Bass-Ackwards Ch. 01


There was only so far he could go. When she felt the open sides of his fly brushing her upturned cheeks, the bristle of male hair nestling in between, something just behind her breastbone gave a little shudder. Bill Marshall was balls deep in her ass. And now he was going to fuck it.

She didn't wait long. Callused thumbs still keeping her palmed open, probably for him to leer at what he'd gotten his only female employee to give up, he began to have what he wanted.

These were short thrusts now, not the total withdrawals and plunges he'd inflicted on her pussy. Enough for some friction, enough so he might add some speed. Out of the very corner of her eye, she saw his hands leave her hips and come down onto the table. He was leaning over her now, the bell of his untucked shirt brushing the small of her back.

The wood banging on the wall was percussive and quick. Christina lay there in a stupor, knees locked, legs making a fork, at the apex of which, her tender hole was stretching around her boss's cock.

He made no sound, save the very occasional and restrained grunt. The girth was relentless: there was no avoiding it, no becoming immune. She could only gape for him, wide like her mouth in some eternally startled 'O'. And her clit! The poor thing was swollen, humming for relief. The sensations were ... doing ... something, but nothing that could get her—

You are not thinking about how you're going to come right now! Not here! Not with him.

ought not to be thinking about it, but there was nothing stopping Bill.

His prick hardened. Expanded. His pistoning slowed by half. She could feel him hunching behind her, swearing under his breath.

You insane bitch, you didn't even make him get a cond—

The pulse came.

And then the second. The third. Hot cum jetted down deep in her ass, coating the twitching cock embedded there. He scrubbed her insides with it, lubricating her, spreading her shame, as her pussy clamored to get just a little piece.

You're getting Friday. And the rest of today. That's what you asked for, that's what you get.

When he pulled out she felt the leak, warm and incriminating as it oozed from her fluttering hole. After two deep breaths where she was sure he was done and gone, Christina began to right herself.

"No," he said. "Stay where you are."

She twisted her body. Turned her head, "What?"

"I said, stay right there. Back down how you were."

This nightmare wasn't over?

If it's a nightmare, you agreed to it.

She leaned back down and sighed. The air from the vent overhead was cooling the fluids between her legs. One of her socks had slipped down inside her boot.

There were rummaging sounds, perhaps in a drawer, and then footsteps. A hand was back on her ass. Then not.

A tug on her panties. He was pulling them taut. Then she heard metal shearing through cloth.


"Hold still."

Another snip and the tension was gone from her thighs. He'd cut off her goddamned underwear!

"Now you're good."

She popped up this time, spinning to cover her backside with the dress, and eyed him in shock. His right hand was already pulling up out of his front pocket, and what was left of her panties was down in there somewhere, irretrievable.

His Adam's apple moved under a fine stubble. He wet his lips, and seemed about to say something. She could have grabbed the silence in the room and throttled it. His eyes cut to the door to go outside and then back to her, and he jerked a stiff nod.

"All right," he said. "See you Monday."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/04/18

Interesting story dear

Hello from Greece! Interesting fantasy story dear. Both dont care about unwanted pregnancy and sex protection?

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by kaitlyn_sun07/10/18

Holy shit this series....

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by Onethird04/22/18

What to do

Well, what to do for an encore... I hope getting the day off was worth to her, because I suspect she’ll be paying more in the future. Nice descriptions and skilled writing.

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by Anonymous03/14/18

add on

Add on to what Unbelievable said, "and it was so fucking hot and a total turn I read it twice." Unbelievable, perhaps you'd prefer to read "Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm."

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