tagMind ControlBat Knight: Nightshade's Revenge

Bat Knight: Nightshade's Revenge


1 - "Reformed"

Bat Knight emerged from the shadows to stand like a dark monolith behind Sex Kitten, who crouched at the rooftop's edge. She hadn't yet noticed his presence, so the dark vigilante took a moment to admire how well the villainess' curves stretched the black and purple Lycra of her costume. The reflections in the shiny material testified to Sex Kitten's physical perfection, a body that can only be obtained from night after night on the rooftops.

Her muscles tensed ever so slightly when she detected him standing there, but she didn't turn around. She just kept peering through her binoculars.

"A girl's bound to get the wrong idea when she's followed around, night after night, by a big, handsome Bat." Sex Kitten's ruby lips curled into a half-way grin. "I thought you weren't interested in romance."

"You're hiding up here, casing the Rotham City Museum, wouldn't have anything to do with the Cat Mummy exhibition opening next week, would it?"

Sex Kitten twirled around and stood up, a perfect blur of grace. She shook her ample cleavage at him and laughed devilishly. He couldn't help but notice the tiny bumps of her nipples pushing against her costume.

"Nothing wrong with looking," she purred. "That's what you were doing, right? Standing in the shadows and and checking things out. Checking me out."

She ran her hands over her hips and drew closer.

"We both know you like me."

Bat Knight didn't respond, his face stone-serious even when she reached up and dug her claws into his chest.

"Everyone looks at what they want, don't they? Doesn't mean they're going to do anything about it. I'm reformed, as you know, and you're... well, stoic."

"Your lengthy criminal record doesn't speak to your restraint. You haven't been reformed that long. One of us has to have control."

Sex Kitten pushed her breasts against Bat Knight's washboard stomach. A frustrated sigh escaped her slightly-open lips. "You really don't ever let loose, do you? It's always the dark avenger-thing with you, isn't it?" She shook her head. "So serious."

"Then why are you here?" Bat Knight asked.

"Just taking a look, for old times sake. Just for fun. Have you heard of fun before?"

Bat Knight produced one of his famous scowls.

"Why would I steal a bunch of dusty, old mummies?" She studied his eyes, as if looking for something, then frowned. "Obviously, I'm out doing my exercises- you've been shadowing me since I left my apartment. I thought we agreed I could continue doing my thing if I let up on the criminal stuff."

"I have been monitoring you," Bat Knight admitted. "You're behaving."

"Of course I am, like I promised" Sex Kitten said, playing with a strand of her red hair. "So why are you following me? You must want something. And, knowing you, it's nothing... fun."

"Sex Kitten, we've discussed this many times. Despite my... feelings for you, it would never work-"

"Oh lord, not this again," Sex Kitten said, pounding her fists against his chest, then breaking away. "I can't bear the martyr routine again. Just tell me what you want."

"Deadly Nightshade was released from White Rock Asylum a week ago. She's disappeared."

"Haven't seen her," Sex Kitten slipped to the edge of the building, "and I hope I don't. She blames me for you catching her. She says I hesitated when I had a chance to kick you into that lava pit."

"You did," Bat Knight said. "That's why you're still enjoying your freedom."

"And I want to keep enjoying it. So, like I say, I hope I don't run into her." Sex Kitten shrugged. "It's true. I hesitated, and I'm glad I'm not in jail, but I hoped for more... with you."

Her green eyes met his one final time and then, and then, so quick Bat Knight's eyes could barely follow, she slipped over the edge of the building. By the time he stepped the ledge, she was gone- vanished into the Rotham night.

2 - "The Boy Wonder"

The rest of the evening's patrol passed uneventfully. Bat Knight broke up a couple of armed robberies and disrupted a heroin shipment meant for the Lithuanian mob, but, as the sun started to threaten the Rotham streets, Bat Knight couldn't help but feel frustrated.

He was no closer to finding Deadly Nightshade.

Sex Kitten had been his last lead. He knew her well enough to tell when she was being truthful.

She hadn't seen Nightshade.

Bat Knight fruitlessly checked Nightshade's previously known hideout again before calling it a night. Still abandoned. It was possible she'd fled the city, the country even. She could be dead for all he knew; Nightshade had no shortage of enemies.

But Bat Knight had a bad feeling and his intuition was rarely off. Nightshade was in Rotham. She was up to something wicked.

He needed to find her soon.

The psychiatric panel at White Rock refused to heed Bat Knight's protests, declared Nightshade cured of her previous criminal psychosis, and released her. They seemed so certain of her cure. It was mad.

Of course, Nightshade vanished at her first opportunity and hadn't been seen since.

Bat Knight drove through the hologram rock wall that kept his headquarters secret and parked in the Bat Dungeon's motor pool. He lept from the Bat Cruiser and unhooked his cape to leave for Jeeves to mend- only a couple of bullet holes tonight. The butler shouldn't complain too much.

The Dungeon lay directly below Bronson Manor, Bat Knight's alter ego's family's estate, and was connected to the house by a high-speed elevator. This was where Bat Knight was headed when he heard noises coming from the training room.

"Up early, are we, old chum?" Bat Knight said when he saw Martin Black, aka Blue Jay, Bat Knight's trusted sidekick. Black lay on the bench press, easily lifting 225 lbs in an endless set of reps. His skin was shined with perspiration around the angles of his straining muscles.

He'd been at it for a while.

Martin set the barbell on the hooks with a clink. "Couldn't sleep- didn't want to just lay in bed." He sat up and grabbed a towel from the floor, wiping the sweat off his forehead, then his neck. When he was done, he gave Bat Knight a strange look, one that the dark detective couldn't decipher exactly. Was it mistrust? Was it curiosity?

"Don't finals start today?" Bat Knight asked. Martin attended to Rotham City College as a freshman, studying Criminal Psychology. "I'd think that you'd be studying."

"I'm ready for my exams," Martin said. "I don't need to study any more."

"Then why can't you sleep?" Bat Knight asked. "You aren't angry you didn't go along on patrol, are you? We talked about cutting down during the school week..."

"No. That's not it," Martin said. "I needed the time to study."

"Than what?"

The young man's shoulders slumped. "Well, since no one knows I'm Blue Jay, sometimes at college, I get to hear what people really think about us, superheroes, you know."

"I understand," Bat Knight nodded.

"My friends in class always talk about what Mr. Great, Amazonia, and you are up to, the latest story in the news, just like most people do, I guess."

"And this bothers you?"

"Not that they talk. That's to be expected. But lately, especially since I've been patrolling with you again instead of Bat Maiden, they make jokes. I write most of it off as their being jealous of Blue Jay and immature. Every kid in Rotham wanted to be me, to patrol with you and fight crime. But sometimes, what they say is pretty... well, raunchy."

"Raunchy?" Bat Knight raised an eyebrow. "In what way?"

"They make fun of my costume, they say it's ah... weird for a fully grown man."

"It's a modified acrobat's leotard, but improved-"

"I know, I know, but they say it makes me look like a fairy and they say that you make me dress like that because..." Martin's face turned red. He reached for his water bottle and took a long drink.

"Because what?"

"Because it turns you on. That you fuck me after we stop patrolling. They say all sort of perverted stuff and laugh and laugh."

"That's absurd," Bat Knight said. "You helped design your costume."

"Yeah, when I was ten," Martin said. He ran his fingers through his thick black hair and took another drink of water. "Maybe we could consider an update."

"Nonsense, old chum," Bat Knight insisted, "You must not allow yourself to be swayed by schoolyard innuendo."

"I know but-"

"But nothing. We have a higher calling. We keep the lights of justice burning in Rotham City, old chum. Who cares about the talk of fools?"

Martin visibly tried to rally at Bat Knight's words, but his shoulders still seemed low. "I guess you're right," he said.

"Of course, I'm right," Bat Knight said. "Now let's go up to the Manor and hit the showers."

Blue Jay sighed and stood up. "Okay, Bat Knight."

3 - "Reunion"

"It's about time you got back," a familiar female voice said when Sex Kitten dropped through her penthouse's skylight.

"Deadly Nightshade," Sex Kitten hissed. "I was wondering when you were going to turn up. I see you let yourself in."

Nightshade oozed from the shadows. "Well, I wasn't going to wait in the hall."

"So are you here to seek revenge?" Sex Kitten asked. "Word on the streets is you want me dead."

"Oh, I did. For a while, at least," Nightshade ruby lips split into a smile. "But I'm past that now. Revenge isn't going to help anyone."

Sex Kitten studied her old partner for any hint of deception. "That's good," she said, "I don't want to be enemies. It's good that you understand I never meant any-"

"What I want instead, Kitten," Nightshade interrupted, "is a favor." Her green eyes sparkled and she drew close enough Sex Kitten could smell the floral scent her body gave off, something like a combination of rotting leaves and roses.

"I don't know what I can do for you," Sex Kitten squirmed under Nightshade's gaze. "I'm not in the life anymore. Bat Knight watches me like a hawk."

"I've asked around, I know you've gone straight." Nightshade shrugged. "I can respect that. I just need you to get a hold of a few of our old friends. I've lost my contacts while I was in White Rock. And since you're unavailable, not to mention the whole 'complete lack of trust' thing, I'm going to need a new partner. I've got a new plan."

"Another plan?" Sex Kitten asked. "I thought they said you were cured."

"Oh, I am, would you like to see my paperwork?"

"Bat Knight's scouring the city for you." Sex Kitten sat down on the sofa. Nightshade sat next to her. "Do you really think this is a good idea?"

"Don't make such a big deal out of everything. I've alluded him so far, haven't I?" Nightshade mouth spread into a smile. "All I need is a little help and I'll be on my way."

"Oh god," Sex Kitten sighed, "what do you want me to do?"

"I need to make contact with someone who can keep Bat Knight distracted for a few more days, while I put the last pieces in place."

"Lady Mime is back with Clown King," Sex Kitten said. "The Sphinx just started a 20 year stint at Ironwood. Who exactly were you thinking?"

"So you agree to help me?" Nightshade asked, raising an eyebrow.

"If it's easy and you agree to leave me alone afterwards," Sex Kitten explained, "sure, I owe you that much. Who do you want me to find?"

"The mercenary, Kane," Nightshade said. "He's bested the Bat several times in the past. He'll do nicely."

Sex Kitten considered this for a moment. "I'm not sure he's in Rotham right now. Last I heard he was in Central Africa working..."

"He's here," Nightshade said, certainty lighting her green eyes.

"He's not going to want a team-up," Sex Kitten shrugged. "He always works alone. And the Bat gave him a wicked beating last time they squared off."

"Well, find him and lure him out with something he does want. I remember how he looks at anything with a pair of tits."

"Yuck," Sex Kitten said.

"Do what you have to do. Just set up the meeting," Nightshade commanded, making Sex Kitten's nose twitch with annoyance.

"I'll see what I can do..."

4 - "The Sewer Sex Party"

Two Nights Later...

"No, no," Sex Kitten sighed, "I'm listening... Your stories are disturbing, but fascinating. Tell me more about your time in Siberia..."

Kane's chest swelled with self-importance. "Well, I could tell you about the winter it got so desperate we had to eat the weakest members of our squad. We were stuck in the mountains, trying to run clandestine operations on the Chinese."

While Kane droned on, Sex Kitten's eyes moved to the door, then back to Kane, then again to the door.

Nightshade was late.

"You don't seem to be listening," Kane complained.

"What?" Sex Kitten asked.

Kane stood up. His head almost hitting the ceiling of the chamber in the Rotham Sewers he'd turned into his headquarters. The Russian Super Villain was massive, muscles upon muscles, easily over seven feet tall.

"Perhaps we should simply get the sex party started and when Nightshade get here she can join us."

Sex Kitten winced at the thought of what she'd promised to make Kane agree to this meeting. And he was eager to collect. If leaving her here was some kind of revenge from Nightshade, Sex Kitten would find her and make the bitch pay.

"No," Sex Kitten said in a voice as sexy as she could muster, "Nightshade would be devestated if she missed a single second with you, especially the heady first seconds of passion. She'll arrive any minute, I'm sure."

Kane nodded his watermelon-sized head. "It sounds as though she is bursting with desire. While I have felt animal attraction with you many time in the past, I have always found Nightshade cold."

"Oh, no, she's bursting. She's a volcano. She's been looking forward to this rendezvous for a long time. She instigated the whole thing."

"This will be an excellent sex party!" Kane mused, his eyes sparkling.

Sex Kitten pushed down a wave of nausea, but smiled when a knock came to Kane's metal front door.

"There she is," she said, then softer she added, "I hope."

Nightshade had refused to meet at Nightshade's hideout, and Sex Kitten's penthouse was out of the question with Bat Knight's constant surveillance, so they had been forced to meet in the sewer.

"Sorry, I'm late," Nightshade said as she glided into the room. "I'm not familiar with the... sewer. Not where I usually spend my time." Her voice dripped with disgust.

"You are here now," Kane observed, prouder than he should be. Sex Kitten watched the enormous bulge in Kane's fatigues stir, getting ready.

"That's true, I suppose," Nightshade said, ignoring Kane's lechery and flashing her eyes at the Russian. "I suppose you're ready to get started with what Sex Kitten and I have planned for you..."

"Da," Kane said, patting his crotch.

"We're going to have lots of fun with you, a big Russian bear all to ourselves," Nightshade said seductively. "But, before we get started, let's have a drink, just to take the edge off."

Kane frowned, annoyed at this delay- but gestured toward a small, filthy refrigerator plugged into the wall. "You want Vodka or protein drink?" he asked.

"Neither," Nightshade said, making a face, "I brought champagne." She produced a bottle from the bag she carried and held it up. "I just need some glasses."

Kane gave Sex Kitten an expectant look and Sex Kitten rolled her eyes. Sex Kitten didn't know what Nightshade had planned, but having a threesome with Kane certainly couldn't be part of it. This had to be a ruse, she assured herself. She stole another glance at the outline of Kane's monstrous organ, continuing to swell. It had better be a ruse.

Nightshade located the three least-filthy glasses from a shabby cupboard and returned to Kane and Sex Kitten. She set the glasses on the table and unwrapped the gold foil from the neck of the bottle.

Kane made a face. "Champagne is un drink for women. I will have Vodka."

"No," Nightshade said, almost too quickly, "I went to the trouble of hauling a fine bottle such as this through the sewers, you will try it, at least."

Kane seemed unsure, but nodded.

Nightshade poured the amber liquid into the glasses.

"Shall we make a toast?" Nightshade asked.

Sex Kitten gave Nightshade a weary look and Nightshade responded with a conspiratorial wink.

"To our sex party," Nightshade announced.

Nightshade shrugged good naturedly at the toast and Sex Kitten's rising unease. "Bottoms up!" she said, giving Sex Kitten a threatening smile.

Sex Kitten reluctantly put her glass to her lips and took a sip, while Kane drank the entire glass in one gulp. Nightshade put her glass to her mouth and took and drink, then set her glass on the table.

Her eyes moved from Kane to Sex Kitten, then back to Kane- like a bird studying worms.

"How do you feel, Kane?"

"I feel great," he said. " I am ready to get with da fucking."

"I'll bet you are," Nightshade said, her smile growing sharper by the second, "but for now, you'll sit quietly and wait for me to give you further instructions. As you wait you will feel great sexual satisfaction from obeying me."

Kane's body shivered, perhaps he was resisting, but he sat down almost immediately. Sex Kitten's eyes widened. The Russian wasn't known for taking commands, especially from women.

Nightshade, however, didn't seem surprised in the least. She smiled at the squirming Kane, and after a moment, she looked back to Sex Kitten, her eyes fluttering.

"What do you think?" she asked.

Sex Kitten, not knowing to what exactly Nightshade was referring, didn't answer immediately.

Nightshade didn't wait for her to gather her thoughts. "I suppose I should let you in on my plan a little now that we don't have to worry about this Russian's enormous cock interrupting us. He'll be more than docile while we discuss things."

At the mention of Kane's dick, Sex Kitten found her eyes openly staring at his now, grotesque bulge, pulsing against his pants. Despite her initial repulsion , Sex Kitten could feel the heat rising between her legs as her mind played with the idea of how she would go about dealing with a cock that big. She'd experienced some big dicks in her life (she hadn't chosen her moniker without reason), but Kane would be new territory.

"Yoo Hoo," Nightshade cooed at her.

Sex Kitten broke her stare and looked over.

"I see you're feeling the effects too. The drug in the champagne makes you extremely horny, among other things."

"What are you talking about? What was in the champagne?"

"Oh, just an extract from a plant I discovered sometime back, last time I was in South America. Had a couple sprouts smuggled into White Rock. Helped them see things a bit more my way. It's a part of the nightshade family actually-- so it's quite fitting I should use it to take over Gotham. Now that I've grown my first proper crop, I needed to test its potency. Kane, here, was the perfect specimen. He'll be my obedient slave from now on. Much better than partners, don't you think?"

"Da," Kane moaned, his voice heavy.

Nightshade laughed. "No one's talking to you, darling. But it's nice to know you're on board."

Sex Kitten's mind felt fuzzy. Nightshade was so sexy ordering Kane around, but it was hard to make sense of what she was saying, exactly.

"I drank some too," she said.

"You did, didn't you?" Nightshade cooed happily, leaning back in her chair. "And how are you feeling?"

Nightshade reached over and touched Sex Kitten's thigh, just a light touch, but it set Sex Kitten's body on fire.

"A little hot between the legs, maybe?" Nightshade teased. "A little spacey and eager to please?"

"But... you drank some too," Sex Kitten said.

"Oh, I took the anecdote before I arrived," Nightshade explained. "Creating a toxin without creating an anecdote is bad science."

"Why did you dose me? I did what you asked."

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