tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBatgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 08

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 08

byAngelique Bouchette©

This story is the fifth in an ongoing series of Batgirl adventures, based on the characters in the early Batman comics and the sixties TV series, in which Barbara Gordon's relationships with all those around her, continue to develop, at the same time as the Dark Damsel manages to get herself into all sorts of tricky, sexually explosive situations. My thanks to the many readers who have taken the time to send me feedback containing their suggestions and opinions. The story follows on from 'Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel'.

Warning! This fictional story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers, and for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended.

Adventures Of Batgirl: The Green-eyed Monster


(The Return Of Two-face)

Chapter 8: Junior Admits All

Tuesday, 9:47 pm

Jim Gordon replaced the telephone in its cradle and turned to face his uniformed second in command, with a grim expression on his face. "That was Batgirl, with the latest update from the hospital," he explained.

"Begorra! How is the Caped Crusader?" exclaimed Chief O'Hara, in his thick, Irish brogue, a look of deep concern on his ancient, weather-beaten face. They had received the initial news of Batman's potentially life-threatening condition, some 45 minutes earlier.

"The doctors seem to think he will make a full recovery, thanks to the Dark Damsel's prompt action in sucking out much of the venom, at the scene!"

"To be sure!" agreed the relieved Irishman. "It's times like that, when you find out who your REAL friends are!"

The commissioner ignored the comment and continued. "The anti-venom injections and antibiotics appears to be successfully counteracting the poison in Batman's bloodstream, thank goodness! Luckily, Batgirl and the Boy Wonder, managed to avoid a similar fate, but that evil disfigured miscreant, Two-face still managed to give them the slip!"

"Any sign of Ms. Gordon?" enquired the Chief of Police, anxiously.

The Commissioner's complexion had taken on a distinctly grayish tinge, as he replied. "No! There was no indication that Barbara was even in that warehouse. We're still assuming that Two-face actually has her in his clutches... or, indeed, if she is still alive!" Neither lawman was aware of the confirmatory photographic evidence of Barbara's plight. Tears glistened in his rheumy eyes, as he spoke. "I'm sure that Robin and The Batgirl will redouble their efforts to locate my little girl, now that Batman appears to be out of imminent danger!"

Chief O'Hara nodded, gravely. "Assuming the half hideous hoodlum has her, we can only hope and pray that the poor colleen will be released without further harm, now that he thinks he has finally put an end to his three costumed advisories? He will no longer need to use her as bait!"

"Let us hope and pray that that is the case, old friend," agreed his superior, fighting back the tears that threatened to burst forth.

Tuesday, 10:42 pm

Barbara stared into the mirror of the dresser in her bedroom. The reflection of the pretty seated brunette, stared back at her. Now that Samantha had finished applying her makeup, with a few helpful suggestions from her new friend, she looked absolutely ravishing. The brunette was sitting on the dresser stool, naked, except for a pair of skimpy lace panties. Barbara had learnt that the brunette's vital statistics were 32A-24-35 and she was almost 5-feet 10-inches tall, with long shapely legs that almost rivaled her own.

"What do you think?" Sam asked, in a tremulous voice, staring into the mirror at the reflection of the redhead standing immediately behind her. "You don't think I look like some sort of weird, cross-dressing pervert, do you, Barbara?" she added, anxiously.

Barbara lent in and squeezed Sam's shoulders, reassuringly. "You gotta be joshing me, honey! First, you've got to be wearing clothes to be a cross-dresser, and second, you look more like your average guy's wet dream," she murmured into the girl's right ear. She brushed her lips against the girl's neck, just behind the earlobe. "You're certainly turning me on," she added, with a low, husky chuckle.

Samantha sighed, staring at her image in the mirror, critically. "I just wish I had a magnificent pair of breasts like you have, Barbara," she said, wistfully. "Mine are little more than a couple of badly swollen bee-stings!"

The redhead straightened up, cradled her firm, round boobs in her hands and peered down at them, before replying. Like Samantha, Barbara was naked, apart from a pair of panties, after an earlier shower, to scrub off the cum stains and stench, of her vile, disfigured rapist. "You don't think these beauties are all down to Mother Nature, do you?" she asked her companion, with a broad grin.

Sam's eyes widened in surprised comprehension. "You don't mean..."

Barbara nodded. "Uh, huh! Silicone enhanced! A lot of women are having boob jobs these days!"

"Gosh! They felt so... so warm and realistic," the brunette exclaimed, and then blushed, as she realized what she'd just said.

"Hey, they ARE warm and realistic!" Barbara retorted, cheerfully. "Anyway, there's nothing stopping you from having breast augmentation, if that's what you really want, Sam?" Barbara added, becoming serious once again. "Although, personally, I like your tits just the way they are, with those lovely, prominent pink nipples and those absolutely perfect areolas! Big isn't always best, you know!"

Samantha blushed an even deeper shade of pink. "You always seem to know exactly what to say, to cheer a girl up, Barbara," she replied. Then the smile faltered. "I... I want you to know that I really do care about you, Barbara! It wasn't all just a big act, back at my place, to get you into Two-face's clutches."

"I know that," Barbara replied, locking eyes with those of the brunette. She felt as if she were falling into two bottomless grey-green pools. Moments later, their lips met in a spontaneous, deep, French kiss, their tongues fencing with each other, eagerly, hungrily.

When they finally broke apart, Sam started giggling like a shy, embarrassed schoolgirl. "Now I shall have to do my makeup all over again," she admonished, fluttering her eyelashes, prettily.

"Mmm, I must say, I prefer kissing you without the hairy upper lip!" Barbara replied, taking Sam's hands and gently coaxing her to her feet. As the brunette rose to her full height, she turned to face Barbara, and the redhead slipped her arms about the girl's slim waist.

"I was attracted to you, from the very first moment I saw you, Sam," Barbara admitted, huskily, sliding her hands down over the pleasant swell of the brunette's naked buttocks, before cupping the under-curves in her palms, "even with the silly moustache!"

The brunette squirmed with delight. "The attraction was mutual, Barbara, believe me," she breathed, their lips so close that they were almost touching.

The inevitable kiss arrived, just moments later. As they kissed, passionately, Barbara drew the girl hard up against her, before deliberately falling backward onto the bed, pulling the brunette down on top of her, in a tangle of thrashing limbs and eliciting a muffled squeal of surprise from the willowy brunette.

"Now that I've mussed up your makeup, we may as well take full advantage, before you have to re-do it all again?" Barbara murmured, mischievously.

Samantha blinked and nodded her head in agreement.

The two girls began to make love. This was far too gentle to describe as 'having sex', even though they quickly found themselves lying naked, in the soixante-neuf position. They kissed and slowly explored one another, using hands and lips and tongues, gradually familiarizing themselves with every trembling curve and every quivering orifice. Gradually, using their mouths and hands, they brought each other to the very summit of female pleasure, for the first of many times.


"It's late! You can give yourself up to the police in the morning," Barbara murmured, sleepily, as they cuddled up together, in post-coital bliss. There was no answer from the other girl. Sam was already sound asleep, a satisfied smile on her lipstick-smeared lips, her small breasts rising and falling with her shallow, regular breathing.

Wednesday, 8:40 am

Jim Gordon had just arrived in his office at GCPD Headquarters, after a fitful night's sleep, when there was a discrete knock on his door. He groaned under his breath. "Come in!" he called out, hoping it might be his secretary, Bonnie, with a cup of hot, strong coffee.

Two shapely females, both wearing figure-hugging, flared, hipster jeans, sneakers and stretch Lycra cropped tops, that exposed a considerable expanse of smooth bare midriff, entered the room, hand in hand.

The Police Commissioner's eyes bulged in surprise, as he instantly recognized the red-haired one on the right. "Barbara!" he cried, joyously, rising to his feet and rushing over to his daughter. "Are you alright, princess?" He hugged her close to him. "I've been almost out of my mind with worry!" he added, easing back his head, to stare into her big green eyes.

"I'm fine, daddy!" she said, with an embarrassed smile, gently extracting herself from his clutches and tugging down her top, which a ridden up somewhat.

"But where have you been? We all thought you'd been kidnapped by that disfigured maniac, Two-face!"

"It's a long story, daddy. Let's just say that, without the help of Samantha here, I would probably still be in Two-face's evil clutches!" She turned her head, to smile at her tall, slim companion.

"Well, thank the Almighty that you're unharmed!"

Jim turned and took in the willowy brunette for the first time. She was maybe an inch taller than his daughter, with close-cropped, dark-brown hair and a pretty face. "Not so well-blessed in the bosom department as Barbara, but very appealing, in an athletic sort of way, for all that!" he decided, with a policeman's eye for detail. "How about introducing me to your new friend, Barbara?" he asked, smiling at the other girl.

"I was just about to, daddy! This is Samantha, Samantha Dent!"

The policeman's eyebrows rose, as he took the girl's limp proffered hand and shook it. "No relationship to Harvey Dent Sr., I hope, young lady?"

"My father, sir!"

"You do bear an uncanny resemblance to your brother, now that I come to think of it!" Jim Gordon replied, nodding.

"I don't have a brother, sir!"

The Police Commissioner's brow creased in a perplexed frown. "I, ah, I don't understand!"

Barbara stepped in. "Samantha and Harvey Jr. are one and the same person, daddy!"

The policeman released the girl's hand, as if it had suddenly become red-hot, and he took a step backward. "You don't mean you're one of those... those transsexuals, Harvey?" he gasped, with a look of utter revulsion on his face. Jim Gordon's opinion of anyone who wasn't straight, was very old fashioned.

The brunette smiled, prettily, and shook her head. "No! I've always been a female, Commissioner, but I WAS raised as a man. The reasons for that are far too complex to go into right now though. Let's just say I've finally decided to 'come out' and stop living the lie!"

"But... but this could ruin your career, Harvey, er, Samantha!" the lawman cried, wide-eyed.

"Dad, Sam has come here to voluntarily give herself up into police custody," Barbara explained, giving the other girl's hand a reassuring squeeze. "She was the one who initially kidnapped me and held me prisoner!"

"I-I don't understand!"

The brunette took up the story. "My father, Two-face, blackmailed me into abducting your daughter, Commissioner! It was all part of a cunning plot he'd devised, to lure Batman, Robin and The Batgirl into his devilish trap and thus put an end to them!"

The commissioner's expression became grim. "And he almost succeeded with all three, thanks to you, young lady!"

"WHAT? What's happened? Are you saying that Batgirl was with the Dynamic Duo?" Barbara cried, frantically. She had instantly realized that the only person who could be impersonating her was her friend and lover, Jennifer Goodbody.

"Uh, huh! Two-face managed to trap all three of them in a pit full of highly poisonous snakes, while they were on a daring mission to rescue you, my dear. Luckily, all three Caped Crusaders managed to escape, but Batman was bitten by one of the deadly creatures, during the process!"


"Don't worry, princess, he's going to be alright! The Dark Damsel sucked out most of the venom, and they got him to the hospital, in time for the medical staff to effectively administer the anti-venom injection!"

"Thank goodness!" Sam gasped. The willowy brunette had gone very pale and looked as if she was about to swoon.

Jim turned back to the brunette. "As for you, young lady, you are in deep, deep trouble! I'm arresting you on charges of kidnapping and attempted homicide! You have the right to remain..."

"Whoa, daddy! It was Sam who helped me escape from Two-face's clutches, remember, and she had nothing to do with the attempted murders! Anyway, she's decided she wants to help us catch her maniac of a father, Two-face, and I figure we've got a much better chance of success, with Samantha on our team?"

Jim Gordon blinked a couple of times. "Hmm? You may have a valid point there, princess? Very well, Samantha, if you help us to put the Grotesque Gangster away, we'll try to overlook your part in this sordid affair?"

"Thank you, Commissioner!" Samantha smiled and batted her long eyelashes at him, disconcertingly.

"But you will have to resign as Assistant D.A., Harv... er, Samantha!" he added, with a stern expression on his face.

"Of course!" She nodded, gratefully. "I fully understand, Commissioner!"

"Where did you say they have taken Batman?" queried Barbara, changing the subject.

"Er, Gotham City General, princess!"

Barbara grabbed Sam's hand. "We're off to visit Batman and put him in the picture, daddy!" she called over her shoulder, as they exited the office. "Can you phone the Boy Wonder and let him know I'm okay? He can inform The Batgirl!"

Wednesday, 9:48 am

Batman was propped up in bed, with several pillows behind him, incongruously still wearing his mask and Batcowl above a standard issue hospital gown. Thankfully, his penile dysfunction had gradually disappeared, along with the toxic venom cursing through his veins, but he still felt a little weak and woozy.

Barbara had just finished giving him an abbreviated account of her latest abduction, including Harvey Junior's apparent miraculous conversion into a pretty brunette girl. "So you see," she finished, breathlessly, "I would still be in Two-face's clutches, if it hadn't been for Samantha, here! Now that she has switched to her true gender, she is anxious to help us capture her lunatic father, and put him back behind bars, where he belongs!"

The Dark Knight stared at the brunette, thoughtfully. "Hmm? Do you have ANY idea of your father's current whereabouts, Samantha?" he asked.

She shook her head, miserably. "Sorry, Batman, no, but he's bound to try to contact me, now that he thinks he has finally killed his three most hated advisories!" she added, hopefully.

"Hmm, a reasonable hypothesis," he agreed, nodding. "Samantha, would you be willing to assume your Harvey Dent Jr. persona, for just a short while longer, and act as bait, to help us catch the Gruesome Gangster?"

The girl's eyes opened wide. "Anything, Batman!" she agreed, nodding her head, vigorously. "I want to try to make up for my earlier stupidity."

"Right! It's about time I got out of here," the Caped Crusader exclaimed, with a smile. "Barbara, can you fetch the doctor? I'm going to discharge myself." As the redhead stepped out of the room, he turned to the other girl. "Samantha, if you would be so kind as to pass me my Bat-costume, from out of the closet next to you?"

"Oh, ah, yes! Are you sure you're well enough, Batman?" she asked, with a worried frown.

"Yes, damn it!" he snapped, a little abruptly. "Sorry! I'm feeling fine, just a little weak!" he added, when she stepped back a pace, in shocked surprise.

She retrieved his outfit and passed it over, reluctantly.

"Now turn your back, dear, while I slip into it!"

The tall brunette blushed, prettily. "Oh, er, yes... sorry, Batman!" she replied, turning her back to him and resisting the urge to peek out of the corner of her eye.


By the time Barbara returned with the doctor and a nurse, Batman was fully attired once again.

"You shouldn't be out of bed yet, Batman! You're still very weak," protested the young medic, a look of consternation on his bespectacled face.

"Yes, please get back into bed, Caped Crusader," reprimanded the middle-aged nurse, with a severe matronly frown.

"I feel fine! I wish to discharge myself, Doctor!"

"Very well, but you are still far from fully recovered. You must spend at least the next couple of days in bed and avoid all strenuous activity!" the doctor agreed, very reluctantly. This was the Caped Crusader, after all. His athletic prowess was legend.

"Of course," Batman agreed, with a disarming smile. "I'm sure these two young ladies will attend to my every need!" The two visitors both colored slightly but nodded their agreement.


"On the way out, Batman told them he would let Jennifer know about his full recovery and discharge. "But I don't want her involved in this caper, any further," he added. "So, we will keep Harvey's apparent gender swap to ourselves, for the time being, at least!"

Both girls looked at each other, then nodded their acceptance.

Will Two-face finally get his come-uppance, now that Samantha is on the team? Tune in for the penultimate chapter, coming soon!

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