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Bathhouse Basement Steamroom


Sitting in blue-tinted fogged dimness, slumping against the smoothly tiled damp wall, spread legs keeping me from sliding further down along the slick surface of the bench, my condom covered cock was being driven to the edge of exquisite pain and overwhelming pleasure by the biting of a kneeling stranger. A man whose own covered cock I had been sucking a couple of minutes before, kneeling on the wetly slick floor as he stood, the third man watching, sitting at the end of bench of that section of the steambath. Another naked couple was further back in this section, unseen in the darkness. Where only the sounds of greedy slurping could be heard, sounds which all of us recognized, and which all of us had been sampling.

This was my first visit to the male only sauna in easily six weeks, and the third time since the old mid-level steambath was taken out of operation on Dec. 31, 2009. The larger, differently designed replacement steambath was in the basement, which also contained a glass walled dry sauna, a still too cool and too energetically fountaining and bubbling whirlpool, and an L shaped area, with rain like shower heads, to wash off before entering the whirlpool, or now, to clean off after coming out of the steam.

The first couple of visits in 2010 within the new steamroom had not been completely satisfying, the differences in lighting, lay-out, and interaction creating a certain nostalgia for the former, somehow more intimate and easier to cruise area. A place where hard cocks were easily enjoyed, leading to ever more cocks growing hard. A place where group sex was familiar, after learning the layout and dynamics of horny naked men in a steamy dim space.

Riding my motorcycle following an extended period of snow and ice, a familiar eagerness led me to enter at just after 2pm, the earlier opening time on a weekend. Quickly changing, then ordering and finishing my now standard beer at the bar area, wearing nothing but the provided towel and carrying a small black cloth bag with a couple of condoms and a bottle of classic Rush poppers, I walked downstairs. The whirlpool was a bit warmer than previously, but still too cool after sitting in it for a bit. Exploring the still warming and empty steambath, I didn't bother to do more than wander through the areas which interest me, noting that the bench row at the rear of the space now had rough areas, unnoticed before when sitting there.

One of the most erotic aspects of the older steambath was the feel of the bench surfaces - an incredible mixture of smoothness and slipperiness, with a certain liquid friction, the obvious result of men sweating and getting off on that surface for years. A strangely thrilling connection to all the other men who had got off playing with sweaty naked strangers. Like the last time I was there, a month before the old steambath closed, cumming with a man sucking me off, his kneeling wide spread knees framing his moving head, my hands on his short, wet black hair, pumping, his lips moving up and down my shaft. I had managed to put a condom on myself at some point as the two of us, then the three of us, then the five or six of us, got hard, stroking and kissing and licking and rubbing. None of the cocks I had stroked had been covered, which is more than acceptable for everyone involved, particularly me, as the feel of a man's cock is really thrilling.

This sort of unstoppable group sex is intoxicatingly irresistible, and this time, I was completely satisfied cumming in a sucking man's mouth without wondering about the other cocks I had already seen him sucking, not to mention all the cocks he had enjoyed in the past. This remains a reality of visiting such an inviting establishment - sex, of almost any type men can enjoy with each other, is completely at hand, and condoms are rarely involved. The reasons are clear enough - it is a bother, especially as things start to move, there is no desire to pause to get a condom, and sex without a condom offers sensations that a condom dull or prevent - like hot cum filling a man's eager mouth.

And that last time in the old steambath, after orgasming, totally empty, my cock still three quarters hard, the condom's end full of hot cum, someone wanted my cock in their ass, his hand circling my almost too sensitive shaft, positioning it as he wriggled his ass down while still sucking someone standing in front of him, while the sitting man on the other side stroked a hard cock angled down towards the floor. Someone I had already been stroking as he sucked off another man, one I had already made hard, caressing his nipples and kissing his neck and jaw and ears while playing with still another man's cock. However, I was completely drained after such an intense orgasm, and spending so much time in the heat. In retrospect, though it would have been another level of group sex to fuck a man's hot ass after just cumming in another one's mouth, I just couldn't handle anything but placing my hand on his ass, making it clear that I was done, then leaving after a couple of more minutes of totally relaxed sitting, as the group continued to get each other off.

In the new steam bath, there is an inbuilt shower, in its own curved private alcove. This is not one of the attractive features, after having a bit of experience with it. The idea is attractive, but the execution has a number of undesired details - such as the sound of the streaming and splashing water, or how the water temperature cycles, or the lack of any way to control the stream's flow or direction. It is more jarring than tempting, at least to me, taking a lot away from the comfortable feeling of the older sauna space, with its general stillness.

The dark curving passages behind and around the shower space make the new steamroom larger, though the fairly narrow corridor across from the door which leads to the rear along the other side of the shower is not optimal in my eyes - contact is almost unavoidable, though not desired. This provides a space for a certain type of bathhouse visitor to more or less fondle anyone moving by, desired or not. As had happened to me when entering the area the first time, as a man slid his ass against me. Or when leaving the last visit, in a whimsical mood after having watched one man suck off three cocks at the same time, playing with my hard cock, especially when one of the sucked men would let a hand drift over the ass of a man next to him, or bend to lick a nipple or ear. Sometimes, as a kind of distraction when the foursome got too hot, I turned my head to see a man getting sucked off while leaning against the wall, a squatting man moving rhythmically underneath him, his hand sliding against a hard nipple.

I had jacked off the entire time, but then left, not having cum on the bare floor, which still seems somehow a bit unnecessary considering how clean the sauna truly is. After walking by a couple of other men, now at the narrowest section of the passage way, I reached for someone's almost hard cock, a certain flirtiness bubbling over my normal, more reserved, manner. In return for copping a feel of a stranger's cock while sauntering by, I was hit by an openly clenched hand, firmly, though without rancor - making me chuckle while moving on, now reflecting on the truth that maybe it had been a bit over the top, even if I personally wouldn't have cared that much. After all, maybe he just wanted to watch, and simply grabbing someone's pretty stiff cock is not exactly an unambiguous gesture, one that can also be rude. Not that I have ever minded that much, till now.

For this current visit, in response to that parting interaction, I had certain plans in mind, even though during the first quarter hour there, the bathhouse was basically empty. This did make taking a couple of hits from my little yellow bottle uncomplicated, but also a bit disappointing, especially as my mood grew sluttier, without any real opportunities to indulge. Returning to the steam room for the 3rd time, or maybe the 4th, things now getting a bit harder to track, I sat down on a smooth stretch of the bench, left ankle on right knee, hand modestly placed over my horny cock.

Several men wandered in and out, including a few with sandals that squeaked as they walked. The reason behind wearing sandals is understandable, though at times, they are just out of place, especially when noisy. Those visitors remained as uninterested in each other as I in them, meaning nothing really happened in the heat, even as the sweat started to form on my skin in the heavy dampness.

Still sitting alone in the middle of the bench, a couple of other men wandered in, each going in a different direction after having spent a couple of moments looking towards one another near the brighter entrance area around the glass paned entrance door. And, at least to my dark adapted eyes, lacking my glasses, seeming to grow at least half hard, hands straying down for a quick couple of strokes.

Their not quite random paths led to them meeting in the dark area at the back, and it was obvious enough that they both knew why that was happening. I started to fondle my cock a bit more, letting my imagination roam, thinking about what they could be doing together in the dark, naked skin and erect cocks wanting to share in the variety of games men can play.

The pleasure was growing enough that I didn't feel any need to interrupt my motions as the door opened a couple of more times, letting in enough light each time to easily see my hand at my cock. The first man in had sat near to me, crossing his legs. I didn't really glance over at first, but when the second man came in, the light was enough to tempt my gaze to his crotch, where a cock much like mine was starting to grow. The second man stood across the space facing the bench, a couple of yards away, easily watching both of us as his right hand began to move towards his own thickening length. In turn, my own reactions to what was happening led my hand begin openly playing with my hardening cock.

Stroking myself, I looked over to see the man next to me seeming to do the same thing, his own hand between his legs while his attention was clearly directed towards my own cock and heavy balls. Making me start to show off more in the low light, which was enough for our now adapted eyes. The standing man kept moving his own hands over his cock, with at least a pretense that covering himself was the real goal of why his hands were pressing his nicely sized cock down against his thigh.

In the background, the faint noises coming from the rear were starting to make me really horny, especially with two other naked men nearby. The sound of a man sucking another reached our attention, even if neither of them had actually seen the two men go to the back. The standing man, now at least 3/4 erect, moved across the room, edging against the wall across from the entrance door. He then moved into the darkness, leading me to start playing with my own lengthened cock. Looking over again, I watched the first stranger rise, his hard cock swinging, who also slowly moved towards the area where it was plain that at least one man's cock was being sucked.

Waiting long enough for him to also enter the obscuring dimness at the back, I rose with a condom in my left hand. This was the opportunity for me to approach another naked horny man, and then go down on his hard cock. Just as I had been thinking about for weeks. My own quiet steps brought me near to a naked man leaning against the wall, and turning and leaning back, the sounds of cock being sucked was plain, even if the action was utterly obscured in the black corner at the back end. My cock kept demanding more attention, swelling with anticipation, the stroking edging me closer to actually cumming.

As a diversion, of a sort at least, I let my left hand slide slowly to the man next to me, my finger lightly touching his thigh. He didn't seem to react, enough of an invitation to allow my hand to wander a bit further. Matched by my right hand pressing my cock down, a wave of lust starting to build, knowing just how easy sex in a steamroom can be. When his own hand moved to touch my thigh, it also kept going, lightly trailing through the hair along my inner thigh, then upwards to the curlier hair underneath my balls.

By now, again mindlessly stroking my cock, my fingers had found his own fairly flaccid member. Which I made hard over the next couple of minutes. His own hand started pumping me, though I had to have him stop, as the feeling was so good, bringing me to the edge of cumming again, stiff and horny. Which he didn't seem to mind, with me focusing on his jutting cock.

He moved, putting one leg up on the bench, to the right of where the other member of our forming trio sat, playing with his erect cock, legs quite openly spread, balls tight, his ass in shadow against the bench, clearly as horny as we had become. Kneeling before the cock above me, I opened the condom and put it on him.

My technique is pretty simple, without any expressed complaints. After determining which way the condom unrolls, I slide the end of it over the end of a hard cock, starting to suck as my mouth follows the condom down, the covered surface increased by my moving fingers, using the lubrication from the condom to help keep everything slippery and turned on. About two thirds down, he reached down to get more actively involved, which is always sexy. Especially as I had pretty reached the deepest I could take his cock into my hungry mouth.

The other cock sucking couple remained quite loud in the dark, and now, beginning to suck a man off on my knees, it was simple to imagine the two other naked men, enjoying the same pleasures we were. By now, I was pumping my hard length, eyes closed, lost in the pure animal pleasure of sucking a man off, having never said a word. Just like my fantasies over the weeks between visits, entrancing fantasies created while jerking off. Sex between men is really simple, a simplicity at the core of its attraction to me. Along with knowing that the sitting man also playing with his dick while I kept sucking a cock off right in front of him, appealing to a certain desire to show off when someone else can't stop themselves from watching.

My eyes were closed, and the desire in my mouth kept growing, in both senses. He started to move as I kept taking him as deeply a s possible, listening to the other men in the dark, knowing they were doing the same thing as us. Even if no words are spoken, certain sounds are universal in a situation like this. I was beginning to add to volume level in the steam, my own sucking growing louder as my wet mouth started to bob, lips sealed against his shaft. Such total sluttiness is one of the purest pleasures a bathhouse offers, especially as it is a very broadly shared trait among those who visit. Now, it almost brought me to the brink of cumming, making me stop stroking myself, especially as the other sounds of cocksucking grew louder, along with a recognizable slapping rhythm from close at hand.

After a number of minutes of having a stranger's turned on cock between my lips and swirled by my tongue, sliding the smooth bulb of its cockhead against my cheek, flicking its head against my teeth, I had to move, my knees and back somewhat stiff after being completely focused on giving him head. My cock sucking rhythm started slowing, and he moved a bit further along the wall, making me shift closer to the sitting man.

Who now drew my gaze, his cock erect, a nice bush of curly hair spreading between his open thighs. Starting to suck again, knowing just how sloppy my blow job was becoming as my cock stiffened for at least the third time, the feel of a hand sliding over my nipple was entrancing. As it continued to extend its range around my chest, the man I was sucking began to slump, as the third man's other hand arrived at another erotic destination. This being the standing man's ass, making him turn a bit against my mouth, providing easier access to the questing fingers. Fingers that clearly demonstrated their skills as the cock in my mouth grew harder and more insistent in its motion.

Though utterly without words between us, it was clear we had drifted close enough to begin seriously enjoying one another freely, each of us knowing that the other two were equally skilled and interested in the same things. Coincidentally, we were all roughly the same size, a fact we had seen each others noting before - well, along with noting the horniness that results from seeing a naked jutting cock being sucked into another man's mouth. Or watching a hard cock being fisted in a naked man's grip. At some point, I reached out to the sitting man's crotch, feeling his unshaved pubic hair against my seeking fingers, which began sliding over his sweaty balls.

The temptation to suck him was growing, but having only brought in one condom into the steamroom from my bag outside, I took a break from the action, muttering 'condom - need ... condom' a couple of times before exiting the steam room to get another comdom from the towel rack against the wall. I was trying to hurry, though attempting to remain at least somewhat modest in such an aroused state, my hard cock obvious to anyone glancing my way. And at least a couple of the men in the area, from those coming down the staircase to those sitting in the glass walled dry sauna, and one in the shower area, couldn't avoid noticing how horny I was. At least, it seemed that way to me, even as I funbled for a condom to bring it back inside with me. A not so subtle indication of what was going on inside.

Returning to the enveloping warmth as quickly as possible, I took the slightly longer route to where the other two had been, giving whatever privacy the first pair may have still wanted after hooking up in the steambath. My cock became hard quickly when I saw how the still sitting man was getting his cock sucked, a scene that made putting on the condom simple, followed by my sitting down on his left. After only a moment, the sheath fully covering my shaft, the kneeling man moved to my cock, taking it voraciously. My right hand reached out to the well lubricated cock next to me, starting to stroke it firmly as my own cock was taken into paradise, a paradise that quickly tested my will.

Seeing the man kneeling in front of me, his mouth sliding down, a sense of power flowed through me, until sharp sensations around my cockhead began, driving my cock into uncharted realms, helpless to react. Only as they continued, still on the edge of my ability to withstand them, did it become clear he was using his teeth as more than a simple accessory. No one had ever done it like this before, even as my cockhead craved the intensity of sensation. Actually biting, making me incredibly hard, balancing between heights of pain and pleasure. Surrendering myself, I began to moan - ' fuck yeah ... fuck ... men are ... fucking ... men fucking ... so good ... suck me....suck me....'

Luckily, he began to slide me deeper into mouth, still moaning, as I really couldn't stay balanced between such extremes. Even with the latex dulling the effects, there comes a point when the pleasure is masking accurate pain, as the pain just adds to the intense pleasure. With my right hand, I kept stroking the hard and still wet cock of the man sitting next to me, getting even more turned on as my hand glided on the slipperiness left by the man now deep throating me. As the glorious cock sucking continued, my grip would often slacken, or even stop at times.

A hand began rubbing my right nipple, the sensation slowing my hand again, though squeezing more firmly, trying to make up for my inability to move my circled fingers as all my concentration was drawn to focusing on how good my hardening nipple felt. After a moment, another hand started lightly pinching my left nipple. The slow realization grew that two naked strangers, whose gorgeous cocks were as horny as mine, were pleasuring me. When a hand glided down from my nipple to between my thighs, I couldn't help but open them a bit for better access to my balls and ass. Again, I was unable to stop myself from moaning when a finger began to circle the rim of my wanting hole.

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