Bathhouse Bench Display


I felt a swift reaction at my chest, first as my aroused nipple was sucked in deeply, then slowly let out, hearing him begin to moan loudly in a fully unrestrained way.

The men looking on reacted by jacking harder, though without touching each other, and it again became impossible to keep my eyes open. My cock was no more than half hard by this point, after having almost cum too many times to count. Gradually, another source of heat made itself felt at my core, my skin covered in sweat, rubbing against another man's skin, another reminder of just how deeply relaxing a steambath could be, even without orgasming.

There was no way to know how long had passed, though a certain learned awareness made me think that it was definitely time to leave the heat. A decision made much easier when a man sat down on the other side of my current partner, a man who quickly bent down, his tongue gently touching my hand. This new contact began to make me hard again, but truly, it was time to leave the wet heat, even if anyone could see my almost fully erect cock swinging as I walked out.

Staggering up, barely able to function, my next goal was the shower area. Unsteadily opening the door, seeing a man nearby with his hand on his jutting cock, I heard the whirlpool bibbling, making it possible to at least the hope that its pump would cycle through to its inactive phase by the time I had finished showering off the sweat.

Pressing the large inset button against the wall, the stream of cool rain like water from the broad shower head was a perfect jolt, providing the needed ontrast to regain a bit of practical awareness after having swum in the sultry currents inside the sauna. Turning to see the clock on the wall between the steamroom entrance and the final steps to this basement level, it wasn't really surprising to see that almost a half hour had passed.

The falling water warmed, part of its customary cycle, a luxurious feeling. Pushing the dispenser several times, I washed my hands in the orange scented soap, then used more soap to wash my feet. The smell, though subtle, is quite distinctive, and washing my entire body before entering the whirlpool seemed unnecessary - the sweat was well gone, especially after letting my hands run over my entire body, only interrupted to press the shower button several times.

Being harder than normal still, it just seemed a good idea to soap my crotch, for the same basic reasons I had done my hands and feet. Well, not only, a fact that I could no longer deny as my hand begin to spread soap over my balls and cock. The resulting slippery sensations just made me continue them as my cock began to swell again, even more public here, with soft lighting, than in the steam room.

This area is about public showering, and I have never seen any mutual sex play here, though with four showerheads in an L pattern, the space is more than large enough. Generally, I just focus on getting clean or enjoying the sensation of water pouring over my naked body. Of course I glance around when others share the space, but rarely are any other of the men visibly aroused.

Half turned in the direction towards the whirlpool, obscuring but not really hiding what I was doing, the steambath door opened and closed, followed by the shower next to me beginning to pour its water over someone. Not quite coyly, I turned to look at who it was, to see a bald man, wearing nothing but a noticeable, though not large gold earring, his cock half hard.

For no real reason, deciding to tease a bit, I turned in silhouette, hand still touching my slippery cock as the soap rinsed off in the steady stream of water from overhead. He just grinned, his own hand reaching to play with his cock. Hearing the sound die down in the whirlpool, I quickly finished washing the soap off, using my hands to brush the water off before walking over to the jacuzzi. With a freely exposed cock bobbing in front of me, an obvious indicator of my sluttiness, in a place filled with other sluts.

The whirlpool was still, its water about perfect - a hint of coolness, so that soaking in it would provide a perfect setting to cool down further. Settling into a corner facing the entrance platform, my cock still hard, I heard approaching steps, then saw the man who had been showering enter the water, sitting directly opposite the entrance, in the next octagonal section.

I let my legs stretch out again after he passed, and looked through the clear water to see that he was sitting in much the same fashion as I, simply relaxing, hand on his cock. Casually, I floated a bit, my foot gently touching his. He responded by moving his leg, making it easier for me to glide my foot along his leg, then under his knee.

His arm reached out, and he pivoted, turning his body towards me, kneeling on the bench. His head bent down, kissing me, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, which quickly responded as his other arm reached across me, penning me in. He moved his leg so that it was pressing against my cock, making me rub against it while he kept kissing me deeper and harder.

I grabbed for his cock, shifting position to bring my shaft closer. Forcing my tongue past his teeth, pulling his cock with my left hand to bring him closer, my right hand gripped my cock. Being underneath his weight and strength made it easy to surrender to desire, and when his cock touched mine, my mouth opened completely. He took advantage of this by letting his tongue roam, his lips tight against mine.

Each of us was exploiting a definite male weakness while enjoying having such weakness exploited so skillfully by another man. Kissing is a personal talent, based on the person, but cock to cock touching is only possible with another man. I couldn't stop from slithering in the water, moving my hard cock against his, a sexual feeling as deeply fulfilling as any of the three women whose pussies I had fucked in water. All outdoors, at lakes in the summer, never inside in a large whirlpool like this.

And yet, here, cock to cock, it felt so much more public having sex with another man, even in a private space shared only by men interested in sex with other men. This sense of being utterly exposed contributes to the undeniable thrill which still fills me whenever I cross into having sex with men, a sense of wonderful depravity surrounding such simple pleasures.

Cock to cock, time slowed, but the whirlpool has a mechanical rhythm, and my legs lifted as the pump started its work. From other experiences, I knew this was the end of enjoying the whirlpool. Something marked by a fairly sharp snap of my head as the fountaining columns of water lifted my legs, shifting my position. This all made me laugh a bit derisively, as I slid a bit off the bench. The timing was less than ideal, but unlike a lake, that is simply how it is here, a generally frustrating rule in the water.

I left the water, not having cum, and in a way, thankful for that - a jacuzzi isn't really the right place to cum, after all.

Though when I did cum in a few hours later in bed, thoughts of visiting a bathhouse filling me as I came, telling my wife how hot sex with men could be.

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