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Bath Time


Claire came home from work, exhausted, dirty and mad. It had been a rough night and all she wanted to do was take a bath, drink a beer while in the bath and go to bed and sleep this terrible night away. She slung her backpack across her shoulders and left the bar, setting the alarm and locking the doors on the way out. She hopped into her car, turned on some tunes and left the parking lot, smiling as she thought about her bath.

Claire drove carefully, she was tired and didn't want or need an accident right now. She saw the lights of her house blazing as she crested a small hill and sighed with relief. Mike was still up. She'd have someone to talk to about her horrible night then.

They hadn't been seeing each other long, but he had already taken to spending a lot of time at her place. She certainly didn't mind. He was articulate, funny, smart, and such a good snuggler. She pulled into the driveway, shut off the car, grabbed her backpack and ran up the steps to the house. He had left the door unlocked for her. She toed off her sneakers, threw the backpack onto a chair and padded through the house.

Half a dozen candles were lit in the living room and a glass of wine was waiting on the table. Claire picked up the glass and sipped it, looking around. She seen more candlelight flickering in the hallway and walked out to find more candles. There was also the soft glow of candlelight gleaming from the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom and pushed the door open. Mike was sitting on chair, next to the tub. The tub was full of warm soapy water and the scent of oranges filled the air.

"Mike, what a surprise, and how wonderfully sweet of you," Claire said, as she walked over to him and kissed his forehead.

"I knew you'd be tired and wanting a shower or bath when you got home, just trying to help out," he replied, taking the wine glass from her hand and setting it on the counter. He stood up and took her face in his hands, kissing her thoroughly, deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

His hands slid down to her neck and shoulders, gently massaging her tired, aching muscles, then moved on down her body, briefly touching the swell of her breasts and then down her ribs. He reached the bottom of her shirt and slowly started unbuttoning it. He slid it off her shoulders, kissing her collarbone as he did so, wrapping his arms around her and unhooking her bra and slipping it off of her body. His lips were soft and gentle and stirring fires of desire on her skin. Claire raised her own hands and he took them and put them back at her sides. He unbuttoned her slacks and unzipped them, hooked his fingers into the waistband and pushed them down over her hips. They slid to the floor with a rustle and she stepped forward, leaving them behind. His hands cupped her ass through her panties and trailed up her back. He resumed kissing her as his fingers kneaded and massaged her back.

She moaned softly into his mouth, becoming more aroused by the second. His hands slid back down and slowly pushed her panties off her body. These too, fell to the floor. He broke their kiss and just stood looking at her in the candlelight. She smiled shyly, she should be used to his frank appraisals, but wasn't.

Mike stepped toward her again, "You're beautiful," he murmured. Claire blushed and he kissed the tip of her nose. "Time for you to get clean," he said, placing a hand at the small of her back and turning her toward the tub. She stepped into the tub, hissing a little as the hot water closed over her toes and then she sank to her knees, letting the water relax her. She settled in, getting comfy, resting her head on the little bath pillow that he had remembered to put in for her.

Claire opened her eyes when she heard his clothes falling to the floor, and watched him. His body was great, the broadness of his chest contrasted nicely with the slim "V" of his torso as it narrowed to his hips. His cock, which was partially erect already, so silky and thick...she licked her lips, and blushed again, when he caught her scoping him out. He grinned at her and said, "Scoot forward, we're gonna get clean."

She scooted, causing little waves and ripples in the water. Mike slid in behind her, his legs sliding over the top of hers. He took her shoulders and lay her back against his chest. The fragrant steam rose all around them and she closed her eyes and smiled, fully relaxed for the first time in days, maybe weeks.

Mike scooped handfuls of water up and let them cascade down over her shoulders, leaving trails on her breasts. She could feel his erection pressing against her lower back, and she pressed back against him, making him groan softly. He leaned forward and kissed and nibbled the nape of her neck, his hands sliding down to cup her breasts. His fingers gently squeezed as his thumbs brushed over her nipples. Claire's hands slid up and down his inner thighs, caressing him, tickling him. They stayed that was for quite some time, just softly playing with one another, growing more and more excited. Claire's breathing was shallow and quick, and his was raspy against her skin. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her.

He continued playing with one breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers, while his other hand slid down her stomach, dipping briefly into her navel and then moving on. His fingers tangled into her pubic curls, index finger sliding into her slit, palm cupping her mound. Her hips thrust toward him, making the water splash over the sides of the tub. Mike softly rubbed her clit with the pad of his finger, making it hard. He was still nibbling at her neck, and telling her to take it slow, to relax and enjoy it. She let her head fall back against his shoulder and sighed softly.

Mike's careful ministrations were bringing her closer and closer to climax. Claire's breathing was growing ragged and her nails were digging into his upper thigh. He continued with his slow stroking, finger sliding down her slit and up to her clit, again and again. Soft cries were coming from her now, little exclamations of pleasure, and her hips were rocking and thrusting underneath the bubbly water.

Her climax swelled and she shuddered all over, letting out a loud long moan. She could feel him smiling against her neck. His strong hands slid back up to her shoulders, caressing her again. "Let's get these bubbles rinsed off, shall we?" he asked. Claire nodded and stood up, water and bubbles coating her body. She felt him standing up too. She pulled the plug and turned the water on, and then let the spray of the shower flow over them.

Claire turned to face him, smiling at him. She tilted her head and stretched up to kiss his mouth. They stood under the spray for a few minutes, just holding each other, kissing and touching. Her hand slid down to cup his cock, fingers loosely holding on while her thumb gently rubbed over the head. Mike's hands were cupping her breasts again and she could feel her desire and passion building to a fever pitch. He turned her around and she braced her hands against the side of the shower stall.

He slid a leg between hers, parting them, and dipped a finger in between her lips, flicking lightly, teasing her. Slid one, and then another finger into her tight pussy. Claire moaned loudly, bucking back against his hand. She lifted a leg and put her foot on the top of the tub, turned around and grinned at him. "Time to stop teasing," she said, and wiggled her ass. Mike smiled back at her and placed his hands on her hips. She was quivering in anticipation. He brought his cock head to rest against her pussy lips, sliding it into her slit and rubbing it up and down. The sensation was delicious and she groaned loudly. He did this for a few minutes, letting his cock graze her pussy, dipping briefly into her vagina and then hauling back again.

Finally, Mike took a firm hold of her hips and in one motion, thrust the length of his cock into her pussy. Her back arched and she bit back screams of pleasure. He slid his cock completely out then plunged back inside again. This time she did scream. His hands slid up her body, taking her breasts into his palms and he started rocking, setting up a slow rhythm. His fingers were kneading her breasts, rolling her nipples, tugging lightly at them, pinching them. His cock was hard and long and thick inside of her and she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Low moans and groans were echoing in the shower and he leaned forward and gently bit the nape of her neck, the crook where her neck met her shoulder.

Claire tilted her head back and moaned loudly. "Fuck me, baby, make me cum," she told him. He needed no further invitation. His hands slid down to her hips again, and he started thrusting harder, faster. She met him, stroke for stroke, taking a hand and sliding down to her clit. Slipping a finger along her slit, stroking and rubbing her clit as he fucked her. She could feel his cock, filling her up, and she stroked herself faster and faster. Panting, gasping, moaning his name, telling him that he was so good, that she was going to cum again.

By this time he was slamming in and out so hard that he was slapping against her ass. This turned her on even more and she felt her pussy clenching tight around his cock. Mike was leaning over her now, nipping and sucking and licking her skin. Claire was panting and moaning and she came fast and furious, pussy gripping his cock firmly, as her spasms took over she felt his cock twitching and he cried out that he was coming too. Faster and harder they fucked each other, pushing each other to the heights of pleasure and then over the top.

She felt his load shooting into her and she came again and again, wave after wave of pleasure making her weak in the knees.

At last, he pulled out and leaned against her, breathing against her neck, letting the water wash across their bodies. Claire turned around again, and kissing him gently. She reached behind herself and turned the shower off. They stepped out of the tub and he took her hand and grabbed a couple of towels as they walked out into the hallway and then to her bedroom. Mike laid a towel on the bed and sat down, standing her in front of him. He used the other towel to dry her off, long slow strokes up and down her body. He stood up again and led her to the head of the bed, turned the covers back and she slid in between them. He slid in next to her and hauled her close to his body. She rested her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"Are you relaxed now?" he asked.

"God, yes. I feel like a piece of limp spaghetti," Claire told him. She tilted her head and kissed his chin. He laced his fingers in hers and smiled. Her breathing deepened and she drifted off to sleep in his arms, wondering how she had gotten so lucky...the same thought was on his mind as he drifted as well, and they slept, smiling in each other's arms.

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