Bash Away


Here is a story for all of you Anonymous Bashers.

For that one anonymous, cowardly crybaby who complained and had my story "I Don't Like...Game Over" moved from Non-Erotic to Reviews and Essays, I hope you are happy now because Literotica moved the story where you thought it belonged. Do you feel powerful now? Did you have an orgasm when Literotica satisfied your desire by moving my story? Did you think that I was cheating when I posted that story beneath Non-Erotic? Do you know what? It does not matter to me.

Please, feel free to go through my Survivor scorecard and if there are other stories that you feel do not belong in the category that they are posted in, tell Literotica to move them where you think they should be moved. Perhaps, we can move all of my stories to Reviews and Essays, if that will make you happy because it does not matter to me.

For all those anonymous bashers who follow me from story to story, you had better buckle up because I have a lot more stories to write, to submit, and for you to bash and give me multiple zeros from your multiple computer sites. It does not matter to me because I do not look at my scores, anyway.

For that one man or woman who routinely goes through every story that I have that has a red H. "Hey, you missed some!" I do not care if you give me 1,000 zeros and remove all of my red H's. You cannot remove the green E that Literotica gave me, now, can you? Boy that really must piss you off, huh?

That green E gives me something to shoot for, now, and I plan on getting a bunch more by writing every day and improving my writing skills. Soon, I'll have a page full of green E's. More importantly, though, I do not write for green E's. Come closer so that I can tell you why I write. I write for...are you ready? I write for Freddie. I write for me and for myself. Matter of fact, I am my biggest fan. I love reading my stories. You know what else? I am my favorite writer. Yep, I am. I think I am great.

For those of you anonymous bashers who think that I may have a chance to win a contest whenever I submit a contest story but do everything in your petty power to make sure that I do not win by giving me multiple zeros from your multiple computer sites. Please continue the process. It does not matter to me because I do not care if I win the contest. I certainly do not need the money.

Matter of fact, instead of bashing my contest stories, please vote for them and give me a 5 vote. Then, if I win the contest, I will give you the prize money. How's that? That sounds fair, doesn't it? Just e-mail me your address and tell me to whom I should make out my check.

For those of you cowardly, anonymous bashers who write nasty comments to my stories that you would never say to my face, please continue because what comes around goes around and if you do not believe that, just look out behind you. I never have to turn around. I fear no man. I am the self-righteous man. I am the man without the guilty conscience, without the mean streak, and without the nasty side. Moreover, your nasty comments to my stories does not matter to me because I do not read them, I skip over them.

For those miserable, mean spirited, trailer trash people who send me all those hateful e-mails, please continue because you are only wasting your time. Actually, by sending me all those ridiculous e-mails, maybe, you will improve your writing ability to hopefully write a cohesive story, one day. We can only hope. Besides, it does not matter to me, I do not read them. I have a delete key. Also, once I have identified you, I block my computer from receiving any further e-mails from you.

Hey, if you want to bash, at least be a man about it. Register, sign in, sign your bash, and tell us who you are. Then, your bash or critique will mean more to us writers and may even be read by us writers. You are still anonymous. Do you really think that my parents named me Bostonfictionwriter? That is not my real name. That is not my legal name. My real name is Freddie. Bash away but at least have the balls to use a name other than anonymous.

I respect Kolkore. He has written some hurtful things, some complimentary comments, and some constructive and insightful criticisms to my stories and to the stories of others, but, at least, he signs his name to it. Good, bad or indifferent, I respect that about him. I may not agree with what he writes, always, but I respect his right to write it.

I do not respect you Anonymous. I do not read what you write Anonymous. Who wants to go through life anonymously, anyway? Not me. Stamp my name on my forehead, tattoo my e-mail address on my ass, and push me through life naked. That is how I want to go forward. I want people to know who I am and to read the stories I post and to see the talent that I have or think that I have.

What matters to me is the writing, my writing, and the writing of the many other serious and good writers who contribute erotic stories and erotic literature to this, lucky we have this place to post, Literotica web site.

What matters to me is the story, my story, and the stories of others that I am privileged to read. Most of you bashers bash because that is all you know how to do. You are incapable of writing a story because you are illiterate. Hell, you cannot even write a grammatically correct one sentence bash without making a mistake. Yet, you have the audacity to bash my stories and the stories of others. Why are you here? Surely, you are not here to read because you have demonstrated that you cannot read or write. Are you here to look at the dirty pictures? There are a vast number of other sites that have more graphically explicit photos that you would more enjoy in the privacy of your trailer.

I have a thick skin. I used to be a boxer. I can take a punch. What I do not understand are the girlie men and demented women who bash anonymously because they are so afraid to be held responsible for what they write. I am not afraid for people to know who I am and what I write. You can contact me any time you want day or night. Just send me an e-mail or make a comment to one of my many stories.

Where do I reach you? Are you hiding under your bed? Are you there under the covers? Is that you in the dark closet? Is that where you run after you make your anonymous comments? Does bashing anonymously empower you? Do you masturbate after you bash someone's work? Does that make you feel more like the man or the woman that you are not and never will be? Good luck to you because you are a laughable bunch of malcontents to be pitied. I cannot waste anymore of my time with you other than the time that it took to write this non-erotic story.

I really do not care if anyone complains about my stories. I do not care if anyone complains to have my stories moved from one category to another category. I do not care if you have my stories removed from the survivor contest. I do not care. I do not care if I win or lose the survivor contest. That is not why I am here. The Survivor Contest is not why I write and submit stories to Literotica.

I am here to write and to read stories. When I first saw the Literotica web site, I did not think, oh, boy, contest and money. I thought, oh, boy, stories and writing. That is the difference between you and me. I am a writer and you, anonymous basher, are nothing.

You think that you can raise yourself up in the miserable lives that you have by latching on to me or to another writer by showing everyone how smart you believe you are by making idiotic, absurd, and nasty comments. Instead of wasting your time and showing everyone the fool that you are, why not try and write a story to contribute. Why not take your medication and read a story. Surely, there is a story here that even you will enjoy. If not, e-mail me, tell me what you want, and I will write you a story.

Now, above is your fifteen minutes of fame that I granted you because that is the amount of time that it took me to write this story expressly for you. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a nice day, enjoy, and, oh, bash away.

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