tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBatgirl Risks All Ch. 10

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 10

byAngelique Bouchette©

Author's note: This story is not so much about the adventures of Batgirl, but more about the developing sexuality of Barbara Gordon. It introduces several original characters, and is only loosely based on the comic book heroine. Enjoy!

Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Adventures Of Batgirl: Batgirl Risks All

Chapter 10: Bigun's Plaything

Tuesday, 9:00 am

The following day at the library, Barbara struggled to concentrate on Ancient Egyptian History, as her mind kept constantly turning to the possible fate of her young lover. "How did he ever find out about Jenny?" she asked herself, for maybe the umpteenth time, clenching and unclenching her fists, in sheer frustration.

By lunchtime, she had made up her mind, to ask for the afternoon off.

"I'm not feeling too good, Mr. Peabody!" she told her immediate superior. "I think it may be something to do with my menstrual cycle?"

He looked up at her, over the top of his pince-nez, a look of distaste on his wrinkled old face. "Er, yes!" he replied, blinking. "Very well, I suppose you'd better have the rest of the day off, Miss Gordon!"

"Thank you Mr. Peabody!" she exclaimed, giving him a dazzling smile. "I'm sure I'll be feeling much better by tomorrow morning!"

Tuesday, 11:01 am

Jennifer heard the bulkhead door-latch clang, and a moment later the door swung inward, with a low groan. She twisted her neck, painfully, as the overhead light came on, and she saw the blurred shape of Ivor Bigun approaching.

"I hope you had a pleasant night's rest, Ms. Goodbody?" he enquired, along with his now familiar leer.

"Water!" she croaked, through cracked and parched lips. "Please give me a drink of water!" She'd been left all alone, chained to the wooden ramp in the pitch darkness for almost twelve hours, and she was feeling totally exhausted and dehydrated.

She heard the gurgle of water being poured into a glass from a pitcher, and then the tumbler was raised to her lips. She drank, noisily, until the glass was withdrawn from her lips.

"I think that deserves a little kiss?" Bigun murmured, lowering his cruel mouth to hers, and forcing his tongue deep into her throat. His fetid breath made Jennifer want to throw up!

"Mmmmph!" She struggled to pull away, as his cruel fingers gripped her left nipple and twisted it, viciously.

He moved his face away and chuckled, then closed his mouth over her right breast, biting down on the erect summit.

"Aaaaugh!" She squirmed in agony.

He stepped back, and began to unclip the sides of his silver briefs, before pulling them away, complete with the impressive codpiece.

Jennifer stared in mute horror, at the huge, slug-like penis, hanging fat and soft against his massive ball-sack. It was huge, even in its present non-erect state!

He took himself in hand, quickly bringing himself to full erection, while Jennifer gasped at the shear size of his stiffened cock. "It has to be all of ten-inches?" she thought.

"Impressive, eh?" He chuckled, resting it in his palm, as he stepped closer.

"Please! Nooo!" she gasped, writhing desperately on her anal dildo, as the bulbous head brushed against her nether lips. "Noooo!"

He laughed aloud, as he rammed his hips forward, and plunged it into her unprotected pussy.

"Aaaaaaggghhh!" She screamed out in shear agony, as he tore into her un-lubricated vulva, forcing his way deep into her womb. "Oh, GOD!" she sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Ooooh! Ooooooh! Ooooooooooh!"

Bigun slammed his massive cock into her, ignoring her cries of pain.

"You like this don't you, you little whore?" he snarled. "You're just like all the rest of them; a filthy, stinking whore, who needs to be taught a little respect! What are you, bitch?"

Such was the force of his onslaught that Jenny's teeth were rattling against each other. She realized that her vagina could not stand up to such a pounding, for much longer! "I-I'm a f-filthy st-stinking w-whore!" she managed to get out.

"That's better!" he snarled, somewhat mollified. He stiffened slightly, as he felt his climax boiling up and, with an animal growl, he jetted his boiling cum into her abused sex, with a satisfied grunt.

Jenny felt his cum flood her vulva, and to her amazement, it triggered her own orgasm, and she arched her back, and cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Bodily fluids oozed out from around his pistoning shaft, and ran down the insides of her thighs, as he continued to hump her defenseless body.

Finally, when he had exhausted his supply, his cock began to soften, and he allowed it to slither wetly from her bruised and abused pussy.

"Who's a lucky bitch, then?" he chuckled, running a thumb over her clit.

Tuesday, 9:35 pm

Batgirl scanned the docklands through her infrared Bat-scope, looking for all signs of activity. A few hundred yards to the south, stevedores were busy loading large metal containers onto the deck of a massive container ship, beneath powerful arc lights. She could hear their yells and cries above the chugging of the crane motors, and the clang of metal against metal. Closer by, Wharf 69 was already shrouded in darkness, with no signs of life. "Why sixty-nine?" she mused, wondering if there was any significance in the number.

Suddenly she caught a flash of light, and crouched lower, on the outside fire escape, ready to pounce if required. A uniformed security guard wandered around the corner of the building shining the beam of his flashlight into every dark recess and doorway. She froze, waiting for him to disappear out of sight, before softly padding up to the fifth story. This warehouse appeared deserted, just like all the others she'd examined during the last hour, apart from the odd security guard or night watchman. "If Bigun and his gang are holed up around here, then I'm damned if I can find them?" she told herself, angrily.

She pulled out her pneumatic pistol and fired an expandable light-alloy grapnel up at the roof parapet of the adjacent warehouse. She tugged on the thin nylon cord, to ensure that the hook was firmly caught, and then launched herself across the intervening space, on the end of the line, then scaled up the vertical wall, onto the roof.

She crouched low, peering around, but all was quiet. She walked over to the front of the building, and peered down into the harbor. Occasional electric lights reflected off the inky black waters, and cranes reared their long black necks high into the starry sky, like some latter-day herd of brontosauri! Large numbers of cargo vessels were either moored at the dockside, or anchored out in Gotham harbor.

She stiffened, as a small van slowly drove along the harbor front, toward Wharf 69, but then abruptly turned off, toward the lights and activity.

She allowed herself to relax a little. "Obviously making some sort of last minute delivery?" she surmised.

She glanced at her Bat-watch. "A quarter to ten!" There was still no sign of Bigun or Jennifer?

Suddenly, she heard the sound of an outboard motor, and a small speedboat moved out from the far side of a battered-looking tramp steamer, anchored several hundred yards out to sea. She focused her infrared Bat-scope on the boat, and let out a pent-up breath, as she saw Bigun standing in the stern of the boat, with a bound and naked Jenny, at his feet. With a sense of immense relief, she saw the girl's head move, and realized she was gagged. "If you've hurt her...?" she snarled, her green eyes flashing, dangerously.

The boat switched off its engine and drifted up alongside the quay. The naked and bound girl was then carried, struggling, up some wooden steps, onto the wharf. The girl's legs were untied, and she was stood on her feet, with Bigun clutching her elbow, while his three armed companions, hid themselves behind nearby wooden crates. Batgirl saw Bigun glance at his watch, and she checked her own timepiece. "Seven minutes to ten! Time I was getting down there!" she murmured.

She quickly rappelled down to the ground, then wound in her grappling hook and line, before loping, silently, from one dark patch of shadow to the next, approaching the rendezvous by a tortuous, winding route. She crept up on the first gunman, and silently, efficiently, disarmed him, and lowered his unconscious body to the ground. "One down, three to go!" she murmured to herself.

She approached the second hoodlum, but just as she was about to strike, he must have sensed her presence, because he spun around, partially avoiding her lunge.

"Help, it's Batgirl!" he cried, fending off her karate chop, with the butt of his automatic rifle.

She kicked him in the stomach, and the breath exploded from his lungs, as he collapsed, clutching his guts and moaning in pain.

"Hold it Bat-bitch!"

Batgirl froze, at the menacing tone in his voice, twisting her head in Bigun's direction. The blood drained from her face, as she saw light glint on the knife-blade, pressed up against Jenny's throat.

"One false step and the girl gets it!" Bigun snarled, almost foaming at the mouth.

Barbara raised both hands in the air, and stepped out into the open. "Whoa, big boy," she murmured, "take it easy!" There was a look of madness in his staring eyes. The two hoods were climbing back to their feet, behind her.

"Get her!" Bigun snarled.

"Hold it, Bigun, that wasn't the deal!" Batgirl cried, dropping into a defensive crouch, and raising her hands, with stiffened fingers, ready to strike. "The deal was, you let the girl go, and I give myself up!"

Bigun's eyes flashed, angrily. "Hold it boys!" he snapped, raising a hand. "Okay, you bitch, drop the utility belt, and put your hands on top of your head!"

"Unfasten the girl's hands and remove the gag, first!" Batgirl replied, firmly.

He grinned, wickedly, and lowered the knife to cut through the ropes binding Jenny's wrists, then cut away her gag!

"Are you all right, Jenny?" Batgirl asked, anxiously.

"I'm fine, Batgirl! Please don't do this! He's a homicidal maniac! Get out, while you still can!" the blonde-haired girl cried, taking a pace forward, before Bigun restrained her.

"Do you swear to let the girl go?" Batgirl growled, unbuckling her utility belt, and dropping it to the ground.

"Yes! Now place your hands behind your back! Phil, cuff her!"

Batgirl made no attempt to resist, as the cuffs were snapped about her wrists. "Run Jen!" she urged.

The young blonde broke free from Bigun's grasp and sprinted down the dockside. "Let Blondie go!" Bigun growled. "We have what we want!"

"But she'll go straight to the police boss!" snarled Ben Dover, raising his gun and training it on the fleeing girl's back.

"Don't fire, you idiot!" Bigun snapped. "You'll bring every cop within a half-mile radius down on us!" The little bimbo can't tell them much, anyway, apart from the fact that she was held captive on one of a hundred ships moored in Gotham harbor!"

"Yeah, that's right!" agreed Ben, with a chuckle, lowering his weapon. "The cops will never find us!"

"Shame she was allowed to get away though," growled Big Willie. "She had a sweet little tush! I bet she fucked like a rattlesnake? OOOF!" He doubled over, as the toe of Batgirl's boot caught him in the testicles.

"Shut your dirty mouth, mister!" she snarled, green eyes flashing.

"Tie her knees together, you imbeciles," Bigun snarled, "then chloroform her and get her into the boat, before a security guard comes along!"

Tuesday, 10:00 pm

Jenny managed to successfully hail a cab, at the third attempt. The driver screeched to a halt and starred at the nude female, goggle-eyed, as she tried to modestly cover herself, as best she could, with just her hands and arms.

"Please, please, you've got to help me!" she pleaded, desperately. "I've no money, but if you take me to my destination, I promise to pay you when we get there... honest I will!"

The gnarled old cabby sized the shivering female up, then made up his mind. "Okay Miss, climb aboard! What on earth happened to you?"

Jenny climbed in the back and gave him the address of Barbara's apartment building, before even attempting to answer his question. "I-I was kidnapped and stripped naked by Ivor Bigun, but I managed to escape!" she told him, still somewhat out of breath. Her breasts rose up and down, fetchingly.

The cabby dragged his eyes away from them. "Perhaps I should take you straight to the cops?" he suggested.

"No, no! I can phone them when I get home!" she gasped. "Please take me to that address at once! They may still be chasing me?"

That was enough for the cab driver. He slammed the cab into gear, and put his foot down on the gas pedal!


When they arrived at the apartment block, Jenny ran inside, and found the spare door key under the doormat, just where Barbara had told her she kept it. She unlocked the apartment door and ran into the kitchen, where she found a stash of dollar bills inside a coffee tin. She grabbed a handful and, pausing only to pull on a bathrobe, she rushed outside to pay the cab fare.

"I don't know how I can thank you enough!" she said, smiling, leaning forward through the open cab window, and giving him a big, juicy kiss on the cheek.

"Whoa, hold it lady!" he declared, holding up his hands. "I'm a happily married man, you know!"

"Well, thanks a million, anyway!" she said, sincerely. She stood back and waved goodbye, as he drove away, then quickly turned, and re-entered Barbara's apartment.

She ran into the bedroom and quickly located the button that opened the secret alcove. She took out a full Batgirl outfit, and laid it out on the bed, before entering the bathroom for a quick shower. She needed to wash off the sickening stench of Ivor Bigun, while formulating a plan to rescue Barbara from his evil clutches!

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