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Bath Time Tina


She knew he was coming over and Marie wouldn't be home. Josh was about to get a proposition he couldn't resist, or could he? She hoped he wouldn't. Marie, Josh's girlfriend, had to go home because of a family crisis; something to do with her dad. Everyone was worried for her except Tina, Marie's roomie. Marie didn't have time to call Josh.

Tina had Josh's number. She called him later, only after she knew he pulled in to the parking lot. Tina never told Marie she thought Josh was hott. She never would do that, but seeing as he was coming over to pick up Marie, Tina felt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

She convinced herself Josh liked her to a degree. She began convincing herself he'd think she was attractive too. She began convincing herself a long time ago there could be something between them. He always talked to her like he liked her a lot. He always had a smile for her and they were chums. But it was Marie's heart he desired and she was unique, skinny, and had really cute short red hair. She always wore wire rim glasses which covered up her hazel eyes. Marie was strikingly beautiful but modest too.

Tina was envious, but from a competitive point of view she wished she was as lucky. It wasn't serious. She thought Josh was nice, sweet, polite, and of course a tall and handsome guy.

Tina had auburn hair. She wasn't pudgy but she appeared like she was. She wasn't short but compared to him, she was. Her fair brown eyes, small lips, heftier boobs, and soft chubby like little roll for a tummy made her out to be a great catch for someone especially such as Josh.

Her cute heart shaped ass with its minute amount of lovable flab "for fun and comfort" she always joked was her signature calling card. To others of course it was her tits. Tina wasn't a big eater, but she didn't exercise all that much either. In fact she loved her body as it was; she loved everything about herself. She was comfortable with what she looked like and what she could offer.

She sat on her bed that day after two classes got out contriving an idea how she would convince him she was a well worth his trouble. She was always a little eccentric, but never over the edge. She knew he thought she was lovable, but only to the point of being a friend. What could she do, she wondered, to get a day with him?

The idea came to her after an hour of deep thought and going online for ideas. Setting up a 'closed caption' version of herself on TV while in her tub and in a bubble bath, reading a book, and sipping wine, She could be in full view of him as he arrived at the apartment. He'd see her on the TV which faced the doorway lying under the bubbles. Facing him she would be fully naked.

Tina heard him come in. He called out. Then he saw her on the TV. He stared and was confused. "Where's Marie" he wondered and "what's going on" thinking to himself. He didn't know if it was live or not at first. Soon he knew it was. He saw her speak to him on the TV and she smiled and winked too.

"Hi Josh how are you today" she said. He stared at tube. She held another glass of wine up. "If you're interested this one's for you; come on in" she added with glimmering eyes.

He gawked and felt awkward but not guilty. It was inviting. He shouldn't be looking at her and thinking what he was thinking. Marie would kill him. Marie would kill Tina. But would Marie know? Of course she would. The landscape in the apartment included the living room, the bathroom, the idea of Tina in the bathroom, and them him, with Tina in the bathroom. He couldn't turn away. However, Marie could find out.

He called out and said hi to Tina. "That's not fair Tina" he jokingly replied. "I know we're friends and all, but you aren't being fair" he added. He saw her face on the TV and she was giddy and excited. All smiles, she continued to raise a glass of wine and nodding for him to visit her.

She had adorable eyes. They were alluring, those brown eyes were. Besides that her tits were twice as big as Marie's and he liked big tits. Marie was gone and he was there. Tina was bathing and he was there. He was by himself, without Marie, and Tina was there with two glasses of wine and a bubble bath to boot. Tina was naked and waiting and he was there. He could be naked and be with her in the tub if he cared to be. Were those ingredients good enough as his guilt slowly eased up.

"Does it bother you that I'm like this and that you can see me" she asked through the TV. He said yes but then said no. "If you weren't seeing Marie, would you feel like coming back here then Josh" she asked smiling into the camera. He said no hesitantly. "Then if I invite you to come back and slip in here with me would you" she finally asked.

"I don't know Tina. I mean I think you're pretty and all but I'd be cheating on Marie. I can't do that Tina." Tina understood but Tina's desire to be more then just friends with Josh grew.

"Well you can sit outside the tub and I'll stay under the bubbles so you don't see anything. Once you come back here, I promise you that you won't see anything" she said mischievously. He took her on her word and said he'd come back.

In shorts, t-shirt, and deck shoes he slowly walked back with his hands in his pockets. He took his time walking to the bathroom hoping she was underneath the bubbles. He was feeling guilty.

He told himself "Boy she looks sweet. She's too inviting in there." She was a tease he thought but seeing as she was covered up by the bubbles it wouldn't hurt for them to talk as long as he kept his distance.

"Sit on the toilet or get a chair and sit down" she told him. "I'm just bored and since Marie's not here it's nice having a friend to talk to. I really hope you don't mind do you Josh?" She was grasping at straws with the charade.

He told her no and his eyes did not divert from looking at anywhere else but her face. He didn't want to let himself see her naked because that would mean he was cheating on Marie. Besides, Tina was cute to even venture into that train of thought. Though she wasn't slender like Marie she had many possibilities. Tina and Marie got along perfectly, which is why Tina and Josh got along well too.

With Marie gone for a few days, Josh needed attending to and Tina was a perfect substitute. After two glasses of wine, she was a respectable substitute. After almost three glasses of wine, Tina was a perfect stand-in girlfriend. After a half of a fourth glass of wine, they might as well be on their honeymoon but it didn't get that far that soon. She did become in essence a long standing steady or so his mind led him to believe it after two or three glasses.

An hour had passed and between the two, they polished off what was left of the first bottle of Chardonnay. It went down smooth and easy. He asked if there was another and she told him it was in the fridge. He got up, got the wine, opened it up, and brought it back; he comfortably sat down on the toilet.

They smiled, laughed, joked, and talked about everything; that meant everything a man and woman could talk about. Marie, parties, school, parties, friends, parties, social issues, political issues, parties, and feelings too. They'd talk about feelings on one issue or another. They talked about emotions. They talked about being hurt by one person or another. Tina kept it as light as possible. She was in a great mood. She wasn't going to get negative.

He tried to tell himself he wasn't going to get negative either and say negative things about Marie and what he didn't like about her. He tried hard. There wasn't much but there were two things which did upset him and with the help of the wine, he slowly broke down and let Tina know what upset him.

She understood and kept reminding herself that she'd like to comfort him. She began feeling bad thanks to the wine. "This is good stuff isn't it Josh" as he noticed her bubbles were slowly disappearing. She knew they were too. She asked him to not look while she poured more in and turned on the hot water.

"More bubbles and more alluring" he thought as he turned his head around to peek hoping he might see something. He looked and she knew he might. She didn't mind it a bit. He didn't feel guilty any longer.

Lying in the tub, feeling swell, she was holding her empty glass outside the tub. It fell out of her hand but on to the bathmat. Both instinctively leaped to grab it. She reached it first, he looked up, and she wasn't thinking, but it didn't bother her at all. There resting on the ledge were her boobs. They dangled and rested against the tub. His head turned, stopped, and admired them. A smile appeared. He looked and studied the eloquence of her tits. The fullness of them and their wet bubbly blanketing made them cute, adorable, beautiful, and inviting.

Her boobs were fascinating to Josh. She stopped once she picked up the glass. She watched his eyes. He watched her boobs. She smiled as his eyes as they focused on them. Tina's heart fluttered. She found him so attractive. Her feelings grew for him.

Not serious she said, "Josh I'm sorry I didn't mean for that to happen." She didn't intentionally drop the glass. Leaping out of the tub was a natural reaction to pick it up. His eyes diverted their attention quickly from her face to her boobs when she stretched to pick it up.

She settled back in the tub but not as deep underneath the bubbles. He watched her gracefully settle in. Her lower half was covered too except for her lower calves, ankles, and feet. Her ankles looked very nice, womanly, smooth, and her feet were impeccable.

Her feet with perfectly manicured toes looked prettier and prettier by the second. Her ankles were solid but soft. He studied her beauty. He thought to himself that he should compliment her how beautiful she is. She lay underneath the bubbles looking at his legs too, noticing how manly, muscular, and they weren't too hairy. Ideas started boiling.

Due to the effects of the wine each had rambling thoughts about the other's feet. He could see hers, but she didn't see what his feet looked like. She began wondering what they did look like.

Were they nice feet and no calluses? Were they soft and fun to touch? "Would I enjoy feeling them if they were off and available? Would he even think of letting me feel them" she asked herself.

"Tina you have really uhhh pretty umm ankles. And your feet, well they are even prettier" he exclaimed as he gazed at them. The smile on her face perked up. She said thank you. "I like how smooth and uhhh tender they look" he added as he looked at her.

She was smiling and thanked him again. Thanks to the effects of the wine she said "If you'd like to feel them, go ahead Josh. Massaging the feet does the soul good. Did you know that? Heck Josh, I'd close my eyes and let you if you wanted to umm massage my feet and ankles, and even my calves too." He looked at her. Was she serious? "I mean it Josh. Go ahead if you want to. It's cool." He sat down on the edge never second guessing himself. Marie wasn't anywhere in his thoughts. He began that 'new relationship' thanks to the wine. All was fine and dandy. He didn't feel guilty about what he was going to do. He looked at her, she looked at him, and they laughed. He perched her feet up closer to him seeing anything else.

He thought about her feet and they felt smooth. He rubbed them and her ankles carefully and gently. She complimented him. He continued rubbing them carefully. He caught every little bump, crevice, and joint possible. Her eyes closed while feeling his soft but strong hands rubbing her feet and ankles.

"I love these" he said to her. "I really love your feet. You know something" he added but then he paused. "I could even massage these with my" but he stopped short of saying what he really felt. He didn't want to sound gross.

"You could massage them with what Josh" she asked playfully but in a modest tone. He said she'd think it was gross if he told her. "No go ahead tell me Josh."

"Well I think your feet are real umm sexy actually. I mean they are that sexy that I'd be willing to massage them ummm well with my mouth. That sounds stupid and gross doesn't it?"

"No not at all" she replied. "Do you want to? Let me rinse them off. Go ahead after I rinse them if you want. What do yours look like? I like your ankles and your calves as far as that's concerned."

He looked up and was surprised she'd say such a thing. The look of "Really you mean that" was on his face. She assumed that's what he was thinking and told him "Yes actually I'd massage yours too. Are they rough" she asked.

"I suppose a little" he replied. Her feet were rinsed off. He felt them again. He hesitated but slowly eased himself over her and put her big toe in his mouth. Initially he didn't do much of anything. She watched him and smiled. It was a turn on but she didn't say anything. She felt like fingering herself.

He told her that her feet were awesome. He told her how fun and incredible they felt in his mouth. He sucked on them some more and he played with her toes by using his tongue and she loved how that felt. "Mmmmmm I love that Josh. The way you touch them, lick them and suck them, mmmmm ohhh Josh it's ohhh it's nice; it's really, really cool!"

Sucking and playing her all of her toes was even a turn on for him. His cock even tingled some and felt as if it was stiffening. Even though it really wasn't he felt like it was. His one hand inconspicuously shuffled his limp cock around. She did not see him do it. He didn't see her slide a finger inside her pussy so she could feel herself. Her eyes closed for a moment while she did. He didn't see her because he was busy orally toying with her feet.

Finally he looked up at her. She looked at him. They stared at one another; neither said anything. He began wondering what it would be like if he was in the tub and they were feeling each other what he would do and how he would do it.

"What are you thinking" he asked her. She didn't want to tell him. "What, what is it?"

"Ohh I don't know" she said quietly. "I was wondering what your feet look like. I guess I was wondering, if I invited you in, I was wondering would things be cool with us or what?" She looked away thinking she said the wrong thing.

"Really, you really mean that" as his face and feelings perked up for her. "You mean that honestly?"

"Yes I do and I'd love to see your feet. I'd use some cream on them if they are dry and raw. Instantly you'd see a change. They'd be so smooth, gentle to the touch, and any rough spots on them would be gone too."

He was excited and what she said made him horny too. "I can't" he told her. She assumed because of Marie that's why he said it. "I can't get in the tub with you. I umm, well I uhhh just can't."

Realistically he was embarrassed about how his cock had become partially hard.

"It's okay; I understand. I respect that Josh. I know your feelings for Marie are strong and I respect that."

"No it, it isn't that Tina. It isn't that at all in fact. I just can't get in there with you. I'd love to. I really would Tina. I mean I was sitting here earlier thinking about you as we talked and well I was sitting there and thinking what would happen if I got in the tub and what I'd want to do if I got in the tub. To be truthful it isn't right what I was thinking. You'd probably think I was being rude as a matter of fact."

"No I wouldn't; I wanna know Josh. I want to know what you want to do. I do wanna know. If you did come in what would you do? Go ahead, take off your shoes okay, and let me see your feet, alright please? Will you please" and she reached up to pat his hand.

He looked at her and got a little hornier. He felt great. She looked sexier. "This was cool as cool could be" he said to himself. "God I'd love to feel her tits too. God I'd love to suck her toes again." He took off his shoes. She looked at them and smiled. That was a good sign. "Man I love your feet Tina. They are so freaking sexy" he said from out of nowhere.

"Yeah, I like yours too Josh" she said and told him to get some cream out of the cabinet. "Give me one of your feet and you can rest it here" which happened to be on one of her boobs.

"Shit you mean it" he asked in a surprised tone. He got excited as hell. His cock had become totally hard! He had to feel it and somehow shift it! It inconvenienced him the way he was sitting on the ledge of the tub. He couldn't do anything. He looked down at his crotch with a concerned look on his face.

Joking and giggling she said "I'll make these feet as smooth as my butt." He laughed. He was still horny but not as much. "There's only one real solution to this all" she said to him "but you wouldn't want to do that; I'm sure of it."

"What's that" he asked with anticipation. She told him and he knew she was right. Without hesitating he did what she suggested. He stood up and took off his shirt and shorts leaving him only in his boxers. He was semi-hard and if she looked closely she could tell he was. He didn't want to take off his boxers. He was not ready to do that.

"If it makes you feel better I'm a little turned on too Josh although you can't tell. It's okay Josh I'll be cool, alright?"

Slowly he pushed them down and his presumed short cock wasn't all that short. It had significant size and length to it; it appeared firmer and lengthier then she thought it would be. She really didn't know what he would look like but either way he impressed her and she liked how manly his stature was. She ended up gawking at the manliness for a moment.

Josh was proud of himself for doing what he did. Undressing in front of a girl he knew well but wasn't that close to even though she was good friends with Marie. He didn't think about her at all. He only thought about all the possibilities available to him and Tina at the moment.

He looked down at himself and up at her. She was looking down at his cock at the moment with a partial smile. He wondered if he turned her on or not. He quickly stepped inside her tub lying down to face her. His legs hit her legs and excited him as well as her. Then his feet bumped her boobs and excited him much, much more! She was too.

"Wow Josh this is too, umm too wild isn't it?" He was hesitant but agreed. Having fun she said "Give me your feet okay? Let me put cream on them. They'll be smoother then smooth in a minute." She held one foot deep-rubbing it and then the other with the sweet smelling cream. Before he knew it his feet were smoother then he ever imagined. She began massaging them as the smile on her doubled.

"Your feet are awesome now. They're so smooth and guess what Josh, they're even sexy too." Tina smirked as she likened to the idea that a pair of feet could turn her on or others on too. She closed her eyes while feeling his feet. He asked her if she really meant what she said. She told him to feel his own feet. She was right. They were smooth. He was impressed.

Now he wanted to do what he originally thought of and that was to feel her boobs with his feet. He was extremely excited. He wanted to touch her boobs. He wanted to ask her if she would mind. How could he do that without being crude?

The TV was out in the main room facing the front door still. The camera was still on and recording everything including when he stripped down naked. If anyone had walked in during any of that time, they would have gotten a show of shows.

Lying in the tub facing each other, the two weren't speaking but they were staring at one another and smiling. It was an in between moment. The camera only picked up the upper half of Tina, which for the most part was submerged under the dissipating bubbles. Josh couldn't see her tits or any of her for that matter. If viewing the TV screen, one couldn't discern who was in the tub with her because it was angled only on Tina and her upper body.

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