kevin's huge cock while Kevin bunched up Karen's skirt to her waist and started sniffing her sweet pussy aroma through her wet panties.

"Mmmmm, smells delicious," commented Kevin. "Hope it tastes as good as it smells."

Viper moved in as Kevin pulled Karen's soaked panties down. Her pussy was shaved but glistening with her exotic juices. Kevin quickly planted his face deep into her cunt and began licking her swollen pussy walls. He then used his fingers to open up her pussy and darted his tongue inside rapidly like a fast paced little dick.

Karen dropped Kevin's cock from her mouth and began releasing a series of moans. Karen flung her slip-on shoes off wildly and wrapped her thick legs around Kevin's neck. Kevin found her clit and began teasing it with his teeth, chewing and biting on it. He started using his tongue to caress it lightly and then swiftly lap over her juicy clitoris.

Karen started losing it and felt massive tingles urging through her body. Her boyfriend had never eaten her out like this. Kevin's big dick stayed wet and dripping against her cheek. She turned her head sideways and began sucking on the sides of his shaft like a melting Popsicle.

Kevin used his fingers and started digging her cunt out while he licked her clitoris.

Karen began separating her legs wildly as she felt massive orgasms overpowering her body.

Viper had the camcorder right behind Karen's legs and up close to Kevin's tongue as it licked and caressed Karen's clit. Unexpectedly, Karen's juices began to spurt out and even hit the camcorder lense. Kevin used his mouth as a vacuum and sucked up all of Karen's cum. His mustache was soaked in Karen's cum. Kevin enjoyed the smell of it. He gave Karen's clit a few more licks before finally raising up off of her.

Karen stayed lying on the floor as Kevin got between her legs and spanked his wet cock up against her glistening thighs.

"Ohhhh! Fuck me already," cried Karen.

Kevin took his cock and pushed it between Karen's pussy lips. Once he got half way in, he started pushing down harder, impaling her cunt with his entire cock. Karen wrapped her white-stocking legs around him and he began thrusting.

Kevin held onto Karen's hips and pushed his cock in and out of her. Her huge sweaty soft breasts were flopping in all directions.

Viper moved up close to Karen's breasts, filming them slapping violently into one another and then separating again, past her arms.

"God those are some flop bags!" moaned Viper as he couldn't take his eyes or the cam off her breasts.

Kevin turned Karen sideways and pressed her right leg up against his chest and shoulder. His cock stayed stuffed inside her cunt and he resumed thrusting. The side of her foot continuously hit up against the side of his head. Kevin's balls were beat up against her pussy lips while driving his cock deep into the center of her womb. Kevin even used his middle finger, to rub Karen's engorged clitoris, adding more pleasure to her fucking.

Karen's huge breasts were lying on top of one another, still bouncing and jiggling around on her chest and the floor.

Viper held the cam steady at Kevin and Karen's crotches, shooting Kevin's rapid drilling of her piss hole with his cock.

"God! You're... so... big!" cried Karen. "OOHHHHH! GOD!"

Karen grabbed hold of the carpet and embraced for impact. Kevin started speeding up his pounding and reached over and grabbed one of Karen's luscious ripe tits and gave it a hard squeeze. Karen couldn't take it anymore and started releasing her cum, drenching down Kevin's thrusting cock and hairy balls.

Kevin started slowing down his thrusting and gave Karen a few hard and long thrusts. He stopped for a bit and let his cock rest tightly and warm inside her sticky snatch. Kevin then flipped Karen over on her stomach and began his thrusting once again.

Karen's round bubbly ass slammed up and bounced against Kevin's crotch. Kevin couldn't resist and took a handful of her ass cheeks and gave them some hard squeezing.

Karen lifted her upper body off the floor so that Viper could capture her enormous swinging tits.

Viper zoomed in and filmed her breasts as they were dancing to their own beat. "Man, I'm about ready to bust," warned Viper.

Kevin ignored him and continued savagely ramming his cock in and out of Karen's soaked pussy. He leaned over so that his sweaty upper body could rest on top of Karen's sweaty back. Kevin's arms wrapped around Karen's body, underneath her violently swinging jugs. He moved his hands right up to her breasts and started pinching and pulling her nipples, stretching her spongy jugs down by her elect nipples.

Karen couldn't take anymore and started spilling her juices again, all over Kevin's cock and balls. Kevin continued mercilessly thrusting and pounding her pussy harder and faster until he finally reached his orgasm and felt his balls overloading with cum.

"Herrrrre I....CUM!" announced Kevin as he started slowing down his thrusting and quickly pulled his pussy juicy glistening cock from Karen's cunt.

Karen turned back around and lied on her back. Kevin straddled her stomach and hovered his massive meat over Karen's massive breasts.

Kevin jerked and stroked his cock for a few seconds and out erupted an enormous spurt of cum, splashing all over Karen's chest between her breasts, and on her neck. He shot his next load on her right breast and the next one on her left breast. He continued to jerk and unload his semen on Karen's chest.

"GGGGGOD that felt good!" gasped Kevin, trying to recover his breathing.

Karen had a huge smile on her face and wrapped her gooey huge breasts around Kevin's limp cock. Kevin could feel his cock being squished and slammed between her gooey cleavage.

"Damn, Karen, we're going to have to save the tit fucking for another time," Kevin said and winked at her. "Did you get all that, Viper?"

"Yes I did, sir," Viper answered.

"Good. Now turn the video camera off and take the rest of the day off. Karen and I still got some talking to do."

Viper did what he was told. He left the office and could hear the sounds of Karen, moaning and screaming with lust as Kevin fucked her again privately.

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