tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBatgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 01

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 01

byAngelique Bouchette©

This story is the seventh in an ongoing series of Batgirl adventures, mainly based on characters in the early Batman comics and that wonderful '60s TV series but with the timeline brought up to the present.

Warning! This fictional story contains strictly ADULT content and is ONLY intended for mature readers and for personal consumption. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Adventures Of Batgirl

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper

Chapter 1: The Ultimate Batsuit

Barbara Gordon, Assistant Chief Librarian at the Gotham City Public Library, was sitting at her desk, browsing through copies of some ancient documents relating to the early days of the American Civil War, when her cellular phone beeped.

"Drat!" she muttered, putting down the document she had been reading and slipping off her horn-rimmed reading spectacles, before reaching over for her personal phone. On the illuminated screen, were the words 'New text message received'.

"Now who can this be?" Barbara mused, with a puzzled frown. The lovely redhead rarely received text messages, except the occasional one from her close friend and sometimes lover, Jennifer Goodbody. Since Jenny also happened to work in the library and was probably no more than twenty or thirty paces away from her office, at that very moment, it was unlikely to be her. Barbara quickly thumbed through to the Text Messages Inbox and selected the latest arrival. Her face grew pale as soon she started reading the text that appeared:


If you wish to learn something that is very much to your benefit, then please come to the back alley that leads off from Hampshire Boulevard (South), tonight at midnight precisely. On entering the alleyway, make your way to the third door on your right and press the buzzer button three times, to gain entry. Come alone or the deal is off. This is not a hoax!

A Long Time Admirer

"Damn! This is really bad news!" Barbara muttered, a deep frown creasing her forehead. "How the hell did the sender know where to send this text message? Does this mean that someone has somehow stumbled upon the secret identity of the Maid of Might? Oh shit, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!"

Just as she bad-mouthed this last oath, Jenny happened to be walking past the open doorway to her office and happened to overhear it. Such language from her boss was unusual enough for the perky young blonde to pause and then step inside the office.

"What's up girl?" her pretty blue-eyed assistant enquired, brightly. "You sounded pretty pissed about something or other."

Barbara quickly exited the text message with a press of a button and covered up her cell phone with the palm of her hand, as she tried not to appear flustered. "Er, um, nothing, Jen," she insisted, shaking her head and forcing a welcoming smile on her full red lips. "Is that a new lipstick you're wearing? That shade really suits you."

Jenny plumped her shapely ass on the corner of Barbara's desk and folded her arms over her shapely chest, determined not to be side-tracked. "Oh, yeah? You can't fool me, Barbara. Something's got you worried, hasn't it?"

Barbara calmly picked up her reading glasses from the desk and slipped them back on, using the delaying tactic to gain control over her inner turmoil. She peered over the top of the frames at her young assistant.

"Well... if you must know, something has, ah, cropped up and I won't be able to go out with you on our regular night patrol this evening," she explained. As Batgirl, Barbara frequently performed her late evening vigils accompanied by her crime-fighting partner, Sparrow, a.k.a. Jennifer Goodbody.

The young blonde's face fell. "Gee, Barbara, that's too bad. You know how much I look forward to our nocturnal adventures. What's so important that it can't keep?"

"Er, it's personal business, Jen. Sorry!" Barbara quickly changed the topic. "Why don't you join Batman and Robin for tonight's patrol and I'll see you in the morning?" she suggested.

Jennifer gave her a sulky pout. "Yeah, okay, but it won't be half as much fun without you," she agreed.

Barbara smiled as she picked up a manuscript from her desktop, suddenly all business-like. "Right. Now, if you could tootle along, Ms. Goodbody, some of us still have a lot of work to get through, before it's time to go home." She watched Jenny snort, dramatically, then stalk out of the open doorway.

Once Jennifer had departed, Barbara re-opened the text message and read it again. The contents did not seem in any way threatening. If the sender really HAD discovered her true identity, then perhaps she could convince him or her of the advantages of remaining silent? Also, she was curious to find out what this was all about. Either way, Batgirl would be paying a visit to that particular Gotham City neighborhood, tonight.


Batgirl approached the rendezvous by a circuitous route, over the rooftops, using her pneumatic Bat-pistol and grappling hook, with the strong nylon line attached, to swing from one tall building to the next. This way, she hoped to avoid any nasty surprises, if this turned out to be some sort of cunning trap. Also, she didn't want to bump into any of her fellow vigilantes and have to go into a convoluted explanation.

She flew through the cool night air with the graceful ease of a trapeze artist in a circus big top, her short Bat-cape fluttering behind her, before landing lightly on the rooftop of the dilapidated apartment block that overlooked the alley in question. Batgirl was clad in the latest sexy variant of her Bat-costume. The clinging, stretch material was so sheer, you could clearly see the nipples and associated dark areolas of her otherwise naked breasts, in the pale moonlight, as well as the brief black thong clinging to her curvaceous hips, which barely managed to cover her nicely padded mons. As usual, her head was covered by a close-fitting combination of Bat-cowl and eye mask, with electronic enhanced hearing fitted into the two pointed bat-like ears that rose up from her headgear.

The Dark Angel shivered in the cool night breeze. Sexy, revealing attire might be useful for distracting villains during close combat, but it provided little protection from their potentially lethal weapons, or the ambient temperature, for that matter. Crouching low, she rose up onto the balls of her feet, to avoid the click-clacking of her high-heels giving away her presence, before moving with the grace of a stalking black panther, over to the low parapet that marked the edge of the roof, directly above the narrow alley.

She crouched low and observed the city streets below for the next ten minutes, using her night-vision infrared Bat-binoculars, to check for any signs of an ambush or other possible trap. Finally, satisfied that all was as it should be, she threw a nylon line over the side of the building. After double checking that the grappling hook was firmly embedded in the stone parapet and the rope was attached to the friction device on her utility belt, she eased herself over the edge, backwards, and quickly rappelled to the ground below.

The Caped Cutie dropped to the street surface, in a defensive crouch, her electronically enhanced hearing tuned for any suspicious sounds above the dull rumble of passing traffic, still fairly frequent this close to the city centre, even at this time of night. She cautiously peered around before rising to her full height and slowly advanced along the narrow side street, her heels reinforcing the sexy sway of her ass. She paused next to the third entrance on her right, searching for the buzzer. The paint was peeling off the dilapidated looking wooden door. It didn't look as if it had been in use for years.

"Ah, there it is," she murmured, reaching out and pressing the small red button, just to one side of the doorframe, three times, before glancing at her watch. It was precisely one minute to midnight. Batgirl failed to notice a miniature camera set into the upper corner of the doorframe, and so was unaware that she was under observation.

Suddenly, a slightly distorted voice came from a small speaker embedded in the door. "Good evening, Batgirl. It is so nice to meet a woman who believes in punctuality, such a rarity in today's hectic world. Please enter!" There was a loud click and the door swung inward slightly.

Cautiously, Batgirl eased open the heavy door. A set of poorly illuminated, narrow stone steps, led down to some sort of cellar. She edged inside, ever alert, and cautiously descended the first couple of steps.


Batgirl almost jumped out of her costume, as the heavy wooden door slammed shut behind her. "A trap," she groaned, under her breath, "I should've known! Well, there's nothing else for it now... here goes."

She crept down the remainder of the steps into a short hallway. Directly in front of her, was another doorway. She eased it open, her every sense on high alert, and found herself looking into a well-lit room, full of all sorts of strange and weird scientific equipment. Colored lights winked on electronic instrument panels, liquids bubbled in retorts and other glass devices, set over roaring Bunsen burner flames. Several tall metal gas cylinders with pressure valves, were chained upright, near to the doorway.

Batgirl just stood there, open mouthed, hands on her hips.

An old man with a straggly grey beard and long grey hair, wearing a stained, white laboratory coat, looked up from where he was sitting on a tall wooden stool in front of a bench. On the bench, was a color monitor, the screen showing a view of that part of the alleyway where Batgirl had just entered the building. He peered at the Dark Damsel, over the top of a thick-lensed pair of spectacles. "You've arrived at last. Come in, come in!" he called, with a cheerful cackle, waving her over.

The Dark Damsel took a cautious step inside the room. "What is this place and who are you?" she demanded, assuming her classic heroine pose; feet astride, hands on hips, and chest thrust forward, belligerently. If this had been intended to frighten the old man, it failed, miserably.

"Hee, hee, hee! My name is Doctor Zarkhov," he replied, "and this is my laboratory, but you may call me Zarky, if you wish, Batgirl." The man had a distinctly Central-European accent.

"Well Zarky," she sneered, "what's this all about and how did you discover my cell phone number? The last thing I need is some nutty professor getting into my hair!"

"Let me answer your second question first," replied the bespectacled scientist, good-humoredly. "I did NOT know your phone number but, with the aid of some complex computer analysis, I managed to narrow your secret identity down to the two hundred Gothamite women who were most likely to be the Batgirl, employing such criteria as estimated age, height, weight, fitness, vital statistics, etc. I then sent the same text message to all of you, expecting that 199 of you would treat it as a crank call and take no further action. As for the remaining recipient..." He chuckled. "Well, you can see that my little scheme worked."

Batgirl looked at the weirdo with considerable respect in her eyes. "Very ingenious, doctor, but what if someone had reported your e-mail to the authorities and they had sent someone around to investigate?"

"I would have denied all knowledge of it. Claimed that it must have been a hoax."

"Hmm? Well, now that I'm here, what is it you wish to show me, and that ISN'T an invitation for you to drop your pants, by the way. Better men than you have tried to get into my panties."

The old man chuckled again. "I see you haven't lost that wonderful sense of humor," he replied. "Now, please take off all your clothes."

"WHAT? Why you dirty old lecher," Batgirl snarled, taking a couple of menacing steps toward him, her fists raised.

He looked terrified, as he held up both hands over his head and cringed, defensively. "No, no, please don't hurt me, you don't understand. What I have invented is the ultimate replacement for your Bat-costume. How would you like an outfit that is both sheer and sexy but almost impervious to knives and bullets?" He stared at her hard erect nipples and a few barely visible goose bumps, the result of the cool evening air, and chuckled. "As well as one that will keep you warm and cozy on the coldest winter's night," he added, with a smile.

He had gained her full attention now. The Dark Damsel frowned. "Is that possible, doctor? Surely no known fabric is capable of all those properties."

"Well, this isn't exactly a fabric," he continued, unable to hide a smirk of triumph. "It's more a thin coating that covers the body. Think of it as something akin to 'body painting'."

"Are you insane? There's no way I'm gonna strut around wearing just a layer of paint!" Batgirl retorted, angrily, going red in the face.

"But this is a molecular layer, just 300 angstrom units thick," he protested. "Look, let me explain... are you familiar with the Periodic Table of Elements?"

Batgirl frowned but nodded.

"Then you are aware that there are 92 naturally occurring elements plus up to another 16 elements that are man-made, often radioactive and usually very unstable."

"That is correct, but what has..."

"Wrong, wrong, wrong!" He danced a quick jig of delight. "There are 93 stable, naturally occurring elements in this world of ours." He puffed out his chest, self-importantly. "I, Dr. Zarkhov, discovered the missing one, back in my old country, Transylvania. I have only recently emigrated from the motherland to your fine country, by the way. I have named this rare element Vampirium."

Batgirl groaned under her breath. "I should have guessed," she muttered to herself, immediately making the connection.

Aware that she was probably in the presence of a nutcase, Batgirl decided to go gently on him. "How come no-one else knows about this, what's it called... Vampirium?" she enquired.

"Because I have kept its existence a closely guarded secret. I don't want some charlatan claiming the credit for my discovery," he snapped.

"But what's it...."

He held up a hand, cutting off the question. "I have finally, after many years of painstaking research, discovered how to use and control this material. Now, please take off your costume. You may retain your cowl and mask, if you wish. I am not trying to trick you into revealing your secret identity."

"You're deadly serious about this, aren't you?" Batgirl asked, incredulously.

"Of course. It is a necessary precursor."

Batgirl decided to humor the old guy. "Alright. Please turn around and face the other way, while I disrobe." The doctor nodded, gleefully, and complied.

When he had turned away, she unclipped her flowing cape, unbuckled her utility belt and removed her gloves. She then bent over and quickly removed her high-heeled ankle boots, before unzipping and stripping off her form-fitting catsuit. "You may turn around now," she announced, finally.

He spun around on his stool, to see Batgirl standing with legs astride and hands on her hips, now naked apart from her Batcowl and mask and her clinging black thong. "I need you to take off your underwear as well," he said, somewhat apologetically, but grinning, nonetheless.

Batgirl blushed beneath her mask, but took a deep breath, hooked her thumbs into her thong and pushed it down off her hips. Moments later, the skimpy item of underwear lay about her ankles and she calmly stepped out of it.

"Is this okay?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips, pushing back her broad shoulders and deliberately thrusting out her breasts toward him.

"Wunderbar! Now, if you could you raise your arms above your head and place your feet a little further apart, please?"

Batgirl did so, without further comment.

"Good! I see you shave your body or use depilatory creams, to remove unwanted hair. That is one less task for me to do." He rose off the stool and approached her, holding something shiny and metallic in his hand. "Please place this copper based alloy collar about your neck then touch the open ends together," he instructed.

The Dark Angel took the collar from him and minutely examined it. It looked like any other copper or a copper based alloy, but it was strangely flexible. It was about a centimeter in diameter, with a small rectangular section at the mid-point of its length. She slipped it about her throat and brought the two ends together at the back of her neck. There was a slight sizzling sound and she was amazed to find that the two ends had fused together, seamlessly, without any application of heat. The collar felt a tight fit but not uncomfortably so.

The scientist nodded, happily, as he pulled two similar but smaller devices from the pocket of his grubby lab coat. These had much reduced cross-sections compared to that of the collar and no rectangular section. "Good. I will now place these two similar devices about your wrists," he explained. As he slipped each copper-colored bracelet about her wrists and brought the free ends together, there were further sizzling noises as they cold-fused together. Each was now a tight, but not uncomfortable fit.

Batgirl tried to move the band about her left wrist, but was unable to do so. She sighed then reached out and placed the palms of her hands upon his shoulders. "Look Doc, the clever body jewelry is all very pretty, but when are we going to get down to the nitty gritty, this new Vampirium outfit you claim to have invented?"

"We are almost there," he replied, excitement shining in his eyes. "I think you should be the one to start the process, don't you think?"

Batgirl sighed. "Okay, what do I have to do?" she asked, in a resigned tone. She was starting to have doubts about this whole weird caper, but since she had allowed it to go this far...

"Just touch that button on the rectangular part of your collar at the front."

Batgirl frowned, but reached up and did as he requested. There was the faintest of clicks.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, as a deep purple colored coating seemed to flow down from the collar, with an undulating, fluid-like motion. It covered her shoulders and breasts, quickly moving down her arms and over her flat stomach and belly, before flowing down her shapely legs to completely cover her feet. It stopped when it reached the copper bracelets about her wrists, which then turned a deep purple color. Apart from her head, and hands, she was now completely purple. It looked as if she were wearing the most form-fitting of catsuits, but without a single seam, and so sheer that it left nothing, absolutely NOTHING to the imagination.

"Wow!" she gasped again. "Fantastic, but why not cover the rest of my body as well?"

"The layer is totally impervious. If we did not give you some areas of skin where your perspiration could evaporate and cool you, you would rapidly overheat and could possibly even die from heat exhaustion."

"Hmm, so tell me again, what are the advantages of this thing?"

He grinned, happily. "Apart from you looking incredibly sexy you mean?"

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, apart from that."

"Well, because Vampirium is extremely dense, it has an atomic weight of 236 by the way, it needs only a very thin layer of the stuff to protect you from the worst excesses of the environment or any of your weapon wielding kamikaze opponents.

"No more chilly winters then?" she said, with a smile touching her lilac painted lips.

"Correct! It also has the advantage that you can switch the molecular coating on or off any time you like, with just a touch of that button at your throat."

Batgirl touched the button on her collar. Within seconds, the layer had withdrawn back into the collar, revealing her in all her flesh-colored nakedness. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her torso, beneath her boobs. Her nipples quickly grew hard and erect once more.

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