Batgirl's Daddy


Barbara ran freely over the Gotham rooftops, bounding from one, free falling for a glorious instant before shooting out the thin silk grapple line and swinging a carefully planed parabola to the next hand hold. She moved with a simple grace and outstanding precision, for the route was now quite familiar to her. Twice she spared a moment to glace in the night sky, to where the clouds were painted silver with a dark shadowy bat, the bat signal.

Commissioner Gordon, her father was in need. As her body ran and jumped over the gothic Gotham sky, her mind raced about the files she had committed to memory. As she scaled and slid along her path she mentally scanned the clues, what did Gordon need?

Several of the "major" baddies were on the loose, since they hardly seemed to bother to lock the doors at Arkham Prison. Gang activity was very low, thanks in large part to Batgirl's own "guns for sex" program. She smiled as her mind skipped, drifting to her last "turn in" session. She had rented a warehouse and personally disarmed over one hundred young men and women.

Barbara's mind refocused her attention on the immediate need, the bat signal. Batman was away, as Gordon well knew, so why would he light the signal? Could Gordon be calling her? Not being the sort of girl to take chances Barbara stopped a block before reaching Headquarters. She took out a pair of climbing spikes and strapped them to the feet, the crisp leather of her costume giving to the titanium alloy straps. Twice she cranked the restraining harness to her strong calves she let out a silent moan as the metal gripped.

She then put spikes on the forearms; she stretched briefly, feeling the tight bonds around her legs and arms. Satisfied she used them to climb up the wall and around the corner; she braced herself there in the darkest hour of the night, against a building 18 stories in the air. No wind howled on that night, and the city's sounds carried up even here. Batgirl pulled out her binoculars.

Gordon stood alone on the roof, smoking his pipe. "Standing old and wise as that wizard in all those movies, watching the spotlight beam onto the low clouds drifting lazily in the night" she thought to herself. Batgirl scanned the roof twice, he was alone. She looked from roof to roof, checking for snipers or worse photographers and, pleased that it was safe, she unbuckled her straps and threw her young body into the night air.

She would stick to the shadows when she met her father face to mask. They had not met for business since before the batgirl went solo. Her manners and dress had changed significantly in that time. In the outfit she had chosen tonight her breasts were free of any constraint except a thin layer of her special blend latex, a kind of black body paint. A black fishnet hid nothing of her belly and went down to a garter and the black leather tights. Her utility belt was more a utility thong at this point, but was still bright yellow. Her arms had soft leather gloves on them, and the climbing spikes had been pulled off of them.

Her father had seen her naked just a month ago. At home one day she walked out with her hair up in a towel and nothing else on. She had spent the day with a 'friend' from the League and was a bit off still from the bliss. She had not realized father had come in early to grab a meal.

She walked out humming to herself; he stood up from the fridge with a sandwich in his hand. Barbara has a photographic memory, and she has always believed her father gave it to her. In her mind she recalls the sandwich in his hand, one piece of whole wheat bread and a slice of white, two pieces of ham, one slice of turkey, lettuce, pickle, no mayo, and no cheese. He was wearing his blue shirt and had pulled down his tie. His hair was a chaotic mess, perhaps indicative of his state of mind.

Imagine what he remembers as she quickly but crudely hid her newly sprung breasts. She had been a late bloomer, and still had only little apples, but still. Thankfully she had shaved her pussy clean in the shower; she had been known to shave into bat patterns THAT would have been hard to explain.

She had seen her father naked on more than one occasion; he still slept in the nude, and was quite fond of it really. He was strong without being as formed as Bruce or Dick and his gray hair covered his chest and legs and crotch. The man had never thought to trim his pubic hair; he was too old fashioned for that. So it was a gray mop on top of the stick of his cock.

Sometimes, Barbara would wait till her father was sleeping, and she would sneak in and wait for him to toss and turn and show his daughter the manhood that had spawned her. She had always wanted to touch it, but was too afraid to do so.

Sometimes, secretly, when making love to Alfred, she dreams it is her father's cock she was feeling penetrates her so boldly. That the river of cum that runs out into her eager mouth is the same river that carried her into the world.

But Gordon did not know this, any more than he knew his daughter danced around the night as the "batgirl" Thanks to some clever ground work done with Robin's help; he did not suspect a thing. She hid her face behind a mask and disguised her voice on the few occasions they had talked. And on occasions she would make Robin wear one of her old batgirl suits and strut his young ass in front of Gordon while she stood next to her loving daddy as Barbara Gordon, 20 year old college student.

That had been years ago. Barbara landed loudly on the roof, and stood in the deep shadow next to a wall. She lowered her voice an octave and spoke in sort of a loud hush. "You can turn that off, Batman is away on other business."

"I know" Gordon said calmly, he walked over and shut down the signal, put away his pipe and walked over towards batgirl.

Batgirl slid back deeper into the shadows and said directly "what can I do for you, Commissioner?"

Gordon stopped less than 10 feet from her. This roof had been redesigned slightly, thanks to a generous grant from a certain Bruce Wayne, it shielded out much of the street noises. At ten feet Batgirl could just make out the deep steady beat of her fathers heart as her own heart raced. He was getting to close; the paint would not hide her naked breasts form her father if her got a good look at them.

But she had to admit, the thought excited her. But she had to remain professional. If Gordon was lighting the signal when he knew batman was away it must be dire indeed.

"Ivey has broken free from Arkham; maybe two weeks ago, we don't know yet, they just got around to informing us." Gordon humped sternly, Barbara jumped almost instinctively, daddy only humped like that when he was furious, like when he found her first dildo!

Thankfully Gordon did not seem to notice and went on detailing how Isly had bribed a few doctors and seduces some guards and had been sighted in the warehouse district a week ago. Barbara's mind flashed to the gun turn in. there had been a girl there, a very aggressive dyke with no hair walking around totally nude, pushing and weaving her way around men and women she got way ahead in line and Barbara did not even think she brought a gun.

She knew the she had met Pamela before; she had been in the area and made herself known to Batgirl. Her plans were laid while batgirl was just getting to the game. Barbara just didn't realize it was her, she must have shaved her long red locks, but they would grow back quickly.

Barbara looked at Ivey's picture and looked past what little of the skin tight green she cloaked herself in, it was her.

"Batgirl, that's not the only reason I called you here."

Batgirl turn toward him, putting the file down, she drew her cape around her as he step closer still.

"I've been hearing some things about your methods of late, and I'm not sure I approve."

Batgirl stood her ground and crossed her arms in front of her, hiding her breasts from his eyes and staring her father in the eyes. "I didn't think you ever agreed with my methods." she stated plainly a cool grit in her tongue.

"Yes well yours have changed somewhat, I have to admit the results, but...."

"....Morally you'd prefer I simply beat them up?" Barbara's voice was low and mean. She had always known this would come, when a man would question her choice of sex over violence, she was ready.

"Actually morally I'm wondering when I'm going to get something!" Gordon blurted.

Her father never blurted, not once in all the years he had raised her. Batgirl was stunned and aroused at the same time. For the few weeks she had been giving "special favors" for cops that had helped her out in some way. A blow job here, as fantasy fuck there, the goodwill had paid off in spades and had allowed her a great many privileges that Batman would never have.

"Just what kind of batgirl do you think I am commissioner!?!?" she shouted crudely, perhaps one or two other choice words like cocksucker or ass-fucking slipped in her rage.

Gordon rushed forward, grabbing the batgirl firmly by her small thin arms. Twelve ways to remove herself quickly flashed in her mind but her brain overrode them all. She stood transfixed as Gordon explained to her just what kind of batgirl she was.

"I think you're a fucking nymphomaniac in leather, running around fucking everything your see."

"I hardly fuck everyone, I'm very selective in fact, I just make it appear otherwise." She sobbed "I only fuck cops without wives, and I'm very discrete"

"Not so discreet if I can find out" Gordon smiled. Gordon never smiled around Batman.

"Well you're the commissioner and you're just finding out, got the report today did you?"

"That's right" Gordon let go and walked away "well I had some questions still, what about protection?"

Barbara smiled she regained her footing and her hard earned confidence when she spoke she was cool and factual "I'm sure you know, bat condoms and I'm on a special type of pill Diana gave me, the amazons made it and it fights back most STDs as a side effect."

Gordon nodded in thought, Barbara went on "I fucked over 50 men and some 15 women last week, but they were hand selected by me, investigated and tested, they all also had their shots."

"But of course there is a danger......"

Batgirl laughed, hot and threatening "I was facing down men with machine guns and knives when I was 19, don't tell me about dangers."

"Well then I have a favor to ask of you."

Barbara grew suddenly wet, she had not known where this would go, and was still not sure. "Go on then." She said in hushed and mysterious tones.

"Would you at least tell the men we're getting it on, some of them seem to think I'm gay. I'm the only unmarried cop in Gotham that hasn't gotten a least a fucking blow job."

Batgirl's eyes grew wide as she stared down at her father's crotch. The bulge was noticeable and she was able to imagine it straining against the zipper.

She walked forward and smiled "I'll do you better than that, so long as you don't tell my Daddy." She ended the sentence with a girlish giggle in her voice.

As she spoke her finger traced the yellow latex bat on there chest and showed him clearly for the first time the thin film covering her pert breasts. Her nipples were fully aroused by the knowledge of what was to come.

"Don't worry, Batman's way out of town, he won't know." Gordon fumbled with his belt for a second before his daughter, her face and hand and not much else hidden behind leather, most of her young nubile body clearly visible and touchable, reached her gloved hand down and firmly griped the swelling shaft of his cock, squeezing it hard and whispering into his ear "Who says batman's my daddy?"

Gordon's mind could not decipher this hint; it was too busy enjoying the firm grip of his potential lover. He had had sex only twice since his wife left him, but none had been this exciting.

On a street below, in a dim, trash strewn hole between two grim buildings Mora Jennings' knees pressed bare on gravel and dirt and dried pee. The limp, dirty thing in her mouth tasted only of money to the old whore. She pulled the money into her mouth for a few minutes, and she got high another day.

Bertha Cunnings kneeled over the man she loved and honored with a sacred bond of marriage and fidelity. On satin cushions she pulls her love into the back of her mouth and tongues its firm underbelly. With some skill and some work she coaxes a gift from the well of his love for her.

Batgirl crouches comfortably on the cold gravel rooftop and sets her self to her work. The shaft in her hand is old, and very important. She looks at it from end to end and marvels how even in the cool night air it rises firm and steady. The tip pulsates with life; the thick veins run heavy down the sides, giving the shape of an old wooden walking stick. The thick white brush of clean hair at the base hid the balls, so Batgirl ran her gloved hand up the Commissioner's leg and felt them in her tiny hand.

Barbra Gordon was sucking her father's cock. This caused her some confusion, but much more exhilaration. She had dreamt of her father before, had studied his sleeping body, and like her mother she was in awe of it. She knew men of all shapes and sizes and none compared. She grabbed the back of his knees, pulling the thick cock closer to her lips. Her tongue lashed wetly along the pole, kissing it, learning its girth and its shape.

Batgirl is likely the best cocksucker in Gotham. She has studied, practiced and compared her technique with goddesses and aliens. She deeply inhaled the heady musk and felt the lovely piece of meat slip tightly in her mouth. Forming a good seal she pulled in powerfully with her diaphragm, sucking blood forward to the head before opening her throat and pulling him in.

Pushing up slightly with one hand as she pulls in with the other causes the Commissioner to lose his footing and forces him to grab batgirls' leather bound head for support as his cock buries itself deep inside of his daughter's neck. He knew Batgirl was not his daughter, he had seen the two together more than once. Yet her hair was the same hair his daughter had, her mother's hair; long and red and full of life. The eyes were a different color in the soft light of the roof, and dark makeup obscured the shape to much even when she looked up at him and smiled, his cock hard and half way inside her lusty mouth.

It had been months since Commissioner Gordon had had any type of sex,, soon he could feel the orgasm building deep within his balls. Weak in the knees from his daughter passionately vicious attack on his cock, he squeezed her head to keep upright. All blood left his head and his mind spun as his entire being seemed pulled into the batgirls willing mouth.

He let out a deep moan as batgirl pulled his spurting fountain out and let his warm spunk cover her face. When the last stream shoots out, she again pulled him inside of her, sucking and licking the last drops of cum. He could barely keep from weeping in his ecstasy, looking down at the batgirl, with red hair like his loving daughter, licked his shaft clean, and then used her tongue and fingers to clean his sticky load off of her own sweet face.

Batgirl stood slowly, licked her lips one last time then whispered "So Commissioner, do you think my daddy would be proud of me, of what a good cocksucker I've become?"

Gordon simply nodded stupidly, all rational thought drained for the moment.

Neither of then noticed Ivey until it was to late……..

To be continued.

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